My Over-Sexed Wife – Part 2  
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Group, Interracial

My Over-Sexed Wife – Part 2  
by Vagabond

"Hi David....yes, we had a wonderful time. I've got some photos I'd like you to see... Friday night? Okay, see
you about seven, bye."

I hung up the phone and went outside to the garden where Leigh was trimming an evergreen. "David just
called, their place at seven on Friday, okay?"

"Umm, that's fine, how much did you tell him?"

"I just said we had some photos, I think he assumed they're of the wedding. Anyway, pack something sexy
to wear; I want you dressed like a horny slut as usual."

"Oh, I'm sure I can find something. The photos should make David's big cock nice and hard."

"There was another cock called to say it wanted you in the garden shed in thirty seconds."

"Well, we mustn't keep your cock waiting must we?"

I watched her walk down the path to the shed, exaggerating the sway of her hips tightly bound in her short
shorts. She turned and posed at the open door, her hard nipples straining the thin material of her T-shirt
then she disappeared inside. As I started down the path fist the T-shirt then the shorts flew out of the
doorway and landed on the garden. I entered the shed and she was sitting on the potting bench, naked.
Her legs were splayed and she was toying with her clit. I walked up to her and we kissed as she unbelted
my pants and pulled at my underwear. My dick sprang out and she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.

Leigh and I ran up the driveway in pouring rain and in through the door that David held open for us.

"What a night!" he said, "Vera's in the family room, very horny and raring to go." Seeing Leigh's overnight
bag he added, "You may as well go upstairs and change, Vera has already. I'll have a glass of wine ready
when you come down."

"Thanks, David, I won't be long," she replied and made her way upstairs followed closely by two pairs of

David rubbed his crotch and said, "Ooh, that's a lovely backside, especially viewed from below. I've been in
touch Leon, the black guy who helped me organise Vera's gangbang and a plan is coming together that
should see our ladies get all the black dick they need and then some. He and a friend are coming over
tonight about ten, it will be a surprise for the gals. We can do our thing then watch them get some big black

"Sounds great," I said, my cock already hard at the thought of Leigh not knowing she was going to be
fucked by another black guy, maybe two.

Vera was standing by the patio doors with a glass of wine in hand watching the raindrops stream down the
glass. Her tight, black mini-skirt was so short it exposed the cheeks of her ass and the garter straps that
attached to fishnet stockings. Stilettos accentuated her legs and when she turned around her big tits were
hardly contained in the see-through white blouse that was unbuttoned halfway.

"Hi, Vera, you look good enough to eat." I embraced her and as we kissed I squeezed her bare ass and
pulled her crotch into mine."

"I certainly hope you will and a lot more besides," she replied, "David said you have some photos of the
wedding to show us."

"Oh yes," and I handed the camera chip to him and he set about connecting it through the big screen TV
then poured a glass of wine for Leigh.

My wife came into the room wearing a naughty maid's outfit. The tight skirt showed as much ass as Vera
and her stockings were also black fishnet. She paraded around the family room and staying in character,
bent over to tidy the cushions exposing her naked behind.

"I've always wanted to fuck a maid," David said as he dropped a coin onto the floor. "Leigh, there's
something on the floor over there. You really must pay more attention to your work otherwise I will have to
give you a spanking."

"Sorry, Sir, I'll be more careful. I don't want you to put me over your knee and smack my bottom....unless, of
course, I'm naughty again, then I will deserve it," she replied timidly, and bent over to pick up the quarter
making sure we had very erotic views of her ass, legs and pussy. David took advantage of her position and
fondled her then she straightened up and gave him the coin.

"There you are, Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?" she said in a dumb blonde kind of way.

Oh, there's plenty you can and will do for me but I see you missed another coin," and he tossed it onto the
floor again.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sir, I'll get it right away" she said and exaggerated her walk and bent over and took her time
picking it up. She strutted into the adjoining kitchen, washed the coin under the tap, then waltzed back and
sat on the couch. She lay back, opened her legs and put the coin in her pussy.

"Here's your coin, Sir," she pointed to her pussy," do you still want it?"

"If you think putting it there will distract me from your sloppy work you are very much mistaken. I'll get that
coin later but first you know what happens to a naughty maid."

He sat on the couch and ordered her over his knee. A playful spanking has always aroused her and she
assumed her submissive position. David slowly lifted her tiny skirt and caressed her ass before smacking
each cheek several times. Although it wasn't painful Leigh pretended it was and protested, "Oh Sir, it hurts,
please, no more, I'll be good, I promise."

