Linda's First Time
Story Codes: FF, MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Group-sex

Linda’s First Time
by Charles Biggs

Linda pulled Marjte’s naked body tight against hers and kissed her deeply on the lips. As their lips met,
she ran her hands all over Marjte’s body, savoring the silky softness of her skin, especially her thighs.

  “Marjte, make me cum by sucking on my clit, you do it so well.”

  “I want to suck your clit; but I still want to fix you up with my brother so you can feel how good it is to
have a cock filling your cunt.”

  “I want to fuck your brother, but not until I get Billy’s dick inside of me. I want his cock to be the first
cock to fill my cunt.”

  As they parted, Marjte kissed her way down Linda’s naked body, caressing her and enjoying
massaging her full figure. Linda was five feet tall, and weighed around 130 pounds. Most people
thought she was a little chubby, but she knew that Billy loved full figured brunettes. She spent over a
hundred dollars to get her eyes checked, and convince the eye doctor to prescribe a pair of glasses
that had no correction, knowing that women wearing glasses turned Billy on.

  She and Marjte had waited until one minute after midnight, so that Linda was eighteen. Today was
her birthday, and she was going to do everything she could to get Billy to fuck her. She also planned to
get Billy’s wife to eat her cunt, and let Linda eat her cunt. She wanted the three of them to have sex all
day long on her birthday. Right now, she wanted her best friend, Marjte, to make her cum as many
times as she could muster. In addition, she wanted to taste Marjte’s pussy, to see if other women’s
pussies tasted as good as the only one she had tasted.

  Marjte started licking Linda’s outer pussy lips, and telling Linda how good she tasted. As she worked
Linda’s lips open and started running her tongue all over Linda’s inner pussy. She kept telling Linda
how pretty her pussy was, and how much fun she was having. As Linda started pushing her hips
upward into Marjte’s face, Marjte took Linda’s clit into her mouth and started sliding her lips up and
down its length, pausing to let her tongue bump against the bulging tip of Linda’s clit as it popped out.
Linda was moaning with pleasure, and encouraging Marjte to keep going. Marjte worked her index
finger into Linda’s asshole, and started twisting it around in small circles. Linda started to buck even
harder, begging Marjte to make her cum. Marjte started sucking on her clit as she ran her lips up and
down the length, pumping Linda’s clit in and out of her mouth. Linda started moaning with pleasure,
and then started yelling out as she began a series of orgasms. The more Linda yelled out, the deeper
Marjte sucked her clit into her mouth, and the harder she pressed her tongue onto Linda’s clit tip.

  Linda was gushing pussy juice all over Marjte’s chin, soaking her with sweet nectar. Marjte then
switched to licking Linda’s pussy lips, drinking in her cunt juice. Linda begged her to let her taste the
cunt juice from Marjte’s tongue. Marjte buried her tongue deep into Linda’s cunt hole, and moved up to
Linda’s face, burying her tongue into Linda’s mouth. Linda greedily sucked Marjte’s tongue, getting all
of the pussy juice from it.

  Having gotten all of the cunt juice from Marjte’s tongue, Linda licked her way down to Marjte’s waiting
pussy. She kissed Marjte’s pussy lips, and then parted them with her tongue, sucking Marjte’s clit deep
into her mouth. As she pounded Marjte’s clit with her lips and tongue, she ran her fingers through
Marjte’s pussy hair, reveling in the feeling of it sliding between her fingers. Linda shaved her pussy and
pussy lips every morning, and had since she was twelve, and those funny black hairs started showing
up. She couldn’t tell anyone who her daily lover and sex partner had been since her twelfth birthday,
but she had kept herself clean-shaven for her lover. Linda quickly had Marjte orgasming, slurping up
her cunt juice.  Linda loved the taste of cunts, and hoped that men’s cocks tasted as good. All she had
ever tasted was cunts, saving her first man fuck for Billy. She had wanted him to be the first man to get
inside of her since she was eight, and first learned about fucking.

  Marjte was in her early forties, and was well experienced in sex, both with men and women. She loved
sex, and enjoyed making out with both sexes. Since she was twenty, she had been having regular sex
with Jimmy, her older brother. As soon as his wife left him and he moved back into the family home, she
was fucking him. She felt bad about his marriage breaking up, but she was glad to have him home so
that she could have his seven-inch cock filling her cunt hole every night. Even when she had a date
and got fucked, when she got home, she went straight to him and had his cock in her pussy. She had
patiently waited for Linda to turn eighteen. She had let her watch her and Jimmy fuck, and watch her
suck Jimmy’s cock, drinking his cum down without spilling a drop. She wanted to taste Linda’s young,
fresh pussy, and feel her cum from Marjte’s expert tongue.

  Curling up together, and kissing each other, Marjte told Linda of how much she had wanted today to
happen. Linda smiled at her, telling her that she had wanted Marjte to be her pussy eating coach. She
was glad that Marjte had asked her to spend the night, hoping that after midnight, she would get a
chance to get into Marjte’s panties. The only problem was that neither one had worn panties to bed.
They had gone to bed totally naked.

  Linda curled up tighter against Marjte’s boy, caressing her full titties. As she massaged Marjte’s
titties, she outlined her plan to get Billy and his wife Carol, to have sex with her. Marjte didn’t think it
would work the way Linda had planned it, thinking that Billy would chicken out. She told Linda to start
out in a mini-skirt and tee shirt with no underwear, and seduce Carol first, while Billy was gone. Then
she could get Carol to meet Billy at the door while Linda waited on their bed, naked. Carol could lead
Billy into the bedroom and get him into fucking Linda, not knowing who she was until he was about to

  Linda kissed Marjte, running her tongue alongside Marjte’s tongue. They caressed each other’s
bodies, pressing their lips tightly together for several minutes. Marjte got up and went to her sliding
glass door where she could see Billy’s car. Linda went up behind her and wrapped her arms around
her, running her fingers through her pussy hair, and pressing her clean-shaven pussy tight against
Marjte’s ass cheeks. Marjte let out a sigh of pleasure, telling Linda that she might miss Billy, ending up
back in bed, sucking on Marjte’s clit. Linda eased up on the pressure she was putting on Marjte’s ass
cheeks, whispering in her ear how good it was to play with her pussy hair. Marjte smiled and told her
that she could come play with her anytime she wanted to. She told Linda how good her cunt tasted,
and how much she wanted to eat it some more. As they talked, Marjte saw Billy get into his car and
drive off.

  She helped Linda slip into a mini-skirt and tank top, her cunt still dripping juices from their
lovemaking. Marjte thought that it would help Linda seduce Carol to have a wet pussy. Linda gave
Marjte a deep goodbye kiss, and dashed over to Billy and Carol’s apartment. She knocked on the
door, and when Carol answered, she asked if she could come in and talk. Carol smiled and opened the
door all the way, letting Linda in. Carol was still in her negligee, an almost transparent top, with no
bottom, and no bra. Linda asked her to sit in one of the dining chairs. As Carol sat down, Linda
stepped up to her, and sat down in her lap, facing her. She reached up and untied the ribbon closures
on Carol’s nightee. Carol gasped an asked her was she doing. Linda put a finger on her lips, and
started massaging Carol’s wide titties.  

  “Oh my god, Carol, your titties are so big and dark brown, all I’ve ever seen were tiny and pink. They’
re so beautiful; I want to suck on them right now.”

  Carol let out a sigh of pleasure as her titties started firming and pointing out toward Linda’s waiting
mouth. Linda again told Carol how much fun she was having admiring her beautiful, hard titties.

  She told Carol how good it felt to feel them. She leaned forward, pressing her mouth against Carol’s.
As Carol came up for a breath, she asked Linda what she was doing. Linda told her that she had
wanted to make out with her ever since she had met her. When she heard her and Billy talking about
how she made out with her college roommate, and that they wanted an open marriage, with other sex
partners, she couldn’t wait until she was eighteen, which was today, and today she was going to make
her dream come true.

  As Linda started sucking on Carol’s titties, Carol tried to push her away, saying that she was her
sister in law. Linda gave her titty a healthy lick, saying, “I’m eighteen today. We’re adults; being sisters
in law doesn’t matter. We both love making out with other women. I’ve waited for this day, to make out
with you. I want to taste your cunt, and see if it’s as good as the other two cunts I’ve eaten. I want us to
be fuck buddies as well as sisters. Admit it, Carol, I’ve watched you looking at me, eyeing my boobs as I
grew up, and watching my ass when you didn’t think anyone was watching. You want my pussy as bad
as I want yours.” Linda went back to sucking on Carol’s titties, running her hands all over Carol’s naked

  “You’re right; I’ve often wondered what it would be like to make out with you, but I never pressed the
idea, because you’re Billy’s little sister. I don’t want him mad at me for seducing his baby sister.”

