Lovemaking by the Lake
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Lovemaking by the Lake
by Margaret Scott

The side of a remote lake might not have been everyone's idea of the perfect place for a
couple to make love to each other for the first time, but it was for Jennifer. Not that her
boyfriend of two months, Tony, knew what she had in mind. They'd both agreed that they
wanted to get away together somewhere, alone. Away from both sets of parents and their
constant questions about how the relationship was going, and away from their friends, most
of whom simply couldn't understand why they hadn't 'done it' yet.

Jennifer was no virgin, she just liked to take her time, to know someone, before sharing
herself with them. At twenty-one she'd had four other boyfriends, two of whom she'd had
sex with. She was particular, and selective. She wasn't looking for a fuck-buddy, she was
looking for a future husband. Her friends didn't understand. Most of them said a month was
more than long enough to get to know someone, some of them had even bedded blokes on
one-night stands or a first date, but Jennifer secretly found that disgusting. Although Tony
tried occasionally to take her further, he never got very far, and though he said he
understood her feelings, she could sense him growing more and more impatient. “If you
cared for me as much as you say you do, you'd want to make love to me as much as I want
to make love to you,” he'd said the last time, as she'd removed his squeezing fingers from
her breast. She thought it was funny how men always called sex 'making love' when they
were refused it, but 'fucking' or 'screwing' when they were getting it.

Jennifer was an outdoor person who loved to camp, and Tony had said their weekend
together could be wherever she wanted. She thought he had been secretly hoping for a
sexy hotel room, but hadn't seemed too disappointed when she'd suggested a camping trip.
A man who'd been made to wait would probably agree to anything, Jennifer had thought, as
long as it wasn't a weekend in an igloo!

When they'd arrived at the lake side the weather had been good. The area was stunning.
There was a hill behind them covered with a mixture of grass and wild flowers, a dense
coniferous forest stood off to their right while the massive, still lake curled round to the left.
On the other side of the lake reared the green and brown dappled side of a mountain with
the odd, solitary bush just visible clinging to it's side.

They'd set their small, cosy tent up on the grassy edge by the side of the lake as the
weather had slowly changed. By the time they'd settled in the black clouds above had
completed their gathering and the rain was beginning to fall, pitter-pattering on the canvas
of the tent.

Later that evening, Jennifer lay in the dark beside a peacefully sleeping Tony, listening to
the rain. Her feelings were mixed, and not just about the state of the weather. This was not
the weekend she had envisioned. She looked at Tony, he was lying on his side, facing her.
His gentle breath was blowing against her cheek as he slept. He was tall and slim, with
auburn hair which always seemed to be a little too thick and often hung in his eyes. He had
the kind of face you wouldn't immediately find attractive on first sight until you'd studied it for
a while. It wasn't until she had spent some time with him and grown to adore his warm smile
that she'd actually seen how good-looking he was, and couldn't understand how she'd
missed it before.

After taking shelter from the rain which was preventing them from exploring the landscape
further, they'd talked for some time, both hoping the weather forecasts they'd seen before
leaving were right, and the weather was going to dramatically improve over the weekend.
Not long after Tony had fallen asleep with his arm across Jennifer's body in a protective,
rather than amorous way.

She wasn't quite sure what to make of his behaviour. She'd been convinced that on the first
night they'd literally 'slept' together, in a tent in the middle of nowhere with no-one nearby to
disturb them he would have been all over her like a rash! If he'd done that though, her high
opinion of him would have plummeted. Yet here he was, sleeping like a baby. Sex hadn't
even been mentioned, let alone tried for. Maybe he hadn't tried anything because he didn't
want to push her, she'd thought. Even worse though, maybe he hadn't tried anything
because she'd made him wait too long and he didn't fancy her anymore. Maybe he even
had somebody else...

Jennifer suddenly realised how ludicrous her thoughts were. The poor lad couldn't win! He
was damned if he did, damned if he didn't! Her thoughts whirled round and round in her
head as she lay in the cool, deepening darkness, feeling terribly alone. Maybe it was the
weather, but she couldn't seem to convince herself to believe anything but her negative

It was then that it hit her. That feeling when you suddenly remember something so important
that you had been convinced you couldn't possibly forget it. On the way to pick Tony up,
she hadn't stopped at the chemist, she'd just sailed past, humming along to her favourite
tune on the radio. She hadn't bought any condoms.

