Story codes:  MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Do you remember the first time you felt a sensation provoked by the opposite sex?  How
about the first time you thought about sex?  Do you remeber the first time your skin came
alive or when you felt the lingering of lips on yours?  Do you remember the first time you had
sex?  How about every time afterward?  Maybe, maybe not.  Probably the first time though.  
We all remember our first time.  Losing ones virginity is something no one can forget.  My
story follows one woman through the trials and tribulations leading up to what may be her
first time.  Her thoughts and feelings are what make the story fluid and memorable.  Will she
give in to her carnal wants?  Will she regret her decisions?  Will it be everything she has
thought it would be?  You will have to read and find out...

by Melissa Zinn

My body resembles a woman of experience. Dark brown hair cascading
past my shoulders and over a pair of fully developed breasts. The curls
seperate while the mounds peek through a black knit top that hugs my
every curve. Jeans, sleek against my rear and following me down to the
floor. I sat inside the cafe with a fierce style. People responding to me as
they walk past. I make the effort to look on with an attitude hiding my

The room fills with laughter as people come and go from all angles. The
smell of coffee beans and sweet flavors fill the air. Hands meeting,
shaking, sliding down backs as embraces take hold. I fling my hair back
and over my shoulder exposing my black top and every bit held beneath it.

The lady at the counter exchanges glances questioning if I would like a
refill. I shake my head no and continue to sip at the cup I hold in my hand. I
pick up the novel I have been intensely reading and open it. I start to read
the sentence where I left off when Andre walks in. His smile illuminates
the entire room. He moves across the floor as if in a dance. The lady at
the counter smiles and starts a conversation with him as he orders. I
pretend not to notice. He is off limits to me. He must be in here to get a
caffeine fix before working tonight. He bounces at the club down the
block. I have been there on more than one occassion. It's kind of a hot

My eyes turn back to my book long enough to be interupted by a familiar
voice within seconds.

"Hey girly."

Andre stood in front of me holding his hot beverage. We both trace each
others curves. Our lips move in unison with our words. I wonder what it
would be like to kiss him. I wonder if he is wondering the same thing. I
can't think like this. He is off limits. He dated my best friend. Stop it. Stop
thinking like this. I picture his lips closing in on mine. His tongue sliding
passed my lips and into my mouth. Our saliva slowly meeting and mixing
together as one. My thoughts running wild as he stands in front of me
watching me with no idea.

"So can I join you?"

"Yes, yes please sit down. I am sorry, my mind must be everywhere else
but here."

"Is it a good book?"

"I will let you know when I finish."

"I have not seen you around the club for awhile."

"I have been busy."

"Busy as in busy, or busy as in I work there and so your busy?"

"Good question. Can I say both?"

"You could. Honesty is the best policy. I like honesty. I miss seeing you in

I should not even be talking to him. He slept with my best friend. I could
end this quickly. I could cut him off at the kness and find another cafe just
like I found another club.

"Will you come by tonight? I could buy you a drink. We can just hang out
and talk."

Talk is the last thing on my mind right now. Snap out of it already. I take
another sip from my cup to break the conversation. I stand up to take my
empty cup to the counter. I feel Andre graze my rear with his hand.
Without noticing my actions I giggle. I spin quickly around to change the
subject and bump into his chest. I bend down to grab my book again off
the table and his hand reaches for mine. He takes my cup and places it
where the book once was.

"Follow me."

He places his hand on the small of my back and leads me around the
corner. The sign above reads ladies room. We both enter a small stall
and the door closes behind us. My jacket hits the floor and I feel the cold
door on my back.

I feel his hot breath on my neck as I listen for faint words. Words that will
tell me this is a good thing. It feels like a good thing. My body feels so

"You know I have always liked you. Girl, the way you look and the way you

He lifts me up against the door and I can feel his hardness pressing into
my pelvis. My one hand rests on his shoulder while the other pressing up
against the side of the stall. My legs wrap around his waist to balance my
self out.

"Andre a nice guy would have said something before sleeping with my

"Well maybe you think I am not a nice guy. I would like to change your
mind on that if given the chance."

I move in closer and feel his lips caress mine. A sigh escapes my body
as I begin to relax. My breathing louder than normal. Sensations coming
over me that I have never felt before. Unsure of how to respond I hold my
breath tight. His lips begin moving fiercely as a moan comes from his
mouth into mine. His fingers slightly rubbing up and down my body as I
arch back. His tongue slithers over my lips and reaches my tongue. I
accept his invitation as they glide together moving for one and other. My
shirt rips open exposing my bra. He lifts up my bra and takes one nipple
into his mouth. He fumbles with my jean button until it is wide open. I
reach down and slide my jeans over my rear and my panties are fully
exposed. Thank the lord for thongs. I place both hands on either side of
the stall.

"Andre move back for a second."

I put my feet on the floor and kick my jeans off. I undo his and they fall
beside mine. He lifts me back up and slams me into the door. I feel him
penetrate me hard. I let out a tiny scream and bite my lip. He thrust
himself forward and I grip his coat. Tears form in my eyes as he moves in
deeper. My body becomes stiff as I begin to cry. His penis conquers me
full throttle.

Before this quest can finish he looks at me abruptly.

"Your a virgin!"
I reply with a nod. Stunned he stands erect and still.

"I never knew you were a virgin. Damn girl why didn't you say something?"

I cringe in defense as we both stand in limbo of the situation.

"Why didn't you ask me? Why did you assume I wasn't one?

"Hello. Is everything okay in there?"

Both of us surprised by the female voice agree quickly. This is a ladies
room none the less. Footsteps take her back outside the rest room and
we continue.

He can take my question a million ways but chooses the less detailed of

I sit in silence of what has just happened. Fire burns deep down inside
me and my emotions rage. I am now hotter than ever. Both in anger and
sexual excitement. They say angry sex is the best sex. I thought sex felt
very different than what I just experienced. Isn't it supposed to be this
erotic feeling? Everyone I know praises sex. At this moment I am not
praising a damn thing. If anything I am condemning the pain between my

Not knowing if I am proving something to him or myself I decide to grip
his penis with my vagina muscles. His eyes widen and I feel him throb
again and again. Either way I want to win. I wrap my arms around his
neck and feel the warmth between my thighs. This time I force back the
tears as he pushes his way to the kingdom. The speed quickens as he
gets more forceful. Our bodies collide like 2 planets. A sudden jolt inside
me and I feel a sprinkler go off. Wetness drips down my skin. I fall forward
and out of breath.

Andre sits on the toilet as I stand against the door. Do I regret what I have
just done? Suddenly feeling like I have to pee I wait for the words to
come. Cumming may not make you a lady, but it feels so good to be a

© 2015 Melissa Zinn

After spending time in China devoting herself to what she loves most she came back to
her roots.  Melissa  picked up my pen and never looked back.  She love taking a feeling
and creating a story for it to blossom in. Melissa lives in Ontario, Canada and spend her
days with her fiancé and stepdaughter.


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