One Sexy Halloween
Story Codes: MF, Exhibitionist

One Sexy Halloween
Sasha Rowans

It was Daniel and Maria's very first Halloween with each other ever since they turned twenty years old. While
Daniel went to Maria's he teased himself wondering about what Maria would put on this afternoon for the bash.
He wondered about Maria's curves while he rounded the corners of the street toward her father and mother's
home. Maria was a nicely curved female, twenty with shoulder length black hair that rested softly down her
neck and touched the top of her smooth, plump breasts. Her legs were skinny at the bottom although became
fatter and softer as they curved to round out her ass. Daniel got happy while he got near her home.

The anticipation of an afternoon where his girl can show her goodies was way too much for him to cope with all
alone inside his vehicle. His penis pulsated inside his shorts with anticipation while he pulled into her garage.
Daniel rang the bell and waited while he listened to Maria go downstairs. Maria opened up her doors in a pair
of white polyester booty shorts and a gray spaghetti strap.

Daniel can see her brown bra through her top and thought about how her father and mother allowed her to
open the doors like the knowing Daniel was coming over. "Hello, no one is at the house which means we got
some time by ourselves, pretty boy." She cooed while she gave Daniel a kiss at the doors.

Daniel's dick started to pulsate intensely with anticipation while he looked at the shapely woman right before
him. Maria had big boobs as it was although this afternoon she picked a bombshell bra that supplemented her
bronze torso. She was fond of exposing her torso to Daniel whenever she was able to and she was aware that
this afternoon she would have an opportunity to do a little bit of teasing right before the bash.

The couple walked up to Maria's bedroom so that way Maria can put on her Halloween costume for the bash.
As soon as they got in her bedroom, Daniel grabbed her from the back and started to give her kisses against
her jaw. In the beginning Maria stood still, letting her boyfriend bite at her jaw although right after a couple of
milliseconds she chose to tease too and began grinding her hips softly against his cock. With his girl's smooth
butt caressing against his covered penis, Daniel became stiff. "We have to get prepared, correct? Do not want
to be tardy to Ava's do we now?" Daniel teased while he moved his fingers over Maria's belly and underneath
her top. He started to give her rougher kisses, running his tongue down her jaw and pushing her hair to the
side with his nose.

"Put on your costume, big kid." Maria responded back while she tugged away and rotated towards her walk in
closet. "My father and mother are here again soon, which means we better hurry." She finished with one wink.

While Maria hauled out her costume from her closet, Daniel made his way downstairs again to grip his. Daniel
went with a basic idea. He was going to be a referee. He dragged on his striped t-shirt and matching brown
cargos, put on a headband, to make it seem as if he attempted to put together a costume, and headed again
upstairs. Daniel felt ashamed that his costume was basic although he knew that his legs and ass looked good
in the gray cargos he had on. Being an athlete, Daniel was sufficiently fortunate to have a lower body that his
girls liked staring at as much as he liked glaring at theirs.

Maria stepped outside of her bedroom dressed like a witch, kind of. The skirt of the witch costume fell short
under her hips and covered up a little of her fat thighs. Her legs were held inside tight red and brown striped
stockings that went up like a centimeter or two from the skirt itself. Her thighs seemed even more huge with the
stockings running up to them and Daniel was having a rough time concentrating on the remainder of her
costume with such a tiny skirt covering, what Daniel knew to be Maria's fat butt cheeks. The front part of the
costume was a silky brown color with a gray ruffled shirt that had a rough time covering up Maria's cleavage.
Right under the cleavage the shirt was laced and tight, making her B cups seem as if they were D's. Daniel
knew he was in for a tough afternoon if he needed to maintain his fingers to himself for the majority of the

"Oooo" Maria sang at him while she gazed at Daniel, "you chose the cargos I'm fond of eh? Woah, you must
actually love me or something like that." Maria's tone was a bit deeper and more gradual than normal adding a
hot and suspicious feel to it. "I'm wishing you chose the underwear I'm fond of as well." She whispered while
she drew Daniel down for a lengthy sensual kiss. Their tongues joined in the hall with Maria's fingers traveling
across the front of Daniel's cargos and laying against his hardening dick. The two of them kept on giving each
other kisses while Maria groped rougher at Daniel, touching his cock, his inner thighs, and his butt while they
attempted to stand still.

