My Over Sexed Wife - Part One (b)
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

My Over Sexed Wife - Part One (b)
by Vagabond

Sex in a hot tub can quickly cause the body to overheat so lengthy sessions should be avoided and
only considered as an appetizer before the main course. Vera and I sat back and watched David give
Leigh a few last thrusts before he said, "Here, try this, Vera loves it."

He sat Leigh down on one of the seats and pressed a button on the control panel. A strong jet of water
fired directly at her pussy like a liquid vibrator. She lay back, spread her arms out along the edge and
closed her eyes. David stood on two ledges on either side of Leigh and rubbed his dick across her lips.
She opened her eyes then her mouth and took him in. The water jet did its job and she moaned and
gagged on David's cock as she climaxed.

We exited the tub and showered to rid ourselves of the chemical residue. Vera and I went to the master
bathroom and Leigh and David went to the guest bathroom. Vera jerked my soapy cock while my hands
lathered her body. Her soap-covered tits, ass and pussy increased the sensuality of my fondling. I
thought of my wife doing the same with David and I almost shot my load and had to take Vera's hand off
my cock. We came out of the bathroom and Leigh was on the bed with her legs high in the air receiving
David's cock hard and fast. Each time he went in she cried, "Oh yes, stick it in deep and fuck me!"

She had come a long way from being reluctant to swear, I guessed David's big, thick cock had
something to do with that. Vera lay on the bed beside Leigh and I mounted her and fucked in unison
with David.

Vera got between Leigh's legs and began to eat her pussy. To my knowledge this was the first time
another woman had touched my wife sexually but she didn't seem to mind. I watched Vera spread my
wife's pussy lips apart and slide her tongue along the slit and onto her clit. David straddled Leigh's
chest and his dick found her mouth while I knelt behind Vera and entered her. My wife gurgled on
David's cock as she climaxed spurring Vera to an orgasm that sent a hot flood rushing over my shaft.

David and I stood beside the bed as Vera climbed on top of Leigh and tongued her nipples then moved
up and kissed her full on the lips. It was very exciting watching my wife like this and seeing how much
she was enjoying it. David opened a bedside table drawer and produced a double dong about two feet
long and lubricated both ends. He worked it into Leigh's pussy first then bent it around and inserted it
into his wife. David and I stroked our cocks as we watched the rubber cock filling their pussies. Vera
moved to where Leigh could suck her nipples and maul her big tits.

I lay on the bed and Leigh got on top and slid her wet pussy over my cock. David stood over me and
shoved his dick into my wife's mouth and Vera sat on my face. It was really horny to eat another man's
wife while fucking your own as she sucks on a huge, hard cock. Our wives then stood beside the bed
and bent over and we fucked them from behind, changing places several times until we both ejaculated.

We showered again, dressed and decided to go out for dinner. The King's Head was an English-style
pub and we found a booth in a corner. Leigh sat with David and Vera with me. As we ate we stole subtle
feels of one another, it may have been immature but it sure felt sexy. Vera wore a short skirt with no
underwear and I could finger her pussy easily. We had chicken wings and I dipped my fingers in the
sauce and smeared it over and in her pussy telling her I would lick it clean on the way home in the SUV.
Leigh went to the washroom and David slid to the inside of the booth. When she returned she sat on
the outside and David directed her hand to the napkin on his lap and she discovered he had taken his
cock out. As we ate and chatted, my wife slowly jerked and played with David's dick and balls under the
table. On the way back Vera and I broke the seat belt laws and I managed to recover all the sauce from
her pussy. As David drove, Leigh kept David's cock nice and hard with her talented fingers.

Back at the house our ladies went off upstairs to change while David and I made our way to the family

"Have a look at this," David said as he slipped a disc into the DVD player.

A woman lay on a bed playing with herself and when the camera zoomed in I saw it was Vera. Two men
appeared and got on the bed, their cocks already hard and they proceeded to give her a
comprehensive fucking culminating with both men cumming over her face.

