Now You're A Star (Part
Story Codes: MF, Lesbian, Consensual,

Now You're A Star (Part 3)                                      
by Akira

Teja heard the doorbell and took another deep breath as she opened it to find Davion's sexy ass
standing on the other side. "Come in." she greeted him coolly. Teja didn't want him to know how turned
on she was just from looking at him. Davion entered her apartment taking a quick glance around. He sat
down on the plush sofa she'd directed him to and relaxed, leaning back in the corner never taking his
eyes off her.

"You want something to drink?" Teja asked trying to be hospitable.

Davion looked her over in the form fitting sky blue minidress she was wearing. The straps were
spaghetti and her beautiful breasts were competing for prime camera time. He continued following the
curve of her hips down to her firm and inviting ass, noticing the absence of panties. Finally making his
way back up to her eyes, Davion answered her question.

"No." he returned calmly as he reached out and pulled her down on the couch with him, his hands
immediately finding her clit.

Teja gasped slightly, beginning to feel herself come alive as Davion continued his work. He felt Teja's
breathing becoming more and more ragged as her juices made his fingers slide easily in and out of her
tight opening.

"Take your dress off." Davion whispered not wanting to remove his hand from her.

Teja immediately complied, quickly whipping the dress over her head, freeing her breasts, nipples hard
as nails. Davion immediately took one into his mouth biting down on the nipple. Teja moaned deeply
from the combination of arousal and pain the act brought. She couldn't believe how damned skilled
Davion was with his hands. She hadn't felt this damn good with some of the dicks she'd gotten in her

Teja felt the first sensations of the orgasm, opening her mouth and crying out in ecstasy. Davion
chuckled softly as he removed his fingers, sticking them in his mouth and licking them as he continued
to watch her. "You want some dick now, or are you done?" Davion asked calmly, eyeing her evenly.
Teja didn't answer, simply reaching over and unbuckling his pants. "Guess that's a yes." Davion
returned, rising and undressing.

He stood with his hard dick right in Teja's face as she freely took him in her mouth. Davion watched as
she sucked it, enjoying the sensations she was bringing. His hands found her breasts again and began
squeezing them lightly as she continued sucking the head of his dick, bringing him closer and closer to
eruption. He placed one hand behind Teja's head showing her the rhythm he wanted as she continued,
taking his hard shaft completely into her mouth.

Davion sighed deeply, very close at this moment. Teja's hands gripped his ass pulling his dick closer as
she continued to please him. Davion gripped her breast tightly as the cum shot from his shaft, filling
Teja's mouth with a sea of creamy warmth. She drank deeply, still sucking greedily trying to drain every
drop from his dick. Davion removed his dick, still breathing heavily, pushing Teja on her back and
bending her over the arm of the sofa.

He immediately placed a leg on each shoulder and entered her, dick still hard and ready to cum again.
Teja cried out in joyous bliss as Davion slammed against her again and again, thrusting deeply into her.
She hadn't been fucked like this ever. Even their first time was nothing like the dick lashing Davion was
putting on her now. "Damn Davion, throw that dick, damn!" Teja moaned passionately as Davion fucked
her. He smiled at her declaration giving it to her even harder. Davion loved the way the inside of Teja's
pussy felt.

It was tight like a glove, yet yielded enough to take all the ten inches he was laying down. He ran his
finger thru the cum that was escaping her pussy as she came yet again, then slid it inside her ass. Teja
squirmed slightly, and moaned deeply as Davion finger fucked her ass.

"Shit, shit, shit," She mumbled as the sensations hit her again and again. Davion wanted to stick his
dick in and fuck her for real, but he would wait. He needed a condom for that, and he hadn't brought
one with him. Sighing slightly he continued his work as the cum continued to drip from Teja's saturated

"Here it comes baby," Davion told her feeling his own cum traveling upward toward his head.

"Mm, yeah Davion, give it to me," Teja moaned as Davion came hard, the spray filing her up and spilling
out running down her ass crack. Kissing her gently, Davion removed his dick and sat back onto the
couch. Teja could only continue to relax on the arm of the sofa he'd laid her on. She was completely
satisfied and ready for a few hours of coma like sleep. Davion reached over and pulled Teja to him,
holding her as they lay on the sofa together.

"You on the pill?" he asked half heartedly. Davion wasn't worried about her getting pregnant. He'd had
a vasectomy years ago. Teja nodded telling him she was and he had nothing to worry about. He
grunted shortly but said nothing else. The question was more so a test of her character and she'd
definitely passed. Davion hated women who played juvenile games, trying to trap a man with a kid, or
gain financially using the oldest trick in the book.

"Teja," he began softly as she gave him her attention once more. "What about your boyfriend," He
threw out trying once again to feel her out. "He surely is not gonna be happy that I'm fucking that
beautiful pussy of yours," he finished calmly, kissing her lips gently. Teja chuckled lightly and told him
she was single right now. "Mm that's cool," Davion replied. "I'm not," he added waiting to see her

Teja frowned slightly, but quickly gathered herself. She couldn't really be angry. They weren't a couple
after all; they simply enjoyed fucking each other. "Well I don't need no crazy girlfriend, baby mama
drama," Teja replied looking Davion in the eye.

He laughed aloud before answering. "It's not that kind of party." Davion said simply not elaborating

Teja shrugged and told him okay. Finally removing himself, Davion stood up and began dressing. "Do
you want to shower?" Teja asked.

"No, I want to enjoy you all the way home." He replied calmly making Teja blush slightly.
"What about your girl?" she threw at him.

Davion looked at her levelly for a moment before answering. "She'd like to enjoy you too." He told her
plainly, leaving no room for doubt concerning the statement. Teja gave him a shocked look before
speaking once more.

