My Best Friend's Girl (She used to be mine.)
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

My Best Friend's Girl (She used to be mine)
by DirtyMartini

Towards the end of the eighties my life was starting to really look up. I was doing well with the telephone and
alarm company I was partnered in with Rich. Now that I was a partner, I had real incentive for the company to
do well. Rich and I spent a lot of time and energy together expanding the business, especially when we
ventured into the security field. We had always been friends, but now we were best friends. I saw more of Rich
than anyone else. When we were not side by side at work, we were socializing together at night.

Rich and I were thoroughly enjoying our newfound prosperity. We drove the same cars, bought the same
electronic goodies and basically shared a lot in common. Our socializing usually included whomever we were
dating at the time. By this time, in the late 80's, I had already met Kim. I had met her on a telephone job in the
city. Her and I had become quite serious and she would later become my wife. Rich was a bit more of a
freewheeling ladies man. He always seemed to have a different girl every week. He had no qualms about it. In
all the years I knew Rich, I never recall him getting serious about a girl for any length of time. He seemed to
live by the rule ‘love em and leave em.' That is why I was so shocked one day I practically fell out of my chair
when Rich mentioned he actually had feelings for a girl.

"Al, I think I found the one," he was practically giddy.

"One what Rich?" I asked.

"This girl is for me man." He beamed, "I mean this girl is special."

For Rich to say a girl is special was a huge leap for him. He usually only talked about what a great time he had
in bed or maybe mention how hot she looked. For him to say a girl was special was like other guys saying
they were in love.

"I really want you to meet her." He stated, "This weekend we'll all go out."

"Sounds good." I said, "What's her name?"

"Lauren." He answered, "Believe me, you'll like her."

Lauren. Man, that name brought back memories. I knew a Lauren way back in high school. You might say she
was my first love. Those were heady times back then. We were young and restless and enjoying every
moment. She was a free spirit and had a great soul. Her parents died in a car crash when she was just
seventeen. She was forced to move out to California and live with her grandmother. After a while we lost
contact completely. I took her moving hard. I really missed her.

"Lolas this weekend. We can have a couple frozen ones." Rich suggested.

"Sounds good to me." I responded.

Lolas was a Caribbean restaurant on 22nd Street in Manhattan and a couple of frozen ones referred to a
frozen drink called the Frozen Lola. It was one of our favorite restaurants.

The rest of the week I kept thinking about Lauren. I had rarely even thought about other women since I had met
Kim. Now I had trouble concentrating on my work, the memories of old kept flooding my mind.

Lauren was the most erogenous, multi-orgasmic girl I have ever met. Her whole body was like one big
erogenous zone. If I touched her ear with the tip of my tongue her pussy would get so slick it was like Teflon on
wet ice. I recall licking her palms with one tongue stroke and she shuddered with delight. Fingers, toes, you
name it...any part of her body could make her go wild. I used to joke that all I had to do was show up and hop
on for the ride. She made my job easy.

By comparison Kim was very different. Kim made you work for your money. They say the journey is the best
part of the trip and there were no shortcuts with Kim. I really didn't mind working for my money and I certainly
didn't mind the journey. I have nothing against foreplay, believe me. But, I have to admit, sometimes I missed
a girl like Lauren who didn't take much more than a glance and a stroke to get that motor revving.

Lauren also had the blackest hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. She was half Spanish and half Irish, if I
recall correctly. She could captivate with just a stare, those big blue eyes could bring a man to his knees. I was
brought to my knees many times, believe me.

Saturday night arrived and Kim and I arranged to meet Rich and his new girl at Lolas. Kim and I were the first
to arrive. We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of frozen ones while we waited for Rich and Lauren to show.
After about ten minutes I heard a voice behind me.

"You guys been waiting long?" I heard Rich ask.

"No, only about ten minutes." Kim answered.

I turned around in my chair and was greeted by the blackest hair and bluest eyes I have ever seen.

"Al, I'd like you to meet Lauren." Rich stated proudly.

I hesitated at first, then I gathered my composure. I stuck out my hand slowly.

"Hi, nice to meet you." I said very calmly.

"Nice to meet you," she said with a sly grin.

Lauren looked so hot after ten years. The years had obviously been good to her. She had gained a bit of
weight, but in a good way. It all seemed to have settled in her breasts and hips, filling out her shapely figure.
She was dressed sort of funky casual with a denim skirt and denim vest. She wore white sneakers and white
socks with pink lace trim that matched the pink gloss polish on her nails. I was intoxicated by those big blue
eyes, just like I had been as a teenager. My mind was racing.

