My Night with April
By Kala

A few months ago, I got an email from the little sister of a girl I know.
Her name is April. She got a computer for her birthday. She went online
found my email address. I went to grade school with her older sister.
April remembered me. She searched me out and surprised me with a

I remembered her too. She was a pretty little girl who was two years
younger than me. Of course, being the little sister, we didn't pay much
attention to her. I liked her and I was always nice to her. But we left her
behind as her sister and I, hung-out. Now, her sister is in the army and
April was emailing me. I am twenty years old and she just turned
eighteen. April and I began writing to each other regularly.

In one of her letters, she said that she was graduating high school. Her
family was having a huge gathering over the weekend to celebrate her
high school graduation. She invited me to come visit her and join her
family in celebration. It had been years since I've seen her. I didn't have
any plans so I drove over there Friday. I left early enough in the morning
to attend her graduation.

I met her at her school. We hugged each other the second I got out of my
pick-up truck. She felt good in my arms. April look beautiful in her
graduation gown. I sat with her family and watched her as she proudly
walked across the stage to accept her high school diploma.

Afterwards, we all went back to her house. All of her relatives from near
and far were there. The house was crowded all weekend. People were
sleeping every where. During the day, everyone was cooking, eating, and
generally having fun. At night, they all sat around happily talking and
drinking beer. I did not realize that she had such a large family. She
changed out of her gown into a t-shirt and cut-off shorts. I was surprised
to see how much she had grown. I think she was ten years old when I
seen her last. Like me, she has long, jet black hair. Her breasts were
small, but I could see that she has long nipples through her braless

Tired from the days events, April and I showered early and went to bed.
We slept together in her bed. That was nice. She has this small bed that
is only big enough for one person. So when we got into bed together, we
were constantly rubbing against each other. We had to hug each other to
keep from falling out of her tiny bed.

We both slept in our t-shirts. We were nude under our t-shirts. I liked
that! No panties or bras, only t-shirts. I wanted too sleep completely
nude like I do at home, but there were to many people in her house.

The first night was really erotic because we could feel each other's body
as we held each other. I kept getting wet from the close contact of our
bodies. I enjoyed the feeling of her body against me. But I was to tired
from the long day to react. With April's arms around me, I soon fell

I had fallen asleep lying on my belly. Sometime in the night, she got
halfway on top of me. I awaken to feel her slowly grinding her pussy
against my ass. The study rhythm of her grinding was very sexual. It
really surprised me to wake and find her grinding herself against me. But
I figured that she was asleep and was having an erotic dream. I have a
habit of humping one of my pillows when I am having a sex dream.

Then she did something that told me she was awake. I felt her slowly
pulling my t-shirt up over my ass. Then, I felt her wet pussy pressing
against my ass-cheek. I knew she had pulled her t-shirt up too because I
could feel her wet pussy hairs on my ass. Now I knew she was fully
aware of what she was doing. She was humping me!

I wasn't sure what I should do. The house was full of her relatives. I
didn't want us to get caught doing anything in her bed. But I also didn't
want her to stop humping me. So, I just laid there, faking sleep.

April slowly pulled herself all the way on top of me. She was getting
wetter. I felt a rivulet of her wetness run down between my ass-cheeks
as she positioned herself above me. I remember thinking to myself, "she
gets as wet as I do!"

She was breathing in my ear. Actually, she was doing more panting than
breathing. I also felt her soft breast on my back. Her nipples were erect. I
felt her wet pubic hairs rubbing against my buttocks as she humped
against me harder. I knew instinctively that she was approaching orgasm.

I was becoming sexually aroused myself. I felt my vagina begin to
lubricate. My clitoris became alive with a throbbing sensation. My hips
began to move. I found myself grinding my clitoris against the mattress
as April masturbated herself against my ass. Then I made a mistake. I
opened my legs and moved to a more comfortable position under her.

That stopped her cold. I don't know how she could have thought I'd sleep
through her masturbating herself against me, but now she knew that I
was awake.

She suddenly slid off of me. She whispered, "I'm sorry Kala. I didn't mean
to do that."

I rolled over on my back. My clitoris was throbbing with aroused. I did not
want her to stop. It had been way to long since I've shared myself
sexually with anyone. Having this beautiful girl on top of me was

I whispered, "That's okay. It was nice."