The teasing was way too much for Daniel although he knew that Maria's father and mother would be at the
house soon. He shoved Maria up against the wall and chose that he could force her to come right now and ask
for her to return the favor later on. With Maria against the wall Daniel moved his fingers underneath her skirt.
He took his sweet time to feel up her inner thighs and squeeze the smooth skin covered by the white orange
and yellow skirt. Daniel brushed against Maria's cloth covered lips while he gave her a kiss and kept her tight
against the wall. Maria started to groan softly. Her knees began to bend while the kisses and stroking became
way too much for the excited young lady to take all at once. She wanted Daniel, so bad, and would've had him
right now if it was not for the noise of a vehicle horn honking one time.

"Crap, my father and mother!" Maria hissed while her and Daniel got away from each other and headed
downstairs. "That was them locking the car's doors, am I presentable?"

"Yes, I did not mess around with any single thing way too much." Daniel laughed while he gave Maria a final
hot kiss.

As soon as Maria's father and mother walked inside, Daniel stated his brief heys and byes and the two of them
headed out. Daniel drove them to Maria's wondering of the entertainment that the two of them missed out on
at Maria's. They cackled while they pulled out of the garage.

They arrived to the bash a little bit tardy although it was still close enough to 7:00 when they got there. Maria
was a great girl although she cared a little too much what her bestfriends believed, so she insisted that the two
of them got on time to the bash. As soon as they were inside, Daniel grabbed a combined drink and made one
for Maria as well. The two of them took a seat on the sofa inside Maria's family room, talking and playing with
Ava's other friends. The majority of the people had went to high school with either Daniel or Maria and were
familiar people.

While the night progressed and the drinks continued coming, Maria and Daniel became a bit more frisky.
Between getting their groove on and examining everybody else in their costumes, Daniel was becoming rather
horny. While Maria danced with Daniel, grinding her hips against him inside the packed family room, Daniel
stole a couple of extra feels along her inner thighs and ass. Maria knew that Daniel was becoming horny and
looked back over her naked shoulder at him making eye-contact sufficiently long to reveal that she was
wondering about the same exact thing.

The two of them left the family room hand in hand and headed towards a silent area of the home. Maria had
been to Ava's home priorly and knew where a decent sized drying room was where the two of them would not
be bothered.

While the couple headed eagerly to get some privacy, they ran into Lucy, one of out Maria's many especially
cute bestfriends. Lucy was dressed like a hula girl, with a strapless neon purple bikini top with gray flowers.
Her skirt went down to her knees although had a deep cut up the thigh that showed off her fit thighs. Lucy's
light black hair was put up into a donut bun and she looked fine on this night. "Hello, baddies." She chuckled
while she poured herself one more drink. "See the two of you back out over there!" Apparently, Lucy did not
catch what Maria and Daniel had left for and the two of them were glad that their small deep secret was still
alive and entertaining. Both of them Daniel and Maria could not help but notice Lucy's soft belly and perky
boobies while she jumped out of the room and again to the remainder of the party.

"She is way too sexy, ah" Maria vented, partially playing partially not playing, "What I'm trying to say is, come

"She does not have this although." Daniel slyly whispered while he gripped Maria's butt with his fingers, taking
her steady butt cheek into his fingers. Maria's butt was real amazing and tight although her butt bounced and
wiggled in all the correct ways as well.

