More Than A Quickie
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual,  Masturbation, Exhibitionism

More Than A Quickie
by Stanley Smith

It'd been about 2 months since they'd known each other. If you want to call an online friendship knowing someone
sharing stories and pictures building anticipation between them...letting that be the judge of when they finally met and
it was finally time.

She arrived at the rendezvous point a little early, trying to scope him out as he arrived to see if her woman's spidey
sense alerted her to any danger. Though nervous , her pussy was throbbing and moist as the anticipation of meeting
him turned her on. The thought of his pretty dick entering her. The thought of being pleasured by a man she barely
knew was both scary and exhilarating.

As he walked up to the designated spot he felt the nervousness creep up. But not one to run from risk he continued,
also excited. On the train to his destination his manhood hardened and softened several times as he thought of
spreading the fat ass and pussy he'd only seen pictures of and eating it from the back. All the scenarios he thought of
egged him on when his initial thought was to just not show up. Now, though his dick was soft and neatly tucked in his
boxer briefs, he could feel his precum on his thigh. He sat .

She sat there facing the street, legs crossed sexily waiting for him. She felt someone sit in the chair behind her....
looked  briefly and there he was looking anxious and oh so sexy. The sweat sliding down the back of his bald head.
But he didn't see her.

She turned to the side in her chair... legs still crossed to make sure he could not ignore her thick thighs...and said
"hi". He looked confused eyes appreciating her ample cleavage going down to her exposed thigh but still didn't make
the connection of who she was." Would you like to take me home?"  she asked him...and it dawned on him!

They both stood. Standing there looking up at him she felt dizzy. She gazed into his eyes both of them smiling,trying to
peer into his soul to determine if he was trustworthy enough to receive her sweetness. He smiled. She smiled.
Nervous, both of them. As if confused of what to do he quickly reached down to hug her startling her a bit, but once
his hands were around her and hers were around him she feared not. It just felt right.

His hands were on her lower back and she could feel the pressure there. The touch in the right spot that would
convince her to drop her draws in a minute.
In the right place that is. He touched lower and felt her fatty, smiling with
his mouth and eyes. She liked him more in person. Suddenly, with an embarrassed look on his face he pushed her
back and clasped his hands together in front of him, but it was too late. She saw what he was trying to hide. His pole
rising, pushing the cloth of his black slacks upward.

"I think I need to sit, " he stammered. No one around them seemed to notice or care. So to make sure he was
working with what she saw in the pictures she sat side ways in his lap. Oh my! She thought feeling his steel press
right on her pussy until he adjusted it to make things comfortable for them both. He rested his hand on her exposed
inner thigh and gently kneaded it. " Call a cab, cause I can't get up now," he whispered by her ear. His voice and
warm breathe on her neck and ear lobe sending  chills down her spine.

Keeping her eyes on the driver's in the rear view to make sure he didn't notice...she slid her hand over and zipped his
pants down. He looked at her, placed his hand over hers as if to stop her..and the down turn of her lips told him that
was a no-no. He removed it. She'd never done anything so bold. But after months of his teasing online she had to
see it.

She didn't know what the next move would be once she did.
But, she knew she wanted to free it.. And free it she did.
Already hard he gasped as her hand caressed the head, bringing  his precum out. She played with the moisture on
his tip and he laid his head back, eyes closed, teeth clenched in enjoyment.

She pulled the full length out and stroked, spreading his juice from balls to head and she could feel him shake. The
driver was oblivious. Before she knew it, her pussy was soaking wet. Before she knew it her lips were on his thick
dick. What am I doing she thought? But, the way he held the back of her head and neck., it told her she was doing
something right.

Wanting to participate, he reached his hand over her back and as if she knew what he would do she opened her
thighs. His long fingers probing, moved her thong to the side and touched her wet. She looked up and saw the
amazement in his eyes, that she was so wet. And, in an instant, they were closed again as she sucked that meat to
the hilt, jerking lightly with her hand.

I don't even know him like this she thought.
But his fingers on my twat feels sooooo good. And he's gentle. I like that.
Not manhandling the pussy for starters. She jerked and sucked. He fingered..rubbing her clit softly..alternately putting
a finger inside every now and then.

She stopped for a second to check on the driver who was speaking loudly in Arabic to someone on his phone and
whispered, " Stop baby. I'll make too much noise if I cum, but Im going to take care of you right now, okay?" He
nodded silently and she laughed to herself thinking he looks like a re-re or bobble head nodding like he aint got no

She started to suck again. This time gripping his shaft firmly, pulling while she gulped his meat, tongue twirling
around his head, up and down, hand starting to move faster. The amount of precum increasing. His breathing
heavier, hand twitching on the back of her neck.

