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Manuel Jimenez
Bump & Grind
By Manuel Jimenez

Clara wore a sleeveless sweater with a high turtle-neck. The sweater was dirty
peach, as if inspired toward pumpkin. From a distance, the color was close
enough to match her tanned skin tone so that it looked like she was walking
topless. The sweater was thin. The nipples of her braless breasts were clearly
visible as she purposefully added a bounce to her stride, causing her breasts to
rhythmically jiggle. She put on the air of innocence that women do when
advertising their sexuality while feigning erotic naivete. She wore a black
skirt, a lacy black thong underneath, over her otherwise naked body. The
fabric of the skirt was not ridged, but was heavy and fell easy and provocatively
on every curve and crevice of Clara's body. The abruptness of each of her steps
caused her ass to dance.

Gregorio pretended not to see her coming while keeping her in his peripheral
vision. She was within fifty feet of him before he slowly, methodically turned
his proud head to face her. The first thing he did was to purposefully stare at
her breasts. His gaze stood there, as her nipples darted back and forth, for a few
seconds longer than was polite.

She stopped in front of him. Not a word was exchanged between them. He let
her climb the stairs ahead of him. As they ascended her ass was at his eye
level. They walked into the apartment. The bed was unmade, clothing littered
the floor and the air was stale. Clara looked around the place as she glistened
sweat, tired from the long walk. Greg reached out and touched the small of her
back, rubbing up and down a couple of times, then gently pushed her and
guided her to the bed. She walked without hesitation. As she moved toward the
bed, Greg reached underneath her skirt, cupped his hand, and gently caressed
her naked skin. Her thong interrupted the glide of his touch. He grabbed the
back of the thong and steadily and firmly lifted, so that material dug into the
lips of her vagina. He slowly reached around her chest with his left arm and
took her right breast in his hand and squeezed just hard enough so that Clara
tasted pain. She didn't object. He softened his grasp of her. She closed her eyes
and parted her lips slightly, then let out an audible sigh.

Greg walked her to the edge of the bed. She resisted enough to keep her pride.
He pushed the top of her body, signaling her to bend over. She bowed her body
so that her face was on bed and her ass was in the air. She felt the cool cotton
sheets on the skin of her cheek. He pushed down on her back and positioned
her legs open with his foot so that she was spread as if about to be frisked.

Greg crouched down so that his face was on the same level as Clara's skirted
ass. He placed both arms between her legs, beneath her vagina and entwined
them under and around her silky upper thighs. He lifted her clear off the
ground and away from the bed, so that her body fell and she hung upside
down. Her skirt fell over her upper body. Gregorio looked down at the lace
decorated vagina and put his head down between her legs to bit into the lace
costumed "V". He tongued the lace over the flesh between his delicately
clenched teeth. Clara reached up and touched Greg, stroking him several
times, rubbing hard. She wanted to see it. She wanted to swallow it. Greg
wanted her to choke on it, the way women do in pornos.

Greg's arms began to tire. Clara's a thin girl, but she's not light. She had a
heavy, round ass, disproportionately large. As the pain in his muscles
intensified, he bit harder until Clara screamed out. Clara grabbed the erect
bulge beneath the fabric of his pants and held on as if signaling, "Be gentle or
get hurt."

Greg lowered Clara to the floor awkwardly. She lifted herself up and faced him.
He looked straight into her eyes, deep into the torrid water of Clara's inner
chaos. He reached toward her and pulled up on the bottom of her sweater.
Clara instinctively raised her arms straight up. The sweater came off easily.
Her breasts bounced to a stand still, the nipples darting in different, as Clara
lowered her arms. Stepping close to Clara, Greg placed his arms around her
and grabbed one cheek of her ass in each hand. He felt her body emanating
heat like a furnace. He pulled her towards himself hard. Clara reached up and
struggled to push her hand between them so that she could latch onto his cock
as Greg lowered his head and to take her breast into his mouth. He suck hard.
He imagined himself sucking so hard that she lactated. He wanted to taste her
bleed milk. Then he became gentle, orally caressing her nipple. Clara let her
other hand stroke up and down the length of Greg's back, then pulled on his
neck, forcing his face into her breast.

