Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,

by Skyclad Johnson

You want to save your costume shop don’t you?”

Madeline was still too shocked at what Trevor had said earlier to answer him right away, her
mouth hung open in disbelief.

Finally composing herself, she said, now a bit angrily, “You know I do, but I wouldn’t do that!”

“Okay, then don’t tell me you would do whatever it takes to keep this place open; I mean I don’t
really see any way you’re going to be able to do it unless you bring in some money from other

Madeline knew he was right, but she also knew that she could never bring herself to do what
Trevor suggested.  Never—she supposed.

“What makes you think I am the type that would do such a thing?”

“It isn’t usually a ‘type’ matter, Madeline; people do what they have to do in order to survive.  I
mean, I am sure that most women in that business enjoy what they do but they’re also must be
those who do it just to make ends meet, just like any other woman going to any other job.”

Madeline blushed at this thought.  She could just imagine a porn star going to work just like any
office girl who works in a steno pool; she wondered what kind of dictation they would be taking
and what they would use as a pencil.

“I have looked into this, by the way.  Women who look as great as you do and are in your age
bracket make big money.  I hear there is a real demand for this sort of video nowadays. There is
even a place across town that shoots and produces them.  It turns out that they are a customer
of ours, though I never knew what they did from their firm name.”

Curious now, Madeline asked which of her clients were in pornography trade.

“They call themselves ‘Fantasy Xpressions’ and they do stuff similar to what you do in your
independent shows when you impersonate famous starlets.  They shoot videos in fantasy
situations, sometimes with the actors dressed as historical characters, I mean the one with
George Washington and his “Cherry” tree is really funny.  And that ax of his…”

“Just how do you know so much about them?” Madeline demanded.

“Like I said, I looked into their business just after looking at your books the last time and realizing
that this place will go under if something isn’t done and done quickly.”

“But why this, Trevor.  Can’t you think of anything else we could do?”

“Well I wanted to do it instead of you.  With that little blue pill and the right setting, I might be able
to keep up.  The problem is that I am too ugly.”

Madeline didn’t think so.  She always thought Trevor was rather handsome in a rugged sort of
way and he always kept himself in fine physical shape.  There were times, after her husband
died, that she wanted to be more than a boss to him but he always put business in between
them just as she was going to propose that they go on a date—or something.

“Well I am no spring chicken either, who would want to see me naked?”

“I would, for one”, Trevor replied without looking up.

This surprised and pleased Madeline.

“Why haven’t you ever said something, Trevor?”

He fidgeted with some papers laid out on the desk in the back office, then looked up.  For the
first time, Madeline saw lust in his eyes.

“I don’t know.  I wanted to.  You always walk around here in those tight pants while showing off
your fine breasts.  I guess I have wanted to see you naked the moment we first met.”

Madeline went around the desk and put a hand on his face, “Well, maybe we can work
something out, but me being a porn star, I mean I just don’t know, no matter how good you think I

“If you want, I can prove to you that I know what I am talking about,” replied Trevor, “you do have
Internet connection here in the store, right?”


“Then let me show you, okay?”

“Okay”, Madeline whispered, “should I lock the door and put up the closed sign?”

“That might be a good idea.”

As Madeline went to do this, he logged on to the Fantasy Xpressions web site.  He was already
getting hard when Madeline wiggled her way back.  She came around behind him to look over
his shoulder and he could feel the heat coming off her fine tits.

Madeline giggled and pointed at one of the actors on the screen.

“Do you think he would be in a movie with me?  If so, I don’t think that log he has between his
legs would fit anyplace in me.”

Trevor’s own log was now fully erect.  He laughed nervously in response, “You could say that
was one of the benefits of being in that industry, Madeline.  Always plenty of young bucks hyped
up on little blue pills and ready to pound it into you.  Here, look at this and you will see that what I
am telling you is true.”

He clicked an icon labeled, “Mature/Older” and immediately the screen filled with half naked and
fully naked women, romping with young men; they did seem to be in their late fifties like Madeline.

Using the mouse pointer, Trevor outlined the naked ass of one of the actresses, “See, she is a
bit flabby here and her tits, well they are sagging and not nearly as big as yours, but there she is
getting reamed, enjoying it, and making a bundle all at the same time.”

“Why are you so sure my ass and tits are better, Trevor?” Madeline cooed as she felt her loins
warming up.

“Well, I always imagined…” he said as he swiveled around in his chair to face her.

As short as she was, her tits were now at face level, which was more than he could stand; he
reached up and felt them.  They were as soft as he imagined them to be and since Madeline did
not pull back from him, he continued to play with them.  After a few more minutes, he just had to
see them, so he reached behind Madeline and began to pull up her shirt.  Halfway done, she
helped him the rest of the way.  When her top was off, she reached behind her and undid her
bra, which Trevor quickly removed.  Her nipples were as fine and erect as he imagined them to
be, as he began sucking on them, he tasted the sweet salt of her skin.

“So, are they as good as you thought,” Madeline asked.

“Mmph, better…”

Madeline laughed as she spread her legs and straddled Trevor where he sat in his chair.  She
was now fully moist and pleased to note that Trevor’s log would pretty much match anything
these young studs have.

