codes: f/f, S&M

by P J Rosier

Carol says:  “Yes, I was spanked recently by Joanne.  I accept I had been naughty and
deserved it.  Do you want to see?”  Giggles.

She stands up and, turning her back, unclips the waistband and lowers the zip on her
knee length skirt.  It slides to the floor showing her long and pretty bare legs and
virginal white panties.  Even with just that amount of exposure, five black and blue
stripes are clearly visible across the backs of her thighs.

Wriggling slightly, she bends forward to lower her panties and a further ten cane marks
can be seen across her otherwise pink and ripe buttocks. After a moment, she pulls up
her panties but steps out of her skirt.  She picks it up and straightens it neatly and puts
it on a chair before sitting down again in her blouse and panties only.

Carol:  “I must be careful with my clothes or Joanne straps me.  You saw the marks?  
Caning I should have said, rather than spanking but I did deserve it.  Joanne keeps me
in line since we married.”

She turns and smiles fondly at Joanne sitting next to her.

Joanne says:  “I married Carol just over six months ago.  As soon as I met her I knew
she was the one for me.    Her blonde hair, petite build, pretty and intelligent face won
me over.  Plus her lively and vivacious manner meant that I fell for her even before we
had exchanged one word.  It was truly love at first sight.”
Carol:  “I saw this woman staring at me.  I guessed she was a few years older.  She
was taller, too, and a brunette but other than that I didn’t notice her much really. There
was no need.  I was with this group from the office at the pub, men and women both,
and I rather fancied Simon, the Office Manager.  If you had told me then what was going
to happen I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Joanne:  “I waited until the group Carol was with (of course, I didn’t know her name
then) started to break up and, as soon as Carol went towards the door, I followed.  I
found her outside waiting to flag down a taxi.  It was raining so there weren’t many cabs
about.  That made it easier to suggest we share.  Funnily enough, as soon as Carol
told me where she was going, I was able to say that I was going that way, too!”

Carol:  “In the taxi, Joanne and I exchanged names and chatted about this and that,
work mostly, what we each did.  When we got to my place, Joanne said she’d walk
from there as she only had to go round the corner.  So we both got out.  Joanne paid
but I didn’t have enough change to give Joanne my half.  We arranged we’d meet the
next lunch time at a nearby pub.”  Giggles.  “That makes us sound like drunks, doesn’t
it, always in the pub.”

Joanne:  “That worked out so well. Carol and I had to meet again for her to pay me.  
The pub was neutral ground and it was near where I work, quite genuinely, even if
where Carol lived wasn’t really near my home address.  We got on well, too.  The more
I saw her, the more I loved her but I couldn’t let it show in my voice or gestures.  She
seemed so straight.”

Carol:  “I became aware of this intensity in her manner.  I didn’t find it strange; I liked it.  
She was so focused on me.  We arranged to go together to the cinema so see a
foreign language film, Joanne’s choice.  Her treat, too.  It was a rerun of an Italian film
from thirty odd years ago, ‘She and He’.  Beautiful pastel colours and some hot sex
over a car bonnet for the female lead with a number of Italian garage mechanics.  Pow!”

Joanne:  “I took Carol for a meal afterwards.  I could see I was slipping into the
dominant male role already.  Over the food, I asked her how she felt about that sex

Carol:  “I said I wouldn’t want so many men all at once.  Then Joanne said, would I
prefer it with just one woman?”  I nearly died.  I thought she was joking.  Then I saw
she was deadly serious.  I was going to say, get lost, forget it.  But somehow it made
me think.  I looked at her, older, experienced yet gentle (I imagined) and thought what it
might be like.  So I just said, ‘maybe’.”

Joanne:  “That was a heart stopping moment.  I was sure I had blown it.  But when she
said ‘maybe’, I thought ‘OK, go for it’.  And I squeezed her hand under the table. She
squeezed back!”

