Now You’re A Star  (Part 7)  
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Now You’re A Star  (Part 7)                           
by  Akira

 Teja sighed deeply trying to concentrate and reel her mind back in. Quinn was whispering in her ear and
softly kissing her neck. She’d been thinking about Davion again and how much she missed him. They
hadn’t spoken in the last three weeks. He’d been furious that she went out with Quinn anyway after they’d
slept together. Teja angrily told him he had no right to dictate her life when he had a girlfriend at home.

 Davion had just as stubbornly told her he wouldn’t be second to anyone and he wouldn’t share her pussy.
So if she wanted Quinn, they were finished. Teja had stupidly told him she didn’t care and they were only
fucking anyway. Davion had turned without a word and left. She sighed softly once more as Quinn’s tongue
began licking her pussy trying to arouse her. Truthfully she didn’t really want to screw Quinn, but she’d put
him off as long as she could.

 She hoped screwing Quinn would take Davion from her mind, but so far it wasn’t working. She knew
Quinn was trying as hard as he could, but all Teja could think about was how much he wasn’t Davion as
he continued to eat her out. Teja finally forced her mind to shut down and allowed her animalistic lust to
take over. Truthfully she was horny and she needed an orgasm or three. Quinn reached up as he ate her
pussy and grasped her breast firmly in his hand, squeezing it tightly as Teja moaned with pleasure.

 Quinn felt her nipple harden, and her pussy begin to flow more freely as he continued his work. He’d
been trying to fuck Teja for the last six months and was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen, before she
started going out with him almost two months ago. He really cared for her now that he’d gotten to know
her, and whoever this joker was she was pining over, after tonight he would be history.

 Quinn knew Teja thought he didn’t know about her ex, but he did. He’d seen the guy leaving her place a
couple of evenings when he’d driven by. He knew Teja would be a little freaked out to know he watched her
place from time to time, but Quinn just considered it being good business to stay informed and know the
competition. Shaking the thoughts, Quinn doubled his efforts, sticking his tongue deeply inside Teja’s
warm, wet hole, bringing a deep moan of delight from her.

 He then went to her hard clit and took it into his mouth, sucking it gently as her hips rose to meet him.
Mmm, this is gonna be so damned good, Quinn thought to himself as he continued sucking her clit. Teja
moaned deeply as she grabbed his head and held him in place. She felt the orgasm hit her hard as she
opened her mouth and cried out loudly, the cum flowing freely from her pussy into Quinn’s waiting mouth.
Shit, I needed that, Teja thought to herself breathing hard.

 Quinn began kissing his way back up Teja’s body, stopping at her breasts and sucking her nipples as he
reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed the condom. Never removing his lips from her hard nipple,
he placed the condom on his throbbing dick and spread her legs. Teja felt him enter her and was
immediately disappointed. Quinn’s dick was small and his skill pathetic. Fuck, I should have just let him
stick to eating my pussy, Teja thought as she endured him thrusting into her and murmuring in her ear.

 “Mm, this pussy is so good baby,” Quinn moaned passionately as he continued to fuck her. Teja could not
believe how horribly wrong this evening was going.  Jeeeesh, this guy is horrible, please let this
muthafucka hurry up and cum, she was thinking as she continued to match his movements. “Who’s pussy
is this?” Quinn asked passionately as he continued to assail Teja. She almost laughed aloud, but
managed to control herself, as she gently kissed his neck in lieu of an answer.

 Quinn began to thrust faster and Teja knew he was about to cum. After a couple more strokes, he
moaned lightly and relaxed on top of her. Thank goodness that shit is over, Teja thought to herself waiting
on Quinn to get off her. She made a mental note to find a way to break things off with him. She might not be
getting that super dick-down from Davion anymore, but Quinn was by far the worst she’d had in a long time.

 After removing himself and disposing of the condom, Quinn rejoined Teja in bed, hoping she would let
him stay the night. For some reason she’d always make him leave, even when they had a late night out, or
he’d eaten her pussy and made her cum, and she’d sucked his dick and gotten him off, she always
wanted him gone. Tonight had to be different though. They’d actually fucked tonight and that had to count
for something.

 Quinn was thinking that Teja was someone he wanted to pursue a real relationship with, possibly have
some babies down the road a few years. She was definitely great in bed, and that was a big deal for Quinn.

 “Quinn, its getting late,” Teja said softly, immediately bursting his bubble of staying overnight.

 “Relax baby, let’s just go to sleep,” Quinn tried hoping Teja would say yes.

 “Quinn, you know my one rule,” Teja replied patiently hoping he would just go.

 She was still completely frustrated and had plans to make serious love to her vibrator once he left.

 “Yeah I know Teja, but baby, tonight didn’t mean anything to you?” Quinn replied, somewhat hurt that she
still wanted him to leave.

 Teja sighed deeply trying to hold her tongue, and be patient. She knew Quinn was really into her, and
while she liked him well enough, she wasn’t in love with him and to add insult to injury he was a lousy

 “Please Quinn, I know its kinda crazy, but its just how I feel,” she tried softly as she stroked his chest and
looked into his eyes.

