My Boss, My Lover
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

My Boss, My Lover
by Gabrielle Miel.

Carol's Story

"Carol?" The deep sexy voice came through the intercom. "Can you come in here for some
dictation, please?"

Carol looked around her already messy desk and took a deep breath, pressing the intercom
button she responded to her boss.

"Sure, Joe, I'll be there in a minute."

Putting the last letter in an envelope, she began to think about her boss. She didn't mind taking
dictation from him, in fact it was a pleasure, despite the fact that it was a half-hour until quitting
time, She had a great relationship with her boss. He was a few years older than her. He was
good-looking with dark brown hair, blue eyes that at times looked at her as if he wanted to devour
her and a very nice athletic body.

They flirted outrageously with one another, and there were times when he would give her a light
smack on her ass when they were in his office. He'd even peek under her skirt when she would sit
down in front of him. She would tease him by crossing and uncrossing her legs, bringing attention
to them which prompted him to always ask, "What do you have on under there?" and she would
laugh, sometimes show him and sometimes if she was near him, he would lift her skirt up to see.

"Is it right to tease him?" Carol smiled at that thought. She wanted him, bad, but it was more a
matter of need. She needed him. She needed him to fuck her. She was not the type of girl to
sleep around having only two lovers in her 38 years of life, one of which was her ex-husband. But
this man was different. She yearned for his touch, the feel of his lips against her body, the touch
of his hands on her skin. This man, she knew, would fulfill all her sexual desires.

After she had separated from her husband, Carol began to lose weight and workout more at the
gym. She knew that at her age she needed to stay in shape if she was going back into the "Dating
Game", which she feared. Joe was the only guy who began to notice her appearance and the way
he looked at her made her feel sexy again. She began to think that maybe; just maybe she might
be attractive to someone and always hoped that that someone would be Joe. The way he acted
towards her in past year was a clear indication that he did find her attractive, but in the back of
her mind she always thought that maybe he was humoring. Today she was going to find out; put
it, his attraction and how far he would take it, to the test.

They joked today as they had done for so many years through e-mails, about whether or not she
was wearing any underwear. She had replied to him that she wasn't, and after a bit of a pause, he
wrote back asking if she was serious. When she replied "Yes," he wrote back that he wanted to
see and within seconds the intercom cracked with his voice requesting that she come in for

'Dick-tation is more like it!' Carol thought and laughed to herself. Picking up her steno pad and
pen, she thought 'Here we go!' as she headed for her bosses closed office door.

She knocked before entering and saw that he was on the phone. He smiled at her, waving her in
while his gaze traveled from her face to her pelvis area. Carol smiled back, shaking her head,
quietly laughing, turned to shut the door and at that moment she became aware of the wetness
that began to form around the lips of her labia.

When she turned back he lifted his gaze from her ass to her face, his eyes taking all of her in.
She saw something in his gaze she hadn't seen before, a new kind of lust. She knew she looked
good today. She was a pretty woman and for her age, looked at a lot younger. She had
reddish-brown hair, green eyes and was in great shape. To quote her boss, she was one, 'Fine
piece of ass' and she dressed to show it off.

Today she was wearing a short black skirt that hugged the curves of her body. A tight white
blouse that accentuated her slender waist and paired with her Miracle bra gave her an incredible
looking shape. As she dressed this morning, she thought of her boss and what he would do if he
did get to see her from the waist down and decided that she would put on her favorite pair of
black thigh highs as well.

So there she was standing before him, as he looked at her. She looked at him when he told the
person he was on the phone with that he had to go and hung the phone up before he even said

Joe's Story

Joe remained speechless for a moment after getting off the phone. He had a moment of panic
after calling Carol into his office and quickly snatched up the phone, pretending to be having a
conversation when she walked in. He needed to pull himself together.

He calmed down as soon as he saw her. He figured there was no way she would be going around
without panties. Carol was basically a reserved woman. She felt safe with him, so was able to flirt
with him. When the flirting first began, years ago now, he told himself he was helping her with her
self-esteem. He purposely didn't involve himself with her personal life, but he could tell she was
not a happy woman. It had progressively gotten worse, hitting bottom at the time of the divorce. In
the six months since, she was getting better. Her step was livelier, and her eyes were brighter.
Slowly, she was paying more attention to her appearance, wearing makeup more, but always

He knew she felt safe with him, because she knew by now that he'd never actually proposition her.
The only risk would be her propositioning him. His attraction to her was powerful. He could name
lots of reasons to avoid the temptation that was Carol, mainly the fact that he was her boss, as
well as the fact that she was still smarting from that asshole ex. These were all good reasons and
he knew that his good intentions would fly right out the window if she ever gave him the least

She sat down across from him, in his line of sight, and crossed her legs, waiting patiently with her
steno pad for him to begin. Joe pulled himself together and launched into dictating a document he
wouldn't need for a couple of days. He couldn't tear his eyes from her as he dictated. She was
truly a beautiful woman. Carol combined the elegant beauty a woman cannot attain until her 30's
while her physique was that of a woman in her mid-twenties. A lot of her negative energy from the
divorce had been worked off in the gym. He pictured her in a bikini walking down the beach. At 38,
she could not only pull it off, but also turn heads.