"It's like that?" she asked.

Davion smiled slightly, leaning down and kissing her again, tasting her one last time before answering.
"Maybe you should consider meeting her." He began never taking his eyes off Teja. "I'm sure she'd find
you just as delicious as I do." He finished and opened the door. Teja was speechless. She wasn't sure
how she felt about what he'd just asked. "I'll call you later this week, give you some more good dick.
That cool?" Davion said as a parting statement.

Teja nodded mutely and he smiled closing the door behind him. Her mind was still swirling with all the
things she'd learned about him this evening. Teja didn't dwell on it however as she headed to the
shower to bathe. She replayed every mind blowing moment of the dick she'd just gotten, fingering
herself to orgasm one last time before leaving the shower and dressing for bed.

“Hey beautiful,” Shawna greeted Zekia.

Zekia smiled and returned her greeting heading to the dressing room to change. Shawna had plans for
tonight. She was going to finally taste Zekia and make love to her. She chuckled slightly as she slipped
the aphrodisiac into Zekia’s water. It was colorless and tasteless, but she’d been assured would do the
trick. They were shooting lingerie scenes tonight. Shawna really didn’t need the photos, she just wanted
an excuse to see Zekia, and get her undressed.

Movement caught her attention and broke her thoughts as Zekia entered the room wearing the fire
engine red lingerie set. The top was see-thru and her nipples were sitting pertly at attention. The panty
was thong with a peekaboo heart on the front, giving Shawna a perfect view of Zekia’s Brazilian wax.
Taking a deep breath trying to calm herself, she directed the young woman to the chaise lounge that
was set up.

Zekia had some of her water before the shoot began, knowing they wouldn’t take another break for at
least the next hour or two, managing to drink almost half the bottle. Shawna smiled slightly to herself as
Zekia walked away and settled herself on the chaise. Zekia closed her eyes and relaxed as the camera
began to click and Shawna gave various directions.

“Get up on your knees.” Shawna directed as Zekia complied.

She’d started feeling really warm even though the studio was well ventilated. What the hell is wrong with
me, Zekia thought as she found herself becoming increasingly aroused as the thong brushed up
against her clit. Shawna smiled sensing what was happening from Zekia’s facial expressions.

“You ok?” she asked softly very close to Zekia’s ear, brushing her nipple as she positioned her

“Hmm? Yeah I’m fine,” Zekia asked, completely aroused by Shawna’s closeness and her touch.

“Cool, here lay down this way,” Shawna directed once more, deliberately running her hand across Zekia’
s nipple again.

The moan escaped before she could catch herself. Shawna put the camera down and leaned down,
kissing Zekia deeply as the woman responded hungrily. Shawna’s hands began caressing Zekia’s hard
nipple as she continued to moan, her breathing becoming more and more ragged.

“You wanna cum baby?” Shawna asked as Zekia willingly opened her legs allowing Shawna to begin
fingering her throbbing pussy. “So damned wet girl,” Shawna told her breathlessly as she continued to
finger Zekia.

“Mm, don’t stop,” Zekia moaned as her hips matched Shawna’s movements.

“Relax baby, I’ma make you cum, I promise,” Shawna told her, removing the dildo she’d hidden under
the chaise. She continued kissing Zekia while taking the toy out of its box and flipping it on.

“Oh my god, that is so good,” Zekia moaned as Shawna began using the toy inside her.

“Let me eat you Zekia,” Shawna asked softly as she kissed the woman’s lips again.

Zekia was completely gone. She didn’t care what Shawna did as long as she came, she thought as she
nodded yes and Shawna removed the toy, replacing it with her tongue. Shawna was completely
enjoying the taste of Zekia and hearing her moan her pleasure as she ate her out. Zekia felt the
orgasm hit her hard as she screamed out in ecstasy. Shawna smiled slightly as she continued to suck
Zekia’s clit, enjoying the taste of her orgasm as she flowed.

Kissing her way gently back up Zekia’s body, Shawna began kissing her deeply, her tongue probing the
woman’s mouth deeply. She took Zekia’s hand and gently placed it on her own wet pussy. Zekia
immediately took over and began bringing Shawna to orgasm hard and fast. She couldn’t believe how
good Zekia’s fingers felt inside her, even as she slipped one inside her ass. Damn, this shit feels so
good, she thought as she moaned deeply and felt herself arrive.

Zekia let her come down for a few moments, before pushing Shawna onto her back, placing her legs on
Zekia’s shoulders, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations as Zekia ate her pussy, causing
pleasure ripple after pleasure ripple. Shawna came again and cried out as Zekia buried her face
completely in her sucking her clit hard deepening the sensation even more. They laid together a few
moments more kissing and holding each other before Shawna spoke.

“It’s our secret baby,” she told Zekia softly as the woman gratefully nodded and they kissed softly once
more before Zekia rose to dress. Shawna smiled to herself at the events of the evening, lighting and
enjoying the black and mild she smoked. Zekia came into moments later and told her goodnight.
Shawna kissed her softly once more and told her not to be guilty.

“It’s cool baby, no one else will ever know,” Shawna assured her once more.

“Thanks,” Zekia returned quietly as she left and the door closed behind her.

“No one will know if you act right, that is,” Shawna said to herself thinking of what she wanted from
Zekia. Sighing deeply she headed to the shower, her mind racing ahead to the relationship she and
Zekia would have, once she left Alexa alone.

To Be Continued...

Copyright© 2009 Akira

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Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive
household; creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a
full-length novel. A lot of her stories are based on personal experience, people encountered
along her journey, and events described to her by friends and family.Her erotic stories try to
capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and
Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her daughter and going Garage sale
shopping. She is currently working on a new novel.

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