Mass Transit Action
story codes: MF

Mass Transit Action
by  Alissa A

She sat placidly on the trolley reading her book and occasionally
watching the comings and goings of the other passengers. Feeling
eyes on her she raised her own and looked directly into the deep
forest of a young man’s eyes. Smiling slightly she inclined her head in
greeting. The young man grinned at her and flicked his tongue ring
across his bottom lip. The gesture had her shivering, thinking what it
might feel like to have his tongue on her flesh. Lowering her eyes she
surupticiously stared at the boy’s groin. Noticing the swelling there, her
glance slammed to his. Eyes twinkling and a seductive smile playing
on his mouth, one eyebrow raised in invitation. She gasped, but was
really considering the idea.

As if reading her mind he raised his head in challenge to the subtle
invitation of her staring at his groin. He nervously flicked his tongue
ring against his teeth and waited for her to either make a move or
back down. When she continued to look at him in genuine interest, he
was slightly surprised. She finally raised her eyes to meet his and
nodded, then motioned him over with a flick of her fingers. His eyes
widened and he laughed. Looking around he noticed that they were
alone in the trolley car and was surprised to find he was nervous.

When he moved to take the seat next to her, she put her book down
and turned toward him. “Your move or mine?”

With a gasping laugh he leaned in and caught her mouth with his own.
He gently slipped his tongue into her mouth and sensuously licked her
tongue. When he felt her arms go around his neck he lifted her into his
lap; gripping her bottom in his hands. Settling her astride his hips he
kept his hands on her waist with enough pressure that he could feel
her heat against his erection. Continuing to kiss her, he wondered how
far she would let him go here on the train. He fully expected her to ask
him back to her place to finish what they started here.

She broke the kiss and let her hands smooth down his torso to push
his shirt up so that she could feel his bare skin. He moaned slightly
against her neck as her fingers found his nipples and rubbed them to
erection. When she began to kiss his neck he ran his hands up her
sides to cup her breasts in his hands. He gently squeezed her flesh
realizing that she had no bra on. He reached for the buttons on her
shirt and paused. Expecting her to stop him, he slowly unbuttoned the
silk to reveal her breasts. They were medium in size, full, and soft with
large rosy nipples. He wanted his mouth on them, wanted to see if they
tasted as sweet as the berries they resembled.

Putting his hands on her hips he raised her so that his mouth was level
with her breasts. He leaned forward and sucked her left nipple into his
mouth. Lashing it with his tongue he heard her moan and he nipped
gently on the taught flesh. Gasping, she drove her fingers into his hair
and yanked lightly in retribution. Enjoying his mouth on her flesh she
pulled away, wanting more before the train came to her stop.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Unzip your pants, and
free your cock.” While he complied with her command she reached
down between her thighs and pushed the thin scrap of fabric away
from her moist cunt. When she saw his turgid member at the ready she
sat down forcefully on his throbbing cock. Wiggling in delight she rode
him slowly. He, surprised beyond measure, sat still unable to believe
what was actually happening to him. She rolled her hips forcefully, and
he felt as though a small hand was squeezing his dick inside her wet
pussy. She clenched her muscles with every thrust of her hips and he
knew that with his shock at the situation and her skill he was going to
come soon.

Wanting to give some of what he was getting he reached down and
slipped a finger inside her twat along side his penis. Rubbing the
upper wall of her vagina he could feel her start to tremble. Hoping this
would bring her to orgasm quicker he pressed a bit harder and flicked
his finger faster. As good as he was hoping this was feeling to her, he
knew that it was in the end going to finish him off. Removing his finger
he left it to rub sensuously against her throbbing clit.

She reached up and grabbed his shoulders almost painfully and
arched her back. He looked down between their joined bodies to see
her sliding up and down his spurting cock. He felt a gush of heat and
watched a combination of his and her cream run down the inside of his
thigh to soak his balls. She reached up and rang the bell with her left
hand. As the train began to slow to it’s next stop, she raised herself off
of his soaking lap and looked the young man in the eye.

Grinning she winked, “Thanks, I needed that. This week was hell.” As
she grabbed her bag and sailed out of the train doors she didn’t even
look back. The young man stared at the closing doors confused. It was
a few minutes before he noticed that a woman was staring at his semi-
rigid dick. Closing his pants over his wilting erection he smiled. Man,
the guys would never believe this. He couldn’t wait to tell them.

© 2015 Alissa A