Of Furs and Fascinations
Story codes: FF. Masturbation

Of Furs and Fascinations
by David Rasmussen

She sat at her desk, the mistress of her (as well as others) destinies.
Her mind awhirl as she wrote down the last of her thoughts on the
present pet project she was sitting in on, tapping dutifully away on her

Her dark black shoulder length hair waivered slightly as she hunkered
over the laptop, typing away at 75 words a minute, until she finally
wrapped up and with a soft sigh shut down her laptop.

She then leaned back into her large executive chair, tugging at her
form fitting one piece suit nervously, seeming more than abit nervous.
“So Kimberly is home, sick in bed today.”

“So I heard from Human Resources, a sympathetic waking world flu
passing along the dreamscape. Word from the Medico Authority is to
drink plenty of liquids and take your cold pills if you plan on seeing any
Normals in close contact during the course of the day.”

The Galerian named Glavius sat back into his chair opposite of her in
a relaxed state, his tall rugged male form a stark contrast to the petite
female executive across from him. As he passed over another stack
of datapads and file sticks for her to look at tomorrow, she shrugged.
“Always happens this time of the year.”

Her name was simply Ashlen, a combination of her old first and last
names from when she was a living Normal in the Waking World. In the
Waking World she was the daughter of a successful businessman,
and she used to be quite proud of who she was when she was living.

“Sure, but that is until “daddy dearest” hired a couple of thick cocks
with legs to rape the dyke out of me. Daddy didn’t think I’d die from
choking on a gagball post rape though…”

“I thought you said you died while high out of your mind, sucking down
on a rubber cock because you were trying to get a job in the porn

“What he doesn’t know, or ever know, won’t be hurting my feelings too
much.” Ashlen remarked offhandedly, “So then, Kimberly is home sick
in bed today, right?”

“So I heard from Human Resources, as I said previously. Speaking of

Ashlen waved him off, “You were talking out loud, so I just filled in the
blanks for you.” (Ashlen blinks) “You tend to say everything out loud
when you are distracted.”

Glavius shrugged, “So now you’re saying I was distracted.”

“Do you think Kimmy sleeps in the nude?” Ashlen prods, “Her shapely
nude flesh cuddled under her silky sheets, sweat just glistening ever
so softly on her smooth silky body as her fingers gingerly stroke and
rub her sweet…”

“Well speaking of distracted thoughts…” Glavius interrupts, moving
towards the door. “I take it the pile of fur quilts hidden behind your
couch, the lack of clothing beneath your one piece suit, and your
empty schedule means I should leave before the moment overwhelms

“Yeah, yeah, what--” (blinks) “--hey wait! When did you know I wasn’t

“Lucky guess, that and you bounced up in a fit during that call 15
minutes ago and flashed me something fierce while screaming into
the phone.” (waves) “I guess you were going to propose to Kimberly
tonight, considering it has been 7 years since you two started working
together. You think she knows the kind of feelings you have for her?”

As the door shuts behind him, Ashlen leans back into her chair and
stares briefly up at the ceiling, “I guess that’d be nice if she knew.”

Minutes pass silently, brief reflection in her mind, before she finally
cannot take it any longer. She quickly locks the doors, double checks
her schedule to make sure it’s clear, and quickly disrobes. Peeling off
the one piece suit is quick, leaving her only in her silk stockings as
she turned back towards her couch. Throwing half of the silky fur quilts
onto the couch, she quickly throws herself into the fluffy softness and
rolls about it in a fit of giddy joy. “Oh goodddddessss….” (she coos
softly) “…this feels so great!”

