Long Distance
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Masturbation,

Long Distance
by Steven Finkelstein

“What would you do to me?” She is sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel, the lights off,
the phone’s receiver pressed to her ear. Fully clothed, for now.

“Hmm.” He has to think about it. This is the first time they’ve done anything like this, and he’
s a little intimidated by the idea. But just as much as he’s nervous, saying aloud the things
he’d like to do, the idea turns him on. “Well, first I’d sit over in the easy chair by the fire
place, the plush green one. Not taking my clothes off yet, just watching you. I’d have you
stand up in front of the bed, with your back to me.” He clears his throat, trying to make his
voice firm, commanding. They’ve begun talking lately in their lovemaking, something new for
both of them. That’s been a turn on too, breaking the silence, breaking down the walls of
inhibition. This is a step further, expressing their feelings so many miles away. “I’d have you
unbutton your blouse, one button at a time. When you were done I’d have you drop it to the
floor, sliding it past your shoulders, slowly, sensually. You’d do the same thing with your
skirt, unzipping it languidly, running your hands up the sides of your legs as you did so,
giving me a peek of your thighs. Your ass.” He swallows as he says this. He is imagining
these things even as he is saying them, and he is imagining, too, that somewhere out there,
she is beginning to touch herself. He continues.

“When your skirt was off you’d be standing there in just your bra and panties. Um, the black,
velvety ones. They’re sheer, so as you take a step backward and bend over the bed,
placing your hands on the surface, tensing the muscles in your legs, I can see your ass fully
outlined, taught against the material of your panties.” He takes a deep breath before he
says the next line, mustering his courage. He can’t believe he’s actually saying these things.
“I can see the bud of your inner lips that look so warm, so inviting. Just begging to be
fingered. Kissed. You’re freshly, smoothly shaven, of course.”

“Of course,” she murmurs. The sound of her voice makes him jump.

“Are you…are you touching yourself right now?” he asks, knowing it sounds timid, but being
unable to help it.

“Yes,” she answers, almost impatiently. “Keep going, baby. You were doing fine.”

“Okay. I’m semi-erect now, still fully clothed, but I won’t allow myself to touch my hard-on just
yet. I’m unbuttoning my shirt. As I do it, I order you to turn around and face me. I tell you to
cup your tits for me in your hands, and you do that too. Then I tell you to turn around once
more, your back to me, and undo your bra. You undo the clasps and it hangs there. Without
my telling you to, you are subconsciously tensing your shoulders, pushing your breasts
together. Your hands have gone up to them and you are teasing the nipples, pushing them
up against the underside of the bra cups. Sternly, I tell you not to do that.” It is exciting to
him, the thought of him telling her what to do and what not to do. She seems to think so too,
and she makes a small noise of approval. He is getting hard now, in reality, thinking about
what she might be doing. He goes on, gaining confidence quickly now. “I tell you to turn
back around and drop the bra to the floor. You do it, and I tell you to stand there with your
arms by your sides. I halfway rise from the chair to take my shirt the rest of the way off, and I
drop it on the floor. I start to undo my belt. My eyes are on you, as I am looking at your
body, at your tits, frankly, unashamed, uninhibited. It excites you, as you feel powerless,
knowing that I’m in control. In this state of mind, you know that I am your master. As my
servant, you know that there is nothing I can tell you that you will not do. The idea of turning
over control to me is such a turn on for you that you want to touch yourself, and you want to
touch me. But not yet. Not yet. The deprivation will only make thing better.”

He is speaking on his cell phone, and suddenly he thinks about security. Just paranoia,
really, but who knows, maybe someone out there might be listening to all this? Let’s really
turn them on, he thinks. “I toss my belt onto the floor and tell you to feel your breasts. You
do so, glad for the release. You give me a good show, picking up each one and licking them
yourself, around the soft flesh that hangs the lowest, below the nipple, then around it,
saving each nipple itself for last. These you lick around until you get to the areolas, sucking
each one all the way into your mouth and biting them, ever so gently, sending tingles of
pleasure down to your navel, down your legs so that they almost buckle. This has caused
me to go all the way hard now, and I fumble with the zipper of my pants, but I don’t lose my
cool. I’m grinning now, pleased with the way things are going.” He has actually become all
the way hard by this time, and he has pressed the phone between his ear and shoulder for
a moment so that he can get his pants off. His voice has gone a little husky.

“Now I tell you to lie back on the bed, and for the first time I get up from the chair and come
closer. Your eyes travel down to the front of my pants, where you can see my bulging
erection that I make no attempt to hide. I’m smiling just a bit cruelly as I tell you to spread
your legs. Your panties are still on, but I can see through them to what’s underneath as I
stand over you, unzipping my fly. You look good enough to eat.”

