My Night With A Goddess
Story Codes: FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Oral

My Night With A Goddess

I never really been into kinky sex; although, I have had many
lesbian lovers. However, I will tell you about my first kinky experience!!!

  One night, me (Kelly), Susan and Marie went to a local gay and
lesbian club down town. Susan, Marie and me have been friends since
high school. Both Susan and Marie are bisexual, but me I am strictly

  The club was hot. Bodies were all sweaty from dancing. And everyone
in the club seemed to be having a great time. Susan and Marie
sandwiched me in a seductive threesome dance and people surrounded
us and watched us dance.

  I saw the most incredible woman staring at me as we danced. She was
about 5'8, 130 pounds, short brownish hair, hazel eyes and huge
breast. She had on a hot red short sleeve top, and a black mini
shirt that went midway to her thighs. She was hot!! And I knew I had
to meet her. I made eye contact with her and I watched as she
smiled at me as I danced with Susan and Marie...

  After the song was over, I walked over to the woman and introduced myself.
Her name was Anna.
"Damn!"  Her voice was even sexy!
I loved the sight of this woman and she just blew me away. I
checked her out from head to toe and she was a goddess, no doubt
about it.  I had to have her!! I remember thinking that, I would
do all most anything to have her if only for one night.

  We danced to a slow jam on the dance floor. She let me roam my
hands all over her beautiful body while we danced slowly together and looking
into each other's eyes.

  Her body was so warm as I slid my hands down her curvy body and squeezed
her full ass. Her ass felt so soft. I was so attracted to her. Her
sweaty body was like a drug that I had to have. And at that moment I
wanted to lick the sweat from her pretty little forehead.

  Susan and Marie left the club together. And I invited Anna over to
my house to become better acquainted. Anna drove with me in my car.
When we got to my house, Anna wanted to take a shower. I showed her
the shower in my bedroom. She walked into the bathroom and started
to undress right in front of me. I was surprised but I did not want
to leave, so I just stood there and watched as she undressed. She
was a goddess in my eyes!! And my eyes widened as I noticed her erect nipples
staring at me from behind her bra. It almost seemed as if they were ready to
unleash themselves for my eyes only. (And I was so ready).

  Her final pieces of clothing to take off were her panties and bra.
She had a matching see through black bra and pantie set. I felt my
mouth water with anticipation of seeing her completely nude. She
then took off her bra. He tits were huge, red and perky. Her
nipples were so large and hard. They looked so good, I wanted to so
suck them so bad.

  Then she reached down and took off her panties, revealing her shaved
pussy. She looked into my eyes seductively. My pussy was dripped wet,
because I was so excited. She was turning me on and I think she knew

  She asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her. I quickly pulled
off my pink dress, black bra and panties set in record time. I got into the
shower with her. We started rubbing each others tits against each
other. The water was hot and the heat felt so good on our skin. I
leaned over and kissed her lips softly as I caressed her body. She
sucked on my bottom lip and then stuck her tongue in my mouth then
twirled it around my mouth and I was in ecstasy!!

  I felt my body tingling all over. I pulled back and began kissing
her neck, and sucked on her huge tits. I felt like I was dreaming,
but indeed I was wide awake. I could hear her moan as I sucked on
her nipples and breast. I quickly bit down on her nipples then
sucked on them hard and slow. I sucked on each delicious tit. Her
beauty seemed too good to be true

  I got down on my knees and positioned myself between her legs, to view
her pussy as the water from the shower poured over my head and face.
I leaned over and kissed her pussy. It was so wet and I had to explore more. Her
hips were slowly swaying back and forth toward my face. Her pussy lips were so
puffy and then I spread them apart for an more intimate view. I slowly sucked on
her lips then slid my tongue up and down her clit. I wanted more so I
opened her pussy wider and sucked on her clit harder and I could
heard the loud echo of her moans in the shower. I began twirling my
tongue on her clit; it excited me and I wanted to please her more!!

  After the shower we both dried up and walked into my bedroom. She
turned to me holding her breast and feed a nipple in my mouth. I
sucked it and bit down on it and sucked her nipples some more. I was really
getting into sucking on her tits.

  She then grabbed me by the arm and pushed me down on the bed. . She
had pinned me down on the bed I was helpless. She picked up a pair
of her nylon stockings which were on the bed and tied both of my
hands to the bed. I didn't realize how strong she was. I could have
fought back but I didn't because I was liking how she made me
feel...out of control!!...and She was controlling my every move!!!!

  "You got nice nipples," she said inspecting my body....

  She then spread my legs wide open and inspected my pussy. "Mmmmm,
you so wet...yummy"

  "I should spank you," she said in an sarcastic tone. I closed
my eyes and braced myself. I felt her grab my leg up and began to
spank my butt...Her raising my left leg up in the air while she spanked me with her

  "Ouch!" I said, as she spanked me harder and harder. My butt stung
ever time she would slap it.

  "Where would you like my tongue baby?" She asked. I didn't say
anything at first because I was still in shock from being spanked.

  "I said where do you want my tongue!" She demanded.

  "In between my legs," I replied.

  She started licking on my thighs and rubbing my bushy pussy
passionately. I was so hot and horny. I wanted to grab her head into
my pussy but I couldn't because my hands were tied up. She licked my
pussy and fingered me then stopped.

  "that's enough" she said "its time you pleasure me some more. Are
you ready to eat my pussy baby?"

  "Yes," I replied. I could not possibly resist doing anything she wanted, I followed
her every command.

  I stiffened my tongue. And then she sat on my tongue, sliding her pussy on my
tongue. She spreads her gorgeous cheeks and sat right on my face, with my
nose on her clit.

  "Can you feel me baby?" She asked.

  "I licked around her pussy and her sweet asshole. I slide my tongue up and
down the crack of her ass. And I could tell that she was loving every minute of it.
She was dripping wet, and I could feel her cum all over my face. I began to lick
and bite on her clit. I kissed them with great passion. I was smother in her
wetness...Smothered under her ass, I struggled to breath but I was desperate to
please this beautiful goddess. I continued tonguing her muscles as she grinded
her pussy and ass into my face.

  With a growing sense of power she was beginning to control me, she
arched her back and pushed back her ass, spreading her legs even

  "Open your mouth, are you ready to drink my cum?" she asked.
I opened my mouth and obeyed her command. I pressed my lips directly
against her pussy hole, let my lips part and began almost to suck.
And suddenly I felt a hot squirt in my mouth. I tasted it as it went down my throat.

  "Oh, yes. Lick my cum. Lick my pussy hole clean. Lick my sweet ass.
you cunt!!"

  I could smell sweet of your cum. It was streaming hot!!! The smell turned me on
and I wanted more to please her.

  "Stick your tongue all the way in my ass!" She demanded. "Lick it
up, lick it clean!" She demanded. I licked up and down her ass,
pussy and her piss hole. And buried my face in her ass. Her ass
smelled wonderful with remains of a pussy smell that I adored.

  I have never been sexually submissive like this ever before, but
have always dreamed of finding a woman who could control me this
way. She made me do things that no one has ever been able to do.

© 2011 NB

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