Lucifer In Shadows
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Lucifer In Shadows
by MD Maurice

The bonfire had gone from a raging inferno to a pile of smoldering logs. Elson poked at
the embers and a shower of sparks exploded up into the night air. The dead homecoming
queen shrieked and leapt up from her blanket.

“Elson, watch out!” Marcy scolded, clutching the folds of her full dress tight around her.

“We are in the middle of the friggin woods,” she continued to admonish Elson, adjusting a
dirty white sash that read “Dead Miss Congeniality”, and lighting a long, dark cigarette.

“I have to get home and get this stinking makeup off my face.” Jay stood up, scratching at
the heavy pancake makeup that, for the last eight hours, had helped transform him into a
brainless zombie.

Elson watched the rest of her crew begin to pack up. They would all be back tomorrow
morning to break down the staging and put the Tombs County Haunted Hayride to rest for
another year. The bonfire was a tradition. It functioned as a type of cast party for the
team of twenty-five or so college kids that volunteered for hayride each year. The fire
commenced as soon as the last wagon rolled back in from the fields, de-gorging its still
screaming occupants into the autumn night.

"I’m getting too old for this." Elson thought, watching her ghouls and goblins stumble off
through the field toward their waiting cars. She had managed the seasonal attraction for
the last four years, hiring the help, running the ads and participating in the festivities. For
the last five weeks she had spent every Friday and Saturday night playing Rampura, the
Vampire Queen, and acting as hostess to the legions of school kids and teenagers that
made the pilgrimage out the Field of Screams each October.

Elson glanced down at her faded, threadbare costume, "Surely there were better gigs for
a fledgling drama major?"

“You want me to stay and help you close up?” Marcy offered draping one foul green arm
around her boyfriend Derek.

Elson thought Derek, still in costume, looked like a werewolf both in, and out of his
makeup. All the same, her friend and he had been going at it hot and heavy since the
attraction opened. Seemingly unable to control his lupine lust, Derek fondled and clawed
at Marcy, oblivious to Elson’s discomfort.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’m going to dose the embers and lock up the office. We can do
the rest in the morning.” Elson offered.

Derek and Marcy sauntered off, cooing and pawing at each other. They made a bizarre
couple by any one's standards.

Elson dumped water on the remains of the fire. It hissed and a column of black smoke
snaked up into the sky. Tugging at the scratchy lace of her corset, Elson began the long
walk back across the grounds to the office. She was just passing the stage set for the
Haunted Funhouse, when a dark figure stepped out from behind the plywood structure.

Startled, Elson's heart thumped with fear, then, she recognized the familiar costume.

“Jesus Martin, you scared me!”

Martin Reynolds was a relative newcomer to the crew. As was often the case, the newbie
had been chosen to play the role of Lucifer. The costume, though impressive, was not a
cast favorite. For one thing, the unlucky cast member elected for the role had to be
covered in thick, red, body paint. The costume consisted of a heavy, layered, black robe,
a fiendish, full-faced demon mask and an ornamental headpiece that sported two heavy,
black curved horns. Even in the cool nights of a New England autumn, the costume could
get unbearably hot. The fiberglass horns caught the moonlight and glittered like obsidian
as Martin stepped closer. He circled Elson, slowly, not speaking. He was making a low,
growling noise deep in his throat.

“Okay Martin, shows over. Save it for next year.” Elson laughed, suddenly more than a
little nervous.

Martin stopped moving. The Lucifer mask leered back at her; something glistened in its
dark eye holes. A hand, the nails black and chipped, reached out and grabbed the front
of Elson’s corset, pulling her forward. Losing her footing, she slammed up against the
solid mass of Martin’s chest. Her nostrils filled with a scent of dirt and body odor and
something else. Is that sulfur?

Before she could form another thought, Martin spun her around so Elson was facing away
from him. Shocked, she could discern what felt like a massive erection pushing up against
her buttocks. She tried to pull away as she felt long nails like talons, ripping through her
corset, tearing her costume open from behind. She felt herself shudder as the chill
touched the bare flesh of her exposed back.