A soft sigh escapes her lips as she spread her legs, hooking one over
the top of the couch as she drops the other towards the floor, bracing
herself as she did this. Her first instinct was to prod her womanhood
with just her fingers, one at first then two, but as she slowly traced her
fingers about her moistening sex she felt herself yearning for more…
which drove a most wickedly satisfying thought into her head. Quickly
she pushed herself upright, grabbing one of the furs on the side of the
couch, pulling it over her lower body. As she fell backwards flat on her
back she grabbed the quilt, pulling it up towards her needy slit as she

Working her fingers into the material, she firmly used the soft furlike
quilt to tease and please her pussy in concert with her fingerwork,
gingerly working herself slowly but firmly. The feel of the soft fur
pressed up between her legs, lightly clinging onto the beads of
moisture forming between her legs from ass to knees, was driving her
wild. Her hips, as if they had a mind all their own, slowly began to
grind upwards with each stroke of Ashlen’s fingers, bringing pleasure
with each and every stroke of her fur clad fingers.

Only one thing could make this better, she reasoned feverishly as she
pressed herself deeply into the soft fur quilts beneath her, and that
was if Kimmy was there with her. With Kimmy there, the two pleasing
each other, goddess that would have been sheer heaven.

Ashlen’s teeth pressed down on her lower lip, silencing any potential
cry that would come from the increased rippling pleasure drumming
through her, building slowly but surely. The seductive siren’s song of
the fur, the building cry for release in her loins, it was all growing to be
too much for her.

Yet she still had a wit of control left. If only to pull the remaining quilts
over herself, to smother her body in the addictive pleasure of her furry
habit, to come relentlessly without end until she felt that she could die
(again) just from the pleasure alone. To surrender herself to her
addiction, that was all she wanted to do.

But it wouldn’t be the same without Kimmy, that and she’d end up not
wanting to leave the imprisoning confines of the couch once she
careens over the edge. And then she’d have to go home on the
subway a shaky, wobbly messed up person.

A sharp hiss passed through her clenched teeth as her fur shrouded
hand quickly smothered her womanhood whole, her index finger
tracing up to focus entirely on her nub. This caused her breath to hiss
and rasp hard beneath her clenched teeth. Slowly, yet strongly, she
continued working her pussy mound. This brought beautiful wave upon
wave of pleasure that she never wanted to end, her body shaking as
she responded wholely body and soul to the bliss. Her attention
focused on the coming release, only on the beautiful sensation rising
in her body.

Ashlen pressed her hand firmly down on her pussy, fingers gingerly
whipping about in short jerks, the furry quilt growing sexily moist from
her fluids. “Kimmy…” she cried out, eyes shut tight. “Hold me…”

The closet door buckled slightly, slowly opening.

“Kimmy please… I love you… hold me…”

The door opened unnoticed by Ashlen, as Kimberly slowly stumbled
out, naked as she walked transfixed by what was before her (her own
hand vigorously rubbing her own pussy as she watched intently). She
had hidden there by Glavius’ request, and fully meant to announce her
presence… but the thought of watching Ashlen masturbate intrigued
her. Before she knew it she was naked, masturbating as she watched.
She would have hid abit longer, but the moment Ashlen began calling
out for her she vaguely stumbled out in response. She didn’t know
what compelled her, but she had to be with Ashlen now. She couldn’t
wait anymore. She had to be with her right now.

A gentle smile was on her lips as she walked forward, her heart
hammering as she snuck up right next to Ashlen watching her intently.
“I love you, too.” she softly mumbled, watching transfixed by what was
going on before her.

Ashlen rolled her head back and forth, yet not opening her eyes once.
Her legs tensed, her hips thrusting upwards in greater and greater
thrusts. Kimberly felt abit of drool slide down her face, the urge to take
her now almost unbearable. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore,
nearly giving Ashlen a shock as she crashed into her body with a cry.
Pushing aside Ashlen’s hand as she kissed her fully, she grabbed the
remaining quilts before jumping on top of her taking her. Ashlen,
already lost to her confusion of Kimberly suddenly appearing,
surrendered to her as she smothered them both in fur mounting her
leg onto Ashlen’s pussy as she straddled Ashlen’s furry leg in turn.
Hands grasped and grappled each other feverishly, the need for
release overwhelming them.

Kimberly locked gazes with Ashlen, between kisses, and cried out “I
love you!! I love you!!”

