Look at Me!
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Look at Me!
by Water_side

"So, I hear that you want to fuck me?" Clara said with a sneer.

"Well..." I began, unsure just how to respond. "Erm." I finished pithily.

She shook her head in obvious disgust.

"No chance." she spat, emphasizing the point by crushing her cigarette in the ashtray. Shaking her
head again, she turned and walked haughtily back inside the bar.

I stood on my own feeling humiliated and somewhat betrayed. The whole scene had come about as
a result of my explicit conversation, last Friday night, with Clara's best friend: :

* * * *

"I bet you'd love to fuck Clara over that table right now wouldn't you?" her friend had said with a
conspiratorial whisper. The large, wooden table she referred to, formed part of the smokers
seating area that lay just outside the bar. Her question aroused me, even though (if truth be told) I
had no obsessive desire to do what she had suggested: It was the friend's proximity to me, her
warm breath in my ear and the graphic nature of her words that excited me.

"Yeah, but I bet you'd love to watch." I responded with equal salaciousness, savouring the feel of
her T shirt hugged breasts as they pressed against my chest. She didn't respond immediately, but
after a long pause, pushed even closer so my right leg was now held lightly between her thighs.

"That's something for you jerk off to." she purred. "Later tonight, when your all alone in bed, you
can cream yourself thinking of fucking Carla while I watch."

The tone of her whisper changed; it had a breathlessness to it. I leant forwards slightly, till the top
of my thigh lay nestled against her crotch. I looked in to her eyes.

At that point the spell was broken: We were interrupted by other drinkers, who like us, had left the
bar to loiter in the night air, each needing their nicotine fix.

I didn't manage to talk to her again that night, but did follow her prick-teasing advice and later on,
masturbated feverishly in bed. Yet, as my lurid fantasy came to an end, it wasn't Clara I imagined
writhing beneath my cum spraying cock, but her dirty-minded friend.

* * * *

But that same dirty-minded friend had, at some point during the week, revealed to Clara that I
wanted to fuck her. So I stood there, in the warm summer evening, embarrassed by Clara's harsh
rejection and now wishing I'd kept my stupid mouth shut.

An hour or so later, I had returned to the bar and was talking to my non-smoking pals, when the
'tale tell' girl walked up to me:

"Can we go outside for a talk?" she asked nervously.

I agreed with a surly nod and, noticing a disapproving stare from the watching Carla, followed her
friend to the smoking area where, facing each other, we sat down. With a slightly shaking hand,
she lit a cigarette and looked self-consciously down at the table.

"I'm sorry about the 'Clara' thing." she said breathing out a great lungful of smoke. "I only told her
you wanted to fuck her because I thought it was kinda sexy."

I remained silent.

"I didn't know she'd get all weird about it." she added plaintively.

Once again we were interrupted by the appearance of a small number of nicotine starved drinkers.

"Lets walk." I said.

She followed me into a large manicured garden that lay beyond our table. The hazy moonlit night
swallowed us up as we strolled through the lush grass.

"I feel so guilty about it." she continued. "I didn't want to hurt you."

I sat down on an old bench that lay tucked away in a tree shrouded corner of the garden. She sat
next to me, so close that our arms were touching. I could tell she was genuinely sorry and had not
set out to be deliberately vindictive.

"It's ok, I forgive you." I said with a shrugging sigh.

"Good." she said and pushed herself more firmly against me. We sat in silence for a couple of
tip-toeing minutes, the distant smokers chatter, softened and muffled by the humid air. Eventually,
her right hand rested upon my thigh.

"Did you think about Clara and me later on that night?" she asked.

"Sort of." I replied slowly. "More about you than her."

"Oh." she said, her hand closing more tightly over my thigh, "I hope I made you cum."

"Yes you did."

I ran my hand along her own thigh, dragging the short, pink skirt up to expose her panties.

"I thought about you that night as well." she said shakily. Then, licking her lips and discarding the
cigarette, she added: "Let me apologize properly."