Joe was relaxing now. He launched into the conclusion of his document. Carol met his gaze and
slowly uncrossed her legs, then slowly crossed them the other way. Her shorthand never faltered;
she got every word.

Joe stopped speaking. The movement had been as casual as can be, but as deliberate as she
could make it. He'd seen a clear momentary shot of her sex. Her face revealed nothing, but he
thought he saw a mischievous twinkle in those luscious eyes.

She ran a finger along her leg, seemingly absentmindedly. When he didn't resume, she asked
quietly, "Something the matter Joe?" She uncrossed her legs, and leaned forward a bit, giving him
a shot down her loose blouse, past her cleavage to her flat stomach. "Joe?"

She stood up, and walked around the desk, slowly, seductively. He scooted his chair in closer to
the desk. "Joe. Turn toward me." Something about her tone told him she wouldn't accept
disobedience. He pushed back, and swivelled to her.

It was Carol's turn to be speechless. Her eyes locked on the tent in his pants. "Show it to me." She
practically whispered. When he ignored her, she said more loudly. "Show it to me. You saw mine.
Now take yours out."


"I'm 38 years old and I've seen far fewer of those than I should have. I want to see yours."

He undid his belt, and unzipped his pants. He reached in, and the head popped out. Carol stared,
and licked her lips.

"I want to see all of it. Push your pants down."

Joe stood up momentarily, and pushed his pants and underwear down. It was the hardest one
she'd ever seen, bigger than her husband's was, but not by much. She knew right now as wet as
she was, it would fit nicely.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, and wrapped her hands around him. He thrilled. He'd
had many lovers, but he hadn't had a woman touch him while they were both clothed since he was
in high school, and even then that was as far as it had gone. Never before, had a woman touched
him like this in the office.

Any thoughts he had were delightfully dashed as she lowered her mouth and took his hard cock in
her mouth. He didn't know that her ex-husband had considered cock sucking perverse. Early in
her marriage, in love and with the energy and enthusiasm of a recently deflowered virgin who'd
discovered she loved sex, offered to blow her husband. He'd ridiculed her that one time. She
never offered again.

She slid Joe all the way into her mouth, then withdrew him completely. "Tomorrow," she managed
to say while licking around the tip, "I want you to call me in here," she slid him all the way in again,
moving her tongue around, then again withdrew, sliding her lips down the outside of his cock,
sucking a ball in gently momentarily, "and ask me to do this again."

To his utter amazement, she stood up. She reached to her side, undid her skirt, and took it off.
She was indeed not wearing panties. She stood before him now with just her Thigh-Hi's below her
waist. Her pussy lips glistened with her juices. He reached for her and, taking his hand in her own
she guided it to her swollen pussy.

"Sit down, Joe." Carol then straddled him and rubbed those lips along the tip and sides of his
cock, causing his hard tool to glisten with her juices. She moved the tip of him against her clit,
knowing if she spent a minute doing just that, she'd cum. She moved again, positioning the very
top of him at her opening. The tip penetrated her, spreading the lips ever so slightly. Their eyes
locked. They held their breath. This was it, the moment they'd been building to for a decade.
Everything was about to change.

She sat down on him, plunging him into her. She sat there for a moment, reveling in the feeling of
him inside of her, her body adjusting to it. Then she started moving on him, he matching her

"Oh, that's it!" she told him as they found their rhythm.

"Carol this is so good. Are you sure..."

"Shh. I love the feel of you, your penis inside me."

"When a doctor is examining it, it's a penis. When it is inside of you, it's a cock. Say it."

Carol actually blushed a bit.

"I need to hear you say it Carol."

She hesitated. "I love your cock inside Me."

"What's it inside?"

"My pussy. I love feeling your cock in my pussy."

"What's it doing?" he gasped.

Her voice too was becoming ragged. "You're fucking me. We're fucking. Your cock is fucking my
pussy." she said uttering the word for the first time in her life. Loving the way they sounded
coming from her throat. With her voice filled with desire, she sounded sexy and almost alien to her

While they were saying this, he'd unbuttoned her demure white blouse. She shrugged it off. His
fingers found the clasp on her bra and undid it deftly. Now totally naked, while he was still partially
clothed, his hands ran over her, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her erect nipples. She
unbuttoned his shirt and reached her hands in, holding on to him.

He grabbed her by the ass, and stood up, keeping them locked together. He went to the wall and
pressed her back against it, and while staying inside of her, moved up slightly, riding higher in
"the saddle" as it were. He was now positioning himself, pounding his cock hard into her. Her nails
dug into his back, causing a delightful pain. She held on to him tight as her body was racked with
her first ever multiple orgasms. Orgasms had been rare with her ex, infrequent with her friend, but
Joe seemed to instinctively bring them forth from her depths.

Afterwards, they held each other. He kicked off his shoes and pants, so he'd look a little less

"What took you so long?" she asked.

"That didn't last that long." he said confused.

"I mean, the last ten years."

"You were married." "I was never that married!" They kissed now, finally.

"We should consider going back to my apartment, trying this in a bed."

"If we do that," she teased, "we might be late for work tomorrow."

"I don't think your boss will mind."

They both stayed in Joe's apartment the next day wrapped in each others arms. He was barely
able to finish telling the answering service that the office was closed for the day, before he came
in her mouth.

© 2010  Gabrielle Miel.

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