My First Ride
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My First Ride
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I had just turned 21 years old and went into my first bar The pink
pussy cat. I sat at the bar feeling so good when I ordered my rum and
coke. As I sipped my drink I noticed that the bar was full of only
women. I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned to see who was
wanting my attention. She was a big girl with short spiked blonde hair.
She was dressed all in black leather right down to her black boots.

She leaned into me and whispered."You're beautiful, dance with me."
She requested as she smelt my long brown hair.

I swallowed hard . . . Why I almost swallowed my own tongue from
gulping so hard. "I guess it would be alright. "I told her as I stood up
from my bar stool.

I was thankful it was a fast song . . .The faster I danced from her the
faster she was up on me. She grabbed my hand pulling me into her
arms and kissed me! I found it exciting. I could not get that kiss off of
my mind and nor could my pretty trimmed pussy. It kept Throbbing in
my silver silk thong that matched my silver mini dress. She ordered
more drinks and I drank them without any protest. I was feeling quite
good and really liked how she would lean in and kiss me and then
nibble my neck. My thong was so wet and I needed to get fucked.
The last dance she danced me out to her bike and off we went into
the darkness of night. It was my first ride, my first time making out
with another female.

We pulled up to her place, a drab little apartment on the east side of

Once inside she pushed me up against the wall and began kissing
me hard. Her tongue finding every crevice inside of my mouth. Her
hands roamed over my tits and ass. She began to undress me until I
was completely nude. She went down on her knees so she could
tongue my pussy now. Oh my her tongue made me so hot, my hands
roamed my tits and through my hair. Fuck me I began to chant over
and over. I wanted to fuck her face so hard.

My hands had her head as my hips rotated so hard on her face. I felt
my clit swelling, it was hard from her tongue lashes. She was burying
her face up inside of my pussy. Her three fingers entered my pussy
as her tongue worked its magic. My pussy exploded all of its juices
into her mouth. I was so weakened by my first orgasm with a woman.
She was now undressed and led me to the bed. She leaned over me
and began kissing me. She was getting me primed for round two.

We were locked in each other's arms, our bodies tangled together as
one. Soft kisses we gave as each other petted the others breast
softly, sucking on the hardened nipples. My fingers slid up and down
in her vagina and she moaned softly. I moved down her body and
between her thighs. I was only there for a few licks when she got up
off the bed. I looked at her confused and then I saw a double headed
dildo. She was on top and inside of me, giving me such wonderful
pleasure. We were kissing so passionately, the room and bed felt like
it was spinning. I was so hot, so horny and I wanted to fuck her
harder, I wanted to get down deep inside of her hot juicy pussy. Such
raw and new thoughts ran through my mind as I rammed her pussy
over and over with the dildo.
God she was so good and she made me feel so good. My pussy was
so creamy, it throbbed wanting to release the nectars of my vagina. I
yearned for satisfaction and began to beg for it. This made her want
me more and with one hard twisting thrust of her hips I was ready to

Her breathing was hot and heavy, I wrapped my legs around her
waist. Oh my! I thought when we both moaned so loud as an orgasm
rocked our world. Oh yes! Yes I kept repeating to myself. She laid on
top of me for a few minutes. After we quenched our thirst with some
wine and cheese. She went to the kitchen and returned with
strawberries and whip cream. I watched how she dipped the
strawberry into the cream and then lightly ran it over my nipples and
sucked the cream off of my nipples. My God this woman was turning
me on with a strawberry! She dipped another one and ran it softly
across my neatly trimmed pussy. Her long thin tong lightly touched
my pussy and then with whip cream on her tongue began sucking my
clit. I was wanting to cum again and again she teased when she felt
my hips move.

I loved how she dipped into my pussy with the cream covered
strawberry and then lick my pussy clean. Her tongue moved like a
snake in and out. My fingers dug into the mattress as my whole body
broke out in goose bumps. My nipples were so hard and swollen. No
one had ever made me feel as she was at that moment. She placed
her body between my thigh's and nipped my clit a little with her pearly
white teeth. . . It felt so good. She than straddled me with her cunt in
my face. I followed her lead and began licking her pussy. She took
her hand and wiped her pussy with the cream. My tongue licked
happily over and in her bald pussy. I could hear her moans mingling
in with mine and it drove me crazy with desire. I wanted to lick her
pussy until it spurted its juices into my mouth. My face was getting
sticky from the cream and I wanted my tongue deep inside of that
beautiful vagina. I felt like I could not get enough of it. She tasted so
delightful that I placed my tongue harder on her clit, I began to suck
on it. I could feel it swelling on my tongue. She began to moan louder
and began pushing that pussy down on my tongue and I with drew
my tongue and slapped her ass. I placed my finger inside of her
vagina and moved it in slow circles. She was now begging me to let
her cum and this turned me on.