Jennifer's heart dropped like a weight. She cursed herself silently. She'd remembered all
the silly little things, the portable barbecue and the matches and everything else but she'd
forgotten the things which were most important. The whole point of the trip was for them to
be together! There could be no lovemaking, and even worse, what would Tony think? She'd
dragged him out to the middle of nowhere just to knock him back again! He was going to
think she was nothing but a tease.

She turned onto her side to face him and gently pulled his hand up to her lips to kiss his
fingers. If he felt anything, he gave no sign.

The following day was glorious, bright and sunny. Insects buzzed along the lake side in the
still air, while the lake itself was so smooth it reflected a near-perfect mirror image of the
mountain towering over it.

The warm summer air and a cosy walk along the edge of the lake with Tony soon lifted
Jennifer's spirits. He chatted and teased her as they walked, making her laugh out loud,
their voices the only sounds to be heard apart from the occasional call of an eagle circling
high overhead.

Later Jennifer donned her itsy-bitsy red bikini while Tony was getting something from the
car and waded out into the cool waters of the lake. Tiny fish darted away from her in panic.
She swam slowly out, enjoying the feeling of the water on her flesh as she turned to float on
her back for a while, staring up at the cloudless, azure sky. When she'd had enough, she
turned to head back to shore. As she drew nearer she saw Tony lying on a blanket on the
grass watching her approach, wearing only his swimming trunks. He had a clean, hairless,
tanned body with a muscular chest from habitual gym workouts.

As the water became shallow Jennifer waded towards the lake edge, more and more of her
body slowly being revealed to him. One thing she was confident of was that she had a
beautiful body. Decent boobs, curvy hips, but most important of all, the thing most women
craved but could only dream of, a lovely, flat stomach. She enjoyed his obvious attention as
she drew nearer. His eyes slid over her body while the growing bulge in his shorts displayed
his obvious admiration. The fears she'd had the previous night of him no longer being
interested in her instantly vanished. She climbed out and lay on the bank beside him,
selfishly enjoying his arousal.

“You are so beautiful,” he said quietly, stroking her shoulder. He pulled her to him and they
kissed, long and deep. Jennifer felt her clit begin to pulse with her own excitement. Tony's
hand slowly moved from her shoulder down to it's favourite place on her right breast,
squeezing, first on top of her bikini, then underneath, on the cool flesh itself, his fingers
teasing her hardening nipple.

Jennifer had allowed him as far as putting his mouth on her breasts before, but no further.
She'd always stopped him before either of them had gotten carried away. This time she was
aching for more. She toyed with the idea of taking a chance, but the thought only lasted for
a moment. It wasn't worth the risk. Without a condom the fear of what could possibly go
wrong would have spoilt the sex anyway. She wanted to be able to concentrate on him, to
have no worries about anything, to be able to relax and let go. She knew he would expect to
be stopped if he tried to do more than play with her breasts, and she knew that she was
going to have to let him down yet again. She prayed he wouldn't be angry, he would

He leaned forward and took her hard nipple into his mouth, teasing the end with his teeth.
As he did so his hand slowly moved down over her belly to her tiny briefs. He slid his hand
around to her behind, squeezing her buttocks gently. Unable to stop herself Jennifer leaned
closer to his body, holding the back of his head as his mouth massaged her breast. She
groaned with pleasure. Her fanny was damp with desire, she desperately wanted to feel him
inside of her.

As if sensing her wish his hand slid slowly back round over the curve of her hip to stroke the
front of her groin. She knew she should stop him now. It wasn't fair to let him go any further,
knowing she was going to stop him.

He stared into her eyes for a moment then kissed her again, his tongue dancing with hers
as his fingers tunnelled their way under her tight briefs. She groaned again as his fingers
moved over her neatly trimmed bush to her throbbing lips. She longed to feel his fingers
inside of her, and again he guessed her desires, gently pushing two fingers into her
soaking hole, moving them slowly in and out, in and out, pulling them right out to the
entrance then pushing them gently but firmly back in right up to the knuckles.
Jennifer closed her eyes and lay back on the grass, letting the pleasure flow through her.
God, it felt good! How long she had waited for this! Her womb began to ache with the need
for an orgasm.