She said nothing, so I added, "Sometimes, I like to grind myself against a
pillow. I can bring myself to orgasm like that."

She waited a beat, then said, "your ass is like a pillow. It feels really
good against my pussy."

We both looked around to see if anyone was awake. Thanks to plenty of
booze, everyone was sleeping soundly. But to be safe, we both spoke in
whispers. Neither of us wanted to get caught doing anything sexual in
her bed.

I was sweating from the contact of her. It was hot in her bedroom. I
sat-up and pulled my t-shirt off. In the darkness, I could feel her eyes
caressing my naked breast. Giving her a show, I pinched both my nipples,
making then hard.

Then April sat-up and pulled-off her t-shirt. Her breasts were much
smaller than mines, but her long nipples stood at attention.

Neither of us knew what to do next. We lay there listening to each other
breathing. We could smell the musky scent of our sexual arousal. That
told me that we were both sopping wet. Plus, we were both sweating from
our unsatisfied sexual needs. In other words, we both needed to orgasm.

I made the first move. Rolling towards her, I pulled her into my arms. Her
body melted against me. I hugged her and whispered in her ear, "you can
use me for a pillow anytime you need to."

Before I finished saying that, she rolling me to my back and slid her
naked body on top of me. I felt her erect nipples against my breast. I felt
her wet pussy against my upper thigh. She was sopping wet. So was I!

As she began humping me again, her thigh fell between my legs. I began
humping against her thigh. We held each other tightly as we masturbated
against each other.

Not a word we spoken between us. We just held each other and grinded
our wet pussies against each other. Sweat covered our bodies. Our
breathing was loud. April's bed began creaking in protest as we pounded
each other.

The sound of her bed creaking worried me. I held her ass to slow her
down. We both listened to hear if anyone was awake. All we heard was
the sounds of snoring.

As we listened for trouble, April lowered her head and brushed my lips
with her soft lips. Then she traced my upper lip with her tongue. I raised
my hips pushing my clitoris against her thigh as her tongue parted my

She gently placed her mouth on my mouth...and we kissed. It was the
softest most erotic kiss I have ever had. Slowly, her tongue eased into
my mouth...and our tongues began to dance together. It was a long
passionate kiss.

Her hips began to move against my thigh again. I felt her wetness. It
seemed to be flowing out of her. There was a pool of sweat between our
bellies. Her back was slick with sweat as I rubbed my hands up and down
her back.

Then I reach to her head. I broke our kiss as I gently turned her head
sideways. I pulled her ear towards my mouth. I began tracing her ear with
my tongue. I heard her moan as my tongue followed the lines of her ear.
Her hips were going faster. Her bed began creaking again. But I was to
busy with her ear to care. My tongue reached her neck. I began placing
kisses on her neck.

April was holding herself up with her hands so that I could kiss her neck
and ears. I reached between us and cupped her small breast. My fingers
found her nipples and I began to gently pinch her nipples.

That caused April to go ballistic! She began pounding her pussy against
me. Her bed creaked as she moaned with pure lust. Her thigh was
rubbing against my pussy as she rode me. Her humping action was
causing her thigh to bump against my clitoris. I felt like I was going
insane with the need to cum.

Suddenly, April body went stiff. She groaned as she burst into orgasm. I
held her in my arms as she came. I felt her entire body tremble in orgasm.

I was right on the edge of orgasm. She pressed her thigh against my cunt.
I fucked myself against her until I burst into orgasm. I heard her bed
shaking as my body pulsated in orgasm.

After our orgasms, we held each other tightly. Her mouth found mines
and we kissed. Breaking our kiss she said, "I can't believe I came the

I smiled as I said, "me too." Then we kissed again.

Suddenly, a voice called out in the dark. "Hey! What the fuck is going on
in there?"

April slid off of me as her dad walked through her bedroom door.

He yelled, "Kala! If you're fucking around with April, I'm going to break
both your legs!"

As I laid there, praying that he would not notice that we were both
covered with sweat, and naked, under our blanket. I wondered why he
was ready to blame me for anything that he thought was happening in his
daughter's bed.

April yelled, "We're not doing nothing dad! Go back to bed and take your
perverted fantasies with you!"