"Shall we grab a table?" Rich suggested.

We were escorted by the hostess to a secluded table. I sat next to Kim on one side of the table while Lauren
and Rich sat on the other side. Lauren was directly across from me. I had a perfect view and I was enjoying
the moment. As much as I loved Kim, I was intoxicated by Lauren's charm and beauty. My mind was racing
with thoughts from what seemed like such a distant past. It was all coming back to me in waves.

We ordered drinks and got our menus. My mind was elsewhere as I stared at the menu. When the time came
to order I spoke mindlessly.

"I'll have the red snapper special." I muttered.

I had snapper on my mind and it wasn't a fish.

Dinner was for the most part relatively uneventful. It seemed as though Lauren purposely avoided any
prolonged eye contact with me. I caught myself drifting off and staring at her beauty from time to time. I just
could not help myself.

After a while the Frozen Lolas were affecting me. I had to use the restroom. I excused myself and walked away
from the table.

The restrooms and phones in Lolas are down a long flight of carpeted stairs. It is very dark with only small
light fixtures every six feet or so on the staircase. Loud music blares through wall mounted speakers in the
restroom and telephone areas. It is a wonder anyone could carry on a phone conversation.

As I stand in front of the urinal I temporarily think about how loud the music is in the black marble men's room.
I joke to myself that no one can hear you piss as 'La Bamba' blares over the speakers. I finish my business,
wash my hands and walk out.

Standing in front of me by the phone is the blackest hair and bluest eyes I have ever seen.

"I told them I needed to make a phone call," she said, "How have you been?"

"Fine. I had no idea you were back in the area." I answered.

"I've been back just over two years. Grandma died just over two years ago, so I moved back to be around my
old friends and family. I tried to find your number, but it is not listed," she stated over the music.

"I'm not in the same town anymore." I said, "It is so good to see you."

Lauren's deep blue eyes met mine as she leaned forward from the wall. I put my hands on her shoulders as I
leaned forward and locked lips with her. I then moved my tongue across her cheek and lightly tickled her left
earlobe. She started to squirm wildly in my arms as she gripped me around the waist. I took my right hand
and moved it under her skirt revealing her white panties with pink lace trim, like her socks. I stuck my fingers
down her panties and teased her womanhood. After a moment I removed my hand and brought it to my face.
Her scent brought back sudden and wild memories from the distant past. I was overcome with emotion as I
savored this familiar scent.

Her scent on my fingers triggered something in my brain. I grabbed her by the wrists and held them up as I
spun her around. With one arm around her waist, I threw her face down on the carpeted stairs as the music
blared. I leaned forward behind her and nudged the back of her neck with my nose, her long black hair tickling
my face. I then licked the back of her ear as she started to quiver wildly in my arms. Still holding her wrists
above her head in my left hand, I hiked up her denim skirt with my right and pulled down her panties in a quick
movement. With my right hand I teased her moistening womanhood. As her body started to shake, I stuck two
fingers into her tight canal and pressed down on her G-spot. Her pussy was slick. Like Teflon on wet ice.

The familiarity of her movements again brought back distant memories from the past. I could imagine her
moans of pleasure but could not hear them over the music in the background. In a burst of passion, I
unbuckled my belt with my right hand. I then unfastened and unzipped my jeans and in a single downward
movement pulled down my jeans and underwear. My pulsing hard-on was now ready for adventure as I
guided the tip down her soft butt crack and slick mound. In a single forceful thrust I suddenly entered her like
an animal in heat. I pushed and pumped until she was wildly gyrating under my thrusting body right there on
those carpeted stairs. As her muscles squeezed my throbbing cock, she milked my love juices as I pumped
her with all I had. I could finally hear her screams of pleasure as we came together on the stairs at Lolas.

We got up and straightened out our clothes just as an old man started heading down the stairs. He said hello
as he passed us. We just looked at each other and smiled.

We agreed it best that I should go up first and she should follow shortly after. When I arrived back at the table
Rich inquired about his date.

"Did you see Lauren?" He asked.

"Yes, I saw her on the phone." I answered.

"Oh here she is." Rich stated as Lauren came back to the table, "You know I was just telling Kim what a lucky
man you are to have her."

"Oh, I get lucky sometimes." I said.

Lauren glanced my way and smiled. I just looked down and finished my snapper.

© 2010 DirtyMartini

DirtyMartini is the author of over one hundred erotic stories, plays and poems.  He currently
resides in New Jersey.  He can be reached, by e-mail at:

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