Ashlen, teary eyed, nods quickly. “I love you!!”

Kimberly’s hands quickly pushed down into the quilts until she could
grasp Ashlen’s fur laden torso, getting a firm tight grip on her slipperly
lover as she worked her tighter and tighter. They both cried out in
pleasure as Ashlen hooked her legs up and over Kimberly, nearly
smothering her in plush pleasure as they continued to ride through
towards release. Their balance was not too good, with all the fur quilts
shrouding them as they were making for little friction. This caused
them to fall into each other, squashing their equally ample breasts
tight against each others as they fell into each other.

Kimmy buried her face into the fur next to Ashlen’s head, crying out as
she ground her pussy tight into Ashlen as they came, their bodies
quivering as they came together smearing their passions across each
other’s bodies and the fur wrapped tight about them. It did not stop
then, as Ashlen knew, the feel of the wet fur clinging to their bodies
wouldn’t let their pleasure stop for one single second. Rolling side to
side, squealing as they rubbed and humped each other madly, their
second orgasm quickly overtook them. Their breasts, smothered into
each other, shook and trembled as they came, kissing passionately
as they climaxed.

This was quickly followed by a third, lost in the moment as they cried
out in unison.

They fell off the couch this time, hitting the floor hard as their third
orgasm pulsed free from their combined pussies, coating their
already moist asses, legs and the quilts about them in their juices.
Their bodies vibrating as they spasmed through a third beautiful
orgasm together.

It took awhile for them to recover, but slowly they finally managed to
pull themselves back onto the couch in a tired fit, their bodies sweat
covered, pussies sensitive to every moment as they crawled back up.
Both women’s beautiful breasts jittered as they moved, rising and
falling heavily as they breathed. Both women’s minds blown away
from the sheer orgasmic release they had just experienced, both glad
to be naked at this moment as they crawled up to embrace each other
again on the couch.

* * * * * *

“Did we actually do that… scream out like that I mean.” Ashlen
whispered, slowly running a hand through Kimmy’s long beautiful
blonde hair as she laid on top of her, “I love you and all, but we must
have sounded like some gimpy porn movie shrieking “I love you” while
banging away like that. And god, you almost gave me a heartattack
jumping me like that…”

“Sorry.” Kimberly whispers, “I still love you though.”

“Me too.”

Silence reigns for a few minutes as they cuddled, slowly rolling back
and forth on the couch just relishing in the feel of each other’s body.
That was bliss to them.

“Move in with me.” Ashlen finally asked, breaking the silence. “I’m tired
of coming home to an empty house.” (shudders) “The kind of place
where you can’t stand being locked in without turning on the TV, radio,
whatever just as long as the silence is broken by something, anything.
Just as long as you hear someone talking, even if it’s talk radio, that’s
all that matters to you.”

“I felt that way too.” Kimberly agreed, “It would be nice to come home
to a warm body, and a warmer meal that hasn’t been cooked in a
microwave or fresh from takeout.”

Kimberly rolls over, kissing Ashlen fiercely as they embraced. “So…”
Ashlen asked as she came up for breath, “Will you?”

Kimberly kisses her again, slowly sliding down her lover’s body as if
that was an answer. Ashlen shut her eyes, hands gripping Kimberly to
keep her from going further. “Will you??” she cried.

Kimberly moaned softly, and said “Yes.” before she wiggled free from
Ashlen to continue downwards. “You don’t need to ask.” she
whispered loud enough for Ashlen to hear, “I’m tired of being alone

Ashlen sighed in contentment, wiggling her hips in anticipation. With
one arm she reached down and picked up some of the dropped quilts
(some still strewned on the couch as sheets for them to lie on) and
threw them over Kimmy as she lowered herself. Suddenly she felt an
exhale of breath on her inner thigh, and knew she was in position.
Suddenly she began pushing her face aside, “Gimme! Gimme!” she
moaned, “Let’s cum together! Together!!”

