No Boys Allowed
By Gilmuriel

It was Danielle's 18th birthday. Her parents were going away for the
weekend, but gave her permission to have some friends over for a birthday
party, with one rule: No boys allowed. After some thinking, she decided on
who she wanted to have over: Becky, Sarah, Amber, Candace, and Holly.
She called each one in turn, and got them all to agree. All Danielle had to
do now was wait.

The day of the party arrived, and everything was good to go. Danielle was
very excited, and couldn't wait for her friends to arrive. Finally the
doorbell rang. It was early yet, but Danielle answered it anyway. There
was Sarah, with a wrapped box in her hands, which she thrust at
Danielle. As they hugged, Sarah whispered in Danielle's ear "You're
gonna have fun with this, I guarantee it!" and then winked at Danielle.

Before Danielle could ask what she meant, she moved away and put her
sleepover bag in the living room where the girls were going to be sleeping.
The doorbell rang again, this time it was Candace. Eventually all the girls
arrived, and they all went and sat in the living room and tried to figure out
what kind of food to order for dinner. They ultimately decided on pizza,
and ordered it. To pass the time waiting for the pizza, Becky suggested
they play a little game of Spin the Bottle, just for fun. "Birthday girl gets
first spin!" exclaimed Becky. Danielle took the bottle and spun it. The
nose pointed to Candace. Danielle crawled over to Candace and gave her a
wet kiss on the lips. She felt a small pang of something in her nipples,
but ignored it. Then she went back to her place, all the while the girls
were all laughing. The game continued until the pizza arrived.

They ate in relative silence, all enjoying the sudden silence. Danielle kept
thinking about that kiss from a few minutes before. They didn't bother to
clean up; they just shoved the pizza boxes and plates to one side. The
girls agreed that it was time for Danielle to open her presents. Danielle
thought to herself 'I'll open Sarah's last.' Holly gave Danielle her present
first; it was makeup and perfume, her favorite brands. The rest of the
presents were also things she liked very much. Finally she got to Sarah's
gift. She took the box in her hands, and slowly pulling off the ribbons,
remembering what Sarah had said to her at the door when she arrived.
Danielle was half-scared, and half-excited to know what the present was.

As the top of the box came off, Danielle blushed beet red. Lying there in
the box, surrounded by tissue paper, was an eight inch silver vibrator,
shining brilliantly in the light. She looked over at Sarah, who was grinning
like a jackal, obviously pleased at Danielle's embarrassment. Danielle
closed the box and put it behind herself, ignoring the other girls'
questions of "What is it???" They decided to watch a movie then, and after
some discussion, popped one in. Danielle wasn't really paying attention
to it however; she was too busy contemplating the vibrator she held in
the box beside her.

Lost in thought, Danielle didn't notice right away that Sarah was staring
at her. When she did notice, she smiled at Sarah, holding eye contact for
a moment, but Sarah just turned away and kept watching the movie. The
rest of the movie passed uneventfully, but Danielle's thoughts were still
dwelling on the silver monstrosity. The movie ended around midnight, and
Danielle suggested they get changed for sleep. The girls all went into the
bathroom one by one, and changed into the clothes they had brought to
sleep in. Danielle noted what each was wearing when they came out.
Holly was wearing a short tank top and boxer shorts, exposing a lot of
flesh to Danielle's eyes. Becky was wearing a long shirt and no pants,
just her underwear underneath. Amber came out wearing some pajamas
that were obviously way too small for her, and Danielle could see Amber's
breasts straining against the tight material. When Candace came out of
the bathroom from changing, she was wearing a long robe, and Danielle
could see a bit of a lacy top underneath the robe.

Sarah went last; she returned wearing a one-piece cotton outfit, tight in
all the right places. Danielle went up to her room to change. She got up
there and closed the door, leaning against it. She felt a slight burning in
her crotch, and knew what it meant. She looked at her breasts and saw
that the nipples were hard, and wondered how long they had been so. She
took off her pants and shirt, and removed her bra and socks, and lay on
her bed for a moment wearing only her thong. Unconsciously her hand
slid to her nipple, and she began to massage it between her fingertips.
Her other hand went to her other nipple, and began the same treatment.
Her left hand began to head towards her crotch but she stopped herself. 'I
can't do this now, they'll know when I got back down there what I did if I
do it now' she thought. She got dressed in some Mickey Mouse pajamas,
and returned downstairs where the girls were waiting.

They had all picked sleeping bags already, and were snug in them, all lying
on their bellies looking into the middle of the circle the bags made.
Danielle saw that the only one left empty was the one between Sarah and
Candace. She moved to it and got in, zipping it up, and facing inwards like
the rest of them. Candace said "OK girls, who wants to play 'Truth or
Dare'?" All the girls, including Danielle agreed.