Carol:  “After that, it all went very quickly.  Joanne and I began seeing each other after
work three or four times a week, her place or mine.  I soon realised getting into the taxi
with me had just been a ploy!  I didn’t care by then.  I went from liking men only to liking
men and Joanne and not being sure which way to go, to falling head over heels (yes,
really) with Joanne.  Being another woman, she knew what I needed, often before I did.  
She was gentle yet firm, too, if she had to be.  It was rapture.  And I pleasured her, I
know I did.  Oh, and I could come off the pill.  That was good.”

Joanne:  “This went on for twelve months and we agreed we should live together.  In
fact, more.  We decided to go through a civil ceremony to register our commitment to
one another legally and publicly; it went well.”

Carol:  “After the wedding, I like to call it that, we went back to Joanne’s house, our
house now.  Joanne had told me before we married that she was a bit of a
disciplinarian and I had joked about this saying, as she was older than me (actually
only a few years) that she would have old fashioned ideas.  I didn’t take her seriously at
all or even realise just what she meant.    So I was surprised when, just before bedtime
on our first night as a married couple, Joanne asked me to go to a cupboard and bring
out what I found in there.  It was a cane, a big, long, springy cane!”

Joanne:  “It had to be done.  I had to show Carol I was serious about this disciplinary

Carol:    “Joanne told me to take off my skirt and panties and bend over a chair.  I
couldn’t believe it.  But I did it.  As I said, she’s very firm when she wants to be.  I told
her I hadn’t done anything wrong.  She said she was aware of that; this was just to
ensure I knew what the cane felt like so I would be good in future.  I tensed and sensed
her bringing the cane down.  It struck my bum really, really hard.  For a moment I was
stunned by the blow and it numbed the nerves so I felt very little.  Then the pain cut in;
up from my bottom and into the pit of my stomach and up to my nipples which
hardened even as I cried out.”

Joanne:  “I told her to get up and go to bed.  I took two photos before and after and
pinned them up in the kitchen as a reminder to Carol to behave.  A lovely smooth
bottom, twin pink cheeks, unblemished and the same with an angry red tramline stripe
across it!”

Carol:  “I cried so hard.  I went up to bed alone and it wasn’t what I had imagined my
honeymoon night would be like.  I fell asleep face down on the bed and, the next thing I
knew, Joanne was there behind me and she was rubbing some cool cream into my
bottom.  Then she took me in her arms, kissed me and told me how she loved me.  We
fell asleep like that.  It was fine then.”

Joanne:  “I told Carol that she wasn’t to think of any future canings in terms of ‘six of the
best’.  If she deserved a caning, then she deserved more than just six – and always on
a bare bottom.  Some people might think that strapping or caning, or even just
spanking,  is wrong but it is consensual and my only motive is to make Carol the best
little wife a woman could possibly have.”

Carol:  “Anyone who wonders why a grown woman would agree to corporal
punishment doesn’t understand our relationship.  I want to make my partner the
happiest there is and to be the best that I can be for her.  I know I can be wilful so
strapping or whatever is really the only way to make me behave.  I know Joanne will
bring any faults to my notice.”

Joanne:  “Next day, after the cane stroke, I did remind Carol of how I like her mount of
Venus shaved smooth and that it was getting a bit bristly.”

Carol:  “I’ve been spanked a few times because of that; sometimes over Joanne’s lap
with a leather soled slipper on my bare cheeks.  It stings!  But it’s difficult to shave
yourself there.  Then we agreed that Joanne would help me.  After I had a bath or
shower, Joanne would dry me and stretch me out on the bed with my legs over the
side.  She shaves me there with a man’s razor and shaving cream and then powders
me dry.  Fantastic.  The first time I came as she did it!  Now I try to hold back for later.”

Joanne:  “Sometimes I have to punish Carol for being untidy with her clothes.  She’s
much better now as you saw earlier when she picked up her skirt.  But early on I got
really fed up with finding discarded clothes all around my house. I’m very tidy by nature.  
One morning it was too much and I called to Carol to come downstairs at once.  When
she appeared in the kitchen from the bedroom, she was still in her nightie about to get
dressed for the day.  She was so heart-stoppingly beautiful:  her face flushed from
sleep; her nipples, clearly visible through the thin material of the nightie, hardened by
some erotic dream; her panties hiding very little but emphasising everything.  A lump
came into my throat but it was no use prevaricating, I had to act for her own good.  All
the while she was staring at me wondering what was wrong.”