Elson felt enormous hands yanking her dress down her shoulders, freeing her breasts
from the confines of the corset. He squeezed both her tits, teasing the nipples into painful
buds with one hand as he worked the rest of her costume and her underwear down her
hips. Lips that were impossibly hot latched onto her neck, biting just below her earlobe.
The contact sent shivers coursing down her body. Her legs were liquid and she was
conscious of how wet she was, how aroused by the strange encounter. She began to
pant as fervent fingers slipped in and out of her. She arched up into them, grinding
against them as they moved roughly inside her.

Elson felt herself being forced down and forward onto her knees. Her stomach was a tight
coil of excitement. The night sky loomed large above her head and the open air blew
across her skin raising ridges of gooseflesh all over her body. She gasped as she felt him
enter her, a great, throbbing creature of want. He pounded inside her once, and then
drew back the length of it, leaving just the tip inside her, rubbing against her walls. A
roiling lust rose up and Elson heard herself howl as he rammed into her again, burying
his massive prick deep inside her. Her palms ground into the dirt as she struggled to stay
on all fours. The thrusting became so frenzied, so aggressive, that Elson’s arms buckled
and she fell flat, her cheek against the cold ground and the rocks scrapping her naked
belly. Seemingly oblivious, her demonic lover continued fucking her brutally hard, making
no noise other than the perverse wet, slapping of his phallus sliding in and out of her sex.

Without a warning, Elson was flipped over onto her back. Lucifer’s horns were silhouetted
in the moonlight above her head. Painted blood red, Martin looked positively demonic; his
powerful body seemed to pulse with energy.

"My God, he looks like a beast." Elson thought, more turned on than she could even

Thick red arms like tree trunks slipped under her knees, dragging her ass up off the
ground. Elson, seeing he intended to stand, threw her arms around his neck and let
herself be lifted into the air. She wrapped her legs around his hips. His hands gripped her
ass as he brought her body up and down on his cock. His breath was hot and fetid in her
face; he snarled and snapped at her neck with his teeth. Elson, worn raw by the ravaging,
began to wail. Her climax hit her like a tidal wave, driving the breath from her lungs and
sending shock waves of ecstasy down her spine.

Elson gave in to a release filled with exquisite pain and blinding pleasure. Before she had
finished, Lucifer came, emitting an inhuman roar as he emptied himself inside her. Like
ribbons of fire, she felt his seed pumping into her seconds before he pulled free and let
her body drop, like a bag of rocks, down to the ground. Aching but sated, Elson lay
moaning, her sweat drying fast in the autumn air.

Lucifer leaned down over her and ran one long, black fingernail down between her
breasts, past her navel, stopping just above her pubis.

“Who the fuck is Martin?” He said. The voice that drifted down over her was not one she
recognized. It was deep and cold, the faintest hint of foreignness clinging to the words.

By the time Elson had struggled to her feet, Lucifer was gone. She was bruised and
naked, and completely alone in the wide, dark field. Elson slowly, painfully gathered up
the torn remnants of her costume. Shaking and feeling the first twinges of a fever snaking
through her limbs, Elson hurried to her car.

The next morning, feeling acutely embarrassed and exposed, Elson avoided mostly
everyone. At last, when she could bear it no longer, she ushered Martin into the office
and closed the door.

"I wanted to talk to you about last night, Martin" she started.

Before Elson could continue, Martin jumped to his own defense, "I know, I know. I should
have found my own replacement last night. I didn't mean to stick you with it, Elson but I
had to no other choice."

A rush like ice water, coursed down Elson's spine.

"What? You didn't work last night?"

Confusion clouded Martin's features, "Um, no. I thought you realized that."

"You found someone to play Lucifer anyway right? I'm sorry, but no harm no foul, right?"
Martin grinned sheepishly.

Elson nodded, her throat thick, the air suddenly buzzing around her ears.

On the way out of the office, Martin paused in the open doorway, "Hey, whoever the guy
was, he left my costume a mess. You might want to get it cleaned; it smells

The End.

Copyright© 2009 MD Maurice

MD Maurice has been writing since a very early age and somewhere along the way,
clumsy song lyrics and awkward poetry has evolved into a true passion for beautiful
words. She love all genres but find erotica particularly moving.  She is thirty-four and lives
with her husband and their two amazing dogs in Southeastern Connecticut awaiting the
birth of their first child.