Little Sister
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Little Sister
by Lacey Ashley

Her name was Honey, no not a nickname, it was her given name and she was his baby
sister.  Honey was eight years younger than him, there was four kids in their family. He
was the oldest, then his twin brothers a year younger than him.  Honey was a total
surprise for his parents and she turned out to be the joy of their entire family. As they all
believed Honey was very special and no one would ever be good enough for her.

  He and his brothers had a stead fast rule they gave their buddies.  Honey was off
limits. Totally off limits. So when he brought his best friend home for the summer he
again made it perfectly clear that Honey was off limits.  Since all of her brothers were
large football players in high school and college not many of their friends ever tested
what they would do if they crossed that forbidden line.  Plus it had been fairly easy since
Honey was a cute girl but she was just that a little girl, or that was how Scott seen her.
The last time had been thanksgiving, almost six months ago had he seen her.

  Honey blew into the room like a burst of sunshine, her honey brown hair hung straight
down her back.  Her green eyes sparkled as she squealed with joy when she saw her
brother Jeff.  Someone had forgotten to mention little Honey had grown into a beautiful
sexy nineteen year old Honey. How the hell had he missed her growing up.  A man would
have to be blind and stupid not to see that this sweet sexy girl was no longer a child.  
Scott noticed and had to remind himself she was totally off limits, but his cock spoke in
volumes about how he would like to slide into her little tight honey pot.

  Jeff reminded Honey who Scott was, she smiled and hugged him tightly, her perky
breast pressed against his chest as she hugged his body against hers. "Of course I
remember him, just been a few months since we last seen him.  

  He looked at Jeff who clearly gave him a warning look and Scott shrugged as Honey
continued holding his body against hers.  She kissed his cheek, her eyes twinkling with
mischief, and whispered "Looks like someone is happy to see me," she brushed her
fingers against his cock. Scott felt his cock spring to attention, as she winked and turned
back to her brother.  All Scott could think of at that moment was thank God for long
shirts or the entire family would pull out the shot guns and kill him right there where he

  During dinner she managed to sit across from him, and with her long tan legs she
could reach across to where he sat.  She ran her foot up the inside of his leg and
stroked his cock with her toes.  He tried not to stare at her, her mouth was wonderful,
and when she took a bite of her pickle he actually felt himself moan.  She slide the pickle
into her mouth, slowly she sucked the juice off of it as she  pulled it back out of her
mouth even slower. The sight was making Scott wish it was his cock having that done to
it and not the damn pickle.  Her eyes locked with his and he knew she was sucking on it
just that way to excite him and damn it was working.  The little minx was quite the tease
he thought as he smiled.

  After dinner Honey went to her friends, which gave Scott time to try and gather his
common sense about him.  He was in the kitchen washing the dishes when she came
into the back door with one of her friends.  She walked over to him, introduced him to
her friends and the two of them walked away giggling. But before she walked away she
took his finger and dipped it into her ice cream, then slowly took his finger into her mouth
and sucked the entire finger clean of the ice cream.  Scott stood there feeling his cock
jump alive.  Damn he wanted her mouth wrapped around his cock so bad he could not
think straight.  He was telling himself she was a kid over and over when Jeff came into
the kitchen," Damn did you see that sweet piece of ass on that friend of Honey's ?"

  Honey's mom asked her to get some extra linen for Scott and put it in the guest room
for him.  Honey went off to get the linen.  Jeff leaned closer to his friend, "The guest
room is down here near Honey's room, damn shame I can't think of  a reason to sleep in
that room, I want that sweet little ass." He spoke to Scott but his eyes were glued to
Honey's friend.  Scott nodded in agreement he felt the same way about Jeff's little sister.

  Honey had invited her friend Brandy to stay the night, she had a solid no fail plan to
get into Scott's bed without big brother catching them.  Brandy had always had a huge
crush on Jeff and Honey used that crush to get what she wanted, her brother's best
friend.  Up till then she never worried about her brothers making her off limit to their
friends, but Scott was different, she had a huge crush on him since she was fifteen and
he went to college with her brother and she would often see him.  But up till now she
hadn't acted on it because it was like Scott saw her only as a little girl.  But after tonight
he would never see her in that light ever again, she would make him hers.