Carol:  “I had left some stockings out in the sitting room the night before and forgotten
to take them upstairs.  Joanne made me bend over a chair and she lifted my
nightdress and pulled down my panties so hard the elastic tore right out!  She was
really upset with me.  Then she took the belt off her dress, a slim leather one, and
thrashed me with it.  I lost count but I cried very hard indeed. I couldn’t go to work that
day but I understood.  Joanne made it up to me afterwards as she always does and
now I’m tidy, usually!”

Joanne:  “The only other time Carol has had a real punishment, and you’ve seen the
results, was when she tried to help with decorating.  We agreed to paint a ceiling
together but Carol tried to do it without me.  When I got home from work there was a
terrible mess.  I could see that Carol had started in the far corner of the sitting room
and had painted the ceiling part way very neatly. Then the step ladder, which she had
evidently placed in front of  a glass fronted cupboard, had over-balanced.  The ladder
lay against one of the glass doors which was hidden under a dust sheet but I could
see shards of glass on the floor.  There was a large splodge of white paint on my
expensive cream and gold wallpaper where either her hand or the paint brush had
struck as she must have tried to keep her balance.  The two and a half litre pot of white
ceiling paint had emptied itself over the cupboard, some on the dust sheet covering the
top but most of it was on my beautiful red carpet where it was still wet.  It soaked
through the pile to the floor boards beneath.”

Carol:  “I was so upset.”

Joanne:  “I didn’t punish her then, not for a few weeks in fact until after we had cleared
up and replaced the damaged cupboard and carpet and so on.  Even then, it wasn’t a
punishment because she had made a mess.  It was because she hadn’t stuck to what
we agreed; to work together on this.  Consequently, Carol caused a lot of trouble,
expense and hard work.  And I didn’t punish her straightaway.  That would have been
affected by my temper.  To correct properly, it’s important to do it in a calm and
measured state of mind.”

Carol:  “I hated waiting for Joanne to punish me.  I knew it would be severe.  Finally,
one Friday night after dinner she asked me stay behind in the kitchen and to take off my
skirt and panties.  I knew then what was to happen, of course.  She told me to lay
across the kitchen table, bent over the shorter side and gripping the edges.  Then she
went to get the cane.  That was a very long few moments.  Finally she came back and I
felt her hand on my back pressing me down.  I heard the whistle of the cane through
the air and then the thud as it hit me.  I was numb for a moment and then the pain
rushed in, more like a blow than a cut, rushing into my stomach and up to my breasts
and nipples.  Just like before, the one and only time Joanne had caned me.  This time
it was ten strokes on my buttocks.  When she paused I thought she had finished.”  

Joanne:  “She tried to get up but I just said ‘not yet’ and went to get her a brandy to help
her.  I held her down again and after she had sipped it, gave her a further five strokes to
the tender area at the back of her thighs, as you’ve seen.  I would only do that if she
was really naughty but it does make the point like no other spanking will.”

Carol:  “I don’t resent it, far from it.  I love the fact that Joanne cares so much about me
and wants me to be good that she is prepared to take time to discipline me severely, if
she must, and then comfort and cherish me afterwards.”

Joanne:  “I just love Carol and so want her to be the best she can be.  Without the
encouragement of being beaten, I don’t think she would bother.  Now she does.”


© 2006 P J Rosier

Peter Rosier lives in the south west of England in an attractive rural county famed for its
literary connections.  He writes short stories and some factual articles ranging from
romance (perhaps with a twist) to humour and mild horror. His work has appeared in
print magazines such as 'Scribble' and 'The Hot Spot' and on websites including
'Ruthie's Club' and 'Oysters and Chocolate'.  A collection of his short stories is shortly
to be published in book form and he would love you to visit his site at: