My Sister in Law
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My Sister in Law
by Charles Biggs

It had only been a short few months since my wife died from heart problems.  I wasn't really in any mourning,
since we had been separated several times and near divorce more than once. Most of the last years were
spent more in fighting than not. I was actually enjoying the blissful peace and quiet.

David was nearly ten years younger than I was. Mom and dad had not planned another child. It was a total
surprise when they found out that the difficulty breathing and nausea were signs of a definite pregnancy.   He
and his wife Sylvia came out for Cherry's funeral, and stayed to take care of me. Being tied to a wheelchair
most of the time is a definite problem, and having someone to help out was appreciated. I had moved into an
apartment add-on in the rear of our mobile home before Cherry died, and just stayed there, letting David and
Sylvia move into the main part of the trailer.

 I was sitting at my desk working on that still unfinished novel when Sylvia came up to me and sat on the corner
of my desk. I finished the sentence that I was working on, and looked up to see her smiling at me. Generally,
Sylvia and I didn't get along very well, and mostly avoided each other's path, especially when we were alone.
Seeing her smiling at me was a total surprise.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I just wanted to spend some time with you, and maybe put an end to the stand-off."

"Well, that would make everyone a lot more at ease, I think. Where should we begin?"

"She slid off of the desk and sat on the end of my knees, almost falling off. "Why don't you put your hands on
me? You never touch me, like a hug or anything. I want to feel you touching me." With this statement, she took
my hands and put them on the side of her hips, and pressed them in lightly. "See, I don't break. I like being
touched, especially on my butt. Admit it, you like feeling a woman's butt, don't you."

"Well, I'm not used to holding my sister in law's butt. But you're right, actually I love caressing a woman's butt
and thighs. And I really like ones that are full and shapely, like yours, not skinny and straight with no curves. I
always was a little jealous of David landing you, with your perfect figure and healthy appetite for sex."

"No healthy appetite here, more like a constant craving. I can't get enough to be sated.  And with David working
so much and being gone a lot, I am not getting near enough to even begin to be satisfied. And lately, he hasn't
been able to get an erection, even with his viagra.  So I'm left horny, hungry, and desperate for anything or
anybody that will go for it with me."
"Are you suggesting that we sleep together?" I asked rather incredulously.

"Oh no. Definitely not sleep. I'm asking you to touch me all over, especially my love button. It's bigger than my
tits, and I've seen you staring at my tits sticking out. Not that I mind, I'm glad that you enjoy my tits. I want you to
see them fully now, not just their outline through my bra and blouse." She started unbuttoning her blouse and
sliding it off of her shoulders. As it hit the floor, she had her bra undone and off of her arms. She laid it across
my monitor, draping the C cups in plain sight in the front. "What a nice decoration."

Sylvia took my hands and placed one on each breast, asking me to massage her tits. As I ran my fingers over
the dark brown nipples, I felt them swell up to their inch high projection, hardening almost like a cock. As I
savored the swelling flesh, she moaned softly and asked me if I liked that shade of brown, saying that she knew
that brown was my favorite color.  I gently squeezed each nipple, relishing in their hardness and the silky
softness of the flesh around them. Noticing her clearly defined tan line, I remarked that she would look a lot
better with a full tan.

"I would love to sunbathe totally naked, with you and David enjoying my naked body, and staring at my bare
crotch, but there's no outdoor privacy here. I love the feeling of the hot sun on my body, and I really like to tan,
I think it makes me look really sultry."

"Oh, I agree fully, you do look real sexy with a good tan, and I would love having your naked body in my back
yard to look at. If it won't cause problems between you and David, I'll put up a privacy fence, and get some of
those tall hedge trees we were looking at the other day. I wanted to plant those around the yard anyway, and
having you cavorting around totally naked for me to watch is a good reason to start right away."

I slowly slid my hands down her firm, supple belly and kissed her navel. As my hands reached the top of her
shorts, she started moaning and begged me to take them off of her. I unhooked the hook and slowly ran the
zipper down the back of her shorts and slid my hands into the seat, caressing and gently squeezing her
buttocks. She stood up and let me slide her shorts to the floor. As she stepped out of them, and sat back down
on my lap, I noticed that she had no underwear on. I pulled her against my chest and started kissing her neck
and cheeks. I whispered into her ear, asking her if David would be mad at us having sex together. She
whispered back that as long as she took care of him and their two children, he didn't care who she had sex
with, knowing that he loved her dearly as a person, but he knew that he was unable to satisfy her sexually. She
also said that he had told her to do whatever she needed to be satisfied, but he never wanted her to fall in love
with someone else and leave him.