  The girls went to Honey's room early, they talked softly to one another about their
plans.  Brandy would sneak upstairs to Jeff's room once Honey's parents went to sleep.
She would sneak into his room and hopefully keep him entertained so Honey could do
the very same to Scott.

  Around midnight, Honey went into the kitchen with Brandy in tow to see who was still
awake, they pretended to be getting some ice water.  As they came out of the kitchen,
Jeff was telling Scott good night, he winked at Brandy as he hugged Honey good night.  

  Back in Honey's room, Brandy told her about the wink, and they both giggled.  The
plan would work beautifully. There was no doubt that Brandy would have no trouble
keeping Jeff busy so he would not be wandering around watching Scott.

  Twenty long minutes later, Brandy in a sexy little red teddy and a terry robe covering
her in case she ran into anyone on the way to Jeff's room.  Honey counted to twenty, if
Brandy was not sent away it would have been by then.  So far she was still gone.  Plan A
was working.  Plan B was Honey's turn.  Honey wore a oversize man's white dress shirt,
under it she wore nothing not even panties.  Barefooted, she tip toed across the hall to
Scott's closed bedroom door.  Opening it and sliding into the room.

  It took her a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the darkness.  She got to the bed
without running into anything, only to find the bed was empty.  The door opened behind
her and she whirled around, Scott stood there in his jeans, no shirt and also barefoot.  
He held a glass of water in his hand as he smiled at her.  "Did I walk into the wrong
room?"  He smiled because he had seen Brandy sneaking up the stairs, he did not need
to be told where she was heading.

  'No, you are in the right room." she said with a smile that would crumble even the
strongest man in the world.  'I was checking to see if I could get you anything?" she
licked her bottom lip as she started to unbutton her shirt.  

  "Your brother would kill me if he caught us standing here like this,"  he said his eyes
glued to her young hot body as the shirt hit the floor.  "Sweet Jesus I am going to be so
dead tomorrow," he whispered as she moved from where she was to standing directly in
front of him.  There were mere inches between them.

  "So that means tonight I need to make you feel like you are already in heaven." she
stood on tip toes and kissed him.  As she kissed him she reached behind him and locked
the bedroom door.  

  As darkness circled around them, Scott pulled her closer, his mind was screaming at
him that Jeff was so going to kill him if he ever found out, but his cock was snapping who
gives a fuck she is hot and she is naked and damn she feels good in his arms.  His cock

  Honey took his empty hand and led him to the bed, he placed the glass on the
nightstand as she once again wrapped  her arms around him and she stepped closer to
his body.  Her pink nipples like perfectly little buttons pressed against the hair on his
chest.  She was playing with his chest , tracing his nipple and licking the other.  She
stepped back, reaching down and unzipping his jeans and setting his rock hard cock
free.  His jeans fell to his ankles next to the shirt on the floor, he stepped out of them as
she lowered to the floor herself.  One second she was just kissing his belly and the next
second Scott let out a moan as her mouth slide down the shaft of his cock.  It was so
hard he honestly believed he could break bricks with it.

  Her mouth was warm, wet and felt like pure heaven.  As she sucked him, his hands
went to the top of her head and her head bobbed back and forth the length of his cock.
He felt his knees getting weaker and weaker as she continued sucking him.  She toyed
with just the head, sucking it in and out of her mouth hitting the spot just right, every
sense in his body was alive like a live wire.  She grabbed his ass cheeks in both her
hands and plunged her mouth to the base of his cock.  "Oh my fucking God," Scott felt
his cock draining completely into her hot mouth and she swallowed every drop of his
cum.  His entire body tingled as she kept hitting the sensitive tip of his cock as she
continued draining it, milking it, not stopping till she had the last fucking drop of his cum.  
How Scott was still standing was totally amazing to him, he had, had many blow jobs in
his life but this little girl could suck a golf ball threw a fifty foot garden hose, was all he
could think of as she continued sucking him.