She got off David's knee and sat beside him. He knelt between her legs and after a few minutes retrieved
the coin and displayed it between his teeth.

After this little diversion we sat on the couch in front of the TV. David operated the remote and as the gals
lazily fondled our erections, the first of about thirty wedding pictures appeared on the screen.

"After this we'll go upstairs and get down to business, this maid is going to get well and truly fucked tonight,"
David said excitedly as she stroked him.

"Oh, Sir, you make me sooo horny, just feel my pussy, its sooo wet,"

She was wet because she knew what was coming; it was the same reason my cock was rock hard in Vera's
hand. David clicked through the wedding and then Leigh and Bryan appeared. It was a long shot showing
her bent over holding her ankles, her legs looked fantastic in heels and stockings. Bryan was standing
behind her and a little to the side spreading her cheeks apart to expose her pussy. His massive dick curved
down under its weight alongside one of her legs.

"Gee, this is more like it, wow," exclaimed David.

"I want to see more of him, his cock looks very impressive, my god!" exclaimed Vera.

It was beyond horny seeing my wife on the screen. I relived those nights, Bryan 's cock deep in her mouth,
her pussy spread wide and cum-covered or Leigh sitting on top of him just as he enters her.

"Holy fuck, that was horny! You naughty, naughty girl! I can't believe you took most of that monster black your mouth and pussy," David raved when we had seen all of the photos.

We spent the next several minutes giving them all the details. How Bryan had stayed and fucked my wife
throughout the night and how horny his big black cock had made her. David rose out of the couch and
said, "Geez, let's go upstairs, my cock is about to burst."

"Yours isn't the only one," I retorted.

At the stairs we observed the ritual of watching our wives. Vera went up first, putting on a show by sticking
out her behind and spreading her legs then she sat near the top with legs wide apart. David gave Leigh a
duster and she pretended to dust the woodwork as she made her way up toward Vera. She teased us by
bending over provocatively and when she was near the top she spread her legs, leaned over and buried
her face in Vera's bush. David and I watched from below and fondled our erections then David went up
behind Leigh and mounted her. I sat a few stairs below, tilted my head back and enjoyed the view of my
wife being screwed from behind.

In the bedroom the gals knelt side by side, waiting for our cocks which we delivered to their open mouths.

"I think this horny maid needs to service both of us tonight,' David said as she slurped on his cock. "I know
she wants to but first her pussy needs to be filled with a big, black dick, just like Bryan 's. Get that pussy
pleaser ready, Vera," and he helped Leigh onto her hands and knees on the bed.

Vera took a huge black strap-on cock out of a drawer and secured it around her waist. She applied a
generous coating of lubrication to the massive knob and veined shaft and pushed it easily into my wife's
pussy while David continued to thrust into her mouth. I knelt beside Vera and she masturbated me as I
watched the thick rubber cock plough deep into Leigh's hot box. I suggested a change of positions and
Vera lay on the bed and Leigh sat on the rubber cock. David knelt over Vera's head and Leigh leaned
forward and sucked his dick while Vera mouthed his balls. I lubricated my dick and looked down at my wife's
ass and spread her cheeks. The rubber cock thrust into her pussy and I slowly pushed my dick in her ass.
She had three orgasms before we all lay on the bed to catch our breath.

I returned from the bathroom to see David on top of my wife, her legs wrapped tightly around his back. She
was eating Vera as she sat facing the wall. I stood on the bed in front of Vera and leaned against the wall.
Her mouth welcomed my dick hungrily for a while and then she lay down beside Leigh and I climbed on top.
The gals received generous amounts of semen. David asked them to leave their outfits on for a second
helping of cock after a glass of wine and a snack. They, of course, believed David and I would provide that.
I knew different and was looking forward to it.

Leigh and Vera got on their hands and knees on the coffee table. David and I sat and enjoyed the view
while they fingered themselves then we leaned forward and busied our tongues between their legs. The
front door bell rang and alarmed the gals but David got up, put on a robe and said, "Don't worry, stay
where you are, it's alright," he turned to me and gave a devilish grin then headed for the door.

There were mumblings at the door then I heard David coming back. Behind him were two black guys.
"Here's your second helping, ladies a little surprise for you both."

