More Than a Quickie
(Part II)
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

More Than a Quickie (part II)
by Stanley Smith

Still smacking her twat, she looked on as he stood before her, stroking his throbbing
pole and spreading her cum all over himself --turning her on even more. She wiped her
juices from her pussy licking her palm savoring her own sweetness.

It tasted good on her probably even better on him. Sliding down from the back of the
couch until she was “eye to eye,"

She engulfed his hardness to the hilt. His staggered legs weakening.  She felt him
sway as she bobbed back and forth.  He held her head controlling her.  He held his
firm muscular round ass with both hands controlling him.

"Ohhhh baby!!!" he moaned as her tongue twirled around the head, focusing on the
underside of his tip-- Jerking him with one hand while the other remained on his ass.
She slid her tongue up and down his meat pressing firmly with it on the bottom of his
shaft directly on the vessel, bringing his pre-cum out with each lick, hungrily licking it
up as it dribbled from his tip. Gripping him firmly and rotating his head around her lips
until they were smeared with juice.

So much of his fluid came out it seemed as if he had cum, but the clearness told her
otherwise. Damn! She thought. If this is just his pre-cum...What about him cumming for

Remembering his burst in the cab, coupled with thoughts of him fucking her in the hall
and bouncing her on his dick while making her squirt turned her on more than ever.
She'd never cum from sucking, but she felt her climax building. Her own sticky juiciness
wetting the couch. And she climaxed yet again, legs opening and closing, thighs
squeezing tighter with each closing and putting more pressure on her clit --driving her

"Ohhhh I can't...I can't...I can't!" she cried actual tears of joy and pleasure running
down her face as she came again. This was unbelievable!!!!

She released his ass, not letting up on gulping him down, jerking him harder now. She
reached down and palmed herself, inserting her middle finger, parting her lips, rubbing
her clit as he fucked her face. She was so wet!

From his point of view she was doing a damn good job slobbing on him, licking and
jerking. Looking at her as she "performed" almost brought him to the point of
exploding. But he wanted to enjoy her, and for her to enjoy him as much as possible.
So he held off, letting his grip on her head go reaching down and palming her tits. He
squeezed her nipples almost to the point of causing pain...watching as she sucked him
deep and played with herself.

Bringing both of her big beautiful tits up on either side of his dick he ordered her to
"spit on it, baby!" And she did as she was told. With each stroke as his tip peeked up
between her bosom. She licked his head, spitting on it, creating enough lubrication to
make his "ride" as smooth as possible.

Sucking his breath in sharply between his teeth, he realized he couldn't hold out any

"Aaahhh!" he gasped smacking her fat boobs on both sides of his dick watching as she
continued to suck his hard dick.

"I'm going to cum!" he screamed, embarrassed at how loud and high pitched his voice
was. Oh what an idiot I am, he thought.  But one look at his shaft probing between her
breast and her gobbling his pre-cum like her life depended on it. One look at that and
all self consciousness faded.

For the most part, he had been in control except in the cab and except for now. His
legs shaking as he stood before her --more and more pre-cum dripping down her

“It’s my turn now!" she said pulling his hands away from her breast, grabbing his meat
roughly, smacking it on her breast herself. Her nipples...thrills running through her
body at the thump of it. The weight on her and the sound as it hit.

"Cum now!" she urged him jerking fat dick, smacking her tits with it...licking the head
deep throating him until his thickness blocked her throat passage completely. He
began to swell he prepared to bust. Gagging her.

"Cum, cum, cuuuuuuuuum!" she ordered. Her voice muffled because of course her
mouth was full. All the while fingering her own puss...more deeply now and trying to
make their explosions simultaneous.

"Oh shit...oh shit...ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiit baaaaabyyy...I'm cummming!" he yelled...and so
was she!

By now she couldn't sit still. Her wetness on the couch causing her to scoot back and
forth as he thrust. She jerked, fingering her self --cumming as he spewed even more
than in the cab….all over her lips. Her tits covered with his cream as his cum dripped
down onto her.  She rubbed it into her skin slowly, licking his sweet juices off her lips
and exploding herself!

As he looked down at her standing in the doorway preparing to leave they both smiled
ear to ear. The meaning understood by both of them.

"Let's do this again sometime soon...okay?" he asked smiling till it almost hurt

It was she nodding like a fool now. The thought of the next time made her puss throb
anew. It took all the self control she had to let him go, but she did. It took all his self
control not to go back and fuck her some more...but he didn’t.

She stood watching him walk sexy...the thought of what he’d just done to her
causing her juice to run down her inner thigh. He looked back, caught her staring  at
his ass and gave a sly, knowing smile...winking.

The End!

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