Once Among Proclivities
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Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Once Among Proclivities
by Peter Baltensperger

The field full of wildflowers was frantic with butterflies, feasting on the first spring
blooms, vying with bees. Three naked women were dancing among them when Aaron
Cole arrived, moving to their own rhythms. Their hips swayed, their breasts swayed, as if
in a breeze. If Aaron hadn’t arrived when he did, their breasts would have been swinging
in a charged silence, like bells in a vacuum, counter weights in an ancient glass-encased
scale. Aaron stood at the edge of the meadow for a while, watching the sensuous display.
The women didn’t pay any attention to him.

When he took off his clothes and walked into the meadow to show them his erection, the
dancing women began to encircle him with their swaying bodies until they formed a
complete ring, an aureole surrounding a nipple. He swayed with them for a while, took a
breast into his hands, reached for a bushy triangle, stroked a buttock. His hands were
tingling with excitement, his skin afire from the close proximity of the undulating bodies.
They were so close to him that they kept touching him, rubbed their breasts against his
chest, their thighs against his thighs, their hands over his body. The butterflies were all
around them, oblivious to the occupied space.

One of the women took hold of his penis and led him to a hollow in the grassy ground,
disrupting the balance of their ritual. She stretched out among the flowers and he knelt
down beside her and took her breasts into his hands. She gasped when he brushed against
her nipple, squeezed the top of her breast into a cone with both hands, and bent over her
to lick and suck her firm protrusion. The other two women joined them in the grass,
wrapped their arms around each other, intertwined their bodies to restore some of the
balance they had lost.

He was just about to climb on top of the woman beside him, when the other two separated,
one coming for him, the other one for the woman. The one women pushed him down on
his back, straddled his hips, and impaled herself slowly on his erection. Her luscious
breasts swayed proudly above him. He reached up to take them into his hands, but the
woman just arched her back for a more advantageous display of her sensuality and smiled.
Yet after a few moments of sunning herself in his admiration, she did bend over him to
press her breasts into his hands while rocking slowly up and down on him.

He was thoroughly enjoying himself when one of the other women joined them and
lowered herself down on his face, her back to her impaled friend. Aaron grunted with
desire as he began to lick the abundance of the woman’s juices, a butterfly feeding on the
richness of a flower. The third woman knelt down beside them and spread her legs for
him to fondle her with one hand while leaving the other on the breast above him. After a
while, the four fell into a leisurely rhythm, pushing against each other in their newly
formed circle, moaning and groaning their pleasure in the quiet meadow.

The pale blue sky above them suddenly changed. Thick black clouds spread rapidly from
horizon to horizon and the butterflies and the bees disappeared. The foursome found
themselves under a large pavilion in a park they didn’t know under a shelter they couldn’t
understand. The rain was drumming a complex solo on the shingled roof. They could hear
the bells from where they were, but by then, they already couldn’t remember where they
had been or where they were supposed to go.

Aaron had his penis sucked into one or the other of the receptacles, his head buried
between splayed thighs licking the profusion of fragrant juices of all different kinds, his
hands full of breasts and strutting nipples. The women were under him and over him,
under and over each other, he never quite knew who was who or where. Sometimes they
followed the rhythm of the rain drumming on the roof, sometimes their own inner desires,
sometimes the memory of the fluttering butterflies. They stroked and fondled each other
into a frenzy under the pavilion until they rocked through the intensity of their orgasms,
moaning and groaning in unison under their protective roof.

They collapsed on the king-size four-poster bed in Aaron’s bedroom. The evening sun
was burning in through the window, bathing their exhausted bodies in a warm, reddish
light. They put their arms around each other at random and let the combined aftershocks
of their fulfillments wash over their bodies. A butterfly fluttered past the window,
traveling from one flower-strewn meadow to the next.

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