Now You're A Star
Story Code: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

Now You're A Star
by Akira

"Well damn," Teja said softly to herself watching the chocolate adonis that just
entered the room. Things might actually be looking up, She thought again
lustfully as she watched him greet the various guest. Teja was at yet another
boring meet and greet for her up and coming Talent Company. The owners
were trying to woo more of the A-listers away from their current agents and into
signing with them. Normally all they attracted were the star wannabe's with no
talent and even less money. Tonight however had proven to be quite the
opposite. Teja had observed at least eight prominent A-lister's in attendance
with at least three of them showing interest in actually signing. Who the hell are
you? Teja continued to wonder as she watched the mystery man. She took a
deep breath, retrieved two glasses of champagne from the tray and headed
over to meet him.

 "Hi, I'm Teja," she introduced herself smoothly, standing directly in front of him.
Jesus, this man is fine as hell, she thought to herself once again taking in the
six feet, six inches of warm chocolate standing before her. He smiled at her as
he took the champagne from her hands, and she saw the most perfect set of
teeth she'd ever laid eyes on. His mustache was perfectly manicured and the
cleft in his chin, sexy and alluring. He had piercing deep brown eyes and they
were trained directly on her at the moment, seemingly staring straight through
her. "Hello Teja," he replied, his voice velvety smooth. Teja was getting wetter
by the moment as she stood looking and listening to him. I want to fuck this
man, she thought honestly to herself, wondering if she could pull it off.  "My
name is Davion," he finished his reply as he sipped his champagne. "It's a
pleasure to meet you," Teja told him never taking her eyes off him.

 Davion smiled as he took the woman in. She was stunning, with her soft
auburn highlighted hair and light brown eyes. Her breasts were begging for
attention in the low cut red spaghetti strap dress she was wearing, that clung
dangerously to her curvaceous hips and amply plump ass. Mm, I'd love to taste
that pussy, Davion thought lustfully to himself as he continued to talk to her.
"What do you do Davion?" Teja asked making small talk. She didn't really give a
damn what he did, as long as he had a big dick and knew what to do with it. "I'm
a model and actor," he told her, not bothering to elaborate or enlighten her of
his adult film star status. "Mm, I see," she returned and smiled demurely. "And
yourself?" Davion asked as he continued to imagine her naked, legs in the air,
his dick sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy. "Oh, I'm one of the
Executive Assistants for the company," she replied and he nodded his
acknowledgment. "This is the first party I've been too with such beautiful
employees," Davion told her softly.

 Teja was ready to explode. She was hotter than fire right now. Damn, can we
skip all this shit and get down to the fucking? She thought to herself as he
asked her to go outside and get some fresh air. They stood outside looking at
the skyline, both absorbed in their own thoughts, until Davion finally decided to
speak.  "Teja," he said softly standing close to her face and looking deeply into
her eyes. "Would you be offended if I told you I wanted to taste you?" he asked
candidly. Teja smiled; finally glad the charade was over. "It would definitely be
my pleasure," she returned. "Where can we go?" Davion asked as he leaned in
and kissed her softly. Teja knew the building had a decadent lounge with a door
that locked on the third floor, she told him the location and he agreed to meet
her there in five minutes. "I need to tell some people goodnight," Davion told
her, again not enlightening her of his knowledge that the lounge existed, having
scouted the building thoroughly earlier. Teja nodded her understanding and left
him to handle his business.

 Teja was giddy the entire trip down to the third floor. Please let this man know
how to fuck, she thought as she entered the lounge and waited for him to
arrive. Davion was smiling to himself as he exited the elevator and heading for
the room. I bet that pussy is fantastic, he thought beginning to grow hard
thinking about her. He entered the room to find Teja waiting for him. "Mm, baby,
I want you naked," he told her not wasting anytime as he unzipped her dress
and took it off. Teja was wearing the matching red lace bra and thong. "I knew
you were sexy as hell," Davion told her as he pulled her to him kissing her again
and taking off her bra. "Hold on, I want to see that luscious body of yours too,"
Teja told him and he smiled. She helped Davion take off the shirt and pants he
was wearing, loving the form fitting boxer briefs he wore underneath. I knew this
man was packing some serious dick, Teja thought looking at him lustfully.
Davion pulled her to him once again, sinking to the carpeted floor with her.