He introduced us to Leon , 5' 11" with a fit build and Terry, 6' 3", heavy set and built like a line backer. His
shaved head sat on top of a massive neck and shoulders, his arms and thighs were huge.

The coffee table was situated between a couch on one side and two chairs on the other. Our wives were
sitting on the table, almost everything exposed for the men to see. David and I occupied the chairs and
Leon and Terry the couch, our wives facing them.

"Let them have a good look ladies, show them what you've got to offer," David said and they leaned back,
spread their legs and fondled themselves and each other.

"Turn around and show them the back view," I said and they knelt on the table and displayed themselves.

"I'll take the blonde pussy first," Leon said to Terry."

The men leaned forward and began mauling our wives, first their stocking-covered legs, then over naked
thighs and buttocks, spreading cheeks apart and finally to their pussies. Leigh looked at me; her mouth
opened and her eyes closed. She moaned and raised her ass higher in the air giving Leon better access to
her pussy. The men stood and removed their clothes and freed their massive erections then sat down
again. Vera sat between the men and Leigh knelt in front of them. David and I sat on the arms of the couch
at either end. Leigh masturbated both black dicks and fondled their balls while the men mauled and kissed
Vera. I watched Leigh's lovely lips, tongue and mouth excite one cock then the other coating them with
saliva while jerking on their shafts. Leon got up and placed my wife on the coffee table and licked her cunt
and clit. His hands squeezed her tits, pulling and twisting the nipples to hardness. Vera lay on the couch
and Terry's massive bulk lowered onto her; she sighed deeply and wrapped her legs around him.

"This blonde pussy is sweet and ready to be filled," Leon said and he stood and held his huge black.
Leigh looked up at it and moaned, "Fuck me now, stick your big hard cock in me and cum inside me."

He fucked my wife on the coffee table while David and I held her legs and watched his massive black cock
almost split her in two. Familiar noises filled the room -- skin slapping against skin, wet pussies squelching
as they were pumped over and over, cries, moans and noisy climaxes. Leon ejaculated then stood and
jerked his dick, expelling the last of his sperm onto Leigh's pubic hair. She ran her fingers through the
blonde mound and put them in her mouth in a deliciously horny display.

"She yours, Terry, this horny blonde pussy should be loosened up enough for you. Come and fuck the
maid," Leon said.

It was not until Terry climbed off Vera that I noticed just how big he was in every department, no wonder
Vera still lay on the couch whimpering in a lust filled daze. His massive thighs and arms seemed diminished
by the size of his cock. Like Bryan 's, it hung slightly downward under its own weight but was much thicker
and the large circumcised head was gigantic. Leon sat on top of Vera and she trapped his cock between
her tits and tickled his knob with her tongue whenever it was within reach. Terry moved over to Leigh and
held out his hand and she stood beside him and immediately grabbed his cock. She looked so small next to
him and I wanted to see this big man fuck her. He led her to the middle of the room and she lay on the
carpet. Leigh lay with her legs spread wide, squirming as she worked on her cum-filled pussy and gazed up
at the huge and menacing cock above her. He stood over her sliding a hand over his cock in long, slow
strokes while the other one grasped his balls. My wife was impatient and pleaded with him, "Give it to me...
stick it in me...oh please give it to me now." Terry knelt between her legs, dwarfing her and steered his cock
into her pussy. He pushed forward in one slow move then began a determined pumping of her wet slit. She
let out little whimpers and soon his cock was covered in cream and her cries became louder. He drove into
her again and again and her legs wrapped around his back then flailed about helplessly. He raised her legs
and used every ounce of his considerable weight to pound her pussy until his hot load rushed deep in her
vagina. She sucked his cock clean with a look of sheer lust and satisfaction on her face.

The maid's outfit was rumpled beyond recognition and Leigh straightened it and fixed her stockings. Terry
came up behind her and rubbed his semi-hard cock between her ass cheeks and his meaty hands
smothered her breasts. Vera stood beside Leigh and Leon joined them. He had them spread their legs and
bend over and grasp their ankles. David and I and joined the black men and together our fingers probed
slippery holes and playfully smacked their buttocks. I noticed Terry's cock twitching and hoped he'd fuck my
wife in this position. He must have read my mind for he took hold of his dick, jerked it a few times then
rubbed it back and forth along Leigh's ass crack. I spread her cheeks and watched the large black pole
sink into her pussy. Not to be outdone, Leon did likewise to Vera. After several minutes of frenzied fucking,
during which Terry's thrusts were so hard I had to steady Leigh from falling over; he fired another load in
my wife's pussy. My hard cock now took Terry's place and his sperm covered my cock as I screwed my
wife's aroused and well-used pussy. Terry's cum became sticky then frothy, building up on my cock and
around Leigh's labia. It felt and looked so erotic that my sperm soon mingled with Terry's in a powerful
ejaculation. David was giving it hard and fast to Vera as Leon fingered her asshole. He shot his wad into
her as Leon held her butt cheeks apart.

