Me, my boy and my toy
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Me, my boy and my toy
Tequila Shy-Mecca

Thomas has never liked me playing with any sexual toys. He has
always told me that he was all that I needed and always said that if he
was good enough for me, then toys were not an option. I have always
tried to talk to him about it, but it fell on deaf ears. I told him that it was
something different and it was okay to try new things. I also told him
that our sex would be more intense. Thomas would not budge on his
decision. What Thomas didn’t know was that I hid some toys in a box
in our garage. When Thomas went on his week long business trips, I
needed to be sexually satisfied. Since I never cheated on my
husband, other arrangements had to be made.

I almost felt like I was cheating on my husband. I know if Thomas was
to find out, his pride would hurt him. So that’s when I started sneaking
to use them. Today was Tuesday and Thomas was scheduled to fly
into town on Saturday night. So I had plenty of time to help my
sexually repressed ass out. As hard as I tried (and I did try) to wait for
my husband, my sexual desires dominated me. I did however feel
ashamed because I could not hold off my sexual needs and I had a
hard time doing so. But the mind had its way of sometimes not being
in control and my pussy began to think for me.

Lying in my bed I tossed and turned while having a mental war with
myself. I kept thinking about “Mr. Woody” my eight inch vibrator.  My
breathing became deeper and slower. I wanted to have sex so bad.
Yes, I love my husband. No, I would never cheat on him. And yes, sex
with my husband was earth shattering, but he was not here and I
needed a sexual stimulant to penetrate me. Against my better
judgment and the fact of not being able to suppress my sexual
desires, I got up from my soft king sized bed to go get “Mr. Woody”.

Coming back to my bedroom, I forgot to close my door. I was just
thinking about what I was going to do with “Mr. Woody” that I eagerly
got on my bed and took him out of his special case and laid down on
my cotton sheets. Turning on a porno that was already in the DVD
player for inspiration Mr. Marcus appeared on the screen. Mr.
Marcus was looking so damn good with his signature hat, warm
smile that wet panties, smooth brown skin and a delicious looking
dick. Just looking at him made my pussy wet in a matter of minutes.

Cutting “Mr. Woody” on I kissed him before inserting it into my wet
pink pussy. I was so horny that my pussy throbbed, it was so wet. A
low moan escaped my lips as my body jerked with excitement. “Mr.
Woody” vibrated my walls as I pulled it in and out of me. My legs were
spread wide as I plunged it deeper and deeper within me. Yes! I
moaned loudly. My left leg began to shake as I was about to cum.  My
pussy was soaked as “Mr. Woody” glided in and out of my pussy with
ease. I then took it out of me to taste my juices. While putting it into
my mouth my juices surrounded my lips as I lapped up my cum from
“Mr. Woody”. Damn I tasted so good I moaned while licking my lips
while savoring the taste of me.

Just as I was inserting “Mr. Woody back into my warm juicy pussy
Thomas entered our room. He is going to kick my ass I said to
myself. But when I really took a good look at him, I saw that his dick
was trying to poke out of his pants. “Can I join you sweetie?” he says
to me in the most seductive voice that I ever heard from him in a long
time.  I was very surprised but didn’t show it as I got up off the bed
and grabbed Thomas by his tie and led him to our bed. Undressing
him taking his articles of clothes off one thing at a time I looked him
into his eyes. There was a yearning there that was so fiery and so
passionate that my juices were running down my thighs.

Thomas pushed me down on the bed after I undressed him. He had
seen that I was so ready for him. “I see you have a toy hunh?  He
asked me. My eyes flew open as I tried to explain myself. Thomas
brought his fingers to my lips silencing me. He tells me there is not a
reason to be sorry and that we will have fun today. Suddenly he
dropped to his knees and pulled me to the edge of the bed putting
his face to my pussy. Once again, my body jerked, then buckled from
him devouring me. He licked my pussy like a cat licking a bowl of
milk. I started to squirm because the feelings were so good to me.  
Thomas then pulled at my clit with his teeth nibbling ever so lightly. All
of a sudden I hear “Mr. Woody” being turned on. While Thomas was
performing cunnilingus he used the vibrator to give me extended

My moaning and grunting was so loud and Thomas loved it. He
looked up at me and I could see my juices all around his lips, mouth
and chin and even on his ears. Damn this shit was so good. “You like
that don’t you?’ Thomas asked. I think he was getting more aroused
than I was. “Yes baby I love it, please give it all to me” I told him. And
give it to me he did.  He was eating the shit out of my pussy and
fucking me with the vibrator.

I was in sexual bliss, but I needed my husband. Baby I want to make
you feel good I say to him. He gets up while wiping my cum away
from the sides of his face while I dropped to my knees. I love to
pleasure my husband. This is what really turns me on. I gazed upon
his deep chocolate skin and took in all ten inches of him into my
mouth. Thomas almost fell on the floor, but I had him with both of my
hands. His dick’s tip touched the back of my throat and then I came
up for air. Sucking on it making it nice and wet like he likes it I started
to beat it while sucking on his balls. I was licking and sucking him
then I started to lick the spot between his ass hole and his balls while
beating his dick. Thomas was in pure ecstasy while I worked his dick
over. My hand would go down while my mouth went down with it and
vice versa. I tasted his pre-cum, it was so sweet and tangy. I knew
that it was now time for him to take me.

Thomas pulled me up and kissed me passionately. He turned me
around while kissing the back of my neck. Pushing me onto the bed, I
got on all fours and put my ass up in the air. I already knew what my
husband wanted. Doggy-style was me and my husband’s favorite
position. He entered me slowly, as I came instantly. Pulling my hair
Thomas fucked me royally. His huge dick filled up my walls with a
tight snug and I felt everything. Within minutes I was having another
orgasm. My moaning was becoming louder and louder and Thomas
loved it. He loved to hear me moan and continued to fuck me. Once
again I heard “Mr. Woody” being turned on, but this time I was
curious. It didn’t take long to know that Thomas spit down the crack of
my ass and pushed in the vibrator while fucking me.  My face fell into
the pillow; I could not explain the feeling that I was having. This was all
new to me, for this is something that I have not tried. The vibrator was
going in and out of my ass while I was getting the best dick ever. I
was having orgasm after orgasm, and I loved it. Thomas must have
known because his pace had started to quicken. “Fuck me daddy,
you are the fucking best” I moan to him as I was coming to another
climax. Hearing me moan, plus getting some good head and pussy
was too much for Thomas now. I think he liked having so much
control. I was now on top of my climax having a vibrator in my ass and
having my husband fuck me was overwhelming. We both climaxed
together as we collapsed on the bed. Thomas turned to me and said”
I knew I was going to catch you one day” he laughs. I just looked at
him astonished. He knew what I was doing all along. What he didn’t
tell me was that this was a fantasy of his and had been planning on
catching me for a long time. Now we use “Mr. Woody” every time we
have sex. Now we all have fun me, my boy, and my toy!

© 2007 Tequila Shy-Mecca

Tequila Shy-Mecca  is a Philadelphia native who lives with her Fiancee and
two children. She is a Full-time student currently working on her Bachelors
Degree in Criminal Justice. Tequila loves to write erotica in her spare time
and is currently working on a novel.