Responding to her request, Kimberly turned herself about until they
were face to pussy and vice versa, Ashlen’s glazed expression
hungrily staring up as her lover’s cunt as she knew she was preparing
to take her in turn. As she felt the first lapping lick onto her pussy, she
greedily pulled down Kimmy and lashed her tongue straight onto her
pussy, settling onto the hard nub on top of Kimmy’s pussy, lapping
and attempting to suckle as she worked to pleasure Kimmy.

Kimmy groaned in appreciation, pressing herself down on Ashlen
tightly, as she returned the favor in turn. As her tongue worked away at
her boss’ pussy, she worked her tongue steadily into her as if it was a
miniature dick. Suddenly inspiration hit her. Barely capable of holding
Ashlen down, she managed to pull out her pillcase and pop a few pills.
As she waited, she quickly shoved her hand down grasping Ashlen’s
cunt (after battering away her groping hands), she quickly plunged two
fingers into her pussy working her if only to keep her attention focused
on cumming…

“Are you sure that’s proper grammer?”

“Less talk, Kimmy! More… more…” (shrieks) “…slower!! Fuck me

“Uh… I haven’t started yet, Ash.” she sighed gently.


As her new girldick grew…

“We seem to use that a lot since HSWC started and…”



They both gasped as she sank deeply into Ashlen, Kimmy grabbed
as Ashlen feverishly, humping into her as the tight grip of Ashlen
overwhelmed her new senses. “Fuck!!” Ashlen cried, “Double me
over! Piledrive me! Hammer me! Bitchrip… wh… whatever it is men
say during sex with other men!!”

(sullen look on Kimmy’s face) “Let’s not go there.”

Kimberly focused, thrusting in and out of her faster and faster, their
bodies glistening with sweat (as they were already sweaty from
before) as she fucked her harder and harder. The tight firm grip on her
girldick was already driving her out of her mind, but the view of her
beautiful body (completely at her mercy) bouncing on her dick was
almost too much. The sight of Ashlen writhing beneath her, thrusting
her hips up to meet her inthrusts, head throwed back as she rode her
way to yet another orgasm.

“FUCK GODDESS!! FUCK!! OH FUCK!!” Ash cried out, Kimmy’s
girlpenis seemingly growing to near bursting as she dug deeper and
deeper into her.

‘That’s it.’ she thought briefly, ‘We’re going to just move in together
and… be like this… forever. Together.’

She watched Ashlen thrust a hand down to their union, rubbing her
pussy in union with Kimmy’s thrusts.

Kimberly picked up the pace, unable to do anything but that as she felt
as if her new dick was going to rip Ashlen apart as it seemingly
thickened fatter and fatter near release. Ashlen suddenly pushed
herself up, arms crushing about Kimberly as she dragged her down
into her grip, her orgasm hitting her hard. Her cries of release echoed
in her ears as she felt her pussy release about her dick, her pussy
muscles clenching tight about as she became lost in her moment. Her
world only existing of Kimberly and her release.

Kimmy cried out as she held Ashlen tight, shoving herself tight into
Ash as she shot off stream after stream of female fluid deep into her
lover’s quivering body.

They collapsed back into the couch, exhausted. Kimmy barely had the
strength, but she looked up into Ashlen’s eyes and sighed “You sure
you’re not doing me just because I’m a catgirl, right?”

Ashlen smirked weakly, one hand gingerly touching Kimmy’s tail as
she sighed. “Well I am a furry addict…” (yawns) “…we’ll debate my
morals later… sleepy…”

Later never actually did come, but that was alright since they were
actually really quite in love…

Ashlen : “See?” (turns screen about to show Kimberly) “I said we were
actually really quite in love. Cool, right?”

Kimberly : “No, really, you should just tell me if the whole catgirl thing
read into it or not.”

Ashlen : “Well I am a furry addict and… let’s fuck.”

Kimberly : “Ash, no distractions…”


© 2007 David Rasmussen

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work.  
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