My Cylindrical of a Ménage à trois
Story Codes: MFF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

My Cylindrical of a Ménage à trois
By: Patricia Thomas

This is something that could not be mistaken.

She came in with her pretty smile and long black hair that was short, just as I had remembered.
Should I
trust her?
I question this myself. I slowly remembered our last together; the whispers and the kisses sent
bad memories through my head. Though, with my boyfriend also how could I resist? I am naturally wild at
heart. A lion that can’t be tame especially in the bedroom. So there we were in his apartment. At first I
was acting cold towards her. Somehow, I felt that she abandoned me in a way.

I walked into the bedroom near the bed. I relaxed in the bed because I felt a burning in my stomach. I was
taking medication at the time and I was not feeling well at that moment.  I made that awful trip from the
Bronx to Manhattan in pain. But,I knew I had too. I knew i definitely did not want to stay in my mother's
house being bored. My boyfriend went to store for ice cream. Then I began to think about things. My
mind thought about kissing her pink lips and caressing my hands in her hair. Honesty, I try hard to get
those thoughts of my mind. But I knew what my boyfriend also had on his mind. He was naturally that way.

I felt she abandoned when she got pregnant. I thought that naturally it would not be right to do anything
with her while she was that way and she stop talking to Michael because her boyfriend wanted things that
way. It didn’t hurt that much because I didn't have special feelings for her. And so, we didn't talk for a very
long time. Then she showed up to deliver deer meat to my boyfriend. I guess she thought that I was
suppose to forget everything.

My boyfriend and his ex girlfriend come into the room. I start laughing and talk about sex and about
drinking the famous drink Cisco. My boyfriend made it no secret that he wanted to do anal with her.
I have done it  twice before but I was drunk and I really didn't feel it that much. So we are talking about it
and she is asked me, “How did It feel the last time we did it?” That question shocked me. At that point, I
was comfortable with the conversation. I started blushing like I always do when I am excited but shy at the
same time.

I told her, “It feel amazing”. All of my other endeavors with women were not as good with her. And I still
don't know the reason why. Maybe It's because I have not had many experiences. Regardless, I know she
would be in my top five of my best. Anyways, she was drinking and talking. My boyfriend turned on music.
I was feeling really free spirited and started dancing. Even though I can be shy especially when it comes
to dancing that was not an issue that night. For some reason I was really feeling good. Soon after that
she got a little too drunk after drinking the whole bottle of Cisco. She and my boyfriend jumped into the
bed. She playfully pulled my arm and I flip over and we began kissing each other passionately.

I was turned on, but also somewhat stun because I do not imagine myself doing this again. I then thought
about how I said I would not have sex with her again because she had a baby.  And I changed things
because I felt that she abandoned me. The funny part is though, that notion went out the window once I
got caught up in a menage a trios. I felt the tenderness of her pink lips. My hands slid slowly in her lovely,
long, soft, black hair. My boyfriend turned up the music so his roommates don’t know. And I got even
more turned on almost instantly. Ever fiber of my being was in sexual mode and I am thinking of doing
"scissors" finally. Fulfilling my desire and urge to feel a woman and have her touch me in every sense
was my desire.

My boyfriend took off her pants and pulled down her panties as she turned on her side. I started touching
her softly and my panties were already down. I watched as my boyfriend entered her wets. I was in shock
at first but turned on as I notice him hovering over her and  seeing her moaning uncontrollable. I was
going to pull away and watch but she is clutched my arm at the sides forbidding me from going anywhere.
I heard my boyfriend moaning loud. I was turned on even more by the excitement, and I started to moan
as well as held her hands down, making her sustain the pleasure my boyfriend was delivering her. He
started pounding harder and harder, making the bed rock. Her screams got louder.  He turned to put his
tongue on my clit while he is still fucking her raw, long and hard. Her moans along with his and mine were
making so much noise; no amount of music in the world could block it out. All you could hear was “Uh,
aaah, Oh god, oh yea, fuck me,” Words that made my vagina drool.

I was instantly in a whirlwind of pleasure. I didn’t know what to do. After endless pounding, my boyfriend
came inside of her then left to shower. We still were partially dressed, but decided to take off each other's
clothes to admire our bodies.  Her body, and everything that I remembered. She sucks on my nipples and
I moaned while clutching the sheets. Almost instantly, I suck on her beautiful nipples with such pleasure.
Her tongue move up and down my clit, sending my eyes in the back of my head and I was tossing my
head from side to side. Then came when we grinded our wet clits together I ask her first and she was top
and then I was on top and after having an clitoral orgasm from that position. She was so wet and creamy.
She tasted like a sweet thick clear drink. I sucked on her clit and admired her shave vagina. I sucked
every part of her body that looked delious. I kept sucking and then licking on her nipples.

We were kissing endlessly. Something I could only do with a woman never a guy. I do not know if it was
her pink soft lips or that it was so passionate. But for some reason I could kiss her for hours. We did
scissors again and I kiss my boyfriend, and they kissed. We all told each other we loved each other and
how if things were different we would not mind being together . . . all three of us again. All my doubts and
worries disappeared after that. I did ask her about what was going on in her life. She said she was going
through a lot with her life and husband. It was true but I felt sad for some reason.

She finger me endlessly. I enjoyed it. I came so much that my panties stuck to the wall after I was done
with them. My boyfriend did not sleep with me because of the problem I was having but I was fine with
that. I had her and he had ate me out and kiss me and touch me and that was fine. I loved every minute
of it. After that exhausted night of sex with all three of us for three hours she fell asleep and curl up to
me, while I watch a movie and my boyfriend was on his laptop. They were both white skin with black as
night hair while I was a mocha with dark brown hair. I will never forget this night. It will forever be in my
thoughts and dreams and who knows maybe it will happen again and maybe next time it will be just me
and her and then we could do scissors all day.

© 2014 Patricia Thomas

Patricia Thomas is 23 and lives in New York. She is a novelist. Patricia loves writing about
Romance and erotica. And is looking to soon publish her first novel Magnetizing: A different
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