David accompanied Leon and Terry to the front door and I heard a further muted conversation. He
returned with a smile on his face and announced, "Don't make plans for the long weekend. Leon has
organized a little group gathering for you two horny ladies."

The long weekend was three weeks away and David gave us a few details. He had rented a house on the
coast a two hour drive away. He and Vera would pick Leigh and me up on Friday afternoon at 1:00pm. The
fun would begin just after six and end on Sunday evening. We gave him puzzled looks but before we could
speak he held up a hand and said, "The rest is a surprise but I can assure you we will have a very horny
time and you gals will get plenty of cock."

Vera glanced at Leigh, and lusty smiles spread across their faces.

Friday of the long weekend finally arrived and in a few short hours we would be on our way to the coast.
Leigh busied herself selecting sexy outfits and I stayed out the way, wanting her choices to remain a
surprise and took the opportunity to deposit a gift in the bottom of my hold-all for her birthday the following

Once off the highway the roads were narrow, winding and very scenic. We turned into a driveway that
twisted its way through a forest of pines for over a mile until we came to the house. It had once been a
weekend retreat but now, after several renovations, was a substantial year-round home. It stood about fifty
yards from a rocky shore and was surrounded on three sides by forest providing a very private, peaceful
setting. After stashing our luggage and touring the house we went for a walk outside. At the back of the
house a wooden deck led to a large lawn and garden with a path that made its way towards the ocean. On
the right, a rock outcropping standing about thirty feet high obscured our view of the sea. A smaller
outcropping stood on the left but between the two rock formations a gap provided a spectacular view of the
ocean. It was easy to see why the house was built at this location.

David announced that our 'guests' would be arriving about seven, plenty of time for a meal and a shower.
We agreed that Leigh and Vera would wait upstairs until called down for a grand entrance. David checked
his video camera and all was ready for what promised to be a horny evening.

Leon and eight other black men arrived promptly at seven. They ranged in age from about 25-55 and
varied in build. They had been chosen for their big cocks, staying power and ability to quickly regain
erections after ejaculating. Only the briefest introductions were made, they were here strictly to fuck our
wives and nothing more. We led them into a large room at the back of the house that looked out through
the gap in the rock escarpment to the ocean. It was furnished with three sofas, several chairs, coffee tables
and thick rugs. The men undressed and piled their clothes in a corner. Their cocks, though flaccid at this
point, were large and swayed to and fro as they moved about and found a seat. I went to the bottom of the
stairs and called the ladies down. They strutted into the room and what a horny, slutty pair they looked.
Vera wore a tight, one-piece, see-through black dress that just about covered her ass. The garter belt
attached to her black stockings could be seen through the thin material as could her big braless tits that
seemed to be succeeding in escaping from the low-cut neckline. High stilettos completed her horny
ensemble. Leigh wore a very short micro-mini skirt in red PVC with a tiny matching thong, garter belt and
half-cup bra. Red stockings, stilettos and a neck collar completed her outfit making her look a cross
between a naughty schoolgirl and a hooker. Both wore wet-gloss lipstick that would look so erotic sliding
over black cocks. They smiled when they saw the growing erections surrounding them and paraded
around, bending over and feeling themselves and each other. They looked ready and eager to be fucked
and I was anxious to watch.

Our wives lay on the floor in a sixty-nine and rolled about giving all the men an opportunity to see them
being eaten as ass cheeks and pussy lips were spread open. The men stroked their erections, not one
seemed less than ten inches long and all were thick and hard. Leigh and Vera then went around on their
hands and knees and sucked every cock. After all the cocks had felt those lipstick-covered lips they
directed their attention to the men sitting in chairs. They knelt on the edge of the chair facing outward and
lowered their heads towards the floor. In this position, with their legs spread across the arms of the chair,
they presented themselves for eyes, tongues and fingers. When all the men in chairs had sampled our
wives they assumed the same position on the end of the sofas and were passed along until each man had
tasted and fingered where their cocks would soon be.

