Story Codes:  BDSM, MFF                                        

by Raven Henry

Her arms felt numb, the straps held them high up into the air. Her legs spread wide and high. She was
unable to tell how long she had been on the table, an hour maybe more that she had endured pleasure and
pain at His touch. “What had he said?” she tried to focus hoping he would not be upset if she had missed a

 A ~~Crack~~of the whip had broke the uneasy silence, she was close; she thought to herself, as she
finally, unable to focus any longer closed her eyes.  Without a doubt now, she knew she was there; her sub
space, it was a special place that raven knew no fear. A smile traced her lips as she thought of how much
she had grown in the past two years with Scot.  With his guiding hand, she had overcome insurmountable
problems. Moreover, since Scot had arranged Ms Selena to be a part of “our” life, things had become an
emotional and physical thrill ride.

Raven reflected to the first time she had met Ms Selena, her first attraction was her chest,
not the breasts, but just above, Raven had been assigned to Ms Selena’s team at the
office. Ms Selena had been wearing a black button down shirt; it was loose around the
neckline due to having the first two buttons unbuttoned. You could see the outline of her
collarbones, and the sleek lines that flowed so fluidly to her ample mounds. She looked
rather naughty Raven had mused to herself. She always smelled like she had just gotten
out of the shower and lavished her body with exotic oils and lotions.

Raven would curl up at her Master Scot’s feet every night and tell him of something new,
or funny, or sexy that Ms Selena had done that day. Scot began to guide Raven more each
day into telling of her fantasy’s that she felt about Ms Selena. Raven’s eyes sparkled the
first time she shared a fantasy with Scot, the next day at work she found that each time
Ms Selena would pass behind her, or come near her she would lay her hand on her, or
make type of physical contact with her.

  One day in particular Ms Selena had brushed a stray strand of hair from Raven’s face
  back over her shoulder. Raven felt the heat rise from her thighs, she wanted so badly to
  tug gently upon Ms Selena’s lower lip; she had such a lovely shaped mouth. Raven looked
  into her eyes but could only utter a girlish giggle, which she immediately knew would
  have given Scot much pleasure knowing she was nervous. Raven’s hands grew numb
  when Ms Selena responded with a soft, yet very knowing chuckle.

 When Scot arrived home that night she had told him in great detail, it seemed Scot roamed
 Raven’s soul as she told her fantasy.  “Would you like for her to touch these nipples?”
 Scot hissed, as he reached out and twisted her nipple, hard enough to make her gasp. “Yes,
  I would Master”, whispered Raven, her eyes averted from his, finding herself unable to
  look at his eyes at this time.  Scot had ordered Raven to invite Ms Selena to dinner one
  night that next week. She complied and Friday of that week, Ms Selena followed Raven

 Her orders had been very precise for her attire for that morning, her black dress and not a
 single piece of underwear was she to don. Raven almost began to protest, about the shoes
 without hose, but she quickly shut her mouth.

 They ate a simple meal and then retired to the living room for drinks.
 Raven watched Scot knowing that Ms Selena’s body pleased him.

 “Move to my feet little one”, Scot said in a very calm, commanding voice. Raven glanced at him, his eyes
told her not to question, and she slid off the couch and onto her knees next to him, her hands folded on her
lap.  She looked at Ms Selena, expecting to find her face in surprise, but what she saw instead was a much-
unexpected smile, was it awe? Raven wondered, no it was that of amusement. “Such a sweet slave” Ms
Selena purred, the words almost unbelievable to Raven’s ears. How did she know, she had never uttered a
word of her lifestyle at work.

 Raven’s eyes diverted from that of Ms Selena to Scots. She felt her stomach flutter, sweat beaded upon her
upper lips which she quickly darted her tongue over to remove.  “Are you craving something my slave”? Scot’
s hands slid down to Ravens thighs as he patted her inner thigh in a motion for her to part them.  Raven
began to feel a sudden surge of sexual need racing through her body.  Raven heard Scot begin the
sentence again, and quickly squealed “yes, Master”, immediately regretting the tone of her voice. She
looked up to him as she moved her legs from beneath her to in front of her, but Scot stopped her as he rose
from the couch, and took her hand motioning her up. “Come Ms Selena, let me show you where I use my
slut” Scot said as he reached Ms Selena’s chair and held his hand out for her.

 Raven did not know which was racing faster, her mind or blood rushing through her thighs. Her sex
pulsated with need; she knew she was wet as she felt it slowly flowing over her lips.  Raven was startled
from her sub space memories by need for air.  Her eyes flashed open to Scots face before her, his eyes
dancing with power and sexual prowess. His hand upon her throat,  “Cum for me slave”, each word spoken
in a meticulousness tone. Her senses alive as her hips bucked hard against the faux cock Scot had his
other hand driving deep into her pussy. Her orgasm racked her body as he released the grip, gasping for air
her chest feeling like a cement slab was upon it. Each breath fiery as her arms fell limp against the
restraints, no longer fighting them.

 “Good slave, you have pleased your Master this night”, spoken from lips so close to hers that she felt his
breath, and sucked a bit in as his lips touched hers. “Thank you Master”, said Raven, her voice, faint, and
rather husky. Scot carefully removed each restraint, taking care to support her arms, as they were too weak
to even withhold their own weight. He carried her to the bed and gently rubbing lotion upon the welts that
cover her belly and thigh, buttock area. “You whimpered Ms Selena’s name my little pet, do you miss her”?  
Scot finally broke the tranquil silence of aftercare. His eyes soft gazing upon her “I was thinking of the first
time we met with her Master”. Scot placed his finger upon Ravens lips and traced the smile she radiated.  “I
will always keep you on your toes guessing my slave, never doubt who is in charge, and who controls your
every breath.” His eyes narrowed and Raven knew she was always in for something new with her Master.
Raven never feared Scot, yet she knew if she disobeyed the consequences were indeed fierce.

© 2009 Raven Henry

Raven Henry is a 48 year old, married woman; she's been writing erotica for 10 years now.
Raven enjoys writing mostly short stories and poetry.