One Night
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

One Night Stand…off  
by Marc 17

She was the kind of woman you could fuck until your balls were hollow.

  She stood, put on her heels and coat, and smiled at me.  Her messy blond
hair fell over the top of her collar and her eyes had a tired, sexy look that
made me realize that I couldn’t let her go home.  I stared at her face and
thought ‘could any woman ever look any better than the way this woman
looks right here, right now?”

  We had finished making love 10 minutes ago (do you call it “love” when it’s
your first date and you don’t know yet if she likes Seinfeld?  Ok, so I guess we
have to call it sex, although the way we had sex; filled with over an hour of
kissing, not just her mouth but her ears, shoulders, inner thighs, and her
back; starting from the top of her neck and slaloming slowly to the beginning
of that mogul where the ass starts, and back up again; made it feel more like
love then sex, regardless of whether she knew who George, Kramer and
Elaine were).

  “Don’t you want to stay?” I asked, “I’d hate for you to drive.  It’s cold, you’re
tired, and it would be wonderful to hold your body against mine all night.”

  “No”, she said, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know you well enough
and I wouldn’t sleep.”

  “Amazing.  You feel comfortable enough that you’ll let me rub your G Spot
with my index finger, but to back your butt up against my groin and fall asleep
is something to avoid because you ‘don’t know me well enough?’ I thought
sex was supposed to bring people closer together. What’s more intimate then
this?  Sharing iPod play lists?”

  “I can’t”, she said, “you’re still a stranger. Christ, I don’t even know if you
like Seinfeld.”

  “I do like Seinfeld, very much.  Any more questions?”

  “I don’t have my toothbrush.”

  “I have an unopened toothbrush you can have.”

  “I think you might be too attentive to me.”

  “Too attentive?  Is there something wrong with that?”

  “Well, kind of.  Most of the guys I date are nowhere near as attentive to my
pleasures as you are.  They are more, well I guess one would say more
macho.  More into their own pleasure then mine.  In fact, they neither ask nor
care if I’m satisfied.”

  “Is that a good thing?”

  “In a weird way, yes.”

  “Where do you meet these guys?  Taliban Recruiting Centers?  It seemed
to me you liked the sex we had.  I counted twelve orgasms.  How many do you
need?  A Baker’s Dozen?”

  “Look, intellectually I know it’s wrong for me to be this way, but, emotionally,
I am really turned on by men who don’t treat me very well.”

  “Hmm, I see.  Please give me your keys.”

  “I know you think you’re being nice to me and you want to hide my keys so I
can’t leave.  I don’t want that”.

  “Don’t worry about me hiding your keys.  I want them so I can start your car
for you.”

Copyright© 2010 ©  Marc 17

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