  She stood and pulled him to the bed," My turn," she laid on the bed and spread her
legs apart for him to see what she was offering.  Her pussy was like pink velvet, she kept
it clean shaven and it was moist and hot beckoning him to dive in.  He simply stood there
transfixed looking down at the sweetest pussy he had ever seen.  "Scott do you not want
to taste my honey pot," she slide two of her fingers into her pussy, then slide them into
her mouth,' Taste just like warm honey, come taste baby."  She reached up and took his
hand, and placed it on her pussy, with a wicked smile, she pushed them into her pussy,
"See baby nice warm and wet, come taste it."

  Scott dropped to his knees and buried his face into her honey pot.  His cock jumped
back to life as his tongue slide into that peace of heaven honey pot.  She tasted so
damn good, she wiggled her ass to the side of the bed letting her legs drop down to
each side of him, exposing her ass hole to him, he lifted her ass of the bed, her legs
went over his shoulders, his tongue circled the inviting brown eye, the tip of his tongue
slide across the opening as he licked between her asshole and her pussy.  He glance up
at her and her head was off to the right, her eyes were closed as she squeezed and
twisted her perfect pink nipples, the sight of her twisting her nipples excited him as he
dove back into her pussy.  He felt like a starving man finally being given the best meal of
his life.  He could die happily eating her snatch.  She moaned and raised her upper body
up off the bed as she held his head pushing his face deeper into her pussy.  She bit her
bottom lip from screaming out, 'Oh God oh God suck it Scott I am fucking cumming," She
raised her ass up off the bed as she filled his mouth with her cum.

  Once her body stopped spasming , she pulled him down on top of her, "Another one I
want another one, fuck me now," she helped him slide into her still wet pussy.  "Fuck me
real hard Scott real hard."  

  This time he did not need to be told twice.  He lifted her legs up placing them on his
shoulders and pulled her ass closer to him as he pounded deep into her pussy.  He
slammed into her showing no mercy, he wanted this sweet tight pussy to hug his cock.  
As his cock slammed in and out, he took her hand and told her to pinch and twist her clit,
she did as she was told.  This was his second time, he knew he could slam into her till
she came for him, and he was going to make her cum over and over.  

  "Come on baby fuck that sweet pussy, you know you want your cock covered with my
cum, fuck me," she moaned.  Her talking to him like that sent him into a frenzy as he pile
drove her.  He knew she was close, her pussy muscle tighten around his cock.' Oh fuck
here it comes baby here it comes."  As if by magic Scott felt himself cumming as well.  
Sweet honey and cum mixed together as he slammed into her one last time.

  Scott stood there looking down, the faint trace of blood told him what had taken place
had been her first time.  The reality of that cause his rapid heartbeat to skip several
beats.  He laid down on the bed and pulled her close to him.  He needed to think, it had
not crossed his mind that she was possibly a virgin.

  "Honey did you forget to tell me something?" he asked as her held her close to him.

  Smiling to herself she ran her finger up and down his check and muscular stomach.  
"Thank you for not pushing me out of the room?" she answered knowing what he was
asking but she found she liked toying with him.

  "No, you missed telling me you were a virgin, that this was your first time," her mouth
on his cock flashed in his mind," Sweet Jesus you are a natural at this, totally amazing
and unbelievable."

  Honey looked at him, her eyes now locked with his," You think I am amazing?"

  "How long before your brothers kill me if I tell them I want to date you?"

  "Date me, as in being your girlfriend?'  She felt her own heart skip several beats.

  "Have to make you something special since you gave me something special tonight."  
he kissed the top of her head.

  Smiling to herself she closed her eyes and wonder how many members of her family
would be happy that she was now Scott's girlfriend.  She did not care, for four years she
dreamed about being his girlfriend and never once thought to would come true.

© 2010 Lacey Ashley

This is Lacey's 6th story published on Bare Back Magazine. Previous stories include
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