  Linda slid down out of Carol’s lap, and pushed her legs apart. Kissing Carol’s pussy mound, she
said, “You didn’t seduce me; I seduced you, and when we tell Billy that we’re making out, I’ll tell him that
I seduced you, because I wanted to taste your cunt. Now, pull my shirt off, and help me get out of this
skirt. I want to get naked like you.”

  While Linda was licking across Carol’s pussy mound, Carol pulled her shirt up and over her head.
“You don’t have a bra on!”

  “I don’t have any panties on either; my cunt is dripping from my best friend and me making out all
morning. I wanted it to be good and juicy for you when you got your hands on it. I hope you like it hot
and juicy, because smelling your pussy getting heated up is making me horny. It smells like maybe you
and Billy fucked before he left. I sure hope so; I want to see what his cum tastes like, especially mixed
with yours. “

  “We did; and you’re making me make more juice, licking and kissing my mound. Let’s move into the
bedroom where we can get to each other’s cunts and make some orgasms fly. You’re right; I’ve wanted
to taste your cunt since we met, but I didn’t want to lose Billy either. He’s a damn good fuck, and his
cock is eight inches long. He knows how to use it along with his tongue and mouth to make me cum
over and over.”

  As they climbed onto the bed, Linda yelled out me first, and dove into Carol’s crotch. She started
noisily licking and sucking on Carol’s pussy lips, slurping up her woman juice. Carol leaned back,
sighing with pleasure. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, letting Linda have as much room
to suck on her cunt as she needed. Carol felt the first waves of an orgasm building. She dug her hands
into Linda’s dark hair, urging her to keep licking and sucking. As she ran her fingers through Linda’s
hair, she started orgasming. She let out a squeal of delight, and pushed her pussy mound tight against
Linda’s wanting mouth. As Carol came, pouring our wave after wave of pussy juice, Linda lapped and
slurped the juices up. Carol pushed her head back into the pillows and savored the waves of orgasmic
pleasure rippling through her body. She begged Linda to keep sucking on her hardened clit so she
could keep cumming over and over.

  Linda looked up at the smile of pleasure on Carol’s face and said that she’d gladly suck on her clit
and lick her pussy lips all she wanted. Linda licked the fresh pussy juice from Carol’s dripping cunt
hole, and started a renewed bout of sucking her beautiful fat clit. Carol’s clit was longer and fatter than
any Linda had ever seen. She had looked at thousands of naked women and men on the internet, and
never saw a clit so long, fat, and beautiful as Linda’s.

  As Carol’s orgasm subsided, Linda filled her tongue full of Carol’s cunt juice and rose up over Carol,
burying her tongue into Carol’s waiting mouth. Carol sucked the pussy juice from Linda’s tongue,
pressing her lips tight against Linda’s. As they kissed, Carol tugged and pulled at Linda’s ass cheeks,
and squeezing her ass cheeks, pulling Linda’s pussy mound tightly down against her own.

  As their lips parted, smiling and without saying anything, they rolled over so that Linda was now on
the bottom, under Carol. Carol kissed and licked her way down Linda’s horny body, pausing at Linda’s
shaven pussy mound. Carol ran her tongue all over the mound, remarking at how smooth and warm it

  Linda responded by pushing her mound up against Carol’s waiting mouth. As Carol started kissing
and licking Linda’s pussy lips, Linda started massaging the back of Carol’s head and her shoulders.
After getting her pussy sucked and licked all morning, Linda was slow to cum. Carol was glad, this
giving her more time to suck on Linda, savoring her young, fresh pussy juice. As Linda finally
orgasmed, she let out a scream of pleasure, and begged Carol to not stop sucking on her clit. She
wanted to explode with pleasure, and not have it end.

  As Linda started to come down from her orgasm, Carol slid up to her, gently kissing her on her lips.
She thanked Linda for getting them started making out, and wished her a very happy birthday, and that
now, she wanted to teach Linda something new as a special present, something she could share with
her girlfriend. Linda looked up quizzically, wondering what new thing Carol could show her. She had
done everything with Marjte that they had read about or seen on-line. What new thing could Carol
possibly know?