 Quinn sighed softly and kissed her gently before rising to dress. Teja walked him to the door as he pulled
her to him and kissed her passionately. She smiled demurely at him as he waved from his car. Closing
the door Teja rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth, heading into her bedroom to find her vibrator and get
some release.

 The knock on her door stopped Teja in her tracks before she reached her destination, frustrating her even
further that her release was being postponed. What the hell did he forget? Teja thought to herself arriving
back at her front door and opening it expecting to find Quinn on the other side.

 “We need to talk,” Davion said plainly the anger showing on his face.

Teja was stunned speechless. Stepping back from the door she allowed him entrance. Davion entered the
apartment heading straight for her bedroom. Teja followed and found him standing at the foot of the bed
staring, frowning deeply. Teja was a slightly concerned by his behavior and the look on his face right now.

 “How many times have you fucked him?” Davion asked flatly.

 Truthfully he was hurt that Teja had sex with Quinn. He’d been brooding for the last three weeks finally
admitting to himself that he was in love with her. Now that he’d finally decided to come and tell her that, he
finds Quinn leaving her house and now this bed they just got through fucking in.

 “Tonight was the first time Davion,” Teja answered quietly, still unsure what he might do.

 She’d never seen Davion like this.

 “Mmph,” he returned as he took his gaze away from the bed and returned it to her.

 “Davion, what did you want to talk about?” Teja tried not liking the look he was giving her at the moment.

 “Go shower,” Davion returned instead returning his attention to her bed, violently stripping the sheets from
it. Teja jumped slightly from his unexpected outburst, removing her robe and heading wordlessly to the

 She returned moment’s later finding the bed changed and clean sheets adorning it. Davion was
undressed, except for his boxer briefs, which were clinging to that beautiful dick Teja was praying he was
here to give her some of.

  “Was it good?” Davion asked, never taking his eyes from hers.

 “No, horrible actually,” she replied plainly and he smiled slightly.

 “Come here,” Davion told her again as Teja walked to him.  

 Standing in front of him, Davion looked Teja over and removed the soft pink silk robe she was wearing.
She was completely naked underneath and Davion felt his dick begin to stir.

 “Why would you fuck him Teja?” Davion asked as he kissed her neck softly. “Why would you do that shit to
me,” he asked again as he kissed the topped of her breasts.

 Teja was already on fire; her pussy faucet was on full flow. “I was trying to get over you, Davion.” She
replied as he returned to her lips and kissed her deeply, his tongue making her pussy overflow as she
enjoyed his taste.

 Davion gripped her ass with both hands squeezing tightly as he continued to kiss her, causing a deeply
guttural moan from Teja. Finally ending the kiss he looked deeply into her eyes and spoke. “Guess that
didn’t work out so well huh?” he threw out as she shook her head no.

 “Don’t you think you owe me an apology?” Davion asked softly as he once again gripped her ass. Teja
became immediately irritated.

 “Apologize for what Davion?” she threw back angrily, pulling away from him and looking him in the eye.
“You have a fucking girlfriend, or did that shit slip your mind?” Teja threw at him. “What? You don’t fuck her
every night?” she threw out once again as Davion continued to remain mute. “Get out Davion,” Teja told
him flatly. “I can’t believe I was almost stupid enough to let you fuck me again.”

 Davion walked over to where Teja stood, grabbed her and flung her onto the bed. “What the hell!” Teja
spat angrily as she tried to rise. Davion pushed her back on to the bed once more. “Stay your ass there,
and shut the hell up” Davion barked, completely enraged. Teja was just as furious, glaring angrily back at
him. “You know what Teja, no woman has fucked up my mind like you for a long damned time,” Davion
angrily told her as her mouth dropped. “I can’t believe the fucked up shit you’ve made me do.” Teja tried to
speak when Davion told her to hush once again.

 “Now you got me standing here defending my damned self, after I come to your house to find you still
smelling like the jokers dick you just got through getting, and I owe you a fuckin apology?” Davion threw out
still furious.

 Teja was still trying to speak as he grabbed his clothes and began to dress. “Davion, wait, please, let’s
talk.” She tried as he fastened his pants and grabbed his shirt.

 She’d never seen him as angry as he was right now and she was terrified if he walked out the front door
she would never see him again. Please let me get through to him, Teja was thinking as she recalled the
things he’d just said. She wanted to hear him say the words, to tell her that he was just as in love with her
as she was with him.

 “Davion, please, don’t do leave like this, please,” She pleaded as he stopped dressing for a moment his
back to her. Teja knew she had to calm him down and keep him calmed down if she didn’t want to lose
him. Taking a deep breath Teja walked over to Davion and gently turned him around facing her

To Be Continued...

Copyright© 2009 Akira

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Akira is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, currently residing in Jonesboro GA, with her
husband. Akira has been writing for years as an outlet of release, growing up in an abusive household;
creating several poems, and short stories before finally venturing into a full-length novel. A lot of her
stories are based on personal experience, people encountered along her journey, and events described
to her by friends and family. Her erotic stories try to capture fantasy mixed with true to life thought, speech
and action.

When she's not writing, Akira is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and
Miami Heat basketball fan. She loves hanging out with her daughter and going Garage sale
shopping. She is currently working on a new novel.

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