"Now You're A Star"
Part 6
Story Codes: F/F, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

"Now You're A Star" Part 6                            
by Akira

Shawna arrived at the celebration to find the party in full swing. She'd been invited to the
gala by Zekia's agency, since she was the photographer on the shoot that had netted
them the huge magazine spread. She was looking excitedly forward to seeing Zekia. The
woman had managed to avoid her for the last two months since Alexa left.

Shawna was irritated that Zekia hadn't returned any of her calls or messages. Why the
fuck is this girl trippin'? Shawna thought to herself as she snagged her first martini. She
took in the crowd spotting a couple of friends from another freelance agency. She headed
over toward them hoping to engage them in conversation and take her mind off Zekia and
her pending arrival.

Zekia walked in the door flanked on either side by the President and Account Manager of
her small modeling agency. She was really excited about the opportunity they'd just been
given and vowed to make the very best of it. Zekia was praying this spread would truly
launch her career and put her on the map. She took a glass of champagne from the tray
that was placed before her and joined Matt Christian and Lloyd Douglas, President and
Account manager respectively, in a gregarious toast. Everyone was laughing and cheering
as they emptied their glasses only to have them immediately refilled. Zekia was having the
time of her life, when the music started and Matt pulled her onto the dance floor.

Shawna watched the couple from her vantage point hidden in the shadows on the other
side of the room. She'd ended her conversation with her friends once the toast was given
and everyone began to circulate. She was waiting for the perfect moment to approach
Zekia and find out just what the hell was going on in her mind. Shawna loved the woman
dancing so much, yet all Zekia seemed to do was run away. Why the fuck is she trying to
hold onto Alexa's stank ass? Shawna fumed angrily as the song changed and she
watched Zekia graciously excuse herself. Perfect, she thought once more as she followed
the woman to the restroom she was headed too.

Shawna waited patiently for Zekia to emerge from the stall she was in. Fortunately they
were alone so they would have some measure of privacy. Zekia was taken aback to find
Shawna waiting for her once she left the stall.      "Wassup?" Shawna greeted Zekia,
eyeing her carefully.

Zekia smiled slightly and returned the greeting, waiting for the woman's next move.

"So your phone doesn't work now or what?" Shawna threw at her trying hard to maintain
her composure and not go off the deep end.

Zekia sighed deeply. This was not a conversation she wanted to have, and she definitely
didn't want to have it here amongst her peers. "I needed some time Shawna, ok?" she
answered back softly, glancing at the woman then dropping her eyes to the floor.

Shawna grunted slightly and walked closer to Zekia, almost touching her. "I miss you," she
said softly as she gently stroked Zekia's face.

Zekia gently deflected her hand and tried to step around her. Shawna grabbed her arm
and stopped her.

"You and I need to talk Zekia," she told her evenly with a slight edge to her voice.

Zekia picked up the tone and was slightly alarmed. She didn't believe in putting her
personal business out in public. "Please Shawna, this isn't the place," she tried as Shawna
continued to hold her arm and look at her hard.

"Then lets get out of here." She replied still irritated.

Zekia sighed gently and tried again. "Shawna, please, just let it go," She said softly as
Shawna embraced her.

"No, and I will make a complete scene in here if you don't go with me," She told Zekia
plainly, seeing the tears come to the woman's eyes.

"Ok, fine," Zekia replied defeated as Shawna nodded slightly and let her go. She followed
Zekia out and watched as she said goodnight to everyone, slipping out of the door only
moments before Zekia did.


Zekia entered the loft and sat down. She'd ridden over with Shawna the two of them barely
speaking. She just didn't know what else to tell Shawna. There was so much going on in
her life right now, she didn't need this new complication.

"You want something to drink?" Shawna asked amiably after she returned to the room.

She'd changed into a tank and shorts, wanting to be comfortable. Zekia declined the offer
as she continued to sit and wait for Shawna to say what was on her mind.

"So what's been going on with you that you couldn't even return my call and let me know
you were alive and well," Shawna asked calmly.

Zekia sighed gently and told her simply that work had her completely engrossed.

"Mmhmm, and I supposed the fact that Alexa ran off on you had nothing to do with that
either," Shawna threw out, hitting a nerve.

"I don't want to talk about that," Zekia snapped quickly.

Shawna sighed deeply knowing she was about to start a fight, but she didn't care. She
needed Zekia to get over Alexa and stop living in the past. To move on to the future, a
future she desperately wanted to be a part of.

"Why can't we talk about it?" Shawna began. "Why? Cause you still love the flighty ho?"   
Zekia glared at her and rose to leave. "Sit the fuck down, we aren't done yet." Shawna told
her evenly never taking her eyes off her.