  Carol took a pillow and placed it under Linda’s ass cheeks, raising them up. She told Linda to relax
and get ready to experience an orgasm more powerful than she’d ever felt, strong enough to make her
shoot out cum like a man’s cock. Linda told her that he only time she’d seen a man’s cock shoot or pee
was in videos on the internet. As Carol started massaging Linda’s pussy mound, she told her that she
would have to share some of her favorite porn sites. Carol started gently running her right hand up and
down Linda’s thighs while she continued massaging her pussy mound. Carol leaned forward slightly
and whispered to Linda that even though Billy was an excellent fuck, and always made sure she came
several times; she needed lots more, so she masturbated several times during the day while he was at
work. Now, she could have Linda during the day as well as Billy at night and her masturbating. She said
that they could lounge around together watching porn on the internet while getting each other off.

  “Linda, do you ever masturbate?”

  “Yes, every day, ever since I was twelve and Mom taught me about sex. That’s how I got to be such
close friends with Marjte. She spent a weekend with us while her parents had to go out of town for a
funeral. She was going to sleep on a cot in our spare bedroom, but Billy came home on leave, so she
ended up in my bedroom. We were surfing the net for music, and she said that she was itching
‘downstairs’. She asked me if it would gross me out if she took her panties off and scratched, and I told
her no, I’d enjoy it. She gave me a funny look, and slowly slid her panties down, pushing her mound out
towards me. She was thirteen, a year older than I was. She already had a small patch of pussy hair,
and as her panties dropped down her legs, she started scratching it. She asked me if I ever made
myself cum, and I started giggling and told her that I was afraid that with her spending the weekend, I
wouldn’t be able to watch my adult movies and make myself cum several times before I went to sleep.
She yanked my panties off, and rubbed my mound, begging me to get horny like her. I told her I
already was, I was just trying to keep it hidden. We called up some good x-rated videos where the man
fucked the woman doggie style and then spurted all over her butt. By the third video, we were panting
and working our clits so fast, our hands were a blur. We both started cumming at the same time. I came
so hard watching her finger her clit that I peed all over the floor. Seeing me pee sent her into a huge
orgasm, so we went into my bathroom and showered together, peeing all over each other. It made us
so horny, that we went to bed naked, and started fingering ourselves again.

  She asked me if we could try fingering each other’s cunts to see what it felt like. By the time we were
through, we were licking each other, sucking each other and making each other cum over and over.  
We didn’t start kissing until several times of meeting. We’d go over to her house after school, and
make out for a couple of hours before her parents got home. Her parents put parental controls on her
computer, so we couldn’t watch porn there. She started spending nearly every weekend at my house.
We’d watch a bunch of porn videos and look at bunches of naked people’s pictures, then make out all
night. One night, I just leaned over and kissed her goodnight. She looked startled, so I asked her if it
bugged her. She said no, it just caught her off guard. We tried it again, and after a few kisses, we were
kissing with tongue action, and feeling each other’s boobs while we kissed. “

  As Carol slowed down massaging Linda’s pussy mound and started running her fingertips up and
down her wet slit, she said, “Girl, you’ve got me horny and wet all over. You know, telling me that love
story, you’re gonna have to eat my clit again and help me cum. But first, get ready for the most
explosive orgasm you’ve ever had, your pussy is plenty wet enough now. I’m gonna find your G-spot,
and make you cum so hard, you spray cum juice all over my chest.” Carol lifted Linda’s legs up onto
her shoulders and slowly inserted two fingers into Linda’s dripping cunt hole. She pointed her fingers
slightly upward, and started feeling for her lovely little lump of pleasure. She quickly found it and
started rubbing it while she lightly pressed upward against it. After a few strokes, Linda was bucking
and moaning with intense pleasure. Carol was having a little trouble staying on her little pleasure
mound, but she managed to keep working it.

  Linda yelled out, and pushed her ass cheeks hard against the pillow. Her pussy tightened up like a
vise on Carol’s fingers as Linda sprayed a nice stream of sticky clear cum out of her pee hole. Carol
yelped with pleasure, telling Linda how good it felt to feel her hot juice spray all over her boobs and
belly. Trembling, and still bucking with pleasure, Linda raised her head up and looked at Carol’s wet

  “Oh No, I peed all over you!” she lamented.

  “No sweetheart; this isn’t pee, it’s thicker, and slightly sticky, and it tastes so good. Women have a
gland inside that’s similar to a man’s prostrate, and when it’s used to make her cum, it dumps out the
same sticky cum juice that a man shoots. We just don’t have balls to put sperm in it.” And it’s just as
much fun to make a woman cum this way and catch the spray, as it is to be the one being fucked. Now,
you got me so horny telling me all about your girlfriend and lover, let’s switch places, and you make my
pee hole spray all over your boobs.”