I had her sit on the edge of the desk, and started kissing my way down the front of her chest. As I got to her
nipples, she moaned even louder and huskily told me that she had told him last night before he left foe New
York on business that she was going to try to seduce me, hoping that I would go for it. As I took her left nipple
into my mouth and gently sucked on it, she moaned that he was glad that I was keeping it in the family, and that
maybe it would help ease my loneliness.

I ran my fingers through her long silky pubic hair, reveling in its satiny softness, amazed at how straight and
neat it was. She told me that she was going to shave it off and keep it shaved daily if we got the yard fixed so
that she could sunbathe naked. As I enjoyed her pubic hair, I started blowing and nuzzling it. She spread her
legs wide and put her ankles on my shoulders, exposing the fullest, puffiest set of labia that I had ever seen.

I have had several girlfriends as sexual partners, but never had I seen a clitoris that jutted out over an inch,
straight out in front. It was swollen and light purple, begging for my lips to take it into my willing mouth. I kissed
it, and told Sylvia to remind me to thank David for such a wonderful gift.  She cooed softly as I ran my tongue
up and down its full length, treasuring the pleasure and waves of ecstasy that flowed through both of us. Her
love lips were soft and full, dark and swollen, eager to wrap their fullness around my cock. I sucked and nibbled
on her clitoris until she orgasmed three times, the last causing shudders and a full spray of wetness to gush out
onto my chin. I raised up, grinning, and asked her if it satisfied her as much as it pleased me, and thanked her
for sharing her orgasm with me. She grinned and softly said it was the best orgasm she had ever had, and
wanted to get my cock into her right now.

We got up and slowly walked to my bedroom, arm in arm, without uttering another word. When we got to my
bed, she knelt down and opened my fly, letting my seven-inch cock pop out. She took it into her mouth and
gently sucked on it, running her tongue around the edge of the swollen head as she slid my pants and
underwear down. She reluctantly let go of my cock and bent over, untying my shoes and sliding my clothes off.
"This is the way I want to see you all the time. Every time I have looked at you, I've glanced at your crotch,
hoping to see the outline of your cock. I have gone to sleep, daydreaming about how good it must look. Please
don't ever hide it from me again."

We climbed onto the bed, meeting on our knees in the middle. I pulled her into me, pressing tight against her
breasts. We locked into a tight embrace, hungrily kissing open-mouthed. As the yips of our tongues met, I felt a
spark flow through me that was so satisfying that I almost fainted. This woman could kiss with a passion like I
have never known. As we came up for air and started kissing again, she swayed from side to side, brushing her
hard tits against my chest. Panting and pulse racing, I pulled her down to the bed and again dove between her
legs, hungrily devouring that beautiful clit. After several orgasms, I started kissing my way up her belly to those
fantastic tits.

I nibbled on each one, enjoying the contrast of the soft white flesh with the full, firm, dark brown nipple. As I
kissed my way up her chest and to her neck, she reached down and guided my cock into the warmest, wettest,
tightest pussy that I had ever felt. I gasped and almost orgasmed as she slid my cock into her wanting pussy.
As I kissed her chin, she pushed her pubic mound tight up against me and almost yelling begged me to fuck

I started slowly, with each thrust being met with her pubic mound pressing high and hard into me. With each
thrust, our breath got heavier and louder, as we sped up into a crescendo of yells and intense orgasm. I
dropped against her waiting chest, panting like there was no air left on earth. Sylvia ran her fingers through my
hair and then ran her hands softly down my back, caressing my now weakened hips.

She whispered a hoarse thank you and smiled as she kissed me solidly with wide-open lips. I felt her tongue
anxiously probe my lips and met it with the tip of mine. We let out a simultaneous moan of pleasure and pulled
each other into a tight embrace. Her nipples softened and melted into my willing chest as she slowly squirmed
around to make them massage me. As we parted lips, I glanced around, thinking that I might be in heaven, or
perhaps in a dream. Thankfully, I was not dreaming. I had a beautiful woman pulling me tight against her naked
body, telling me that she wanted more of my sex, that she had never been so completely satisfied.