Amber proclaimed, "I get to go first!" and turned to Sarah and asked
"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare!" Sarah replied without hesitation.

"OK, ummmm... I Dare you to french kiss Holly for 10 seconds." Sarah
unzipped her sleeping bag, and complied without any assistance, and
everyone laughed, it was all in good fun.

Sarah asked Danielle then, "Truth or Dare?"

Danielle replied with "Dare" to keep the fun going.

Sarah giggled for a moment, then said "Oooo.... I have a good one.... you
have to play with Holly's tits for a whole minute!!!"

Danielle blushed incredibly red. 'This is getting heavier' she thought to
herself. She decided to do it anyway; she didn't want to seem like a wuss.
She slowly went over to her friend, and was mesmerized as Holly
seductively pulled the straps of her tank top off her shoulders, and then
painfully slowly pulled it down until her beautiful breasts bounced free of
the shirt. Danielle sat down beside her, and put one hand on each breast,
and slowly began to massage her friend's ample assets. Holly leaned back
a bit, supporting herself on her hands, and thrusting her breasts out
some more, and Holly opened her mouth in silent pleasure. A small moan
pierced the silence that had overcome the room. Danielle turned to see
Sarah sitting cross-legged on her sleeping bag; rubbing her crotch with
one finger through her clothes... she was the one who had moaned. The
designated minute ended, and Danielle made her way back to her own
sleeping bag. Holly made no attempt to hide her breasts; in fact she
pulled her shirt up over her tits and removed it entirely, throwing it to her
bag near her. Holly mouthed the word "Thanks" to Danielle when they
made eye contact again.

Candace's turn was next, and she told Sarah to suck on Amber's nipples
for 2 minutes. Danielle gasped, and looked at Amber. Danielle saw that
Amber's nipples were hard already in anticipation of the stimulation.
Sarah crawled seductively over to Amber, and got her to lie down on her
back. When she did, Sarah straddled Amber's knees, and Amber put her
hands behind her head and sighed, closing her eyes. Sarah lifted Amber's
tiny top up a few inches, and began to lick the exposed flesh lovingly. As
Sarah went to move the shirt up more, Amber sat up, eyes still closed,
and removed her top completely, and lay back down again. Sarah resumed
licking where she had left off, and soon came to the bottom of Amber's
heaving bosom. Sarah blew a breath of air across Amber's left breast, and
they all watched as it hardened even more.

Sarah suddenly put her mouth around Amber's left nipple, and began to
lick softly. A smile of pleasure crossed Amber's face. All the girls sat
watching these events, and everyone's inhibitions abandoned them, and
all the girls were obviously aroused by the show, as they were all
breathing harder than normal. Danielle found her hand going to her
breast of it's own accord, massaging the nipple there, and she sighed
gently. Sarah moaned, and Danielle looked to see what had made her
moan; Sarah had straddled Amber's right leg and was slowly rubbing her
crotch on Amber's thigh. Danielle could see the juices that made Amber's
leg slick and shiny. As the two minutes expired, Sarah dismounted,
kissed amber full on the lips, and crawled back to her own sleeping bag.
"Wow, that was intense!!" said Candace. "Amber's turn now!"

"Truth or Dare Danielle?" she exclaimed. Danielle figured it'd be stupid to
say "Truth" at this point plus she wanted to see where this would all
lead, so she replied, "Dare."

The girls giggled, and after Amber told them to shut up, she said, "OK,
you asked for this! I want you to strip down to your panties and
masturbate right here in front of us till you cum." Danielle immediately
regretted saying dare, but slowly complied, stripping off her top and
bottom, exposing her silky thong for all to see. Someone whistled. She
began to rub the outside of the thong with two fingers, slowly turning
herself on even more, and soon was shoving her hand down the top of her
thong and plunging it into her wetness. She began to feel for her clit, as
she did almost every night in bed, and found it. She felt the pleasure
sensations she was used to, and was turned on even more by them. Holly
couldn't believe Danielle was actually doing this for them.

Candace was incredibly aroused by the sight, as she had removed her
robe, and was sitting with her legs under her, and one hand rubbing softly
at her tits. Every stroke of Danielle's clit brought a small grunt to her
lips. She was near her climax, and she thrust her feet into Sarah and
Candace's lap, to hold apart for her, which they did. As she felt her
orgasm near, she slowed down, teasing herself, until finally she could
take it no more. Legs shaking violently, she brought herself over the top,
instinctively trying to close her legs, but Sarah and Candace wouldn't let
her. She kept sliding her hand up and down her clit until she could no
more, and lay back on her sleeping bag, content to let her cum soak her
thong. Sarah and Candace released her legs, and Danielle felt a finger run
up the skin beside her thong, and looked up to see Sarah licking her own
finger clean of Danielle's juices.