“What did you mean when you mentioned my shows anyway?  How would that fit into your
plans?” Madeline panted as Trevor continued to suck her tits.

Tearing his mouth away, he managed to swivel the chair around so he could reach the mouse
while keeping Madeline’s hot pussy on top of his now rock hard cock.

“Look”, he said as he clicked an icon labeled “Movie Clips”.  This brought up more scenes of
women fucking in every imaginable way and some that even Madeline had never known were

“See this one?  In this movie the woman is pretending to be a teacher; she eventually winds up
fucking a few of her students.  Hang on while I turn on the speakers.”

After he did, Trevor clicked the play button.  Immediately she could hear the woman in the movie
moaning in pleasure.  One boy had his cock stuck in her mouth where she was giving it a good
working over.  Another was behind her slamming his eight-inch rod in and out of her pussy.  A
third stood by stroking his cock waiting his turn.  Madeline was ready to explode as she
rhythmically began to move her cunt on Trevor’s cock.

Suddenly the movie ended and she was disappointed.  Before she could say anything, Trevor
clicked on another scene.  This clip looked as if an innocent homemaker was seducing a pizza
delivery boy; he soon had her bent over a kitchen counter was pounding her pussy with his extra
large sausage.  After a few minutes of that, he pulled out and roughly shoved his engorged meat
into the woman’s hot ass.  Madeline gasped.       

“I couldn’t do that Trevor.  Maybe everything else, but not that, I mean, I never…”

“She probably said ‘never’ at one time too, Madeline, but now she does and you can see how
she loves it.  Listen to her,” he said as he reached over and turned up the volume on the

Without a doubt, the woman was enjoying it, telling the man to fuck her harder and harder.  Just
as it sounded like she was ready to cum, the clip ended.  

Trevor was now fiddling with the button and zipper on her pants.

“Wait Trevor; tell me how my shows enter into this?”

Controlling his breath, Trevor said, “This is hot with these women just pretending to be every
day people, teachers, homemakers, and the like.  With you doing great impersonations while
dressing up like famous actresses, it would be just that much better.  I mean, what man would
not want to fuck Marilyn?  I have wanted to ever since I was a young boy, but since I can’t do it
for real, I could fantasize about it as you recreate her in a video.”

“You’re right, Trevor.  You’re very right. That might just be unique enough that I could demand
even more money than these women get.  I could be Barbra, Dorothy, Mae, or any of the others
I do.”

“Ever the business woman, eh Madeline?  Even while sitting on my lap half naked?”

Smiling, Madeline slid off of him and down to her knees.  Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his
stiff cock and began to lick it slowly, sensuously.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“You know I do…”

“Then I will be right back.”

Before he could object, she had grabbed her blouse and made her way out to the front of the
store.  He heard her rummaging around, swearing occasionally, then sounding pleased.  Finally,
he heard the door to the dressing room close.  After what seemed like a lifetime, it reopened and
he heard Madeline’s footsteps approach, but it was not Madeline that came into the backroom.  
It was “Marilyn”.

Trevor sat in shocked disbelief.  She was “Marilyn” in everyway, except she was not real.   

“Oh my” Marilyn whispered breathlessly, “what is that hanging out of your pants?  Is that a
lollipop or something?”

“Marilyn…” was all Trevor could get his mouth to say.

Slinking over to him, Marilyn took his cock in her glove-covered hands and worked it gently.  
Sliding down to her knees, she kissed it tenderly.  The kiss left a red lipstick stain on it.

“Let me see if I like this flavor, dear” Marilyn whispered as she took his cock in her mouth, “is
that better than Madeline could do, sweetie?”

“Yes, no, I mean…” he stumbled.

Marilyn laughed between mouthfuls.  Just as it seemed as if he was going to burst, she stopped
her sucking and stood up.  Then she bent over the desk and clicked another movie icon, which
started a scene showing a maid apparently seduced by a chauffer.  Trevor stood up and pulled
up the back of Marilyn’s white, pleated skirt.  Thankfully, she was wearing nothing underneath.

“What are you doing back there, sweetie?” Marilyn asked breathlessly.

“This” he replied as be plunged the full length of his rock hard erection into her dripping pussy.

Suddenly Marilyn and the maid on screen were both panting and asking their men to fuck them
harder, deeper.  Both did as instructed.

When the video clip ended it was only he and Marilyn, there was no one else on earth.  Trevor
had always loved Madeline and now she had made his dreams come true in two ways; letting him
fuck her while fulfilling a boyhood fantasy at the same time.

Marilyn/Madeline was now panting and moaning while telling him that she was cumming so he
stroked harder to match her orgasm.  Both were left gasping after their climatic finish.

When they had recovered themselves somewhat, Madeline/Marilyn sat on Trevor’s lap.

“This can work, Trevor.  We can make a lot of money doing this as long as you don’t mind me
seeing me with other men.”

“It will bother me, Madeline, no denying that, but I just won’t go to the set or watch the videos.  
However, I will be your manager.”

Snuggling closer, Marilyn then spoke up, “Sure sweetie, and you can also help me rehearse my


© 2011 Skyclad Johnson

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