I am fifty-four, and Sylvia will turn forty next month. I was amazed that I could perform this much, and now she
was begging me for more. I slid down and put my head between her legs so that I was resting on her hip,
looking directly at her pubic hair. I patted it and started running my fingers through it, telling her how beautiful I
thought it was. She pushed her hips up slightly to meet my hand, and asked what I thought of her shaving it all

I let my fingers drift down to her swollen and wet pussy lips and started to gently tug on them, letting them roll
around between my fingers. As they started to darken in color, she started breathing heavily again. I told her
that she was the most beautiful woman ever created, and that while I enjoyed her pubic hair, being able to see
all of her private beauty, and having it open and easily accessed would also be most pleasant. Then I told her
that any way she did her pubes, she would be beautiful and the most satisfying woman around.

Sylvia spread her legs further and bent her knees, putting her ankles on my shoulders, begging me to nibble in
her clitoris again. I slid my hands under her butt cheeks, caressing them and enjoying their tautness with her
climbing libido. I told her that she didn't have to beg, I was willing to taste the sweetness of her sex anytime. All
she had to do was ask, and I would gladly come into her open arms and body.

Already having an intense orgasm, I carefully and purposefully took longer to build Sylvia up to another series
of climaxes, savoring each stroke of my tongue on her long hard clitoris. As it grew in length and thickness, I
took longer and slower licks up and down it, pausing at the tip each pass for a gentle suck. As she neared an
orgasm, I would take the entire length into my mouth, all the way up to her pussy lips, rolling the tip of my
tongue over the tip of her clitoris and tightly sliding my lips up and down its full length, enjoying her moans and
bucking as she orgasmed.

After several orgasms, I rolled her over onto her stomach and had her get up on her knees. Seeing her full
breasts hanging down with nipples sticking out farther than ever, at least an inch and a half, with her pussy lips
swollen and wet gave me the most rigid erection I could remember. I slid my cock into her wanting pussy and
reached around her to hold her waiting breasts. She pushed back against me and yelled out at how deep my
cock was in her. I eased back, asking her if I was hurting her. She reached back, grabbed my ass and pulled
me back against her, yelling out a loud "NO"
I was able to keep control much longer, slowly sliding my rigid cock in and out of her willing pussy for what
seemed like hours, though it was only less than ten minutes. She quickly orgasmed, and pushed hard
backwards into me asking for more. I thrust harder and deeper, no longer fearful of hurting her. As we built up
to an intense orgasm, we both yelled out how good it was feeling, not wanting it to ever end.

After an explosive orgasm that lasted for several seconds, we collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed. Sylvia
looked back over her shoulder at me. She was grinning again, as she said that she never wanted to quit having
sex with me, and would I consider having sex with her and a girlfriend that she had been having occasional sex
with.  I admitted that I had never had sex with two women at the same time, but I had fantasized about it, and
that it sounded like a lot of fun, especially if her friend was as good at sex as she was.

Sylvia eased me over onto my back and got up over me, with her breast still swollen and stiff inches from my
face. She put one leg on each side of me, and lowered her crotch down onto my nearly worn out cock. As her
pubic lips rubbed my cock, it miraculously sprung to life. She grinned and said that she likes having sex with
Marie because she was as hot as Sylvia and wanted sex even more. Marie was single, not wanting to slow down
to a single partner, preferring to have several lovers of both sexes available. As Sylvia described Marie's body,
she stood my cock up and slid her pussy down on it until her pussy hair was tight against my balls. She grinned
and said to forget Marie for right now, it was time for her turn to satisfy me like I did her. As she started to slide
her pussy up and down my shaft, I told her that she did satisfy me and that I was proud that she shared her
orgasms with me.

She just grinned and told me to enjoy spraying my load into her wanting pussy. As she sped up, she told me
how much she enjoyed having my hard cock inside of her. It wasn't long until I bucked up against her wanting
body, spraying what was left deep inside of her waiting pussy. Almost immediately, Sylvia screamed in ecstasy
as she bucked in a hard orgasm.  She wilted down on top of me. Pressing her hard tits against my chest. As we
panted together, we both broke out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.  As our laughter subsided, we held each
other close and kissed again.  As we touched tongues, I thought that I would never object to kissing this
wonderful set of lips.