We heard him popped-open a can of beer as he walked back to his room.
We heard her mom saying something but they lost interest in us. April
and I laughed in relief. The next day, Saturday, as she drove us around in
her uncle's old car, she asked me about my love life. I told her that I
didn't have much of a love life. She asked me if I was a lesbian. I told her
that I was bisexual. She told me that she was straight and that she was
also a virgin.

I thought that was amazing. She was an eighteen year old virgin. Most
girls around here looses their virginity almost soon after their period
starts. A lots get pregnant before graduating high school. This girl still
kept her legs cross.

Then it dawned on me what she had just told me. She was straight?
What! I asked her, "if you are straight, then what was last night about?

Blushing, she answered, "Maybe you are irresistible."

I seriously doubt if I am anything close to being irresistible. But I didn't
want to corner her. She sounded confusing to me. She told me that she
is straight, yet she brought herself to orgasm by grinding her very wet
pussy against me. That isn't something that straight girls do to other
girls. But I wasn't going to push the issue. We both experienced powerful
orgasms before her dad interrupted us. I was grateful for that.

I volunteered to her that I love to masturbate. I was trying to get her to
open-up on that subject so that I could ask her some masturbation
questions. I love talking about masturbation, almost as much as I love
doing it. I wanted to know how often she masturbated and what
technique she liked. But she quickly changed the subject away from sex.

We spent the day hanging-out with some of her friends. That was fun. We
played video games and gossiped. April was telling everyone about how
drunk everyone got yesterday during the gathering. That made everyone
laugh. April didn't mention anything that indicted what we had done to
each other in her bed. I knew she wanted to keep that a secret from her

We got back to her home late that evening. It was the second night of her
family gathering. It seemed to me like there were more people than every
there! And they had plenty of food and booze.

April and I didn't drink any booze, but we ate lots of food. Later, we
showered and got into her bed.

That night, as we lay next to each other, we put our arms around each
other. She felt really good in my arms. We began kissing. I love kissing
her. Our legs kind-of went between each other's legs as we kissed.

Soon, we were both wet with arousal as we rubbed our pussies against
each other's thigh. I could smell the musky scent of our wetness. At one
point, I felt like I was about to cum. But to many of her family members
were walking around the house. When ever we humped each other hard
enough to achieve orgasm, her stupid bed creaked loudly. We were both
wet & sweaty from sexually frustrated. We had to cool-it. Finally we
stopped kissing and fell asleep.

At about one o'clock in the morning, I got up to piss. April got up with
me. We had to step over people who were sleeping on the floor. One of
her aunts was in their only bathroom. I couldn't hold my pee another
second, so we went outside to pee.

When we got outside, we lifted our t-shirts, squatted down, and began to
piss. We were facing each other. In the moonlight, I could see her
pissing. Her labia lips looked puffy. She had a full bush of pubic hair
surrounding her pussy.

I could see that she was looking at my cunt as I pissed. I also have a full
bush, but I keep it well trimmed. I knew that she could easily see my
aroused pussy lips as well as my swollen clitoral hood.

When I finished pissing, her hand made it's way to my cunt. When she
touched me, I almost came on the spot! I moaned as she gently caressed
my pussy. I stayed squatted down and allowed her gentle fingers to
explore my most intimate secrets. Then my hand eased between her legs.
I gently touched her soft pussy lips. I could feel the heat from her
arousal. My fingertips gently glided over her clitoris. It was stiff with
arousal. It was so erotic. We were outside, squatting down while gently
rubbing each other's pussy. It was completely unexpected.

Then we heard the dogs barking. That scared us. We thought someone
was lurking around outside. We got up and went back into the house.

The bathroom was empty. We went into the bathroom. I washed my
hands. I used a washcloth on my pussy with warm soapy water. April did
the same to herself. Then we got back into her bed.

As soon as we got into bed, we held each other really tight. I wanted to
kiss her. It took me a second to find her mouth. Teasing me, she kind-of
turned her head to avoid my kiss. I was chasing her mouth trying to kiss

When I finally got my mouth on her mouth, she totally kissed me. We
both open our mouths and tongue kissed. It felt wonderful to kiss her.

We couldn't talk. We had to be quiet because there were so many of her
relatives in the house. But we were both moaning as our kiss deepened.