She heard him gasp under his breathe. " I'm going to cum girl!!"  and she raised her head to check on the driver .still
tugging on his meat to keep her hair and eyes out of the way of his blast. Lucky, he shared his video with her or she
wouldn't know to do that she

She jerked and teased his dick with her tongue and he gripped her neck hard enough to scare her, but not hard
enough to make her stop. She moved back.  Still stroking and spitting on him.  And he exploded all over his pants.
The back of the driver's seat..on the cab's tv monitor. He came every where. He even got her hair. DAMN!!

Once inside the front door he grabbed her waist, hiking her skirt up exposing her caramel booty. The thong she had
on all but disappeared in there. Thinking to himself how he wished he could be that thong at this point.

There they were right inside her front door, knowing how noisy she could be she tried to escape his strong grasp on
her hips. She didn't want her nosy neighbors to hear. But, he held tight, fingers pulling her g-string to the side probing
her pussy more roughly now.

She could feel her twat pulsing at his touch. She was so wet the juice dripped down her inner thigh..exciting her even

She stood upright to take her skirt and blouse off to get ready for his meat which she felt throbbing on her ass that,
plus the wetness on his slacks from his previous cum. The smell of that and his thickness almost had her at the
point of coming. And damn he hadn't even entered her!

Of course being the man that he was her chance for control ended in the taxi when she milked his dick for all it was
worth. Now, it was his turn to rule. He inserted his index into her wet snatch lightly "scratching." her g-spot with a
come here motion of the finger except upside down.

She pulled the small table which she usually kept her keys and mail on, swiping all that was on it to the floor,  
pressing both hands on it. Back arched, ass cocked up, pressing on his pole.

His finger still inside her she felt him kneel down behind her, pushing her and the table roughly further down the hall.
And to her surprise, he spread her cheeks as wide as they would open and buried his face there. His stiff tongue
going straight into her brown eye.

She shook from the intense feeling he was giving her, legs weak, table almost tipping from her grasp. But, she would
not fall she thought.
I must rep!! He licked from her asshole to her clit and though she couldn't see, it felt like his
tongue was five inches long, up and down he licked slurping loudly every time he crossed her open pussy and clit.

The sound of his slurping, his tongue moving from her ass to clit was more than she could take. "this is for what you
did to me in the cab," he said with his deep sexy voice muffled by her fat ass and puss; and she could not help but to
submit to cum all over his face.

As she climaxed he roughly kneaded her ass, jiggling it back and forth. His face buried in her wetness, smacking it
lightly dragging his nails from the small of her back down her cheeks and as the first waves of her cum ended a
second began.

He was such a beast! So much for the quietness he showed when they met. The reserve he showed even as he
came all over the cab.

He reached over her arched back and pushed the table from her grasp with one hand the other in the small of her
back pushing her to her knees, forcing her to submit. She was still in the throes of her second orgasm, which was
dwindling down when she heard him unzip his pants.

She never knew a zipper being opened could be so sexy! Before she knew it he had his hardness out, rubbing it on
her ass and pussy and she could feel his cum from earlier being spread on her, causing her to shiver with delight.

She wanted to take their scene to the bedroom. Or, living room to end it, cause she knew for sure if he put that
hardness in her she would come again immediately and the neighbors would surely hear. But she dared not
submitting to this stranger made her all the more hornier.

I'm going to enjoy fucking this fat ass he thought, eager to enter her. But, showing restraint so she could enjoy it as
much as possible before he got his.

Smack..smack..smack was the sound of his meat as he hit her upturned ass with it. The sound, weight and
thickness of it driving her crazy.."put it in!" she begged..."do it now daddy...fuck this fat ass now!"..But he had other

Instead he stood, reached down and grabbed her hair and gently made her stand, turning her to face the wall, pulling
her hips out roughly so he could fuck her. Then he stopped. Out of curiosity she tried to turn her head to the right to
see, but his voice commanded her “turn your fucking face to the wall and don’t look back!” She did, shivering from the
dominance in his voice, legs shaking, pussy dripping.

She heard him tearing something open and wondered what he was doing. But she dared not disobey him and look.

He turned her around to face him. Her back pressed to the wall and looking down she saw he had already put a
condom on. His twitching dick, pulsing over the top of his boxers..balls hanging, looking oh so good.

She reached out to grab his man hood.  But, he swatted her hands down, making her keep them at her side and he
backed up directly in front of her but to the opposite side of the hall.

He unbuttoned his shirt stepped out of his slack which were around his ankles. At this point, removed his wife beater
and there. He was in all his glory, sweat making his skin glisten, pole protruding…nothing on but his socks and the
rubber. He looked funny like that, but his confidence made it sexy at the same time.

From where he stood he reached over to her again, pinching her nipples with one hand, letting spit drop from his
mouth onto his sheathed dick. His other hand stroking his meat lightly while he fingered her some more.

