Story Codes: MF, Lesbian, Consensual

Now You're A Star (Part 2)                                      
by Akira


The cell ringing broke her thought and Teja answered blindly. "Hello," she spoke into the

 "Hi Sexy," came the sensuous reply.

Teja was floored. No this muthafucka is not calling me, she thought acidly to herself of the
party on the other end of the phone. "What the fuck do you want?" Teja answered angrily.

"Teja, really, why are you trippin'?" Davion asked calmly.

Teja laughed a short angry laugh before answering him. "Why am I trippin Davion?" she
threw at him, "Oh I dunno, maybe I'm a little pissed that you made a fucking flick without my
permission, and my ass is in it," she finished breathing hard now.

Davion sighed again. "Teja," he began still completely calm, "Your face is completely
blocked out," he told her. "Unless you plan to walk around naked showing the world your
pussy, who is gonna know the difference?" he finished and waited on her to speak.

Teja supposed what he said made sense, but she was still angry that he'd tricked her. He
could have had the decency to at least tell her he was a porn star and wanted to make a
flick with her. "Davion, why did you call me?" Teja returned tiredly. It'd been three months
and she was trying really hard to be over it.

"Because I want to see you, to touch you, to fuck you again," Davion replied. Teja's mouth
was hanging open and she had to quickly gather herself.

"You must be kidding," she told him, her tone conveying her feelings at the moment. "Why
the hell would I do that?" she added for good measure.

Davion chuckled slightly before answering her again. "Because the dick was good," he
replied simply.

Teja sucked her teeth in disgust as she spoke. "Yeah, well, its whatever" she retorted.

Davion sensed she wasn't as angry as she was pretending to be with him, and pushed the
issue. "Come on Teja," he began again, "Admit it," he continued "You enjoyed the hell out of
our session, and you want some more," he finished and waited on her once again.

"Even if I did Davion," Teja began, "and that's a big IF right now, I don't want to see it on disc
the next damned week," she replied, her resolve beginning to weaken slightly.

Davion sighed gently again. "Look Teja," he began once more. "I'm sorry you were so
offended by the flick," he continued. "But I have no intentions of filming anything else, I just
want to be with you again," he finished and once again left the ball in her court.

"You hafta come here," she replied flatly.

This time Teja was going to get what she wanted on her own turf under her own rules.
Davion smiled into the phone before telling her that was fine and asking if he could come
over now. Teja reluctantly agreed and Davion told her he would see her in 30 minutes. "Well
shit, the nigga did have good ass dick," Teja mumbled to herself as she headed to the
shower to ready herself for another ride on the Davion scorcher.

"Are you staying all night?" Alexa asked as Davion showered and she sat on his bed
watching a new flick.

"No, only a few hours," he replied out of the shower.

"Hmm, ok" Alexa returned as he entered the room moments later wrapped in a towel. "You
look absolutely delicious," she remarked chuckling lightly as he removed his wrap and she
took in his toned body.

Davion thanked her for the compliment as he began to dress.

"So tell me more about her," Alexa began again. Davion closed his eyes thoughtfully for a
moment before describing Teja. "When do I get to meet her?" Alexa queried once again.

"I have to pave the way for that first," Davion replied. "Everyone isn't as open minded as you
and I are vixen," he laughingly told her.

Alexa smiled slightly before speaking again. "Let's hope this turns out better than the last
time," she replied and Davion shook his head in agreement, kissing her softly on the lips as
he grabbed his wallet and keys heading out the door. Alexa sighed gently after he left,
hoping they'd found the right one this time.

Davion's mind wandered as he drove over to Teja's. He thought about Alexa and how
beautiful she was. She was Brazilian by origin, beautiful bronze skin with round alluring
breasts. Her hair was slightly curly, full of body and silky to the touch. He sighed gently
thinking of the first time they'd sexed each other and how absolutely uninhibited she was.
Alexa had wonderful pussy and she didn't mind giving Davion some whenever he wanted it.
Alexa also loved pussy as much as she loved dick. He knew that's why she was so anxious
about Teja. Alexa wanted to see her, to eat her and to fuck her. He chuckled at his last
thought and pushed it from his mind for now.