I got on top of her and started grinding my cunt against her. But every
time I started humping her hard enough to cum, her damn bed made to
much noise. We did not need her dad, charging into her room, like he did
last night.

I was delirious with unrelenting sexual urges. I had to cum before I went
insane. So I grabbed her by her hand and dragged her back outside. We
got into the back seat of her uncle's old ford. I laid her down and I got on
top of her. We hungrily started kissing again.

I was humping her pelvis bone. I could feel my wetness flowing out of my
cunt onto her. We both stopped for a second and pulled our t-shirts off.
Now, we were both completely naked!

I laid myself on top of her. I could feel her humping against my leg. The
car was old and had worn-out clothes seat. I was to turned-on to think
about how much of our wetness was getting onto the seat. We were both
really wet.

We didn't talk. This was pure lesbian lust! We didn't need to say a word
to each other. We both knew what we desperately needed from each other.

I felt like I was about to cum. I was grinding my clitoris against her pelvis
bone. April was pinching my nipples while we kissed. I was surprised at
how aggressively she was kissing me. She had her tongue in my mouth
the whole time we were kissing.

Suddenly, I knew that I was about to cum. I could not hold it. My body
went stiff and I began to pulsate in orgasm. My orgasm literally exploded
within me. I groaned loudly as I came.

April held my tightly in her arms as I came. She knew without a doubt
that I was experiencing an orgasm. She could tell by the way my body
shook that I was cuming. I felt myself gushing as I came.

When my orgasm began to subside, I raised up and looked at her. She
was smiling at me. I smiled down at her. Then I notice that she was still
humping herself against my leg. She was on the verge of orgasm.

That was when I spoke the first words since getting into her uncle's car. I
simply asked her, "do you trust me?"

She said, "sure"

I began kissing my way down her body. I kissed her ears. I traced her
ears with my tongue. I took my time and kissed both ears.

Then I kissed my way down to her breast. I held her breast in my hands
as I kissed each nipple. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and swirled
my tongue around on them. I pushed her breast together so that I could
easily go from one nipple to the other. I could feel her humping her pussy
against my body as I gently bit her nipples.

I kissed my way down to her rib cage. I covered her belly with kisses. I
stopped at her cute little belly button and swirled my tongue inside it.
That made her moan with pleasure.

My tongue followed a trail of fine pubic hair from her belly button, down
to a forest of thick pussy hair. I rubbed my nose in her wet pubic hair.

My tongue slid over her Venus mound, down to her vaginal entrance. I
purposely avoided her touching clit by going around it. I open her legs
wider and I inhaled to wonderfully sensuous scent of her sopping wet
pussy. Of course, since I had just gushed my cum on her, I guess the
scent was from us both.

I lowered my head and started caressing her puffy labia lips with my lips
& tongue. I blew air on her cunt. That made her moan again. I gently
licked her pussy lips with my tongue. I felt her hips move when I did that.

I gently licked her entire pubic area and the inside of her thighs. I avoid
her clitoris as I licked all around it. She was moving her hips around,
trying to get me to lick her clit. I teasingly avoid her clit while licking her
down there.

I plunged my tongue into her vagina and tongue fucked her. Unable to
resist her clit any longer. I dragged my tongue from her fuck-hole, up to
her clit. I began swirling her clitoris around with my tongue. I eased two
fingers into her tight little vagina as my tongue danced with her clitoris.

I began to finger-fuck her. My tongue never left her clitoris while my
fingers went in and out of her sopping wet vagina.

She was humping my face. Her hands were on my head. She was moaning
as I continued to drive her crazy with my tongue and fingers.

Suddenly, she burst into orgasm. I felt her vagina twitching against my
fingers as she came. She was bucking her hips in orgasm.

It was awesome! I felt her cuming. I keep my mouth glued to her cunt.

After she came, I swung around and got us into a sixty-nine position, me
on top. This gave me a different angle to do oral sex on her.

I spread open her cunt and started licking her from her fuck-hole...up to
her clit. I love the way her stiff little clit felt against my tongue.

I felt her hands go around my hips. She pulled my pussy down to her
mouth. I felt her mouth and tongue against my pussy. I was so wet that I
was afraid she would drown!

I felt her slid her fingers into my vagina. She began finger-fucking me. I
couldn't handle it! I burst into another powerful orgasm!

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