“Mmm,” she says again.

Glad he’s made an impression, he continues. He finds that he isn’t sure entirely what he’s
going to say next, and that prospect too is titillating. What will he come up with, and how
much should he sensor? He closes his eyes and touches himself, hoping the words will
come. He finds that they do, without much effort at all. “I tell you to put two fingers down the
front of your panties and touch yourself. I tell you that I’m not even in the room, that you’re
alone, pleasuring yourself the way you do in private, in secret, when no one else is around. I’
m impatient now with the panties and I tell you to take them off. I want to see you and what
you’re doing. I want to smell you.”


“You take the panties off, slipping them eagerly past your ankles to drop to the floor and
immediately I catch your musky aroma. It makes my penis throb and I have a hard time not
reaching out for you. You have your come-here-and-fuck-me face on, but I won’t give in.
Soon, but not yet. Right now I’m having too much fun watching you frig yourself off. I’ve
never seen you do it before, and it’s fascinating, watching your different strokes, the way
you tease yourself with one hand while fingering your breasts with the other. You finger
your clit, rubbing it first slowly, then quickly, frantically, with your index finger, then with your
index and middle finger together.” He has never watched her masturbate, so he has no idea
if this is her preferred technique, but he definitely likes the idea. Even more, he likes the
small, muted moans he has begun to hear, coming to him occasionally over the phone. He
responds by lying down on the bed and tugging gently at his erect penis with his right hand,
while he holds the phone to his ear with his left. “You dip your fingers in and out of you
pussy now, and I can see your legs quivering with small, irregular spasms. The smell has
intensified, and I can see how wet you are, wetter than I’ve ever seen you. Holding off and
waiting to this point has been an exciting new experience, but now you are ready, ready for
my hands on your body, ready for my mouth, my cock.” He strokes himself firmly as he says
this, even as the most prolonged response yet comes over the phone.

“Mmmmm.” He knows that sound well. It is the sound she always makes when he eases into
her. At that moment, her eyes always role up in her head, and even if he was determined to
take things slow, it’s at that moment that he wants to selfishly pound the shit out of her,
worried more about his own orgasm than hers.

“Now you start talking to me. You tell me no more, please, you’ve gotten tired of this game,
you want me to fuck you now. I tell you to fucking beg if you want it that bad, and you do.
Please, you say, I need your cock, baby, I need it bad, I’d crawl over burning coals for your
fucking cock right now. I need to suck on it, and I need to feel it thrust inside me deep, deep
in my fuckhole; I need to feel your balls banging against my ass, I need to feel you fill me
with warm jizz.” It’s crazy, that he’s actually saying these things to her, things that he’s only
ever thought about in his mind, and even a bit guiltily at that. But he must be doing
something right, because now she says:

“That’s good, baby, that’s really good. Keep going, don’t stop.” He can hear the passion in
her voice, and there is no longer any question that she’s getting herself off. He only wishes
now that he could be with her in person.

“I rip off my underpants, and as I do so you rise off the bed and deep throat my cock all at
once, taking the whole thing in your mouth, almost gagging. Your mouth is warm, so warm
and wet, just like a second pussy. Your tongue is alive, massaging, lighting up all the fiery
nerve endings in my fuck stick, and I take hold of the back of your head and wrap my
fingers in your hair, and start fucking your face, tensing my ass for leverage. I tell you to say
ah, and you do it, leaving your mouth open so I can take control and fuck it at my leisure,
varying the pace, first with long, lingering strokes, than rapid pumps, like a piston, getting
harder all the time. Then I tell you stand up and you get off your knees and we kiss,
passionately, feverishly. I tell you to bend over the bed and stick your ass in the air, and
you do it, fingering yourself the whole time. I step up behind you and before putting it in I lay
my erect penis, fully hard now, on the crack of your ass.”

“Yes,” she breathes.

“I thrust my hips back and forth, my balls sliding up and down just above your pussy,
dangling down against it. I can feel how wet you are and I grind against you. You tell me
again to stop, please, to just put it in, and this time, finally, I do. But just the tip. I stand
there, smiling evilly, with just the tip inside your pussy and I can feel all of your muscles
tensing, wanting me, your body begging for the whole thing just like your lips are doing.” It is
not like him, in real life, to be such a tease. He has wanted to do these things, but he hasn’t
dared. Now, suddenly, he feels like the floodgates of his imagination are open. He feels that
he can say anything, and he tugs at his cock, squeezing the shaft triumphantly, fingering
the head, taking each one of his balls in his fingers and rolling them and gently tugging on
them. “Then, little by little, as you’re cussing at me now, telling me to just do you, fucking do
you already, I begin to slide the shaft in. You’re trying to buck your hips to take the whole
thing before I’m ready, but I press down on your shoulders with my hands, telling you no, it’s
me in control, this is my show.”