  They switched places as Linda tasted the cum from Carol’s chest. She liked it so much, she licked
Linda’s entire chest and boobs clean. When she finished licking the last of her boobs, she kissed her
way down to Linda’s cunt. Linda was already dripping cunt juice from her hole, so Linda slid two fingers
into the warm, tight cunt hole. She loved how soft and silky Carol’s cunt felt. Easily finding the mound,
she started rubbing it and pressing on it just like Carol had done to hers. She had Carol’s left leg over
her shoulders, and was fingering her with her right hand. She used her left hand to run her fingers
through Carol’s long, thick pussy hair. She loved how it felt, sliding through her fingers. It made her
tingle at the top of her pussy mound, a feeling that she loved.

  Carol started moving her hips up and down, softly moaning. Linda increased the pressure of her
fingers, and sped up her massaging the lovely little mound, encouraging Carol to spray all over her.

  “Come on baby, I want your cunt to cum. Please make your pee hole spray all over me; I want to
watch your pussy orgasm and squirt; I want it all over me. Come on my sweet lover; make me happy as
I make your pussy happy.” As she talked, Carol spasmed, spraying her cum all over Linda and the bed.
Linda squealed with delight almost like a little girl getting her first doll. She pulled her fingers out of
Carol’s cunt and started licking all over her cunt, parting her lips and licking the drips of juice from her
pee hole. Carol let out a sigh of relief, and thanked Linda for being such a good student and an
excellent sex partner.

  “Carol, I love having sex with you. I never want to quit. If I ever get married, he’s going to have to
understand up front, you and I are going to have sex with each other as much as we want. Either he
can be OK with it, or we won’t get married, period. I’m not giving up your pussy for anybody.”

  Carol pulled Linda up beside her and kissed her. As they parted their long kiss, Carol said, “Baby, I
never want to quit having sex with you either. Billy’s OK with me having other sex partners, male or
female. Of all the roomies I ate and got eaten by in eight years of college, none was as good as you.
You make me feel so complete and satisfied, I never want a day to go by without you and I having our
fun sex.”

  “Carol, there’s something more that I want, and you have to OK it.”

  “Just about anything honey, what do you want?”

  “I want Billy’s cock to be the first one inside of my pussy. I busted my cherry a long time ago; it’s not
that. I’ve wanted to have him fuck me since I was eight, and I’ve always wanted him to be the first man
to fuck me. There’s one more thing; I want you to watch his dick going in and out of my cunt, and tell us
what you think of what you see. I don’t want to mess up you and Billy, so if you don’t want it, Marjte has
already said she can get her older brother to fuck me.”

  Carol pulled Linda tight against her boobs, and wrapped her arms around her. “I think it’s really neat
that you want your older brother to be the first man to fuck you. I’d love to see his cock going in and
out of your pussy, and, I want to lick your cunt juice off his dick after he fucks you. The problem is, how
do we get him to do it?  He’s not going to want to fuck his baby sister.”

  “What we do, is I’ll stay in here when he gets home, and you meet him at the front door, still naked.
Have him close his eyes, and let him smell my panties. After that, have him smell yours, then blindfold
him with our panties, telling him you have a surprise for him. You lead him in here, and guide his dick
into my cunt. Get him fucking me doggie style, and when he’s about to cum, and can’t stop, you tell him
he can see his surprise, and pull our panties off. By then, he’ll have been feeling my ass cheeks and
had his cock inside of me, he won’t want to stop. If you’re telling him all along how much you love
watching his cock going in and out of my cunt, he’ll keep going. When he cums in my cunt, we’ll explain
to him how we feel about being adults and wanting to share our fucking. He’ll probably want to watch us
eat each other out, which I think would be great.”

  “I think it might work, except you didn’t have any panties on.”

  “They’re in my skirt pocket. Get them out and rub them all over my wet cunt. Then we’ll get a pair of
your out and rub them all over your pussy. As soon as he smells two cunts, he won’t be able to control
himself; he’ll want to get to fucking. Then we’ll have him hooked into our little plan of play.”

  Carol went out into the dining room and scooped up Linda’s clothes. She pulled Linda’s panties out
of the pocket, and took a sniff.  As soon as she smelled Linda’s scent, her cunt started getting wet all
over again. As she went into the bedroom, she saw Linda pulling a pair of her panties out of her
drawer. Seeing her sister in law sniffing her panties made her cunt start streaming juice. It was running
down the inside of her leg, dripping off next to her knee.