"I filmed that about a year ago," David said then added, "I'll show you something else when the gals get

We heard them on the stairs and they came into room. Vera looked very much the tart in a very tight,
shiny black dress that barely covered her ass or tits. The garter straps led down to black fishnet
stockings and stilettos. Leigh, on the other hand, wore white and appeared virginal in contrast. The
satin basque pushed her tits up invitingly and the tiny thong strained to cover her pussy. White
stockings, stilettos and elbow-length gloves completed her sexy outfit. Our wives sat on the couch
between us and Leigh began to masturbate me with her silky, gloved hand. David got up and sorted
through several DVDs and put one in the player. He sat back down and Vera toyed with his erection
with one hand while teasing Leigh's clit with the other. The big-screen TV came to life and there was
Vera putting on lipstick in front of a mirror. It appeared to be a hotel room and by the skimpy red outfit
she was wearing it was time for sex. In response to knocking we were treated to great views of her
naked ass and legs clad in red stockings and spike heels as she walked over to the door. She opened it
and in came five black guys. They gathered in the centre of the room and Vera joined them. They
pawed her body, squeezed her tits and ass and rubbed her pussy while tongues probed her mouth.
She went to her knees and after a flurry of belts and zippers, five black cocks surrounded her. The men
yanked on their big erections and she took one in her mouth and one in each hand. A man played with
her tits as another knelt behind her and fondled her ass and pussy. They rotated around her with all
cocks finding her hands and mouth then she was led her over to the bed. She lay on her back and a
tongue immediately found her clit and fingers pumped in and out of her vagina. Again, the men mauled
her body and big, black cocks fucked her mouth while her hands were kept busy. The disc lasted ninety
minutes and Vera was methodically fucked in many positions and combinations. It was far more erotic
than any professional porn being produced today with phony blondes covered in tattoos and piercings
and unconvincing acting. Vera enjoyed every second, her orgasms were frequent and intense with cunt
cream running down the crack of her ass and covering the men's dicks. The big cocks fucked her one
after another and it ended with close-ups of cum filling her pussy and splattered over her ass and face.

As we watched, Leigh toyed with my cock, giving it little jerks, teasing the head and fondling my nuts.
Several times I had to stop her, watching Vera on the TV was bringing me close to ejaculation. My
fingers were busy in her pussy and she was sopping wet. She was turned-on by what she was seeing as
much as me. One scene showed two cocks in Vera's pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. It
excited Leigh so much she squirmed through an orgasm causing Vera to comment, "I don't blame you, I
did the same thing, it was wonderful."

"Let's talk about it later, I want to hear everything," my wife gasped.

Our wives changed places and sat on our laps. I pawed Vera's big tits as she slid up and down on my
cock but I was so aroused by the DVD I soon shot a stream of hot sperm into her. David was giving
Leigh a steady fucking then pulled out and stood in front of her. She leaned forward and began sucking
his big erection.

"I think Leigh should make a movie, what do you say?"

At first she dismissed the idea but we cajoled her for a while and she finally agreed. David got the
camera and showed me how to operate it. He and Vera sat on either side of Leigh on the couch and I
started with a long shot. Vera played with Leigh's tits as they kissed and David pulled her thong to one
side and worked on her vagina and clit while she masturbated his huge erection. I zoomed in to show
the ladies duelling tongues then panned down to Vera's hands on my wife's tits. A close-up of David's
fingers rubbing Leigh's clit and probing her pussy showed how wet she was. Next it was Leigh's gloved
hand working its magic over David's rock hard dick and for the next thirty minutes I filmed Leigh being
fucked, fingered and sucked in a variety of positions and combinations. I filmed my wife's pussy being
pounded and stretched by David's thick cock and Vera eating her pussy as David knelt beside them
and jerked off. When he was about to cum, Vera spread Leigh's pussy lips and David shot his load all
over her vagina and Vera's face.