David filmed Leigh as she stood with her legs wide apart, hands on hips in the centre of the room. She
pointed to several men in turn, curling her index finger in an invitation for them to approach. They gathered
around her, many hands mauling her body, pinching her nipples, squeezing her ass and jostling to probe
her pussy and tease her clit. Tongues explored her mouth, ear lobes and neck. Cocks rubbed against her
from every angle, sliding up the crack of her ass, across her thighs and into her hands. Cock followed cock
into her hands and she jerked the huge, hard poles that seemed to be everywhere. Two men lifted her up
and spread her legs wide enabling a third to fill her with his massive erection.

Vera crawled on her hands and knees to the men waiting their turn and kept them hard with her mouth and
hands. Each man had a few minutes fucking my wife then she was put down and the attention turned to
Vera. As Vera received the same treatment, Leigh serviced the waiting men from her knees and directed
their cocks into Vera's waiting pussy. It was never empty for more than a few seconds and Leigh was
mauled and fingered the entire time. Vera and Leigh lay on the floor a few feet apart and were mounted
immediately. Men kneel around them jerking off as our wives did their best to help them. The men rotate
until all have enjoyed our wives hands and pussies. They move to their hands and knees and are fucked
from behind while cocks vie for their mouths and rub across their faces, backs and necks.

A table stands in front of the window and our wives are taken over to it. Leigh lies on her back and Vera, on
all fours, straddles her face. A cock enters my wife's pussy at one end of the table while Vera sucks
another at the opposite end. The men pound into Leigh one after the other and her wet cunt is mercilessly
fucked by all nine men. Vera chokes on cock after cock and grinds her pussy into my wife's face. All the
while David is moving about with his camera. The men start to ejaculate and cum splashes all over and into
our wives. David's camera zooms in and out to record our wives covered and filled with cum.

The men leave and after the gals have freshened up we sat on the sofa and watched what David has
filmed. It made us very horny and after a half hour of swapping wives, I flooded Leigh's pussy with cum.

At 9:45 on Saturday morning Terry arrived with seven other black men. Within ten minutes cocks are in our
wives mouths and hands. They were both dressed as schoolgirls and the scene of them being methodically
fucked from behind while their pigtails are pulled was particularly erotic. The three-hour session ended with
them lying head to head with the men standing over them and jerking off onto them.

We drove to a nearby town on Saturday evening for a birthday dinner for Leigh. David had promised her a
special treat for later but refused to divulge any further information. Vera drove back to the house while
David and I played with Leigh in the back seat. Her clothing was more than a little dishevelled when we
exited the SUV and walked up to the house. Before Vera had closed the door David ushered Leigh onto the
sofa. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Leigh spread her legs and pulled her thong aside for
David to sink straight into her. Vera stroked my erection as we watched until they both had powerful
orgasms. He rolled off and Vera said to me, "You're next, it's her birthday!"

Leigh lay heaving slightly from her climax. Her legs were still spread and cum ran from her well-drilled
pussy. I quickly stripped off and added my load to David's.

"Well that was a surprise! Taking me like that, I still have all my clothes on and I've been screwed twice.
Seriously, thank you all for a lovely birthday.

David looked at his watch and announced, "You're surprise will be here in twenty minutes. I suggest you
freshen up and put on something very naughty."

"What do you mean?" she said, looking first at David then Vera and finally me. We shrugged our shoulders
in ignorance. David followed with, "You'll see, now off you go...twenty minutes!" With a puzzled but excited
grin she made her way upstairs.

David had a devilish smile on his face but gave nothing away as he opened a bottle of wine and filled our
glasses. "We actually have about forty minutes," he grins, "Cheers!"

It took my wife thirty minutes to return and she looked stunning. She had chosen a deep pink, open-cup
bustier with matching thong and black fishnet stockings and high heels.

"Very nice," commented David as he handed her a glass of wine, "just a few minutes 'til your treat arrives." I
just smiled and gave her a wink.

We saw the headlights flash across the window as a car pulled up outside. David headed for the door and
there's tension in the room as we wondered what he was up to. Leigh was toying with her glass, looking
deliciously sexy and a little apprehensive as David opened the door.