"Fuck you Shawna," Zekia threw back angrily, still standing. "I don't have to listen to this
shit, and I don't hafta explain a damned thing to you."

Shawna rose and walked over to Zekia looking directly into her eyes. "Alexa is gone Zekia,
get over it," She told her flatly.

Zekia exploded. "So fucking what?" she screamed. "So you figured now that Alexa was
gone I was supposed to come running, dropping my panties and start fucking you on the
regular?" she continued to rant. "What kinda damned bitch ass slut do you think I am?"
she continued to yell as the tears flowed and Shawna saw the hurt. "You have no fucking
clue how I feel, the woman I loved and cared about just left me," she continued to sob.
"Ran off and said fuck you Zekia, didn't give two damns about me or my feelings, and I'm
supposed to what, just say oh well and jump in the sack with the very next woman I meet?"
she stopped to catch her breath as the pain overtook her. "I'm not like that Shawna, I
thought you knew that." She finished finally as Shawna took her into her arm and hugged
her tightly, allowing her to continue crying.

After calming slightly, Zekia allowed Shawna to lead her to the bedroom and lie down with
her. "It's ok baby, I'm sorry," Shawna said softly as she held the woman and kissed her lips
softly. "And you know I don't think you're a whore," she told Zekia as she looked into her
eyes. Shawna kissed her again softly as Zekia offered no resistance. "Baby, all I want is to
make you happy. To love you and care for you. I'm not like Alexa, I would never run off
and just leave you, or use you, please Zekia. Stop runnin' baby, give us a chance."
Shawna pleaded as Zekia watched her continuing to remain mute.

"I'm scared Shawna," she said finally. "I can't take being hurt like that again."

Shawna pulled her closer and again declared how much she loved her and that she would
never intentionally hurt or abuse her. Zekia smiled slightly and Shawna began kissing her
deeply as her hands began gently caressing Zekia's body. Soon the kisses turned more
fervent and the desire became more apparent as Shawna slipped her hands underneath
Zekia's thong to find her pussy completely saturated. She immediately slipped three
fingers inside her and began fucking her slowly and gently as Zekia moaned her pleasure
and opened her legs wider.

Zekia was on cloud nine as Shawna brought her pleasure, her own hand slipping inside
Shawna's shorts and finding her hard clit, she began to massage her as the woman's own
desire became apparent from the flow of juices drenching Zekia's hands. Stopping for only
a moment to undress each other they began immediately bringing pleasure to one another
again. They assumed a sixty-nine postion as they each tasted the other. Zekia loved the
tongue stud that Shawna wore as the spiked ball rubbed against her clit bringing complete
pleasure. In response she sucked Shawna's clit even harder, tasting and enjoying the cum
that flowed from her wet pussy as Shawna sank her tongue inside Zekia's own dripping wet

Zekia felt the orgasm hit her hard as Shawna once again worked her clit over with that
damned stud. Zekia's entire body shook from the force of it and her juices ran freely as
she felt Shawna trying to drink them all in. Seconds later, she received her own delicious
pussy juice cocktail as Shawna came hard in her mouth and she held her tightly to take
her even deeper into the throes of bliss she was obviously enjoying. As they both settled
down a bit, they began kissing again.

Shawna reached under her bed and removed the purple velvet bag as Zekia watched
curiously. She opened it and removed a double pronged vibrator. Zekia smiled and
Shawna kissed her deeply turning the vibrator on and gently entering Zekia's pussy and
her ass with the device. Zekia moaned deeply as she began to soak the vibrator. The
gentle humming of the instrument completely turned her on and Zekia felt herself arriving
hard and fast. She loved the feel of the tickler in her ass and Shawna sucking her nipple
as she fucked her completely blew her mind.

Zekia cried out loudly her body heaving from the force of the orgasm. "Mm, lemme clean
you up baby," Shawna whispered sensuously as she removed the dildo and went down on
Zekia once more drinking in the cum as she worked her clit over again. Zekia could not
believe how damned good Shawna was making her feel. Just when she thought she
couldn't take anymore, Shawna put her fingers inside, found her g-spot and made her cum
screaming once more.

Zekia was still trying to catch her breath ad Shawna finally lay beside her and kissed her
neck softly. "You won't regret this baby, I promise you that." Shawna told her gently as she
kissed her lips. Zekia rolled Shawna over and began squeezing her breast as she spoke in
her ear, "Neither will you," She replied sensuously as her hands ventured between
Shawna's legs and she took the woman on her own fantastic voyage.

To Be Continued...

Copyright© 2009 Akira

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Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive household;
creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a full-length novel. A lot of her
stories are based on personal experience, people encountered along her journey, and events described
to her by friends and family. Her erotic stories try to capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech
and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and
Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her daughter and going Garage sale
shopping. She is currently working on a new novel.

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