Maré’s Luscious Sweetheart

Maré’s Luscious Sweetheart
Gianni Shamari

It is early morning. Warm soothing sun rays are penetrating my bedroom through the paned window. Life and
sex are breathing anew as I wake up and look at my bedmate. She is seductively lying, naked and vulnerable,
with me. Her brown-red hair glows in the fade sunlight like some blaze in the night. She is as luscious and
beautiful as the Mother Nature is. Her name is August Ames, my Canadian sweetheart!

She is 5’6″, looks strikingly shorter in stature when I am with her. Her figure is as supple as cream and buxom
enough to attract attention. Having an uncanny semblance to Cindy Crawford, her triangular face with the
straight nose and wide pouty mouth suggest an ancestry to be Polish with an Afro-American mix. She is simply
perfect, mouthwatering, and sensual. I love her boobs. I love her big butt. I love her curvaceous body. I love her
eyes; those soulful, close-set, and piercing eyes that sometimes keep me transfixed.

Noticing that I am staring, she smilingly drawls, “Good morning!”

“Good morning, Sexy!” I tell her. “Your beauty always enthralls me.”

“Aww… So sweet! Now, I am flattered to get freaky in bed!”

“You are simply irresistible.”


“Sensual, luscious, errrotic, and naughty!”

She laughs. Our mouths meet in a passionate kiss. She opens her mouth, letting me push my tongue through
her succulent lips. I love the incredible feel of her tender nibbling on my tongue. She breaks the kiss and her
big perfect tits are before my hungry eyes. Impulsively, I reach up and let my palm rest on her erect nipples.
“Play with my girlies, baby!” August says in a husky voice.

I begin sucking her aching nipples, lapping them as I would an ice lolly. Like a suckling, I draw my cheeks in
taking as much of her supple flesh as I can. I let her nipple slip through my lips, then poke my tongue against
the puckered opening, and circumscribe a wet line over her rough areola. She laughs and strokes my baldhead
as I tease her ultra sensitive opening, tasting the salty sweat.

“Mmm… so hot…” I speak incoherently without taking my mouth off her tit. “So hot… I’ll devour you all over,” I

She pushes me on my back. Reluctantly, I let go of her tits, realizing at the same time that my shaft stands out
erect with a drop of precum oozed. August grins as she squats atop my hips. Deliberately lowering herself, she
lets her slimy wet pussy lips open and glide over my cock. Like a pro, she raises her torso and sits with her
butts open on my thighs. First slow and then speeding up her tempo, she receives every inch of my cock into
her love canal. I smilingly perceive the flush appearing on her face and neck. Damn, she knows how to fuck!
I lick my lips and she takes this as a sign to stop. I clutch at her supple boobs and resume sucking her big hard
nipples. She raises her tempo and lets her tits bounce off my face. The next thing I know is her cowgirl style of
cock-riding that instantaneously gives me a good view of our amalgamating genitals. Her pace intensifies and
my cock attains the crest of hardness as it kisses her hilt. Curbing an urge to cum, I grab her by her arms and
keep her apposed to my groins for a while.

I roll over, making August stretch out on the mattress and run my hands all over her body. My mouth is wetter
than her pussy. As I lower my head to have a box lunch, I can inhale the aroma of her ripe fruit that intoxicates
me to open my mouth and slurp at her juices. The sight is worth watching. I lick her pussy lips, licking one petal
up and circumscribing her clit before licking down the other petal. Poking my tongue at the meeting point of her
pussy lips, I lick the irritable seam of her vaganus and slobber her puckered starfish. August shudders and
hisses as I incite her pussy lips to quiver. She grabs at my head, holding it in place and forcing my mouth to be
squashed on her open twat. She strains her torso, moaning in lust and intertwines her legs around my neck. I
lick her up and down, swallowing her juices bit by bit.

August is tossing and turning. She yells; her voice trills as she trembles all over. Swallowing her juices that fill
my mouth, I lick her pussy clean. She laughs contentedly, sits up, reaches over, and massages my dick. I love
how her soft hands feel on my skin. Now I hear her sighs anew. Then she moans, heavily breathing out of lust.
The sight triggers me to take my cunnilinguist skills to the next level. As she stretches out, I resume licking her
up and down. Swirling my lively tongue through her open door, I nibble at her engorged clit.

“Cum for me, Sexy!” I speak in an undertone.

August balls up the bed sheet in her hands and her legs shake around my head. Yes, she is cumming! I
continue feasting on her wet desire, swallowing her feminine essence that oozes out of her pussy. It flows down
my throat, quenching my thirst along.

“I-I want you… inside me… p-please,” she stammers, abrading the skin on my shoulders.

I mount her, parting her legs along and jamming my dick into her creamy canal. Then I move my hips, violently
fucking her. The only thing on my mind is claiming her cunt to the abyss. Consequently, as lustfully untamed as
I am, She is clutching at the bed sheet. Screaming my name out and straining her torso in an arch, she takes
every inch of my cock.

I do not cum into her cunt. Flipping her over with ease, I make her on all fours and shove my dick through her
smooth anal orifice. I resume fucking her, relishing the contraction of her 0 ring around my shaft. The sound of
our perspired skins thumping together incites me to go wild on my sweetheart.

She screams, shakes her head in the heat, and stammers, “Fuh-fuck me! Beat this ass up!”
For an answer, I grunt like an oversexed bull.

I grab her by the waist and continue screwing her. Slapping her ass cheeks and hearing a howl, I laugh and
look down. A red hand mark on her mammoth ass spurs me on to bugger her. The sight of white cum coating
my dick has me pumping her faster.

“You’re going to make me cum again, Bae!” August declares.

“How bad you want this cum?” I ask her.

“Really bad!” She answers.

My balls are tightening. With a groan, I empty my jizz into her rectum. She shudders for an orgasm as I hold her
tight. After filling her up with my warm semen, I lie close and snug with her. We are still drenched in our sweat,
heaving and regaining our lost vitality.

“A hot one, baby!” I whisper. “What a way to welcome the morning!”

“Now, that was a great fuck!” August affirms. “You made me cum so hard and-it was good!”

I move up to her face, and kiss her on the lips.

We hold each other, lying together in silence until I rise and push my cock into her pussy.

The End
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