Merry Sex'mas
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist, Urban Erotica

Merry Sex'mas
(an erotic Christmas tale of submission)
by Aretha Temple

I'm about to tell you about my Christmas, but first how was yours? Mines was beautiful
especially at the end of the day. My friend Tony from Jersey popped up on me. So I
invited him over for dinner and desert if you know what I mean. Everyone was at my
house, so when there was a knock at the door I knew who it was. I was looking nice in my
size seven jeans, red shirt that showed my cleavage and some red stilettos. I walked to
the door and opened it. Tony was there smiling so much his ears was wet. Tony looked
good rocking some baggy Sean John's a white-T that was up under his fur coat that was
the same color as his brown timberlands. He was looking good and basic, but his Chris
Aire earrings and watch made him look like a stunna.

 "Are you gone invite me in or just look at me?" he asked in his east coast twang that
makes my pussy tingle.

"Yeah, I'm going to invite you in, but you have to give me a hug first." Tony stepped in,
and stood his 6'2 body over me and wrapped his arms around me.

 "I'ma give you more then a hug," he said kissing me on the lips.

His breath smelled of mentos. I smiled then grabbed him by the hand to the living room.
Tony smacked my ass still gripping it when we entered the room where all the family was.
I introduced him to everyone.

 "Put your coat in my room T!" I yelled from the kitchen. When I seen him go in there, I
followed him. I closed my room door, and he turned to me smiling showing his chalk white
 "Don't be coming in here starting somethin you can't finish ma."

"What you talking about I came to change my shoes because my feet is killing me."

 I lied. I knew he was a toe freak so I set down to take my shoes off as he watched.

 "I like that polish dare." I knew he would. I stood up to grab my house shoes when his
aggressive ass pushed me back on the bed. Tony stood in between my legs. My pussy
was on fire, and the aroma of his signature cologne Armani Code wasn't making it any

 "Why yo ass come up in here knowing you was about to start some shit?" he said
rubbing on my feet making his way to my zipper.

 "Re where is the foil?" my mommy yelled.

"On top of the fridge!" I yelled back. While Tony unzipped my pants.

"Wait!" I laughed.

"Nah, yo ass should of stayed in there. You already know how I am."

Tony grabbed on my jeans trying to pull them down but they were just too tight, but I
could help him by lifting up but I didn't. I liked when he got aggressive, and that's what I
wanted him to get.

 "Stop playing wit me ma."

"What you talking about," I said smiling as I rose up for him. Tony pulled my jeans down,
now I was sitting there on the bed with my shirt and red lace panties.

"Yo ass is so fuckin sexy!"

"You are to," I said pulling up his t-shirt rubbing on his muscled chest and stomach.

  "We shouldn't be doing this with people in the next room T."

"I know but let me just fuck for a minute then we can finish later. Then you can have
another story to write about."

I laughed because that's what I was gone do anyways, and he already knew. Tony
unbuckled his belt then unzipped his pants that were taken off as if he was a super hero
or some shit. His dick was trying to come out his boxers so I helped it. I grabbed it and
was about to give him some of my head pussy but Tony pushed me away.

 "I want that good wet wet," he said pointing at my pussy. So I took my panties off,
opened my legs, and started playing with my shit.

"This ain't right. You making me think about yo ass so much that I pop up on you."

"What do you be thinking about me or this pussy?" I asked, but didn't get an answer.
Tony got between my legs and right in where he fit in.

 "Mmmm," he moaned being still not moving I felt his dick jerking inside of me. That told
me he was trying not to come. It's funny because he cannot handle this pussy. Tony
stroked me a couple times. He couldn't handle it anymore so he started hitting my shit
hard and fast then pulled out letting his seeds land all on my shirt.


2 hours later, we had ate. The men were watching television, the kids playing the game
and the women were cleaning up. I was about to make some chocolate martinis me and
my mommies favorite. My sister and her family left. Everyone else was enjoying there
martinis and talking shit.

 "I see where you get that nice thick frame from." Tony whispered in my ear. I looked at
my mother who was drinking her third glass of martini while my step-dad rubbed all on
her leg. She caught me looking at her then we both shook our heads to one another.
Like yea, we both fucking tonight.

After everyone left, me and Tony were left alone. I'm tipsy as hell, and he was too. Tony
and my brother were drinking protron. I got up and washed all the glasses when he came
behind me. Rubbing all on my ass then went to the front to my zipper again. Then
rubbing my clit while sucking on my neck. The nigga was about to make me come.

  "Tony!" I yelled as I came all on his fingers.

 Tony then pulled my jeans and panties down right there in the kitchen at the kitchen
sink, and stuck his big dick in my wet pussy. I bent over while he grabbed my ass
cheeks. Tony fucked the dog shit out of me from the back. Then he slowed it down for a
minute then it got fast again. Tony stopped and pulled out. I turned around wondering

 "Take yo ass in the room." I did what was told taking off my shirt and bra, but this time I
pushed him on the bed then straddled him. I got up on my feet so I could squat on his
cool ass. The nigga could not take it. Tony started fucking me back grabbing me by my
throat then he rose up and I found myself laying underneath him being fucked to death.
We was making so much noise that the neighbors dog was barking. Tony and I fucked
for hours when we got finished it was light outside. I was turned to my side as we

"Merry Christmas," he whispered in my ear.

©2008 Aretha

Aretha Temple better known as Miss Freaky Tales started off posting short stories to
Author Noire's online fan club. The stories caught the bestselling authors eye and
recruited her on to doing other things such as having a short erotic hood tale, "Me, He,
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Aretha also has a short erotic hood tale in Flexin and Sexin called "honey Dip" by Life
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Aretha likes to call her tales "Freaky and Hood" because that's what they are.

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