Naughty Girls
codes: FFM, Threesome

Naughty Girls
By: Tequila Shy-Mecca  

Meena and I were best friends. We did everything together. One day
Meena was bored and said she wanted to do something naughty. I
looked at her and she looked at me, and we laughed. I knew what she
wanted to do.

I picked up the phone and dialed seven numbers said what I had to say
and hung up. Meena plotted while I went to my bedroom to set everything
up. I was not so sure as to what would really happen. But, as soon as I
thought about it I let my guard down.  As I said Meena wanted to be
naughty, and since we did everything together....

Ty came to my house within minutes. He had no clue as to what was
going to happen to him. I told Meena to go upstairs and wait. I let him in
asking where it is. I told him I needed him to fix something for me. He fell
for it. I don’t think he knew what he was in for.

I pulled my tight shirt over my firm, round brown DD's and told him that I
needed to be fixed. He laughed. I did not. He thought I was joking.
Touching my nipples I tell him this is no game, come and take me. He
nodded, I smiled. He came to me lightly stroking my nipples while they
hardened from his touch. He kissed me while I struggled to take off of his
shirt. I've wanted you for so long, he tells me. I step out of my shorts. The
aroma of my pussy fills the room.

Ty laid me down on the carpet while his head bobbled between my wet
mounds. Lapping up my juices I moaned in pleasure. He licked my
sweet nectar while I was bringing my large nipples to attention.  The fun
has just begun. Meena suddenly appears and clears her throat. Ty looks
up confused. He looks startled.  I say, it is ok Ty, Meena is going to join
us. His eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Obviously he has never had a
threesome.  Lucky for him, tonight is his night.

Meena comes to him and pull down his jeans. We look at each other
momentarily before we are both devouring his dick. We take turns
sucking him and licking his balls. Meena took his dick into her mouth
and deep-throated him while I sucked his balls. While she is lick and
slurping, I am licking and sucking his balls ever so lightly. Ty was in total
bliss. Then I took him into my mouth sucking and licking him while
beating his dick. Making sure to get his dick nice and wet, I beat it faster
and faster as my head goes up and down sucking him. Meena stopped
sucking his balls and started to lick his dick with me. Ours tongues
touched, we kissed.

Ty looked down at us and I thought he would bust a nut at the sight of us.
He held his composure. I told Ty to lie down while I climbed on his face.
Meena sat on his dick. She rode him like a jockey. Facing me she
winked at me and I smiled at her. Ty tongue went into my wet pussy as I
fucked his face. My legs were shaking and I was Cumming all over Ty's
face. Switching I mounted Ty and started to ride him slow. My pussy
muscles tightened around his dick pulling him to me. Ty could not say
any thing. We were giving him every man's fantasy.

Ty finally got up and said he wanted doggy style. Ok Menna said, but I
want you to watch me eat her pussy. She said pointing to me. I was
hesitant at first but Ty looked so sexy and I was so turned on that I lay
down as Meena put her face between my legs. My juices flowed even
more as I came harder than I ever did. Meena worked my pussy so good
I was screaming. In and out she went taking my clit and gently nibbling on
it. Ty sat and watched while stroking his dick up and down.  

I didn't think Ty could take any more so I told Meena to stop and Told Ty
to fuck me form behind. His dick plunged in my deep wet pussy hitting
my spot almost instantly. Meena got underneath me and was eating me
out while I was getting fucked. Every now and again Ty would pull out so
Meena could suck his delicious dick. The feelings I was feeling were so
intense, Ty must have felt them too. He then said he was going to nut. I
got up with Meena and waited while Ty's babies landed on our lips,
chins and necks. I sucked him off to finish his pleasure while Meena
licked his nut from my face. Ty stared down at us and said that we were
freaks. No, we said to him we're just a little naughty!!!

Copyright© 2007  Tequila Shy-Mecca

Tequila Shy-Mecca  is a Philadelphia native who lives with her Fiancee and
two children. She is a Full-time student currently working on her Bachelors Degree in
Criminal Justice. Tequila loves to write erotica in her spare time and is currently working on
a novel.