She suddenly realised how selfish she was being. She opened her eyes suddenly and sat
up, looking at Tony. He was sitting beside her with a lazy smile on his face. While his fingers
were still inside of her he was using his other hand to gently stroke his semi-hard cock
which now protruded over the top of his boxers, awaiting it's turn.

Jennifer sighed deeply, gently pushing his hand away from her. She looked away from him
over the lake, ashamed, knowing he was going to be angry, and she deserved it. She had
led him too far this time. When she finally looked back at him his smile had disappeared, but
he looked confused rather than angry.
“I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to mess you around.”

Tony's face dropped. He pushed his penis back down into his trunks and stared out across
the lake. That same disappointed look he always wore when she stopped him appeared
once again. “I should have known!”

“I really want to make love to you,” she said desperately, placing a hand on his thigh which
he ignored. “I wanted to surprise you. I wanted this weekend to be our first time together,
but... but I forgot the condoms.”
Tony looked back at her, surprised, then burst out laughing.
Jennifer laughed too, relieved.

After a few moments Tony's laughter subsided. He began to look uncomfortable, almost
nervous. “I... err... I was hoping something like this was going to happen this weekend, so
I... I brought my own. I didn't tell you in case you thought I was being presumptuous.”

Jennifer giggled, and soon Tony was laughing with her again.

“I really care for you, Jennifer,” he said earnestly. “I'm happy to wait until you're ready.
You're worth it.”

Jennifer held his face in both of her hands and kissed him passionately, then looked deep
into his eyes. “Lover, I am ready!”

Tony didn't need to be told twice. He disappeared into the tent to reappear a moment later
brandishing a box of condoms. God, was she glad to see them! He took a packet from the
box, opened it and pulled the condom inside out, laying it on top of it's packet on the
blanket near them, ready for action.
“What now?” he said gently, giving her the option of taking control.

Jennifer pointed at his trunks. “Get them off!”

No sooner had he flung them behind her hands were all over his softening cock, quickly
followed by her hungry mouth.

Tony groaned and held her head, moving her mouth up and down his rapidly stiffening
cock. As she sucked she cupped his balls in her hand, squeezing them. After a few
moments of sucking and licking Jennifer sat back, admiring the fruits of her labours. His
proud erection rose to meet her, begging for more. She pushed him on to his back on the
blanket and picked the condom up, slowly rolling it down over his hard shaft. She got to her
feet, took off her bikini bra and pulled her briefs down, straddling him over his head so he
could look up into her pussy. She slowly rubbed her moist clit as he watched, then sank her
own two fingers inside of herself.

Tony moaned with pleasure. “Come on, baby, come on!”

Slowly she lowered herself to his eager member and impaled herself on it, feeling him
sliding deep within her. She placed her hands on his muscular chest as she began to move
up and down, back and forth. His hands found her loose breasts and gripped them tightly
as she rode him, panting and moaning, her head thrown back and her long hair swaying
with every movement.

As she rode him harder and faster Tony began to moan more and more, louder and louder.
“I'm gonna come... I'm gonna come!” he moaned, gritting his teeth.

Jennifer's orgasm was right behind his. She pumped harder as he cried out and shot his
load. She shouted out her own pleasure as she also came, her twitching fanny gripping
hard on his manhood.
Both spent, Jennifer gently eased herself off and collapsed on the blanket beside him. Tony
extended an arm and pulled her over to him. He kissed her forehead, then tenderly kissed
her on the lips. They lay together in silence for several moments then Jennifer sat up
suddenly, looking around. “You, know, anyone could be watching us from those trees.”

Tony sat up to take in their surroundings. It was still a peaceful, warm summer's day, with no
sounds to be heard but the humming of nearby insects and the whisper of a gentle new
breeze. “Well, if they are, I hope we gave them a good show!”

Jennifer punched him playfully.

“How many condoms are in that box?” she asked slyly.

“I didn't notice. A few.”

“Well, we've got one a and a half more days to go. We'll have to make them last!” she
joked, with a sexy smile.


© 2010 Margaret Scott.

Margaret has been writing in a variety of genres for several years mainly for her own
pleasure. She started writing erotic fiction last year and she had work published by Fiesta
magazine, the Clean Sheets website, The Erotic Woman website, and also have a short
story called 'Flying Falcons' available for e-book download from the Xcite Books website. As
well as erotic fiction she also like to write science fiction and fantasy stories.

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