 There was a couch in the lounge, but Davion didn't want any restrictions to
their movements. He pulled her thong off and spread her legs widely. "This has
got to be the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen," he told her as he
immediately went down on and began sucking her clit softly. Teja moaned
deeply, as she felt his tongue work its way in and out of her, causing her juices
to flow ever heavier. "Mm, delicious baby," Davion told her sensuously as he
continued eating her. He began turning as he continued enjoying her, finally
ending up with his dick positioned over her mouth. Teja immediately lifted her
head and took him into her mouth, sucking him and teasing the head of his dick
with her tongue. Davion moaned deeply from the things she was doing to him
as he brought her to climax. Her juices were still flowing freely from her soaking
wet pussy as he slid his fingers inside her and began to work her more.

 Teja was in a state of complete bliss as Davion pleased her. She sucked him
hard, moving her hands up to caress his balls as well. Davion felt himself
getting closer, but not wanting to come yet, removed himself from her mouth.
"What's wrong?" Teja asked confused at his movement. He sighed gently.
"You're about to make me come, and I want to fuck you first," he told her
honestly as he removed his fingers and turned facing her again. "Taste
yourself," he told her as he slipped his fingers into her mouth. Teja sensuously
sucked his fingers, tasting her own juice on them. "See how good your pussy
tastes," Davion told her as he kissed her again. He was ready to fuck her now;
he wanted to feel the inside of that beautiful pussy wrapped about his dick. Teja
was ready too. He'd been teasing her all night, putting his rock hard dick in her
mouth, but not her pussy. Davion pulled her to her knees and turned her
around. He slid his dick inside her and Teja cried out in ecstasy. I knew this
damned man could fuck, She thought as he slammed into her, thrusting
forcefully and deeply each time he withdrew from her. Teja's was consumed with
how good her pussy felt. She'd never had a man fuck her like this. Davion was
watching as he thrust into her. He loved seeing his dick coated with her juices
each time he went in and out of her. He took a bold step and stuck his finger in
her ass. Teja screamed with delight. She had no idea it would feel that good.

 Davion felt himself getting close. He began to thrust harder and faster, with
Teja coaching him every step of the way. "Yes Davion, fuck me," she told him
as she threw her pussy to him. "That's it baby, yes, just like that," Davion told
her as he continued to enjoy her. Finally he could hold it no longer, he grabbed
her hips and began to come. "Davion, yes!" Teja cried out. He removed himself
as he was coming allowing the thick, warm fluid to run down her ass.  "Come
here," Davion told her as she turned to him. He pulled her head to him, and she
readily took him into her mouth, sucking the rest of the cum that remained from
his dick. "I knew fucking you was going to be the best damned experience of my
life," Teja told him quietly as they dressed to leave. Davion smiled and pulled
her to him. "Can I have your number?" he asked casually and Teja cheerfully
obliged. "Thank you again for a wonderful evening," Davion replied softly as he
kissed her goodnight and left her alone in the lounge. Teja sighed gently
reliving the evening and hoping she'd hear from him again as she grabbed her
bag and headed home.

 Sitting at work a week later, Teja was still thinking of Davion and the fabulous
evening they'd shared. "Here Teja, this is for you," the mail clerk told her
breaking her thought as he handed her the package. What is this? Teja
wondered to herself. She opened the package and looked at the contents.
"What the fuck?" she said to herself angrily as she headed for a private office.
Once inside Teja opened the pack and removed the item contained. Her mouth
dropped as she watched the small screen. The note inside read 'Thanks for
making our latest erotic film, our best.'    

To Be Continued

Copyright© 2008 Akira

Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA,
with her husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release,
growing up in an abusive household; creating several poems, and short stories
before finally venturing into a full-length novel. A lot of her stories are based on
personal experience, people encountered along her journey, and events
described to her by friends and family.Her erotic stories try to capture fantasy
mixed with true to life thought, speech and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons
football fan, and Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her
daughter and going Garage sale shopping. She is currently working on a new

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