"Welcome! Nice to see you, I've heard a lot about you from Leon. Our birthday girl is through this way," we
hear David say.

He entered the room with a tall, slim man with very dark black skin. "This is Ngoma," he announced and with
a sweep of his arm he introduced us, "This is Vera, Evan and our birthday girl, Leigh."

We learned his family came from Senegal when he was three months old and had a certain talent that
Leigh would soon experience.

Ngoma held his hand out to my wife and she is helped her out of the chair. He holds her close, caressing
the small of her back then gradually moved to her shoulders and neck. He stared intensely into her eyes
then slowly moved his head forward and they kissed, gently and tentatively at first but soon their tongues
are probing and entwining as excitement and passion build. He mouths her exposed breasts and his hands
move to her behind, roving over the luscious mounds, squeezing and teasing. He pulls her closer into him
and I know she can feel his cock and wonder if it is bigger than the ones she has, already had inside her.
He moved her backwards toward the chair, breaks their embrace and kneels before her. His tongue
explores her navel as he carefully lowers her thong allowing her to step out of it. With slow, sensual
movements he makes his way down to her pussy and she opens her legs to accept him. He continued to
caress her body; from ankles to breasts and hard nipples. She holds his head with both hands as he
excites her clitoris and she moans and flings her head back. After a while Ngoma stands and asks Leigh to
sit down. He spreads her legs over the chair's arms, exposing her pussy and his tongue continues to probe
and tease until she squirms to a strong orgasm. He stands and removes his shoes and socks then
unbuttons his shirt revealing his lean, toned upper body. When he takes off his pants the bulge beneath
his white thong confirms that she is about to experience the biggest and thickest cock yet.

He steps closer and invites her to take his thong off. She bites down on the corner of her lip as she leans
forward and slowly lowers the tiny piece of material. His long, thick cock hangs down, semi-hard. The shaft
is jet black while the knob is a dark reddish brown and heavy balls hang loosely in a huge ball sack. Leigh
reaches out with both hands, touching it lightly at first, as if it were fragile, almost as if it wasn't real. She lifts
the massive cock with one hand and fondles his balls with the other, gently squeezing one nut then the
other before mouthing and sucking them as she jerks the monster above her head with both hands. His
dick grows to an incredible length and girth as her small, delicate hands work their magic; it's so thick her
fingers can't reach around it.

She has to open her mouth very wide just to accommodate his knob and after a few gentle sucks she flicks
her tongue over it. His piss hole is very large and she pays special attention to it, stiffening her tongue to
reach inside and tease it. With her mouth open as wide as it can go she moves her head quickly back and
forth over his dick that now looks like a giant nightstick. She slurps, gurgles and chokes, saliva drips from
her mouth and less than half of it is down her throat. My cock is rigid thinking about it in her pussy.

David, who has been filming all of this, asks Ngoma to step back for a moment and model his endowment.
He films it from long and short range and from several angles then nods that he is satisfied. Ngoma turns
back to Leigh and positions her ass on the edge of the chair. Her pussy is sopping wet and bright pink as
his big dick rubs over it, spreading her labia lips apart. She whimpers quietly in anticipation of what is to
come, her hand caresses his cock as it moves across her clitoris and onto her stomach. Her words are
muffled coos that taper off, "Yes...yes...ooh...please...yes...ooh yes...ooh." Ngoma holds his massive dick
and pushes the knob into my wife. She sucks in her breath and lets out an, "OOH," and he moves further
into her pink wetness. His strokes lengthen and his cock glistens with pussy juice as he plumbs the depths
of my wife's vagina. With each down stroke she moans, "Yes, ooh or fuck." Her legs flail about helplessly as
he drives into her and keeps it there for several seconds, throbbing and pulsing deep within her. He lifts
her legs over his arms and really gives it to her hard.

David lies on the floor and films from close in as the cock, shining with pussy juice, plunges down again and
again. Leigh screams and moans uncontrollably each time the huge dick buries inside her. After a
tremendous fucking Ngoma pulls out and stands up. David focuses on my wife's wide open pummelled
pussy as a stream of orgasmic fluid flows down between the cheeks of her ass.