In one swift movement she dropped to the damp ground and knelt between my legs. Smiling
wickedly, she undid my belt.

"When you jerked yourself off, what exactly were you thinking about?" she asked coyly and
dragged a finger nail down the zip of my jeans. I hesitated for a second before answering..

"I imagined cumming all over your face and tits."

"Oh, my poor little breasts!" she squealed in mock dismay whilst glancing down her own low cut top.
"But, I suppose they deserve to be humiliated after what I told Carla."

My jeans stretched tautly from my cock's need to reach her. She leant forward and closed her
teeth over the bulge, dragging them back and forth across the restraining material. Searching for a
firmer contact, I ground my crotch against her mouth, and in answer to my urging, she began to
bite down harder as the denim rubbed roughly against her face. Impatient for her lips on my cock, I
unzipped my fly and pulled myself free.

"Do you want me to kiss it?" she asked as my stiffening prick flopped in front of her face. I nodded,
stricken dumb with heart pounding anticipation.

Looking in to my eyes, she licked her lips again and softly kissed the very tip of my cock. She drew
back slightly, a shining thread of pre-cum hanging between us.

"Can I kiss it again please?" she teased. The clear strand braking as she spoke and falling upon
her chin.

In an unspoken reply, I curled my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her mouth towards
my rock hard phallus.

"Ohh!" she exclaimed in affected innocent surprise and then kissed me once again . This time she
didn't draw back, but kept her full lips spread over my cock-head. Her teeth remained closed, even
though my insistent hand tried to force her further down my shaft.

"Suck it!" I ordered in frustration.

Immediately her teeth parted and my tool slipped smoothly into her warm mouth. With her hands
caressing my thighs and a flicking tongue sliding around my cock, she eagerly served my needs.

"Oh God." I groaned as she moved her hair to one side; allowing a graphic view of both my deeply
buried manhood and the drool spilling from her bottom lip. So rapt was I in watching myself fuck her
mouth , that I barely noticed the sound of a snapping twig somewhere to my left.

She took me from her mouth and ran a teasing finger tip across my cock-head before bringing it
slowly down my saliva coated length.

"Do you like seeing your prick in my mouth?" she asked, breathing hard.

"Yes." I croaked.

"Does it make you want to cum?

"Yes." I repeated, my voice more assured now.

"Make you want to cum all over my slut face and tits?" Her voice was strong and loud; challenging

Oh God yes." I begged.

Softly stroking my near to bursting cock, she raised herself into a semi-crouched position, and
brought her face to mine. She kissed me; I could taste the intoxicating musk of my own sex in her
mouth. While our tongues entwined, her gentle, feather-light fingertips teased my cock, denying me
the firm touch I yearned for. With one hand still holding the back of her neck, I cupped the other
over her crotch, feeling the warm dampness leak through the panties onto my palm. Braking off our
kiss, she moaned and swore as I rubbed at her panty covered clit with the ball of my hand. Her
rising arousal expressed itself further when her fingers encircled me and her wet fist ran vigorously
up and down my rod. In response to her pistoning hand, I bucked wildly on the bench, causing it to
creak in complaint.

She brought her quivering lips to my ear: "We're being watched." she said in a hushed groan.

I looked to my left and, behind a couple of low hung branches, glimpsed the bright red glow of an
inhaled cigarette. My hand froze on her crotch; conversely, her hard jerking hand sped up.

"No." she pleaded quietly. "Please don't stop!".

Inspired by her brazeness, I forced two fingers past the juice soaked panties and plunged them into
her ready hole. She gasped at the sudden penetration and her straining legs began to shake.