David poured a couple of drinks while Leigh and Vera went upstairs to change. "I need this, a shower
can wait a few minutes," he said.

"I second that. What a horny night this is," I replied just as Vera came back into the room, traces of
semen still in her hair.

"Just to let you know, Leigh and I will be taking a shower together, girl talk and stuff," she said and
sashayed back towards the stairs.

"Do you still keep in touch with those black guys?" I asked.

"Yes, you may have noticed Vera likes their company and we do get together from time to time. Why?"

"I'd love to watch Leigh with them, she was really turned-on watching that DVD you made and I've
always fantasized about black guys fucking her tight, blonde pussy and seeing her suck huge black

"Yeah, I'd pay to see that. How about Leigh, Vera and those guys, I'm sure they'd have no objections to
having two horny white gals at their disposal. Maybe they have a few more friends who'd like to join in,
make it a real big gangbang? We could watch and videotape it?"

"That would be great" I said eagerly, my mind already picturing Leigh stuffed with black dicks.

I didn't inquire what took place in the shower with Vera; I knew Leigh would tell me when she was ready.
The following two weeks were hectic and then we had to travel to a wedding. One of Leigh's nephews
had finally proposed after an eight-year courtship and we had been invited to the blessed event. The
two-hour flight was due to land at three-thirty on Friday and we were staying at the Four Seasons until

The flight was uneventful and we arrived at the hotel a little after five. There was a line-up at the
check-in counter with five guests in front of us. Leigh went across to one of those stands containing
local attractions and browsed through them. Two clerks manned the front desk; a lady in her fifties and
a young black man. I noticed he kept looking up from his computer and glancing over at Leigh. He
seemed unable to stop himself and looked over frequently. She was leaning against the stand in a way
that made her ass stick out in a very provocative way. I smiled and thought how she was still able to turn
the heads of young men with that beautiful caboose.

I finally reached the desk and read Bryan on the clerk's name tag. He was professional, polite and
checked us in efficiently and handed me two access cards to room 414. Leigh joined me and as we
walked to the elevator I glanced over my shoulder and saw him looking in our direction. In the room,
Leigh opened the suitcases and organised their contents on hangers, in drawers and the bathroom
while I tested the king-size bed.

"There's plenty of room for three on here."

Leigh popped her head around the bathroom door, gave me a puzzled look and asked, "What do you

"That guy, Bryan , at the desk. He couldn't keep his eyes off your ass."

"Oh, don't be silly, he can't be much more than twenty-two."

"Yes, with raging hormones, a big, black cock full of sperm and a strong desire to lay a mature white
woman with a lovely ass. He could probably stay hard for hours and cum three or four times."

"Stop it! You're making me horny, let's freshen up before dinner."

We showered and got ready for dinner. Leigh wore a tight dress and high heels that really showed off
her ass.

"Let's test out my theory," I suggested as we were about to leave the room. "To the right of that
attractions stand there's a coffee table and armchairs. You take the elevator and I'll take the stairs. Go
to the desk and ask Bryan about restaurants in the area and I'll watch from the stairs door across the
lobby, I can see the front desk, stand and coffee table from there. Go to the stand, drop one of the
leaflets and bend over to pick it up. Then go to the coffee table and bend to pick up a newspaper."

"You are devious; a remnant from the military is it, another covert operation? If it will make you happy I'll
do it but I think you're wrong, he's not interested in an old white broad like me, even if I do have a
beautiful ass"

"You underestimate yourself, besides, I enjoy seeing men lust after you and I've always wanted to watch
you with a black man, you know that, maybe Bryan could be the first. Is that what you and Vera talked
about in the shower?"

She blushed ever so slightly before replying, "Never mind what we talked about," and marched down the
hall to the elevator.

I knew she wanted to get fucked by black guys ever since seeing the DVD and hoped Bryan would want
to be the first.