  She went the rest of the way to the bed without taking her eyes off Linda’s dripping, swollen pussy.
She had never seen one that puffed up so much and was so tight and silky smooth inside. She made
up her mind to do anything she needed to convince Billy that they both needed to keep Linda’s pussy
in their love life. She was certain that as soon as he got his cock inside that hot pussy, he’d never want
to quit having it either. Linda was the hottest, sexiest woman she’d ever met, and she no intentions of
letting her get away. She rubbed Lind’s panties all over Linda’s wet cunt, making sure that they were
thoroughly soaked with her pussy juice. She wanted to make sure that Billy was so horny; he couldn’t
refuse to fuck anything while blindfolded. She knew that she had to get his cock completely into Linda’s
pussy before he figured out who it was. Her cunt started running juices down her legs even more,
thinking of Billy’s long cock going in and out of Linda’s tight, beautiful pussy. She almost orgasmed at
the thought of licking Linda’s juice from his cock as he stroked in and out of her cunt.

  She sat down beside Linda, trembling.

  “What’s wrong, Carol? Are you having misgivings about letting Billy put his cock in my hot pussy?”

  “Oh no; that’s what’s wrong. I’m about to cum, thinking of licking your juice from his cock as he fucks
you. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never have had the chance. Thinking about it has
me so horny, I’m trembling.”

  “Lay back baby and I’ll lick you to another orgasm; that should take care of it. Billy should be home in
less than a half hour, we can just be recovered good from cumming when he gets here. That way, you
can tell him you’ve found a hot pussy for both of you, and you want it to be a surprise to him who it is.
He won’t get suspicious then. I know Billy, he loves surprises.”

  Carol lay back, and Linda buried her head between Carol’s legs, enjoying the smell of the fresh cunt
juice. She licked her lips clean, and then slowly sucked Carol’s clit into her mouth. She rubbed the tip
with her tongue until she felt Carol start squirming. Knowing that her clit was getting too sensitive this
much direct contact, she switched to sliding her lips up and down the puffed up clit. It only took a few
strokes to make Carol start bucking with an intense orgasm. Her cunt spewed out a bunch more nectar,
which Linda greedily lapped up, sending Carol into another quick orgasm.  They sat up, giggling and
grinning at each other. They heard Billy’s car in the driveway, so Carol grabbed the panties, ran out of
the bedroom, shutting the door.

  She stood behind the front door, where Billy wouldn’t see her until he was completely inside and
shutting the door.  Billy came in and closed the door, seeing Carol standing there, totally naked,
holding two pair of panties. She wrapped her arms around Billy, telling him that she had a surprise for
him, but he had to close his eyes. He closed his eyes, and Carol held Linda’s wet panties up to his

  “Take a deep whiff my dearest, and tell me if you’d like that on your cock.”

  Billy sniffed the panties, and started getting a hard on. “I don’t think that’s your pussy juice, love. Are
you going to let me fuck the pussy that these panties were on?”

  “Maybe; smell this and tell me what you think.”

  Billy smelled the second pair of panties and smiled; now having a solid rock hard erection. “I’d
recognize that cunt smell anywhere; that’s your pussy juice. What got you so hot?”

  “Dead right, lover of mine. These two pair of panties are wet with our pussy juices because we’ve
been eating each other’s pussies all day. She wants you to fuck her doggie style while I watch. The
only thing is that you have to be blindfolded until you’re about to shoot your load into her cunt. You can’
t know who it is until it’s too late for you to stop. She and I want this very badly, and we don’t want you
panicking and quitting on us. I want to taste her cunt juice on your cock, and I want to taster your cock
juice dripping out of her cunt.” Carol took Linda’s panties and tied them around Billy’s eyes, then did
the same with hers. She slowly undressed him, caressing his rigid cock with her tongue as she slid his
jockey shorts down his legs.

  Carol took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. Linda was already up on her knees, ready
for Billy’s cock. She smiled at Carol, licking her lips. Carol helped Billy get up onto the bed behind
Linda, and guided his cock into her pussy. Linda moaned with pleasure, trying not to say anything so
that Billy wouldn’t recognize her voice.

  Billy put his hands on Linda’s hips and started slowly pumping his cock in and out of her wet cunt
hole. “This is the hottest, tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked. Where did you find her?’