The slow soft touch of his hands on her breast made her shake back arching away from the wall, ass and the back of
her head touching it. He closed in. His dick pressed against her lower belly, sliding lower to her pussy and back up
as he stood there, gyrating his hips. Both hands kneading her breast, squeezing her hips and ass. Palming and
jiggling the upper fat part of her pussy, making her clit vibrate, sending thrills from her head to toe.

She couldn't resist touching him! Lickin the palm of her hand nastily. She took it and grabbed his stiffness stroking
him, turning her weakness to strength, making his body convulse. She grabbed it roughly, pulling him to her..
and he
didn't resist.....

Standing there so close, his hands all over her, exploring hers jerking his manhood. They looked into each others
eyes. What she saw frightened her when she looked at him and made her pussy jump. He looked into her soul
communicated with her nonverbally that he would have his way with her. And that he knew how to fuck her right that
the animal in him was about to be released.

He wondered if she knew how bad she was going to get it. Her flinch under his gaze told him she had an idea.

Still staring directly into her eye, he lifted her leg up over the crook of his arm as  far as it would go and held it there.
His other hand helping her stroke, pushing his dick between her fat pussy lips. She stopped jerking him.

Inserting the thick head of it into her he stroked, almost in slow motion, spreading her moisture all over his tip getting
that twat ready. Every so often he would rub the head on her clit and up and down her open pussy. Sometimes sliding
in, sometimes not. The inconsistency of his play driving her crazy.

She was tired of games so she lowered her pelvis. Sliding down the wall until he was forced to enter her more
deeply......"Oooooohhhhhhh!" she moaned in pleasure and pain and he started to stroke her arms around his neck.
One of his hands between her ass and the wall palming her booty. His other arm occupied in the task of holding her
leg up. He stroked some more, all the way in deep, halfway out., deep and then pulling all the way out letting the rim
of his fat tip rub on her g_spot. She liked this stroke! It told her he was going to take his time with her.

"This is some tight ass pussy...mmm!" he groaned, mouth pressed against her neck, dick spreading her. His teeth
and lips gentle on her neck, ear lobe and jaw, adding to the experience, "hold my neck tight, " he said lifting the leg he
held higher until her other foot's toes were barely  touching the floor. She held on his continuous pounding not giving
her a choice. She never knew it felt so good to be in such a state of weakness.

Using the leg he held to leverage her he grabbed the other, lifting it up till it was over his other arm. Her back pressed
to the wall. He fucked her. His strength, his stroke, his and her smells intertwined, brought her to the brink of climax
once again feeling something so powerful she almost relaxed her grip around her neck, "carry me into the living
room baaabby! "she yelled, "Oooohh...don't make me cum here. Go now i'm going to screaaam!"

Legs straddling his arms; her arms around his neck he continued to pump, turning slightly to go down the hall taking
slow steps toward the living room, bouncing her up and down on his shaft as he maneuvered her towards the couch.

By this point, his dick, balls, belly and the floor had her juice on them. Looking back a sparse trail of her wet lead up
to the edge of the bottom of the couch where he laid her drawing her hips out.  So only from her torso up she was
supported the lower hald of her weight supported by her feet on the floor and his hands under her roughly smacking
and bouncing her ass his meat still spreading her wide.

He pulled out, looking at the sight of her soaking wet pussy spread open for him and couldn't help but taste.
"Nooooooo!"  she screamed as he lowered his face to the gaping twat. Just the nearness of his face coupled with the
thought of what he was going to next made her legs shake. Almost causing her to slide from the couch.

He sniffed her from a distance of about an inch first. The intake of air and the nastiness of what he was doing caused
her to shake as her peak approached yet again.  "I ain't even suck it yet and you gonna cum guuurrlll. Cum on...cum!" he commanded. Sniffing her pussy with his nose pressed between her lips the intake of air moving over
her clit causing her to spaz. His hands under her, spreading her big ass, jiggling it open and close adding more
vibrations to her pussy area.

"I'm comming! Ooohhh i'm comming again baby...ohhh you taking care of that pussy...oh..oh.. There it go daddy
 she moaned.

Just when he knew she was at the peak of her cum he lapped hungrily directly on her clit, popping his tongue on it,
slurping, spreading the lips with two finger spitting forcefully on her exposed clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed.
"Noooo!" As she scooted out of his grasp back up onto the couch. Then up to the
back of the couch, legs trembling wildly penning and closing hands clutching her pussy, screaming at the top of her
lungs. She couldn't stop comming! Looking down she held her pussy as if that would stop the intense feeling of
ecstasy. He looked on speaking in a low  voice,
"Yeah...keep comming baby!"  It was a command and she did as
she was told.

To her surprise the climax she though was done -- but again increased, making her pussy pulsate and jump in her
hands. She squeezed it, smacking her mons lightly with her palm. Still shaking as a burst of fluid shoot from her twat,
wetting the couch, his chest and dick.
 "Ahhhh you making that pussy squirt daddy...ohhh its comming out!"

To Be Continued

Copyright© 2009 Stanley Smith