I rushed down the stairs and took up my position. Bryan was alone at the desk and busying himself on
the computer. Leigh went up to the desk and I watched as they spoke. Bryan did a lot of smiling and
handed my wife a small card. She nodded her thanks and walked over to the stand, Bryan never took
his eyes off her. When she bent over he moved a hand down from the desk and I suspected he was
fondling his cock. She strolled to the coffee table and bent over, I could see Bryan 's right arm moving
quickly then it suddenly stopped and his hand returned to the computer keyboard. The lady co-worker
had returned and the desk resumed his typing. Leigh sorted through the papers and bent over from
time to time and Bryan stole glances in her direction. I'd seen enough and approached the desk and
asked Bryan to get a cab for us. On the way to the restaurant I told my wife what I had seen.

"My bending over actually had him playing with himself," she said with a smile.

"Scouts honour," I replied, raising two fingers in salute. "He would be in your panties in a heartbeat
given the chance. He probably lies in bed jerking off as he thinks about fucking a mature white woman."

"He is rather cute....and....Vera did convince me I should try a black man. She told me in great detail
how she felt when all those men were giving it to her and I've thought about it a lot. Do you really think
he would want me?"

She blushed and my cock stiffened as I imagined her with young Bryan . Then visions of several big
cocks entering her, one after the other, spewing their seed into and over her, flashed through my brain.
One step at a time, I said to myself, one step at a time.

"There's only one way to find out, I'll ask him."

"How would you do that?" she puzzled; excitement in her voice.

"Leave it to me; I'll make him an offer he can't refuse, I said with the best impression of Vito Corleone I
could muster"

"Okay, Godfather, if you're so sure", she said mockingly and rubbed her hand over my hard dick.
"Thinking about this has got me all wet and horny, but what if he says no?"

"He won't, just hope his dick is as big as his imagination."

The restaurant Bryan had suggested was excellent and we went on from there to visit Leigh's family and
didn't get back to the hotel until almost 3:00am. We said goodnight to the solitary desk clerk and made
our way to bed.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and the wedding went as smooth as any wedding does. My plan for
getting her fucked with a black cock was straightforward and on the way back to the hotel I briefed her.

The clock in the lobby had just reached 11:30 when we entered and I was relieved to see Bryan at the
desk. Loud enough for him hear, I told Leigh to wait and I would be back in a few minutes. I went to the
elevator and she sat in one of the chairs by the coffee table and showed a lot of leg. Giving me time to
come down the stairs and take my place at the door, she got up and went over to look at the attraction
leaflets again but this time she dropped several and took her time picking them up. Bryan 's eyes never
left her and when she bent over his hand went to his crotch. After the leaflets were picked up she
headed for the elevator, smiled and said goodnight to Bryan as she passed. I waited a minute and
approached the desk.

"Hi Bryan , still here I see, what time does your shift end?"

"Midnight but it's usually 12:30 by the time the night clerk has been brought up to speed.

I nodded then said, "I've noticed you like to leer at my wife whenever she bends over."

An expression of shock and fear crept over his face, "Sir, I...I don't know what you mean, I nev ..."

"Listen, I've been watching you so don't try to deny it. If you want to do more than just rub your dick
behind the desk, come to room 414 when you are done here, you won't regret it," and I walked to the

Leigh had removed her dress, bra and thong and was only wearing stockings and heels.

"What happened?" she asked nervously.

"If he's man enough he'll be here in about forty-five minutes. Now, get on the bed and spread your legs,
I want some of that pussy before you give it to a big black cock. Her pussy was wet and willing and after
giving her a good, hard fuck, I came in her mouth. She had a quick shower then put her stockings,
heels and a fresh thong on and sat nervously on the couch, watching TV and looking at the clock every
thirty seconds. She was very horny and anxious as she sat with her legs apart, occasionally rubbing her
hand over her thong and it wasn't long before a thin line of moisture appeared.

"Do you think he'll come? I'm so horny, the waiting is killing me."