  Carol slid up alongside Billy, and started massaging his balls. “I didn’t find her; she came to me, and
seduced me. She told me that she has wanted to make out with me for some time, but didn’t want to
screw things up for us. By the way, at her request, your cock is the first cock to enter that cunt hole.
She popped her own cherry, but you’re her first man. She’s got a girlfriend that she loves to make out
with, and she wants the three of us to be regular fuck buddies. That’s why the blindfold until you can’t
stop. She wants your cock sauce to be the first in her hot cunt. It is good and hot isn’t it?”

  “It’s the hottest, tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked; even the two girls that I busted their cherries weren’t
this tight. And I love her long full pussy lips on my cock. I definitely want to keep her in our bed with us.
How long did you two make out before I got home?”

  “She watched from her girlfriend’s window, and as soon as you left, she came over, and sat in my lap
sucking my titties. We didn’t quit until we heard you drive up. It looks like you’re getting close to
cumming. I’m gonna start licking your cock as you pump her cunt. Pat me on the head when you’re
about to spray, and I’ll take the blindfold off, if you promise us you won’t stop fucking, no matter who it
is; promise?”

  “I promise; I’m so hot now, I couldn’t quit if I wanted to. Knowing that you’ve been eating this pussy all
day, and now want to see my cock in it has me so horny, I can’t stop. I’d love to watch you two make out
also, and let her help me fuck your pussy.”

  Carol paused her licking to reach up and pull the panties off his head. “Surprise!” both women yelled

  “My god, it’s Linda. I never knew you wanted me to fuck you. When I was home on leave, I jacked off
imagining that friend of yours that was spending the weekend with you and you were helping me pump
my cock. I fought off trying to imagine what it would feel like to fuck both of you.”

  “Marjte is willing to let you fuck her, and if you’d have said anything that night, we’d probably have
been in your room fucking you. I’ve wanted your beautiful cock since I was eight.”

  As Billy started nearing the peak of his orgasm, he managed to get out that he knew she was only
twelve, and he couldn’t fuck his twelve-year-old sister. Now that she was eighteen, he was OK with it
since she wanted it, and Carol was OK with it. Carol said that she wanted them to fuck every day that
they could.

  As she spoke, Billy let out a yell, and orgasmed, shoving his cock deep into Linda’s tight pussy. She
squealed out with pleasure, begging Carol to finger her clit so that she could finish her orgasm. Carol
gladly rubbed Linda’s clit and Billy’s balls, making Linda shudder with an intense orgasm. Carol pulled
Billy’s cock out of Linda’s dripping pussy and licked up and down its full length, savoring the mixed cum
juices. Linda rolled over and plopped on the bed, still trembling from her orgasm. “When you’re done
cleaning his cock, come clean my slit. He said he wanted to see us in action. As soon as you clean my
slit, I’ll suck that wonderful man tool back to its fullness, and guide it into your hot cunt hole. When he’s
shot a load into your cunt, I’ll lick you dry.

  Linda spread her legs as Carol slipped in between them. Carol licked up one side and down the
other side of Linda’s puffy outer pussy lips. She loved feeling Linda’s pussy lips against her tongue;
they were so soft and warm, better than any she’d ever licked. She kept licking her outer lips for a few
minutes, until Linda was panting and begging her to lick her inner slit and lips. Carol rose up and told
Billy to go ahead and feed his cock to Linda, that when she was through licking Linda’s pussy clean,
she’d need to get fucked. As Linda started licking his cock, Carol went back to licking Linda’s cunt. She
pushed her inner lips apart with the tip of her tongue, and kept licking all the way up to the tip of her
clit. She felt Linda tense up with pleasure, so she started licking all over the inside of her pussy. As she
drained the mixture of Linda and Billy’s cum, she started lightly rubbing her clit with her fingers. It didn’t
take but a few seconds for Linda to explode in another orgasm.

  As Carol licked up the fresh pussy juice, Billy said, “You two women have me so hot, I’ve gotta fuck
someone now. I’m burning up with passion, and I really need some release.”

  “Linda kissed the tip of his cock, and said, “Fuck Carol really good. I want to taste her cunt juice on
your cock as you fuck her, and then drink your mixed juices from her pussy like she did me.”