"Come," Ngoma says and holds his hand out, "we'll finish on the bed." Leigh stands and they kiss again
then she grasps his long pole and heads for the stairs. David films as she leads him up by his cock and we
all follow. She sinks to her knees sucks Ngoma's cock and he asks for two towels. Vera delivers them and
Leigh lies on the bed. He places one towel under her ass and the other under her head. She willingly
opens her legs wide and his tongue goes to work once more and rapidly brings her to an orgasm. Ngoma
mounts her and she is fucked to distraction again. She loves his huge cock drilling deep into her with
powerful thrusts that bring her one orgasm after another. She paws at his back, clutches his ass and pulls
her legs back as far as she can as the gigantic, jet black cock hammers into her with a wild ferocity.

Ngoma begins to encourage my wife, "Yes...yes...give it to me baby...give it
to me, here it comes."

Leigh screams as he ejaculates and his sperm flows out of her pussy like a river soaking her thighs and
ass and gathering on the towel. Suddenly he pulls out and kneels over her face and masturbates. The first
spurt splashes across her chin, nose, left eye and into her hair. It is followed by several more powerful
bursts that crisscross her face. She opens her mouth and more loads of cum fire over her lips and down
her throat but he is still not finished. He ejaculates over her tits then mounts her again and cums again
inside her. He finally withdraws and rubs his cum-covered cock over her face and into her mouth. She lies
with her legs wide open, covered in cum and breathing convulsively, his seed runs onto the towel from her
pussy that is convulsing also.

After Ngoma leaves, his job more than well done, Leigh showers and joins us for a nightcap. "Wow, that
was some birthday present!" she exclaims, "That will be hard to beat; I've never seen so much cum from
one man, he almost drowned me!"

David then explained his surprise. Ngoma was one of those rare individuals who produce far more sperm
than the average male and knew my wife would enjoy that in addition to his really big cock. For the rest of
the evening Leigh couldn't wipe the 'Cheshire cat' smile from her face.

Vera turned to David and said, "After seeing Ngoma I hope you know what I want for MY birthday!"

"Had enough?" I ask as we pull the covers up on the bed.

"For now," she whispers, "but there's always tomorrow!"

We had a lie-in on Sunday; no one was expected until 2:00pm. David had told me that he expected a large
number of guys today. I wanted to try my hand at filming something I had fantasized about that involved
Leigh and a group of black guys and after breakfast, I ran my idea passed David. He thought it would be
fun and the location was perfect so we drove into town and picked up a few items I would need. I knew
where and how I wanted to film and by lunchtime we had set up the props.

At least twenty guys arrived at 2:20pm, some I had seen before the previous two days. I gathered everyone
together and explained my ideas then we went outside to view the locations. Back in the house the girls
went upstairs to change and the guys got naked. Again, Leon amazed us with his contacts, the men are fit
and big dicks hang between their legs. I chose two guys for the opening scene which would feature Leigh
and two guys with especially large dicks who agreed to be in the final scene.

Vera and Leigh joined us and are wear identical outfits; black leather half-cup bra and garter belt, black
nylon stockings and high heels. The men stare and many get hard and I can see the gals are going to get
more than enough cock today. It takes several minutes for everyone to take their places but we are now
ready to go.

The camera winds its way through a thick forest of pines. The trees thin out and a rocky outcropping can
be seen some distance ahead. Someone is standing there and as we approach the figure is that of a
scantily-clad woman tied to a frame of driftwood that has been driven into the ground at the base of the
rock. Her legs are spread apart and secured with ropes at her ankles. Her wrists are tied to the frame with
the palms facing outward beside her thighs. There are ropes hanging on the frame beside her suggesting
someone else has been tied there. The camera zooms in on her spike heels, then moves up her stocking-
clad legs to the naked flesh between stocking tops and garter belt then on to the exposed pussy with
swollen lips and the blonde triangle of hair resting above. From the garter belt the lens focuses on her
breasts and hard nipples. Her slender neck is framed by flaxen hair and her sensual lips are parted slightly
and painted with blood red lipstick.