We both began to lick and suck harder and harder. Our tongues
licked until the sweet nectar spewed from our clits. We laid side by
side and our breathing was heavy and our bodies were so relaxed. A
few minutes had past and she rolled over facing me. Her finger softly
circled my nipple as her gaze was that of an angel. She began
kissing me and I began to feel this stirring deep inside of me. I began
to think I was insatiable to her touch. Oh yes suck on it I thought to

She stopped and removed her self from the bed to the kitchen again.
This time she returned with chilled oysters and they slide down our
throats cooling them off. After we finished our little treat to enhance
our mood she hit me with a pillow. I was on her before she could
move. I pinned her down on the bed and began kissing her neck. Her
laughter actually enticed my mood and I wanted her again. My heart
began to beat wildly and I felt the wetness between my thighs. I
retreated from the bed pulling her hand to come with me. She
followed behind me to the bathroom. The water was warm to our
bodies causing goose bumps to form on our flesh. I took her into my
arms and we began to kiss and licked the water off of our flesh. I
wanted her again and she wanted me. She pushed me up against
the wall plying me with passionate kisses to my lips and neck. She
poured the soft soap into her hand and began lathering up my body
as I did hers. Her hand between my thighs and cleansing my pussy.
Both of our hands kept the same beat playing with our clits, running
our fingers around the rim of our pussy holes. I began to take over
and she was up against the wall breathing heavy. She looked so
beautiful with the shower water running down her body. She now had
both arms wrapped around my neck. Her hips were dancing to my
fingers in her pussy. Her moans were becoming so loud it was driving
me crazy and I was dripping from my pussy. Her moan became so
loud as her legs became wobbly from the pleasure I gave her.

Before I could even think she had turned me around so I was against
the wall. She was like a animal kissing and fondling me. I felt her
three fingers inside of my pussy as her thumb massaged my clit. Oh
God I was so turned on by this. Her hand moved so slowly and my
thighs were spread so wide. I felt her other hand playing with my ass
and her middle finger darted in and out of my ass. Oh I wanted to
cum on those beautiful fingers of hers. They made magic happen in
my pussy. The goose bumps were covering every inch of my body.
She was now pushing her thumb a little harder on my clit. My hips
was moving side to side and all around as she kissed and nibbled on
my now protruding nipples. I was breathing so hard, I wanted that
climax to shoot out of my pussy and on to her hand. Oh my God she
was driving me crazy along with the hot shower water intensifying the
goose bumps. My two hands incased her cheeks and I kissed her so
hard as my fingers ran through her short blonde hair. Oh baby fuck
me I thought to myself. My hips were grinding even harder now. God I
wanted to climax so badly and couldn't. My breathing was so rasped.
I bit my bottom lip as she bit my nipple. Please, please let me cum I
thought to myself.

The anticipation of climaxing was almost driving me crazy with desire.
I was moaning and begging her to let me come and she would apply
a little more pressure to my swollen clit. My clit throbbed as her
thumb was driving my whole body insane. Please, please, please let
me come I prayed to myself. My knees were trembling, my calves
became taut as I was now on my tip toes. My hands began rubbing
over my body and to my head where my fingers ran through my hair
as my flesh was turning pink from the hot water. Her hands still
working my pussy and ass and now she had three fingers in my
asshole. My God I felt so horny, dirty and that made me feel even
hotter to be having such raw sex with her. My pussy began to
explode its juices over her hand. My moans were now almost in
screams of jubilation. Oh my God give it to me baby, yeah fuck that
pussy of mine I said a loud as I came.

As she led me from the shower we went and curled up on her couch
as we recovered from the most wonderful sex I have ever had. We
drank more wine and ate more cheese as we listened to the music.
We moved out to her patio to her apartment completely nude. She
pressed her body against mine the railing felt cold on my back. We
were 30 floors up and people in the next building could see our
nakedness perfectly.

The breeze was cool and it made our nipples protrude.

The thought that perfect strangers could see our nude bodies turned
me on. She nibbled softly on my neck as she cupped my breast. She
teased me that I would not be able to come again because I was so
young and inexperienced in sex. I looked at her and told her to bring
it on. Before I knew what hit me she was on her knees and diving in
between my thighs. Her tongue began to lick my now tender clit. I
prayed I would be able to come again. Then that familiar feeling of
my clit growing hard from her tongue. Oh yeah baby I will come I
thought to myself. Her snake like tongue was making my pussy wet
again. I was now so ready for her to fuck me with that tongue and
was surprised when she told me to wait here for her return. She
returned alright with the biggest double headed dildo I had ever
seen. She slowly slid it up inside of me and then her. Fuck my cock
baby she whispered into my ear. Those words sounded so hot to me.
You little slut I said fuck my cock and I began grinding my pussy on
her cock. This was so exciting I wanted more of her dirty talk to me.
She could see it was turning me on. You fucking bitch fuck me! She
told me as she pulled the back of hair causing my head to go
backwards. Her mouth attacked my neck and I could feel all of these
hickies being placed on my neck. Oh my God I want you so much! I
cried out into the night air. We were both grinding and moaning on
the patio when a huge orgasm rocked our bodies.

I was exhausted from this new kind of love making. I could not believe
how she sent me to heaven. We rolled out of bed and back into our
clothes. The ride back was very peaceful.

I could not stop smiling as we rode down the highway weaving in and
out of traffic with the air blowing through our hair. I had freed myself
tonight and tried a new adventure. I could smell her scent mingling
into the night air. The ride just completed the whole evening.

She saw me to my car and I gave her my phone number. We would
get together every chance we could to capture the great orgasms we
experienced in one night. That was twenty years ago and we are still
close friends today.

The end