"You look like you've done that before," exclaimed Becky.

"Like you haven't!" retorted Danielle, and they all laughed. Then Danielle
turned to Candace and said "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare" came Candace's answer.

"I dare you to finger Sarah till she cums for you!" Candace smiled and
moved over to Sarah's bag. Sarah had pulled her arms and torso out of her
teddy, exposing skin from her small but cute breasts down to an inch or
two below her bellybutton. Candace kissed Sarah full on the lips, and
Danielle could see their tongues dancing with each other. Candace's hand
came up and stroked Sarah's nipples, on then the other for a few
seconds, rendering them both hard. Then her hand went south, stopping
momentarily to circle the navel, and plunging down where the rest of the
girls could not see. She must have done something right, as Sarah began
to moan and her whole body was gyrating. Amber, sitting beside Sarah,
began to suck on Sarah's nipples, returning the service she had been
given earlier. Danielle felt hands on her breasts and looked behind her to
see Becky sitting behind her, arms under hers, massaging her nipples,
but Becky was still staring at Candace and Sarah.

Soon Sarah began to approach her intense orgasm. She began to moan
louder and louder through the kisses she and Candace still shared, and it
looked like she was going to lose control of her body. Suddenly she
pushed Candace off of her so she could breathe, and Candace intensified
her hand movements. Sarah screamed "OH GODDDD!!" as she felt her
juices rush out in a massive wave, expelling her pussy juice as she came
over and over. Candace didn't stop flicking her finger on Sarah's clit until
Sarah had had 3 or 4 powerful orgasms. They both collapsed then, and
Candace withdrew her finger from Sarah's soaked crotch, and dangled her
cum-soaked hand in front of Amber's face, who greedily took it and licked
all the cum off it, every drop.

After a few minutes of silence, Sarah said "Truth or Dare, Becky?" and
Becky replied quickly "Dare!"

"Hehehe ok, your dare is to eat Candace's pussy out until she cums all
over your beautiful face." Becky shrugged and smiled, and moved towards
Candace, who had returned to her sleeping bag. As Becky was moving
towards her, Candace stripped off all her remaining clothes, dropping
them in a heap beside her sleeping bag.

She lay back on her bag, propped up on her elbows, legs spread wide.
Danielle was instantly envious of Candace's perfectly shaped shaven slit.

Sarah remarked, "Geez Danielle, you think you'd never seen a pussy

"Well not one so beautiful as hers...I'm envious" Danielle replied.

Becky had removed her shirt, and was lying on her belly between
Candace's spread legs, licking up Candace's thigh towards her love
tunnel. When she got to it, she lifted her tongue, and barely brushing it,
started licking down Candace's other thigh. She licked upwards again, and
licked a circle around Candace's pussy, teasing her friend. Then she could
see that Candace really needed to get off, and she plunged her tongue
into Candace's slit. *Candace's juices were very sweet to taste*, thought
Becky, *like honey. *

Danielle decided to join the action, maneuvering herself between Becky's
slightly spread legs. Danielle began to caress Becky's thighs, moving to
her ass. Becky let out a small sigh and spread her legs farther apart.
Danielle reached down between Becky's legs and inserted her fingers into
Becky's wet slit, and began to pump slowly. She started pumping her
fingers faster and Becky licked harder and faster. Candace and Becky both
came at once, Becky groaning into Candace's pussy as she licked her clit,
and Candace screaming out in pleasure into the air, her head thrown
back, holding Becky's head to her crotch. As Candace came, Becky licked
every drop of her sweet juices, some rolling down her chin and dripping
off. As they lay back, sated, panting, Holly came over to Becky, who was
lying on her back, and slowly began to lick Candace's juices off Becky's
face. Becky barely moved because she was too tired.

Candace looked over at Sarah, "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Sarah
just winked and got up and went to the bathroom carrying her bag. Becky
sat up, a questioning look on her face. Matching looks were on the faces
of the other girls, but Candace just smiled. After a minute or two, the lock
clicked open and Sarah opened the door, and she was standing there with
a large Strap-On Dildo on! Sarah giggled as she walked back into the room
and saw all the looks that the girls were giving her. Danielle guessed the
plastic member was about 10 inches, and saw that is was hard like a cock.