She stares into the lens, her eyes wide and wild and she cries out. The camera goes out of focus and she
is gone. When focus returns she is still there but now black men stand on either side of her. Each hand is
now clasped around a long hard cock and the men thrust back and forth, their knobs rubbing through her
hands and onto her bare thighs. Black hands are busy between her legs and her nipples are tongued and
bitten. One of the men stands in front of her and guides his erection into her. He fucks her with long
deliberate strokes for a few minutes then his partner takes his turn. The ropes are untied and she is forced
to her knees and both men fuck her mouth. They stand her up and, holding her arms, lead her down a
path. They stop to fondle her again and place her hands around their dicks and force her to masturbate
them. A garden area is reached and a house can be seen in the background. Naked black men stand in a
semi-circle behind a table on which a black-haired woman lies surrounded by four men. Her legs are over
the shoulders of one man, his thick dick ramming into her as another fucks her throat. Two men stand
either side of her and she jerks them. The blonde is forced over the table and several men gather and feel
her ass and finger her pussy before she is turned over to lie beside the black-haired woman. The men
back off and the two women lie ravaged and exposed on the table. Someone orders them to open their legs
wide and finger themselves then a man approaches holding two thick, long cucumbers and hands one to
each woman. Nothing is said but the women know what is expected of them. All the men watch and
masturbate as the women ease these natural dildos past their labia lips and into their vaginas. Excitement
builds among the men as the cucumbers pump deeper and deeper. Squelching sounds are heard and the
woman can't help but climax with a mixture of cries and moans. The black-haired woman shrieks and
removes the cucumber and squirts into the air before plunging it back in again.

Some men have watched long enough and move to fill the women's mouths with their erections and paw at
their breasts. They grab the women's legs and pull them back, ankles almost touching their ears. Screams
of orgasm after orgasm fill the air and pussy juices squirt freely. Two men lubricate their stiff dicks with KY,
take hold of the cucumbers and ram them in and out roughly. They push their erections into the tight, hot
asses of the women who are now being fucked vigorously in every orifice. Sperm gushes down their throats
and into their asses. The cucumbers are discarded and the women are picked up and carried across the
lawn and laid over two rain barrels lying on their side. Their mouths are quickly filled again as I train the
camera on their bottoms. They are fondled and slapped before being fucked from behind with a savage
urgency. The men line up to take their turn, many going from one line to the other and back again. All holes
are available and the men use all of them.

They are carrying out my instructions very well. I want the women to be used in a frenzied fashion, their
mouths filled with cock and their cunts and asses constantly being fingered, licked or fucked.

From the barrels the two women are carried and set down on the cocks of men lying on the grass. First I
film the blonde's pussy sliding over a massive black cock then pan to record the other woman squirt as her
excited pussy accepts a rock hard dick followed quickly by another in her mouth and one in her ass. The
blonde is turned around to face the man's feet and he pulls her backwards. Another man positions himself
over her and pushes his cock in beside the first cock. As both dicks fuck her pussy, two more ram into her
mouth. This goes on for a while with the men changing places and moving the women about onto different
cocks and positions.

The last but one scene takes place on the deck at the back of the house. Earlier, David and I brought down
a mattress from one of the beds and placed it at the edge of the deck. We covered it with plastic sheeting
then secured bed sheets on top. It was the perfect height for the men to stand and fuck our wives. The
women are brought to the deck and lie down on the mattress side by side. The men line up in front of the
women to await their turn. As soon as a man ejaculates he steps aside and another takes his place. I film
the different ways the men fuck the women; some spread the legs wide, others drape each leg over a
shoulder or move forward forcing the legs around the woman's head. I film from different angles, showing
gaping, wet pussies and loads of sperm spilling from them. When the last man finishes I record the women
lying with their legs spread wide and their open pussies overflowing with cum. Just when they believe the
ordeal is over, two men with huge erections appear and force the cucumbers into their used pussies. They
pound them in and out, in and out with fast, deep strokes. I move in for close-ups as they slowly take them
out; first the dark-haired woman then the blonde and focus on their engorged pussies. The women are
brought to their feet and marched across the lawn to the path. As happened to the blonde on her journey
from the rock, the men take pleasure in smacking their asses and feeling their tits and pussies. They stop
and make the women jerk their giant poles and kneel to suck their cocks. When they reach the driftwood
frame the men tie their captive's hands above their heads. They lift the women's legs and ram into them
until they ejaculate. Their legs are spread and ropes secure their ankles and the men leave. I focus on the
two women and their ravaged bodies and cum that drips from their pussies onto the sand. The camera
retreats, the women become smaller and then there are only pine trees

Later that night we watch the film and all get very excited. Not surprisingly the gals are sore but say it is
their legs that are the worst, all that spreading and ankles behind the ears took its toll. Before going to bed
I watch the gals give David a wonderful double blow job then they do the same for me.

Leigh is satisfied for now but I wonder how long it will last and check my wallet to make sure I have Leon 's
telephone number.

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