Now You’re A Star - Part 4  
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Now You’re A Star (Part 4)                                
by  Akira

Alexa was brooding as Davion talked on the phone. Things had been going very well for the last
month. He’d been growing closer to getting Teja to sleep with her, and they’d both picked up three
new flicks to do. The drama about to unfold now, they definitely didn’t need. Someone had
contacted immigration about Alexa’s work visa. Davion suspected it was Raines, a fellow actor in
some of their flicks. He had a serious case of lust for Alexa and had been actively pursuing her for
the last six or seven months with her continually turning him down.

If Davion couldn’t get this problem fixed, Alexa would have to go back to Brazil and reapply which
could take months if not years. Triflin’ punk ass bastard, Davion thought to himself. He knew Alexa
was scared, but she was also furious. The voice on the phone brought him back to the present,
after being on hold for almost forty minutes. He listened carefully as the INS agent told him the
status of Alexa’s case. There would be a hearing in the next five days and they would determine
then whether to extend the permit.

Davion thanked her for the information, and then disconnected calling their attorney. He needed to
know where they stood. He supposed part of this was his fault. If he’d married Alexa when she
asked him to a year ago, they wouldn’t be going through this, but Davion still had a few old
fashioned notions he never shared. Marrying for love was definitely one of the notions he carried
well hidden deep in his heart. Sighing gently he listened to what the attorney had to say about the
case before disconnecting and returning to Alexa.

“You should relax vixen,” Davion told her as he massaged her shoulders. “Mason is working as
hard a he can to make sure you don’t have to leave,” He added, telling her the quick version of
what the attorney said to him minutes earlier.

“Make me forget Davion,” Alexa purred, placing his hand on her hard nipple.

Davion smiled and leaned in kissing her deeply as he squeezed her breast and pushed her back
onto the bed. Alexa immediately reached down taking Davion’s hard dick in her hands stroking it
and caressing his balls. Davion continued sucking her breast as his fingers found their way inside
her streaming wet pussy eliciting a loud high pitched moan of pleasure from her as he worked
them in deeply seeking and finally finding her G-spot.

Alexa arched her back almost doing a back bend on the mattress as Davion worked the sport
making her come hard, ejaculating a huge stream of her own onto the mattress.

“Aaaah Davion, fuck me now!! Fuck me now!” Alexa screamed as Davion readily obliged, holding
her legs spread eagle behind her head riding her deep and hard as she screamed in pleasure
and the cum continued to flow from her pussy. “Don’t ever stop Davion, don’t stop!” she was still
crying as Davion fucked her.

He absolutely loved it when she was out of control like this. The flow was incredible which made his
orgasm even better. Davion felt it beginning in the deep recesses of his balls, working its way up
his shaft.

“Shower me Davion,” Alexa told him breathing hard as she came once more, coating his dick all
over again with her juices.

Davion thrust into her once more then withdrew as the cum began streaming from his dick. He held
his dick over Alexa’s body letting the cum run down onto her stomach and over her breasts as she
moaned passionately. Davion was still enjoying the orgasm he’d just had, when Alexa handed him
a condom.

“My ass wants you.” She purred seductively as Davion opened the package and put on the
“How do you want it vixen?” Davion asked seductively as he squeezed her breast.

Alexa quickly rolled to her knees, ass facing upward, inviting Davion to fill her space. Davion
grabbed her hips and pushed his still hard dick inside Alexa’s tight asshole. She moaned deeply
again as she began thrusting backward to match Davion’s motions as he fucked her. He stuck
three of his fingers inside her still wet pussy as Alexa again went wild and began bucking like a wild
bronco. Davion loved it, thrusting deeper and harder as she came hard her body convulsing in

Davion feeling the tightness of her anal walls came right behind her pulling her close and holding
her tightly as he came hard inside the condom he wore. “Mmm vixen,” Davion murmured as he
came down from the high. They both finally collapsed together, drifting off into a contented sleep,
the problems looming on the horizon temporarily forgotten.

Teja was watching Love Jones and thinking about Davion. She was getting attached and she knew
that wasn’t a good thing. He’d been nothing but honest with her from the beginning that he wasn’t
looking for a relationship. Davion like to fuck and he wanted someone who enjoyed being fucked,
which Teja did, but she still liked Davion the man too. He was a really deep guy she found out on
one of the occasions when they’d spent the evening just talking.

He was a college graduate and very well versed in the stock market. She’d asked about the adult
film career and he’d told her it was something he sort of fell into during college. She was also
surprised at how well it paid. The more she thought about Davion the hornier she got. Picking up
her cell Teja toyed with the idea of calling him for a few moments, before finally deciding against it.

She also thought about his girlfriend and him wanting her to meet Alexa. He’d told Teja all about
her and their relationship and how open they were with each other. While she definitely wasn’t a
prude by any stretch of the imagination, Teja wasn’t attracted at all by the thought of being sexual
with another woman. I hope he doesn’t stop seeing me when I tell him no, she thought to herself,
undressing and climbing into bed.

Teja closed her eyes and thought about Davion’s beautiful lips as they touched her own, how his
capable tongue licked her breasts and hard swollen nipples, as he moved down her body coming
to rest on her equally hard, swollen clit. Teja moaned softly as she touched herself, finding her
pussy wet with desire for Davion’s dick inside her.