First he had to get Teja past her anger, get her past her prudish inhibitions, then maybe she
would be open to them having a threesome, and eventually her and Alexa having their own
hot, wet, juicy, pussy session together. Davion's dick was hard thinking about it. He
absolutely loved watching Alexa with her lovers, and she loved showing off for him. It would
always end the same way with him fucking her and her lover, and cum flowing freely all over
their bodies. Davion looked up to see he'd arrived at Teja's and shifted his mind back into
purpose mode. Tonight was possibly the beginning of something very wonderful, and he
needed his game to be full on, with no distractions.

"Mm, you're so wet," Zekia said softly as she caressed Alexa. "What do you want me to do to
you tonight baby?" she asked again as Alexa moaned softly.

Zekia and Alexa had been lovers for the past four months after meeting at a cocktail party
hosted by one of the producers. The attraction was instant once Alexa laid eyes on her
lover. Zekia was beautiful creamy ebony, with short locks, expressive brown eyes, and
perfect 38D breasts with full nipples.

"Drink me," Alexa said simply as Zekia licked her fingers tasting Alexa's juices. Zekia smiled
and kissed Alexa softly on the lips.

"Close your eyes baby, and enjoy this ride," Zekia told her as she moved slowly down her
body, finally coming to rest between Alexa's open legs.

"Aaah, yes Zekia," Alexa was moaning as her lovers tongue caressed her clit softly bringing
delicious pleasure ripples each time.

Zekia took Alexa's hard clit into her mouth and sucked it harder, bringing louder moans of
pleasure and free flowing rivers of her juices into Zekia's mouth. "Harder baby, yes, right
there," Alexa screamed out.

Zekia was on fire herself as she tasted Alexa, turning herself to straddle her lover, her own
dripping wet pussy inches from Alexa's mouth. Immediately Alexa reached out for her lover
and pulled her pussy to her, burying her tongue deeply inside it, getting her own creamy
taste of heaven. They were both completely engrossed in the pleasures they were both
giving and receiving, when Alexa reached her threshold, momentarily crying out, before
taking Zekia's clit into her mouth once more and making her come hard, her body convulsing
and her stream quickening. As they both began to come down from the orgasms, they
began to kiss each other, tasting their still lingering juices as they did, looking into each
others eyes, completely satisfied for the moment.

"Where's Davion?" Zekia asked. Normally when she and Alexa were together he would be
there, or he would come home just as they were finishing, enticing them both into another
mind blowing session with his participation.

"He's out," Alexa replied simply. Zekia chuckled lightly and asked who this woman was.
"She's new," Alexa told her as she rose to grab herself a drink.

"Well, I missed him being here, but, I have no regrets," Zekia told Alexa as she returned,
glass in hand.

"Mmm, yes, well I'm sure he'll make it his business to be here next time," Alexa chuckled
lightly, not bothering to mention her own anticipation at meeting Teja.

"I have to leave baby," Zekia told her.

Alexa frowned slightly. "Why?" she threw at her lover.

She had the distinct impression that Zekia was cheating on her, and she didn't like it. Even
with her own plans for Teja, it had nothing to do with her relationship with Zekia.

"I have a shoot baby," Zekia told her patiently.

She knew Alexa was extremely jealous and didn't want this perfect evening to end in a fight.
"With Shawna?" Alexa asked again becoming irritated. She knew Shawna had a serious
crush on Zekia, and she suspected she used these late night shoots just to be alone with

"Alexa, don't start, OK" Zekia tried again patiently. "I'm only doing photos," she added hoping
Alexa would let it go. Zekia was well aware of Shawna's feelings for her, not to mention the
kisses and touches she'd stolen during some of their shoots, but Zekia was faithful. Alexa
sighed deeply and tried to calm herself.

"Ok, I believe you." she replied quietly.

Zekia kissed her again deeply, telling her how much she loved her, as she grabbed her bag
and headed out. Alexa made herself another drink, went back into the bedroom, and waited
for Davion to return.

To Be Continued

Part One

Copyright© 2008 Akira

Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive
household; creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a
full-length novel. A lot of her stories are based on personal experience, people encountered
along her journey, and events described to her by friends and family.Her erotic stories try to
capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and
Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her daughter and going Garage sale
shopping. She is currently working on a new novel.

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