Sylvia rolled over next to me and put her head on my shoulder. She looked up toward my face and asked if I
really was satisfied. I told her that I felt like her now. Yes, I was satisfied, but only to the point of wanting more. A
lot more, even never ending. I also told her that I had never been so pleased, so pleased that it went down to
the very core of my soul, pleasant to where there were no words that could adequately describe how good it felt.

Her cell phone rang, disturbing a pleasant hands all over each other caress. She picked up the phone and
talked for a minute. She held the phone down and said that it was David. After a few minutes of small talk she
asked him to guess what she was doing. After a couple of seconds, she said "Nope. I'm laying here naked with
a handsome man that just made me orgasm so many times I lost count. I think it was like fifteen times or
something. That's right, it's your big brother. And when he sees my tits he really is big. He wants to fence in the
back yard so that I can sunbathe naked for the two of you. Yeah, he was afraid that you would be mad at him,
so I told him about us talking it over before I went after him. I love you too, dear. Hurry home. Bye."

 "He said he like the idea of fencing in the back yard. He loves seeing me naked, even if he can't get an
erection very often.   He said that now, when he does, you can both have sex with me and really wear me out. I
doubt it, but I sure do want to try. I love sex with him, and I love sex with you. It'll be great having both of you at

Sylvia shifted down on the bed so that her face was inches from my cock. She took it in her left hand and
started pressing buttons on her cell phone. She held it to her ear and started talking. "Hello Marie. Guess what
I'm doing. Nope. I'm holding a seven-inch cock in one hand while talking to you. I've had it in me so much today
I can almost describe every little bump on it without looking. This guy just loves sex as much as we do, and he
is fantastic at oral sex. I want you to come over and meet him and have sex with both of us. Yeah - I want him to
see us going at each other, making each other orgasm as we suck on our clits. I want you to have the pleasure
of his hard cock inside of you like I did. He's gentle and good at making sure his partner is totally satisfied.
Yeah, come on over now. We're naked on his bed. Come on around to the back and come on in. Don't bother
knocking, just come in and join us. I'll keep him hot for you. Oh, and don't wear any underwear. You can strip
faster that way. Right, I'm horny and I want you.  See you in a few minutes, bye dear."

"She'll be here in less than ten minutes. She said to keep you hit and hard."

"If I wasn't, I would be seeing you two make out, the way you were talking. She sounds like she is as hot as you."

"Hotter and hornier. She has had several multiple partners sex parties. She and I once had her older sister and
her husband in bed overnight. What a time. Two hot women to enjoy, with a horny man to have on the side. I
don't think we quit for more than a few minutes all night. Oh, by the way, Marie's clit is not quite as long as mine
is, but it's thicker. She loves to have it nibbled on as you suck on it. Don't be afraid to bite down lightly on it.
You'll send her into an everlasting orgasm if you nibble as you suck. And she likes to hear you talk about
what's happening. Tell her how good her hard clit is and how good it tastes and she'll be climbing the walls with

Sylvia started stroking my cock and rolling my balls around with her left hand. As my cock started grow, she
said that she was going to try to do something that she had never been able to do before. She slid her lips over
the tip of my now rock hard cock and started to slide her head up and down on it. She paused and said that
she had never been able to do this, but now it seemed natural, but would I please let her know if I started to
orgasm since she wasn't sure that she could handle me orgasming in her mouth. I mumbled a weak yes,
grinning like a kid with a new toy. She went back to sliding her cheeks up and down my shaft, making it very
difficult to not give a hard and long orgasm. As the peak approached, I tapped her shoulder and tried to spit
out the words, but I was in too much pleasure. She said to go ahead, she would try it. I dropped my head back
and ran my fingers through her satiny brunette hair. As soon as my fingers passed the crown of her head, my
orgasm peaked and I let out a cry of pleasure as I sprayed into her waiting mouth. She squealed and sucked
me dry.

After a few minutes of heavy panting, she slid back up and put her head on my chest, still holding my cock.

"That was fun. I wish I'd tried it sooner. Tomorrow, after we recover from all of this, I want to start out sucking
your cock so that you can fuck me longer before you come inside of me. I've always been afraid to try that."

We heard the door open then close. A voice called out, "Sylvia?"