"The only thing I'm sure of is that if he comes he will definitely cum. Big loads of cum in your pussy and
down your throat, all night long, over and over again," I replied, dramatically, just to tease her.

"Enough already, I'm already creaming all over my new thong, I'll need a fresh one if you keep it up."

"I won't keep it up but he will; his cock will be up all night, especially up that wet, hungry pussy of yours."
With that she threw a cushion at me and I felt I had teased her enough, besides, he may not show up.

At 12:34 there was three knocks at the door. They made Leigh jump and she gave me a hopeful stare. I
gave a victorious smile and went to the door. Bryan looked nervous as he shuffled into the room but he
was here. "There she is, my wife Leigh," I said, waving an arm in her direction. "She hoped you'd come,
in more ways than one."

He smiled weakly and nodded his hello and she blushed and said, "Hi, Bryan ." "You're a good judge of
an ass, Bryan and my wife has one of the finest you will ever see. I think you owe him a good look after
teasing him in the lobby, get up and bend over for him."

She stood up and bent over the couch, moving her butt around provocatively.

"Come, take a closer look," I said and led him over to her. "Feel it, squeeze it, spank it if you want, she
likes that." His hand hesitantly roamed over her ass. "Look at her thong, see how wet it is; she wants
you to feel it." His fingers brushed lightly over the thin strip of fabric. "Harder, rub it harder, pull it up
tight." He followed my suggestions and pulled on the thong, Leigh's pussy lips were exposed on either
side of the thin strip of material and he rubbed hard along it. "Pull it to one side and stick your fingers in,
give her the first black finger fucking."

He was beginning to relax and sensing this was really happening. He freed her pussy and two then
three long fingers explored her wet, hot hole. She wriggled her ass about and moaned as his digits
worked on her slippery twat. She straightened up and his hands mauled her breasts, pinching and
pulling her nipples. Leigh reached for his crotch and glanced at me. Her mouth opened slightly, her
eyes widened and the look of pleasant surprise on her face told me that whatever she was handling had
her approval and a satisfied, horny smile spread almost from ear to ear. Bryan grabbed my wife's ass
and pulled her close. They kissed, grinding their hips into one another until she broke breathlessly

"Let's get you out of these clothes," she said and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. Sliding down onto her
knees, she undid his pants and they fell to the floor. There was a considerable bulge in his underwear
and when she pulled them down his cock sprang into view. It was semi-hard and hung down in a curve
over a large, loose ball sac. Although not as thick as David's it was longer and Leigh took hold of it with
both hands. She caressed the head with one hand while the other jerked the shaft and gently fondled
his nuts. It hardened to an incredible size and my wife shook it about playfully. This was going to be
something to watch this massive black cock fuck her. Her mouth and tongue went to work, teasing the
head as she wanked him, running her tongue along the shaft and stuffing as much into her mouth as
she could manage. She lifted the hard pole to lick his nuts and it almost reached his nipples. It reminded
me of a nightstick as she jerked and ran her hand over it.

Bryan stepped out of his pants and removed his socks and shoes as I rummaged in my bag for the
camera. Leigh resumed work on his cock and I took many pictures of her sucking and licking his huge
black dick and balls. I took more shots of them standing together with her holding his cock and one with
Bryan behind her, his cock between her legs and protruding out in front as he mauled her tits.

Leigh sat on the edge of the bed, lay back and opened her legs. I stood beside her and stimulated her
clit as Bryan approached. His cock was so long that although it was rock hard it still hung slightly
downwards. He grasped it and moved it close to my wife's pussy. As he slowly masturbated I spread
Leigh's pussy lips and said, "Give it to her, Bryan , stuff that big, black dick into her a bit at a time, make
her beg for more."

He pushed a couple of inches in and she raised her hips to meet him and moaned, "More...give me

He pulled out and rubbed his knob lightly along her slit and she tried impatiently to manoeuvre her
pussy so it would enter her again but Bryan made sure it didn't. I was beginning to really like this guy as
he teased my horny wife.

