Now You're A Star (Part 5
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual, Exhibitionism

"Now You're A Star" Part 5                            
by Akira

Alexa wasn't known for patience and she'd once again acted impetuously. When the attorney told
her that he was having a slight problem with her paperwork, she panicked. She gave in to Raine's
blackmail and married him. Now she was legal, but her life was hell. The first thing he'd done
once they said I do was move Alexa out of Davion's apartment and out of the city. He started a
new adult film company in New York and the move effectively ended any chance of either Davion
or Zekia seeing Alexa again.

Davion was nursing his drink as he waited on his desert. He'd ventured downtown today just to
relax his mind. While he wouldn't say he was in love with Alexa, he had been very attached to her
and did miss her greatly. The server returned with his crème broulet, and left his check. Davion
tentatively began eating the dessert when he saw someone who looked vaguely familiar. He
continued to watch the couple until they were seated and he could get a clear view.

So who is this guy? Davion thought to himself as he watched Teja and the man laughing and
chatting with each other. Davion could tell from the man's demeanor that it wasn't just a casual
working lunch. This guy was interested in Teja. As much as he didn't want to admit it, the thought
unnerved him. Davion wasn't ready to share her, hell he didn't even want to think about having to
share her. He continued to watch them, as he slowly ate his dessert deciding his best course of
action to find out how deeply involved Teja was with this fool.

Davion should have suspected she was seeing someone. She'd begun calling him less, and
when he called her, she would have excuses or be busy. Because they weren't officially together,
there was nothing he could do except graciously accept what she said. Now however, he
understood. Teja was losing interest. So what you gonna do about that? His subconscious asked
as he finished his dessert and the waitress gathered his check. After he signed his check, Davion
rose and headed out of the restaurant, walking deliberately by the table Teja and her date
occupied as she looked up and their eyes met. Davion held her gaze long enough for recognition
to take place, then turned and strode out of the restaurant willing himself not to look back.


Teja was trying hard to concentrate on what the hell Quinn was saying but her mind was racing.
What was he doing here? Teja was thinking as Quinn continued to talk. She finally managed to
rein her thoughts in and listen once again just as Quinn asked what she wanted for lunch. Teja
sighed gently. She was slightly attracted to Quinn and he was a wonderful guy. She looked him
over once more taking in his sexy six foot frame. He had a brilliant smile and sexy locks. Quinn
worked at the advertising firm that shared the building with her own company.

He'd asked her out a couple of times with Teja turning him down repeatedly. This last time
however she'd said yes. She needed someone to take her focus off Davion, whom she was falling
harder and deeper for every day. What was he thinking? Teja questioned once more thinking of
Davion as he left. His face had been expressionless. She couldn't tell if he were happy to see
her, or pissed that she was with Quinn.

"Earth to Teja," Quinn teased snapping his fingers in front of her.

Teja chuckled and apologized telling him she was caught up thinking about work and a project
she had ongoing. He immediately forgave her and asked if they could go out again this evening.
Teja needed to slow him down, but she accepted none the less. She was trying to force her heart
to get over Davion so she could move on, but it was stubbornly telling her no, even as Quinn
reached over and took her hand, kissing it gently.

Somehow she made it through lunch and even the kiss Quinn had stolen when they returned.
Now Teja was contemplating calling Davion. She wanted to know how he felt seeing her with
someone else. She hoped he was jealous as hell, but she was terrified to ask. Davion was
brutally honest and she didn't want to make a complete fool of herself. Instead Teja took a deep
breath dismissed the thoughts and returned to work, her mind thinking of the date with Quinn and
what he would undoubtedly want to do afterward.


Davion was waiting for Teja when she arrived home from work. He walked up on her just as she
opened her door.

"Hi," Davion greeted her simply.

Teja jumped slightly then returned his greeting.

"May I?" Davion asked as she opened the door and went inside.

Teja sighed lightly and invited him in. She offered him something to drink and Davion accepted.
After she returned from the kitchen she handed him his tea and sat down on the couch opposite
the chair he'd sat in. Davion enjoyed his drink for a few moments as he watched her, making Teja
more and more nervous. Finally he put his glass down and regarded her once more before he

"Has he tasted your pussy yet?" he asked point blank.