  Carol had Linda turn around on the bed so that her head was directly under Carol’s cunt. Linda
reached up, grabbed Billy’s cock, and guided it into Carol’s wet cunt hole. Billy let out a moan of
pleasure as he slid his cock into her cunt, feeling Linda’s tongue on his shaft as it slid in. He started
slowly pumping his cock into Carol’s hot pussy, coming almost completely out each time so that Linda
could lick along his shaft. He felt like he was in Paradise, shoving his cock into a hot pussy while
another hot woman licked the juice off his shaft each stroke. He felt his balls start to tighten, and fought
speeding up, to no avail. Linda grabbed his balls and massaged them, begging him to spray a big load
deep into Carol’s cunt. She let go of his balls, and started rubbing Carol’s clit furiously. Carol yelled out
that she was cumming, and as she bucked into Billy’s chest, he exploded into her hot cunt hole. Linda
lapped up the juices that were leaking out of Carol’s pussy, making sure that each lap got either Billy’s
cock or Carol’s clit. Both were moaning with pleasure.
  Carol and Billy plopped down either side of Linda, panting. Carol took in a deep breath and said that
it was one of the most intense orgasms she’s ever had. Linda rose up, got over Carol, and as she
pushed Carol’s legs apart, she said that it wasn’t over yet. She asked Billy to suck on Carol’s titties
while she licked and sucked Carol’s pussy clean and dry.  Billy scooted over, took one titty in his
mouth, grabbed the other one, and started massaging it.

  Linda licked Carol’s outer lips one time, and immediately parted her inner lips, slurping up the
mingled cum juices. As she licked, she slid her hands under Carol’s ass cheeks and squeezed them.
With each pass of her tongue, she would give Carol’s ass cheeks a squeeze. As soon as she had all of
the cum lapped up, she sucked Carol’s clit into her mouth and began massaging the tip with her
tongue. With Billy sucking on her titties and Linda sucking on her clit, it took no time for Carol to
explode in another intense orgasm. Linda lapped up the fresh cunt juice, and asked Billy if He’d ever
licked a pussy. He confessed that Carol’s was the first and only pussy that he’d ever licked.

  Linda laid back with her legs spread and begged him to come make her cum by licking her cunt.  He
scooted over to Linda and started licking all over her pussy. He looked up to see Carol and Linda in a
tight embrace, lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.  He felt his cock harden, and wondered if he
could manage a third orgasm. He lapped at Linda’s clit, bringing her close to an orgasm, and stopped.

  “Billy, please don’t stop; I’m right at the top. Please!”

  “I’ll go back to your wonderful clit if you’ll let me try fucking you again, this time with me on top; what is
it? The missionary position?”

  Linda and Carol both chimed in, “You can fuck either or both of us any time you want, as long as you
make sure that we cum as well.”

  Billy went back to sucking on Linda’s clit, until she exploded in an orgasm, soaking his chin with her
cunt juice. He slid up on her, guiding his hard cock into her wet pussy. Carol got up on her knees
beside them, and started massaging his ass cheeks. “I love watching your ass bob up and down while
you fuck, Billy. It makes my clit tingle.”

  Linda moaned with pleasure and asked Billy to push deeper into her cunt. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I
want our sex to be fun and pleasant, not painful for any of us.”

  “You’re not hurting me at all. I want to feel your cock going all the way into my pussy. I want to feel it
bumping the bottom of my hole. Fill my cunt up with your cock, Billy; I want all eight inches inside of my

  Linda wrapped her legs around Billy’s waist as he pushed deeper and deeper into her wanting cunt.
Carol was running her hands all over Linda’s thighs and Billy’s ass cheeks making both of them get
even hotter. Billy started feeling his balls tighten, and his cock swell. He yelled out that he was about to
cum. Linda slid a hand down to her clit, and begged him to slow down so she could catch up with him.
Billy paused as Linda pumped her clit, quickly reaching an orgasm. “Go ahead and cum on my cock,
honey, I want to feel your pussy as you cum. The ripples in your cunt walls will probably make me cum
with you.”

  Linda took her other arm and pulled Billy’s face down to hers. She planted her lips tightly against his,
and buried her tongue deep into his mouth. As she fought his tongue with hers, she pumped her clit
harder and harder, giving herself the most intense orgasm of the evening. As she exploded, she felt
Billy’s cock pulse, and then squirt into her waiting cunt hole. Billy flopped down between the two
women, taking one in each arm. “This has been the most wonderful evening I’ve ever had, thanks to
you two loving women. Thank you so much.”

Copyright© 2010 Charles Biggs