Sylvia answered back to drop her things on the couch and come on down the hall. What came through the door
was the most stunning brunette that I had ever laid eyes on. Marie was every bit as well built as Sylvia, but a full
two inches shorter, and full double D cup breasts. She smiled and gave Sylvia a full kiss. Sylvia unbuttoned her
blouse and slid it off of her shoulders, revealing silver dollar size pink nipples that were every bit as long and
firm as Sylvia's. Marie kicked her shoes off and slid out of her shorts without bothering to unfasten them. She
was clean-, with a pubic mound as smooth and bare as the day she was born. Already her clitoris was sticking
out. Sylvia was right; it was fully three times as thick as hers, and every bit as luscious looking.

I must have been licking my lips as I took in the beauty in front of me. Marie pressed her lips tight against mine
and buried her tongue in my mouth, finding my tongue and starting a wrestling match with it. She had her
hands all over me, exploring every inch that she could reach. As we parted lips, she said, "You look hungry.
Care to eat a little snack while Sylvia and I engage in some heavy petting and kissing?"

"Ohh, I'd love that. Your pussy looks so inviting, I bet that I'm in for the best snack I've ever had. I really do want
to nibble on your clit. Would you be bothered if I lick your pussy lips also? I love the taste and feeling when they
swell up."

"You bet you can. Sylvia must have told you what I like. But I guess if it's sex and not hurtful, I like it. The more
the merrier they say. The more sex I get, the more I want. So you eat and taste all you want."

I took a quick nibble of each huge tit as I eased Marie down on the bed next to Sylvia. Sylvia rolled over and
pressed her tits against Marie's, and started kissing her passionately. I started caressing Sylvia's ass while
kissing my way down Marie's belly to her pussy. I took her clit into my mouth and started licking the end while
softly biting on the sides.  Marie started squirming all over and bucking her crotch up and down. Soon she was
hugging Sylvia tightly and crying out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her. I felt
something warm on my chin and realized that when she orgasmed, a large load of creamy white fluid squirted
out of her pussy and onto my chin. I touched a dot to my tongue as I ran my hands over her pubic mound,
enjoying the bald smooth skin. Sylvia giggled and told me that she didn't tell me about her ejaculating for fear
that I might chicken out. I smiled and said that I wanted more, and started nibbling on her clit again, only this
time faster and more firmly.

Marie yelled out in pleasure as she orgasmed over and over. After several orgasms, I reluctantly let Sylvia take
over munching on that sweet pussy. I worked my way up Marie's round belly, stopping at her pink tits. I
alternated between them, taking each one as fully as possible into my mouth and rubbing it with my tongue. As
Marie started into yet another orgasm, she pulled me up to her face and started kissing my passionately. She
let a deep guttural yell down my throat, not letting up on our kiss as she orgasmed. As she got her breath back,
she called to Sylvia to let her have a turn at eating Sylvia's pussy. As they exchanged places. Sylvia leaned
over and kissed the yip of my cock, saying that soon it would be happily buried deep inside Marie's pussy.
As Marie started running her tongue around Sylvia's pussy lips, she reached out and took my cock in her hand,
stroking it gently at the same pace that she licked Sylvia. I rolled over slightly so that Marie could get a better
grip on my cock and I could get to Sylvia's hard tits.  I sucked and nibbled until she screamed out in pleasure,
orgasming from all of the attention.

Sylvia got her breath back and started sucking on the tip of my cock. As soon as she had it rock hard and had
me squirming all over, she tugged me over to Marie and offered Marie a taste, which she willingly took. After a
few quick sucks, Marie asked Sylvia to put it in her pussy and hold on to her pussy lips while we fucked. Sylvia
grinned and guided my cock into Marie's very wet pussy. As I stated sliding my cock in and out of Marie, she
spread her legs apart, almost straight away from her body. Sylvia slid both hands in between us and started
massaging my cock and Marie's pussy lips as I slid in and out. It only took a few strokes in Marie's tight, hot
pussy until I was bucking and orgasming so hard I thought I was going to faint.  I must have dozed off, because I
came to with both women pressing their tits into my chest and both were kissing me with their tongues
searching for mine.

I relaxed, thinking that this really must be heaven. As both women turned to where their pussies were inches
from my face, they started caressing my now limp cock. Marie turned around and told me that anytime Sylvia's
pussy wasn't available, or I just wanted to, I could have her for a sex partner.

© 2011 Charles Biggs

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