One Enchanted Evening
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

One Enchanted Evening
by Jennifer Glick

He was the kind of guy you’d expect to find at the Coyote Ugly Saloon.  Well muscled and compact, with
amazing chestnut brown hair he hid under a backwards baseball cap.  His name was Rick and easy to
talk to.  He told me he was a Romanian Jew from St. Louis. He’d had pretty good career as a pot dealer
which got him into Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnic so. He sold to Kris Kirstofferson there but had
been caught moving product through the US Mail. He’d almost been tossed in jail but $10,000 and a
deal with the DA got him away from all that to NYC.

He had stories and that made me comfortable because I didn’t have to think of things to say about
myself.  He drank Guinness and talked about fishing and the peace someone could find in a boat on a
lake with a half an ounce of weed.  I was 26 and thought he was fascinating.

I drank Johnny Walker Black and soda.  I told him I loved the taste so much I wanted someone to lick it
off my naked body.  That was enough to get him to buy me one.  When it was my turn, he kissed me.  
We ended up lip locked and in our own tiny little universe at the end of the bar.

“Can we go to a hotel?”  Rick said.

“Uhm, the Washington Square is the closest one to here.  Do you need to go to a drugstore first?”  I
asked.  He went to the bodega next door for condoms.

I put a lot of faith into my outfit.  I was wearing a loose vintage dress that only fit in the bodice.  The skirt
flared out right from under my tits, which were prominently shown off by a plunging neckline.  It hid a
multitude of sins and made me feel beautiful.  I was wearing a new pair of ultra suede sandals and was
pleased to create myself in my own image.  It was powerful to discover it was intoxicating to someone

We had a very short cab ride but time enough for him to get his hand under my skirt, in my panties and
rhythmically moving in and out of me.  It was shocking, a little painful, but incredibly new and exciting so
I went with it.  It was as intense as the novels and erotica I’d read.  I kept following each new sensation
then the cab stopped short in front of the Washington Square Hotel and we almost fell off the seat.  
Our driver’s country of origin probably executed people for the behavior we’d just indulged in.  Good,
Mr. Cab Driver could go find my father and tell him how much of an unmarriageable whore I was.  We
had more lethal behavior to indulge in.

Rick strode in holding my hand.  I felt embarrassed and responsible for the amount of money he had to
spend but, since he was the one spending it, I didn’t make him stop.  I didn’t want to stop.  It was my
own Penthouse letter come true and damned if I was going to derail it.

In the elevator I was antsy to put my hands all over him but something in his demeanor told me to stop.  
Also there were mirrors there and I didn’t know if I could watch myself and Rick going at it.  Would I be
repulsive to watch?  Would my self-consciousness would fold in on itself if it was reflected back at me?  
I didn’t have a chance to find out because our room was only on the fourth floor.

The interior was dark but flashing with blue black dark walls and metallic finished furniture.  A giant
dresser with a huge mirror above it scared me.  I turned my back on it because it seemed larger than
the mirrors in the elevator.  Rick excused himself to go to the bathroom.  I have no idea what he did in
there, because I heard no noise.  I saw that the door was cracked open and I could see his narrow
waist, jeans and cowboy boots.  He was out quickly and came toward me to lift my dress and wrap my
left leg around him.  He tried to lift me up and wrap my legs around his waist.  I wanted to but thought I
was too heavy for that, he might throw out his back or ruin his knees.  He did it anyway but I made him
stop, protesting that I might hurt him.

Undaunted he pulled my dress off over my head and looked surprised at what he found.  Whatever he
was feeling he moved past as he rapidly undressed.  I took off my bra, panties and shoes, throwing
everything against the wall with great abandon.

We fell upon each other and the bed with greater abandon.  I was beneath him and felt his rock hard
ass under my palms, it was wonderful.  He was on my tits, chewing my nipples like a rabid dog which
hurt but I thought it would be a prelude to something that felt better.  It was, he moved down my torso
and found my clit with his tongue.  There wasn’t any chewing.  I appreciated that and I lay back tried to
concentrate on the sensations.  Then he swiveled his torso around and hovered his pelvis over my

I took his cock in my mouth and still tried to concentrate but I couldn’t.  I thought about how
claustrophobic I felt and that I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain.  I wasn’t able to do anything but
lie there with my mouth slack and open.  He got up to find the condoms.

I was grateful we had the option of using them so much so I offered to put one on him.  I shouldn’t have.
I couldn’t figure out which side went over his cock.  When I tried to roll it down, the condom resisted,
sprang back and went flying the room.  I was too embarrassed to go find it and didn’t resist when Rick
got behind me, pulled up my hips and started pounding into me.  I felt raw but kept with it because this
position had worked wonders when with my last boyfriend.

It wasn’t working wonders with him.  He pulled out, lay on the bed and moved me over him.  I fell slowly
down upon his cock and grabbed his hands.  I found I liked him inside me that way because I could
control the motion and grind into him.  It felt wonderful, like I thought it was going to about two hours
ago.  I came, surprising myself with the way the sensation spread out from my clit.  Rick smiled at the
look on my face then lifted me off and laid me down so he could put my legs over his shoulders.  He
bore down on my calves as he moved inside me slowly.  I hoped I impressed him with my flexibility.

He kept going until he came inside me.  I flashed on the idea that this was the perfect position to be in
to conceive.  I forgot that as quickly as the thought came because it had been so long since I shared
an orgasm with anyone.  At least this time, I sort of knew what I was doing.  Also I was exhausted and
wanted desperately not to think about anything before I fell asleep.  He pulled out looking a bit
chagrined and immediately lost consciousness.

We woke up at 10:30 and Rick asked me if there was room service.  There wasn’t but the Washington
Square Diner was on Sixth Avenue.  We dressed rapidly and left not exactly in a walk of shame, more a
walk of dehydration, confusion and poor hygiene.

I got waffles and fruit salad which was really cantaloupe.  He had something eggy and sausaged.  We
drank coffee and copious amounts of water and started talking about music.  I had just seen the
Decline of Western Civilization, a documentary about early 80’s LA punks.  He told me he knew some of
those bands.

“Oh awesome.  Is Darby Crash dead?”

“Yeah, he is.”  He looked surprised and I knew I lost some ground.  I lost more when I admitted I did
clerical work for a living.

He didn’t offer his phone number and I didn’t ask for it.  We parted with a swift kiss.  I walked funny all
the way home and felt proud of myself and never saw him again.  He did leave me something to
remember him by, not a fetus but a case of genital warts.  I like to think of them as the price of
admission, but that’s another story for another time

© 2013 Jennifer Glick

Jennifer Glick is a blossoming writer.  She has created stand-up comedy, television commercial parody
scripts, stories told on stage and hilarious inter-office memos.  This is the first dip of her toe into the
waters of erotica.  She's glad you decided to give it a look-see.

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