"Oh yes, finger my little pussy!" she called loudly: Loud enough for our voyeur to hear. My
searching, fingers curled into her and quickly found that slightly raised sweet spot, brining yet
another involuntary gasp. As my hand fucked her cunt, she hitched up her skirt, pulled her T shirt
over her head and, with unconcerned abandon, cast it away on to the grass. Her white breasts
bounced briefly in my face before she let go of my cock, stood erect and grabbed hold of her
exposed tits: She squeezed hard, squashing the pliant flesh and jutting nipples between her
fingers. With deliberate intent she turned her gaze to the figure hidden behind the tree's branches.

"I want you to cum." she said, her words obviously directed towards the furtive watcher.

In an erotic, exaggerated display, she gyrated herself on my dripping fingers and clit rubbing
thumb. We both knew the diffused moonlight gave our viewer the illumination needed to clearly see
her obscene dance of pleasure and lust. She mewled in growing desire as her finger-tips tugged
more roughly at her nipples and her pornographic hip-swaying increased. I could feel she was so
close to cumming over my hand.

With hurried urgency she suddenly dropped to her knees and I, knowing what she wanted, stuffed
my cock back in to her panting mouth. The semi-naked exhibitionist took it hungrily; gurgling and
moaning upon my deep, rapid thrusts. One of her hands lay wrapped firmly around the base of my
shaft while the other fucked noisily at her swollen pussy

"I wanna cum on you." I cried.

She pulled back and offered herself to my loaded cock.

"Humiliate me!" she ordered while still frantically abusing her sex.

I heard a high-pitched whimper from amongst the dark trees as, feeling the torrent coursing along
my length, I aimed myself at the expectant girl kneeling before me.

"Oh fuck." I breathed and spurted a great jet of spunk into that sweet face. She flinched at the
suddenness of my ejaculation, but then opened her mouth to capture what she could of my next
sprayed assault. A second white arc splashed over her face and parted lips, then another and
another, obscuring her features in long streaks of shaming cum. Using my tensed thighs for
leverage, she pulled her self up to let my final spasms defile her proud nipples and breasts.

As I collapsed in the seat, I watched her fall back upon the ground; spread open her pale legs and
continue to masturbate furiously .

"Oh yes. Oh yes." she intoned through cum covered lips.

The prone girl soon reached her craved for Nirvana and cried out in ecstasy. She arched her back
and clamped those moon-tanned thighs tightly around her hand. In unison with her release, a
rhythmic gasping moan drifted out from beyond the trees, eerily accompanying the writhing and
semen soaked form before me.

"Look at me! Look at me!" my lover wailed to the onlooker; her pleading words almost inaudible, so
lost was she in the exquisite shame of her displayed orgasm.

As she lay on the ground with her skirt bunched up around her waist, I got on my hands and knees
and crawled over her; kissing the cum adorned breasts as I progressed. I revelled in the sight of
her spattered face and in the taste of my own salty juices. She grinned up at me, then giggled
before wiping my spunk from her face and cleaning her sticky hands on the grass. I 'helped' by
running my own hands over her tits, smearing the musky cum into her supple skin. We kissed; she
smelt so strongly of me that my cock twitched back to life.

"C'mon," she laughed, sensing my returning arousal. "Let's get back; or everyone will wonder what
I've been doing."

"Somebody definitely knows what you've been doing." I said.

She blushed and bit at her lower lip. I kissed her one more time and reluctantly picked up her T
shirt. After putting it back on she straightened her crumpled skirt and we began to make our way
back towards the bar.

"God, It's gonna be obvious to everyone, I absolutely stink of your spunk!" she said sniffing her

"Yes you do." I replied playfully, savouring the pungent smell. The grass stained skirt as well as
several tell-tale drops of cum still nestled in her hair, would also show one and all just what a bad
girl she had been.

As we passed the outstretched and now vacated branches of our watcher's tree, I took out my
lighter to search the ground. A barely smoking filter lay amongst the damp pine cones. I picked it
up and smiling, showed her the discarded tip.

"Pink lipstick?" I said with a raised eyebrow

"Carla!" she exclaimed.

© 2014 Water_side

Water_side is from the UK and has been writing Erotica (or should that be pure filth?) for a couple
of years.

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