The two of them pushed each other, against each other, toward the bed, and fell
onto it. Greg released his vice-grip on Clara and reached up to her head, to her
perfectly groomed, angular hair. He spread his fingers through it, letting it slip
through. He again combed it, then mussed it in an attempt to tangle her bob.
When he was done with her, he wanted her to look like she's been done. He
wanted her to get off the bed with the freshly-fucked look.

Clara pulled herself to the head of the bed, reached back with both hands and
grabbed the headboard. She pulled herself up and back and sat invitingly with
her legs spread in a masculinely seated pose, her knees bent and separated.
Her skirt had skidded down to the top of her thighs. Her shoes were still on.
Greg crawled in between her legs. He pushed himself in the crevice made by
her thighs. He pulled her underwear to the side and delicately kissed her
flesh, then licked the salted liquidity from her Brazilian Bikini waxed vagina.
Clara lowered her arms, grabbed the back of Greg's head with attitude, and
forced his face into her vagina. Greg softly sucked and tugged the fleshy pink,
finding her spot and gently biting and forcing it in and out between his teeth
as his tongue caressed her.

Clara grimaced from the pleasure of the overwhelming sensation. She tried
withhold any expression of pleasure, thinking it vulgar, but she couldn't stop
its eruption. She screamed out without shame as Greg licked her and
swallowed the salt water of sex spilling from Clara.

Greg got up on his knees. He reached down to Clara's waist and tugged the
skirt off of her. He pulled off the wet thong. The shoes stayed on. He got off the
bed and stood facing Clara. Clara rose and kneeled before him. He placed his
cock in front of her face. She reached up, but he stopped her from touching it.
He then grabbed her wretchedly tangled hair, pulling back until her chin was
prominently sticking forward. He motioned his cock towards her, and she
opened her mouth. Clara reached up and grabbed his waist. He placed his cock
deep in her mouth, back so that it stroked the back of her throat. She choked
on it. Greg released his grip on her hair, but Clara held onto his waist and
pulled his cock deeper into her throat. Again, she choked on it until her face
grimaced and turned red. She then pulled and pushed on his body so that his
cock thrust in and out of her.

Greg got close to cumming before silently stopping her with a touch of his
hand to her forehead. Clara reclined and lay down with her legs slightly spread
into an unspoken invitation, "Come in." Greg climbed onto the bed and stood
on his knees before her. He took hold of her knees and flipped her over. With
Clara prone, resting on her stomach, he grabs her hips and pulls back and up,
raising her ass up until her face rests on the bed, and her ass is high in the air.
He raised her skirt and nestled into her ass, taking a deep primal breath, he
started licking from the bottom of her wet vagina to the small of her back. He
then kneeled behind her. Clara turned her head back to see him, then placed
her face down onto the pillow as Greg entered her. She felt it slide in. It hurt.
She was wet, excited and ready, but it had been awhile and he was big. She
grabbed the pillow and crushed it against her face as she pushed back with all
of her quivering body against Greg's. She breathed heavily into the pillow,
almost suffocating herself unconscious, until she entered that dream zone she
loved to love in. Reality disappeared and was overtaken by pure sensation. The
tension in her body intensified. She arched her back down so that her ass
faced skyward, spread out, increasing the friction from the bottom of Greg's
cock as he made long, hard thrusts into her, filling her. It had been a long time
since she had a big man inside her. More importantly, it had been a long time
since she'd had the one man she loved inside of her.

Manuel Jimenez credits himself with the quote, "Self deprecation is the key to
low self esteem."  He is a liquid presence in a fluid society.  He lives his poorly
scripted life in San Fancisco. Manuel's website is
Comments about this story can be emailed to  

©2005 by Manuel Jimenez
All rights reserved.