She giggles then, and he almost feels that the moment has been ruined, but then just that
quickly she speaks. “That’s great baby, really great, come on, keep going.”

Encouraged, he continues. “Each stroke I’m giving you more of my cock, and your body is
still now, as you’re letting it happen at my pace. Only your pussy is alive, like a glove, as
you are tensing it and releasing it, trying to pull in more of my cock just like your hungry
mouth did. I tell you not to worry, you’re going to get the whole thing. You’ve been a bad,
bad girl, but you’re going to get what’s coming to you. Finally I sink the whole thing in, just
bury it up to the hilt, my balls pulled up tight and banging against your clit, and you groan,
knowing the fucking you’ve been waiting for is coming.” As he says this, she does groan.

“Mmmm. That’s right, baby. Give me the whole thing.”

“Oh, don’t worry, baby. You’re going to get it.” He is pumping his fist over his cock now,
more aggressively. “I grab hold of your lower back, firmly, just above your hips, and I start
stroking you, measuring each one carefully so we both get the full enjoyment out of it. You’
re writhing on the bed, so turned on already by everything that came before, and you keep
asking me to fuck you faster, harder.”

“Yes, baby, that’s good. I’m getting close.”

“I spread your legs open further, and mine too, so I have a better center of gravity, and
more leverage. I bend over you, like a dog in heat, and grab hold of your wrists, pinning
them to the bed. Even though the room is air conditioned, I’m sweating. Drops of sweat
keep falling on your back, and every time one of them hits you, you writhe and moan. It
turns me on even more when you do, and I’m fucking you faster now.” His hand keeps
massaging his cock, and he is sweating, a little. He looks up at the ceiling as he imagines
her, out there somewhere in the darkness, fingering herself, getting ready to come at his
command. “I bring your wrists together, and really start pumping you. I want to come, I’m
close, but I’m really going to make you think about it first. You’re making noises I’ve never
heard you make before, yelping with each thrust like you’re possessed. I pound my cock
into you like it’s the end of the world, like it’s the last fuck we’re ever going to have, getting
ready to shoot hot spunk straight up into you.”

“Mmm, mmm, oh, oh, yes. Yes, baby, yes, give it to me. Make me come. Make me come for
you, just for you.”

“I tear into that pussy. I’m not holding anything back now. I’m dripping sweat and the room is
cold but our bodies are on fire. The back of your legs are slick with sweat and the fumes of
your snatch fill the room and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack if I don’t come. You’
re speaking in tongues and you’re yelling that yes, here it comes and it’s going to be a big
one, it’s going to be the best one ever, and I feel the same. I pump my hips like crazy,
and…are you ready, baby? Are you ready?”

“Yes! Oh God yes, fuck me!”

“I go into a frenzied series of quick, hard thrusts that send you over the edge into screaming
orgasm! Just as I’m ready to come, I pull my cock out and order you to turn around and
kneel down. I’m holding my throbbing cock that’s just itching to shoot hot spunk, and I tell
you to squeeze your tits together like the porn stars do, and I’m going to fire one out all over
your beautiful, full jugs. And you do it, you’re squeezing…mmmm…your tits together…” He
can picture her doing it, too. This also is not something that they’re ever done, but he’s
always wanted to, to pull out and come all over her perfect breasts.

“I’m doing it, baby, I’m doing it for you! I’m squeezing them together! Come on me baby,

“I’m doing it!” he explodes, and then in reality he comes, hardly aware that is, shooting great
gobs of spunk all over his belly, his chest, coming harder than he can remember coming for
a long, long time. He is winded, he can scarcely catch his breath, but he wants to finish the
fantasy, so after a long shudder he speaks again. “You’re kneeling there in front of me,
your tits covered in my come, and you pull me down to kiss you, and it feels, it feels nasty
but it feels so good…our bodies pressed together. And then, then I think we go take a
shower.” He can hear her laughing at the other end, even as he is reaching toward the
bedside table for the box of tissues. “Well, baby?” he says. “Did that do it for you? Did you

“Like you even have to ask?” she says. “The conference won’t be over till Thursday, you
know. I can’t wait to hear your bedtime story for tomorrow night.”          

Copyright© 2009

Steven Finkelstein is a graduate of the English Writing program at the University of
Pittsburgh. His work has been featured before in Bare Back, and also in the publications
Farmhouse, Freight Train, Expressions Journal, and Kaleidoscopic Resonance. For his
blog, a recent collection of his shorter works, and to contact him regarding freelance writing,
you can check out his website,