"Please, more, stick it in, all the way in, please," my wife moaned again.

The cock went in a little further but came out immediately and Bryan slapped it against her gaping

"Tell him want the white slut wants, tell him what you need," I said still spreading her labia apart.

"I want your big black cock; I want it deep inside me. Fuck me, pleeease, fuck me!" she screamed.

"I think she's about ready for it, Bryan . See how much of your dick you can cram into her."

His knob went in and I released her pussy lips and watched as half his length disappeared and he
began plumbing her vagina. Every three or four strokes more of his cock was inside her and she was
creaming all over his shaft. She clutched handfuls of the bed sheets, her head snapped from side to
side and she yelped and moaned in a language all her own. I took photos of his cock deep in her pussy
and also from a distance showing their bodies locked together. He turned her over and fucked her from
behind as she bent over the bed. I spread her ass cheeks to see her pussy being pummelled then
stepped back and took more photos. Bryan was sinking most of his cock into her in long rapid strokes
and she squealed from one orgasm to the next until Bryan shot his load into her. He pulled out and I
photographed her open pussy and the stream of cum that poured out. Bryan sat on the bed and Leigh
knelt between his legs and cleaned his cock with her tongue and mouth and I captured it all on the

Bryan excused himself to freshen up and when he was in the bathroom Leigh gave me a mischievous

"What?" I said smiling.

"Well, I want to ask Bryan to stay overnight."

"You just want to get fucked again....oh....alright, go ahead and ask him."

He was more than happy to stay and fuck my wife again and Leigh played with his cock until it became
hard. She lay on her side facing me while Bryan fucked her from behind. We kissed and I teased her clit
and felt Bryan 's huge dick driving into her pussy. He ejaculated again and left his cock inside her as we
drifted off to sleep. I awoke and peered at the clock on the bedside table...5:40...then realised the bed
was moving. Leigh was being fucked again in the position she was in when I went to sleep and Bryan
was giving it to her hard. I just lay there and listened to her moan as Bryan 's thighs slap against her
ass. I heard him groan and Leigh stifled a scream as another load of cum filled her then all became
quiet again. I awoke again at 8:34. I sat up and looked about the room and saw my wife straddled
across Bryan 's lap as he sat on the desk chair. She was flexing her knees as she slid up and down on
his cock and he caressed her ass and sucked her tits. Leigh had her back to me and I watched her
lovely ass as her pussy accepted massive pole again and again. From time to time he would hold her
ass firmly, spreading her cheeks apart and fuck her so fast his cock looked like a black piston. He stood
up and held Leigh under her legs; his dick still deep inside her and walked over to the armchair. He set
her down and gave her a pounding she will never forget. I got out of bed and headed for the camera
and got several shots of his cock buried almost to his nuts. He pulled out completely sometimes and I
shot close-ups of her tunnel-like, wet vagina spread wide before the massive dick sank in again. I
snapped away as she jerked him off all over her face and in her mouth.

Bryan left, his shift began at noon, and we ordered breakfast in our room. I felt refreshed and horny
after breakfast and as I stroked Leigh's clit and inserted two fingers in her pussy. I felt an unusual high
level of excitement as I put my tongue and then my cock where a monster black dick had been just a
short while ago.

We visited with relatives on Sunday afternoon then explored the city. We got back to the hotel about
nine and stopped at the desk to tell Bryan that we would still be up after midnight. He smiled and we
made for the elevator. We napped for a couple of hours and Bryan knocked on our door at 12:20. He
left shortly before nine after fucking Leigh throughout the night in many different positions and my
camera recorded them.

I set my seat back and closed my eyes as we jetted homeward. I thought of Bryan fucking my
over-sexed wife, of how she loved big cocks and of showing the photos to David and Vera. I wondered if
David had contacted his group of big cock, gangbanging black friends yet and where our journey would
lead next.


© 2011 Vagabond

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