"Get naked girls!" shouted Sarah, causing Danielle to jump. The girls
complied, discarding any clothing still on. Holly had already gotten naked
entirely when Sarah left in the first place. Holly lay back on her bag, legs
spread in anticipation. Sarah walked over, tits and cock bouncing with
each step. Holly sat up, and when Sarah was in front of her, grabbed the
cock and began to give it an incredible but totally unnecessary blowjob.
Sarah stopped her before too long, ordered Holly to lie down again.

Sarah climbed between her legs, and slowly inserted the tip of the dildo
into Holly's waiting wetness. Sarah saw the look of surprise of Holly's
face from it, and withdrew, moving down and tonguing Holly's clit a
moment. Then Sarah grabbed the zipper on the sleeping bag, and began to
close it. When she had finished, all the girls could see was their heads
poking out the top. "Sorry girls, private show!" explained Sarah.

Sarah kissed Holly full on the lips, slipping her tongue between Holly's
lips, entwining with her tongue. Sarah reached down and guided the fake
piece into Holly, just the head so Holly could get used to the size. Once
she had, Sarah pushed in a little more, fondling Holly's nipple with her
other hand as she did. When Holly had the whole thing buried in her,
Sarah slowly pulled out, and then pushed back in. Sarah began to pump
faster at Holly's request. Danielle looked to her left to see Amber and
Becky on the couch, each with one leg over the other's, their pussies
rubbing together directly. Danielle retrieved her present from Sarah,
pulled it out of the box. She inserted it into her soaked cunt, let it sit
there a moment before turning on the vibrate function. As the small tool
began it's work, Danielle closed her legs tightly to hold it in place, and lay
on her side beside Candace, rubbing Candace's slit with one hand.

They both began shaking as stimulation was brought to their clits.
Danielle was nearly there, and lifted Candace's thigh and slid under it to
plant her tongue on the blond girl's love button. Candace came
immediately, squirting her juices all over. Danielle did her best to lick up
the sweet nectar. The Candace slipped a hand between Danielle's tightly
closed thighs and barely touched Danielle's clit and Danielle came harder
than she had ever before. Her juices wouldn't stop flowing and squirting
out for a full 5 minutes. Holly let out a long moan as Sarah's pumping
brought her to a powerful orgasm. The bag that Holly and Sarah were in
was shaking violently with pleasure. Danielle went over and unzipped the
bag, and was assaulted by a huge odor of pussy.

As Danielle opened the bag, Holly began her orgasm, spurting her nectar
around the sides of the dildo, soaking both Sarah's thighs and the
sleeping bag. Sarah withdrew the cock as Holly finished, and took the
strap on off and handed it to Candace saying "do me now!!!" Candace
strapped it on, letting Sarah lick all of Holly's cum off it before ordering
her to get on her hands and knees. Candace roughly pushed the whole
length of the plastic cock into Sarah, and shoved it in and out really hard.
It didn't take much for Sarah to orgasm, and Candace pulled out. Sarah
told Danielle do lie down spread-eagled, and for Becky to get between her
legs and eat her out. They complied, and Candace went behind Becky and
lifted her rear end into the air, and inserted the latex member into her
hot twat and began pumping.

Sarah pulled the vibrator out of Danielle's pussy and slipped a condom
onto her finger. She let her finger drift near Becky's asshole, putting a
little pressure on it. Becky stopped her feast long enough to say "No,
don't put it in, I don't like that there" but Sarah paid no heed, rudely
burying her middle finger in Becky's asshole. Becky gasped and tried to
turn around to remove it, but Danielle grabbed her head and shoved it
into her pussy, holding her there. Sarah pumped Becky's ass in time with
Candace's thrusts. Soon Sarah removed her finger, and removed the
condom, putting it on the vibrator, and shoving the tip of that into Becky's
ass. When Sarah turned on the vibrate part, Becky stopped complaining,
only moaned into Danielle pussy.

Amber was suddenly behind Sarah and Candace, and inserted a finger of
each hand into each girls slit, fingering their clits. This caused them both
to spasm, as they had not expected it. Amber sat down straddling
Candace's bare foot, rubbing her clit on the edge of that foot, dripping
juices down it. Holly came and sat down straddling Danielle's face, her
pussy on Danielle's mouth. Danielle eagerly began to eat it, and Holly
began playing with Danielle's hard nipples. As they all neared their
climaxes, the groaned as one. When they all came, juices squirting, the
scream could be heard several doors down. After several minutes of
gyrating, they all ceased. And collapsed, removing the instruments from
Becky's hindquarters. They all crawled back to their sleeping bags and lay
on top of them sweating. Danielle was still a little horny, so she fingered
herself to a small orgasm, and then fell asleep.
©2006 by Gilmuriel
All Rights Reserved
No Boys Allowed...