She sighed softly, slipping two of her fingers inside herself as the other hand caressed her hard
nipple. She continued to picture Davion’s rippled abs and tight hard ass, as his ten inch dick sliced
in and out of her pussy like a hot knife through warm butter. Teja’s breathing was becoming more
and more shallow as she fingered herself, her pussy getting wetter and more slippery with each
motion she made. She arched her back stroking her hard clit as she squeezed her nipple even
harder finally falling over the edge and crying out loudly as she came hard and the cum flowed
freely from her.

Teja finally began to calm down, dragging herself from bed and into the shower. I want him so
damned much, Teja thought as the warm water ran down her body. She sighed deeply pushing the
thoughts away. She was trying to wean herself of Davion, knowing that she would need to stop
seeing him all together here soon if something didn’t give. Teja was falling in love, and with Davion
she already knew that was forbidden. Exiting the shower, Teja dried herself and returned to bed,
closing her eyes and drifting off into a slightly troubled sleep.

A new day had come, but it was still midnight at the studio where Zekia and Shawna were still

“Leave her,” Shawna said flatly looking Zekia directly in the eye.

“Shawna what happened between us was a one time thing,” Zekia was trying to patiently explain.

They’d been arguing all night, the sun had come up again and they were still no closer to a
solution than when they started. “I love you Zekia,” Shawna told her, “You’re attracted to me too,
and we could be good together,” She went on. “Why the fuck are you still trying to hold onto Alexa,
knowing she’s fucking Davion and any lover he gets that is willing?” Shawna finished angrily.

Zekia sighed deeply trying not to go off the deep end. Truth of the matter was she didn’t know why
she’d slept with Shawna in the first place. She was horny that night and Shawna happened to be
there. Zekia had no attraction for her past pure physical lust.

“Alexa and I have an understanding,” Zekia answered plainly grabbing her bag to leave. She was
tired of arguing and they weren’t getting anywhere anyway.

“Well would she understand you and me fucking each other?” Shawna threw at her, the threat very

Zekia spun around and looked at her the hurt showing on her face. “You said it was between us
Shawna,” Zekia replied quietly.

Shawna got up and came over to her as she stood and looked into her eyes. “I want a chance to
be with you Zekia,” Shawna responded stroking her face gently. “But you keep pushing me away,
what other choice have you left me?” she finished as the single tear rolled down Zekia’s face.

“Shawna please, just let it go.” She pleaded tearfully as Shawna sighed deeply.

“I’m not gonna do that Zekia,” she replied evenly watching the young woman closely still. “I can
make you really happy,” Shawna told her kissing her softly.

Zekia pushed her away angrily, crying harder now. “You lied to me,” Zekia told her still hurt.

Shawna sighed lightly again, holding Zekia in her arms as they sat on the chaise lounge. “I’m not
trying to hurt you baby, honestly I’m not,” Shawna told Zekia who was still sniffling slightly. “I’m
crazy about you Zekia. You gotta know that by now,” she added kissing the woman softly on the

Zekia’s eyes were still closed as she tried to shut out the anguish she felt. She was in an
impossible position. If she came clean and told Alexa she and Shawna slept together, Alexa would
lose it and kick her straight to the curb. If she didn’t tell her, she had to break up with her and be
with Shawna, whom she didn’t love. Zekia sighed deeply as she removed herself from Shawna’s
arms and looked into her eyes.

“Can you give me some time? Please,” Zekia tried meekly.

She really needed to get herself together and think. Shawna saw the confusion in her eyes and
kissed her lips softly. “Yeah baby, I’ll give you a few days, ok?” Shawna replied amiably, kissing
Zekia again and gently stroking her body.

Zekia felt completely defeated as Shawna began squeezing her breast gently pushing her
backwards on the chaise lounge and removing her thong. “Close your eyes and enjoy this baby,”
Shawna told Zekia softly as she went down on her, licking her swollen clit gently. Zekia didn’t
understand why her body kept betraying her, when her mind told her she wasn’t attracted to
Shawna. Still the woman’s tongue on her pussy was exhilarating and Zekia was streaming like a
faucet, moaning softly as she felt her orgasm looming.

Shawna spread Zekia’s legs even wider burying her face completely in the warm juices that were
coming from her opening. Zekia reached down taking Shawna’s face in her hands and guiding her
back to her swollen clit. Shawna obediently took it into her mouth again, sucking hard as Zekia
cried out loudly in ecstasy and her body convulsed from the orgasm she’d just reach.

“Mmm, yes Shawna, mmm yes,” Zekia moaned again and again as the orgasm seemed to continue
for hours.

Finally she began to calm down and Shawna moved back up her body, reaching her lips and
kissing her softly once more. Zekia opened her mouth to say something, when Shawna kissed her
once more. “Sshh, just go to sleep baby, I got you,” Shawna told her gently as she held Zekia, and
they both closed their eyes and drifted off finally.

To Be Continued...

Copyright© 2009 Akira

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Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive
household; creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a
full-length novel. A lot of her stories are based on personal experience, people encountered
along her journey, and events described to her by friends and family. Her erotic stories try to
capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and
Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her daughter and going Garage sale
shopping. She is currently working on a new novel.

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