Teja sighed deeply once again. "No Davion," she replied simply.

He grunted slightly. "You taste his dick?" he threw out once more.

Teja again answered no before her irritation got the better of her. "Why the hell are you giving
me the 3rd degree?" she threw back at him. "Don't you have a girlfriend?" she added for good

Davion smiled slightly, but didn't enlighten her to the fact that Alexa had been gone for almost two
months now. "Well because I'd like to know if I'm getting sloppy seconds that's all," He replied

Teja was furious. She jumped from the couch and slapped Davion hard, ordering him out of her
house. Davion grabbed her and threw her onto the couch, lying on top of her.

"Have you fucked him?" he asked calmly, holding Teja tightly not allowing her to move.

Being this close to him was turning her completely on. Her pussy was throbbing as Davion lay on
her, grinding slightly as he watched her nipples harden.

"Did you?" he asked again as he began grinding harder.

Teja began breathing raggedly her pussy soaked and aching for Davion to touch it, taste it, fuck

"Get off me Davion." Teja told him, praying he wouldn't.

Davion chuckled slightly, placing both her wrists in his one hand as the other slipped under her
thong and inside her saturated pussy. "Why are you dating this fool?" Davion asked still calm as
he fingered her and Teja moaned involuntarily.

"Stop Davion," She told him weakly, right at the edge of her orgasm. Davion instead stuck his
fingers even deeper finding Teja's G-spot and making her scream with pleasure as she came
hard, coating his fingers with her cum.

"I won't share you Teja," Davion told her as he kissed her deeply and freed his hard dick,
immediately entering her and thrusting into her.

"Davion, damn, shit," Teja moaned as Davion fucked her.

He held her tighter and thrust even harder as Teja told him how good he felt. "I won't share you,"
He repeated as he withdrew, turning Teja over and pulling her to her knees. He immediately stuck
his dick inside her wet pussy and began fucking her all over again.

Teja was blissfully happy feeling Davion slide in and out of her as she saturated his dick with her
juices. Davion smacked her ass as he fucked her and Teja cried out from the sensations it
brought. She'd never tried spanking, but feeling it now as Davion worked her over, she wondered
how she'd ever done with out it. Davion grabbed Teja's hips and held her tight as he pushed all
ten inches inside making sure she felt them.

"Davion, oh hell yeah, yeah," Teja moaned as she came yet again.

Davion couldn't contain himself any longer and came hard as he slammed into her perfect ass
once more. He pulled out as he continued to cum letting the warm fluid run down Teja's ass.

Davion turned her to face him and kissed her deeply as he pushed her onto her back and
entered her once more, his dick still hard and wanting more. Teja moaned deeply as Davion
deep stroked her. Grabbing both her legs, he placed them behind her, almost standing her on
her head. He had nothing but a clear path to her beautiful wet pussy and he took full advantage,
ramming his hard tool inside her again and again.

"Yeah Davion, fuck me, fuck me harder," Teja screamed as Davion complied and she felt herself
explode again.

Davion continued to slam into Teja enjoying her tightness, his balls slamming against her ass. He
continued to pleasure her for the next thirty minutes as she continued to cum and voice her
pleasure. Again he felt the cum rising from his balls as he thrust once more and erupted filling
her to overflowing with his semen. This time they were both spent as he laid her down and gently
kissed her lips again.

They laid together for a few moments more before Davion rose headed to the shower. He
stopped long enough to look back and speak once again. "I meant what I said earlier Teja." He
told her calmly, and continued to the bathroom. Teja sighed deeply after he'd left. It wasn't fair.
Davion wouldn't commit to a relationship, but he wanted her to be exclusive.

Teja picked up her cell and called Quinn. She wanted to let him know she was going to be late.
She thought once more about Davion and possibly losing him if she went through with her plans,
deciding she wasn't going to settle. If Davion wanted exclusivity then damn it he was gonna hafta
open his mouth and say so, she thought to herself as she headed to the bedroom to pick out her

To Be Continued...

Copyright© 2009 Akira

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Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive
household; creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a
full-length novel. A lot of her stories are based on personal experience, people encountered
along her journey, and events described to her by friends and family. Her erotic stories try to
capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech and action.