The two of them at last made it to the drying room and Daniel had Maria back up against the wall. Daniel's
fingers were underneath Maria's skirt again as soon as she thrusted the doors closed with her leg. He towed
her undies down and slipped his fingers in her hot vagina. He slipped his ring finger in and out gradually while
Maria breathed in intensely and began to heave on his t-shirt. While Daniel fingerfucked her, he moved his
free hand over to hold onto Maria's butt. He lugged and squeezed while he fingered Maria rougher with his
right hand. At last the teasing was way too much for those two and Maria began to jerk down Daniel's cargo.
Daniel reached in his back pocket and wrenched out a condom that the two eagerly slipped over Daniel's stiff

Maria tilted to the front, grabbing the dryer with her butt out towards Daniel. Her brown lace g-string flawlessly
fitting her bronze butt. Each butt cheek was round and bounced while Daniel took them each in his fingers and
slipped Maria's g-string towards the ground. Maria spread her knees and took her boyfriend's seven inches in
her moist cunt while softly breathing out. Soon she was whining and murmuring while Daniel started to push his
propel his dick in her gradually.

"Jesus, babe. O." She groaned attempting to be silent so that way no one would listen to them. Her whining
became muffled while Daniel sent rougher and moved his fingers over her stomach to get a way better grip on
his girlfriend. Daniel started driving rougher while Maria's breathing got faster. His fingers felt really huge
against her stomach while he squeezed her stomach in satisfaction. Daniel's cock pulsated and increased as
he yanked himself towards the point where he was almost out of Maria right before entering her again. Daniel
began forcing rougher while Maria's thighs began to shake. The prodding had to be so rough that Maria was
poked up against the dryer, making it sway while Maria was banged rough from the back. Maria felt bad and
dirty while her boyfriend fucked her inside her bestfriend's dryer room. She can listen to the bash down the
hallway and felt hot, knowing that she was doing something really tabooed.

Daniel's penis became stiffer and fatter while he railed Maria. Daniel began slapping her butt softly as to not
make way too much noise and pull her mane, showing Maria that he was near to cumming. "I am near baby, so
near." Maria groaned while her boyfriend kept on pounding at her. "O, Sweetie" she let out while she fell
against the dryer in front of her. Daniel knew exactly how to keep Maria cumming although and pulled out of
her and pulled her near to him. He started to rub her clitoris while he held her back up against his body, his
stiff dick nudging down against the bottom of her butt. Maria moved her head back in lust giving her boyfriend
in back of her giving her so much satisfaction a kiss crazily. She came two times already and knew she could
steal a couple more right before Daniel would lost control and begin to jack off.

Daniel began massaging Maria's pussy in ovals. He cupped her tits with his free hand, slipping them
underneath her shirt. He moved his fingers up her belly and torso, scratching and tugging on the chick that he
desired badly. Daniel reached Maria's bra, lacy and soft to the touch, slipping his fingers under and caressing
Maria's nipple with his lengthy fingers. Maria's nipples became stiff while she started to groan further. The
ovals on her vagina were now being traced on her torso too and she knew she could not handle it much
longer. While Maria slid into her third orgasm, waves of satisfaction elbowed throughout her body. Her knees,
inner thighs, and hips all barked with a hot sense of release and ecstasy.

While Maria lived out the final moments of her third orgasm, she pulled her shirt off and fell to her knees right
in front of Daniel. She took his pulsating seven inch cock in her fingers and took off the condom, still moist with
their lust. "You are next, Sweetheart." She cooed from her knees, taking Daniel's penis in her fingers and
stroking it quickly. Her torso bounced softly with each and every rub of her fingers and in her brown bra her
torso was heaving and big. Daniel had a rough moment lasting long staring down at her torso and glared away
to lengthen his satisfaction. "Do not be timid, cutie." Maria flirted back up at him while she unclasped her bra,
allowing her pretty watermelons spring out a bit.

Maria shouldered out her ass and knelt even more down, now taking Daniel's dick inside her mouth. Daniel
could sense Maria's smooth hair on his groin section and she bobbed her head up and down his hard cock.
Daniel's penis became stiffer and thicker while Maria sweeped out her plump butt for Daniel to enjoy. Gazing
down, Daniel could get a flawless point of view of Maria's butt and her bouncing titties while she suckled and
slurped on his dick, attempting her greatest to maintain it all inside her mouth. Her tongue ran over the head of
his cock inside her mouth. Her mouth traveled all the way up and down his shaft, paying close attention at time
to the sensitive area of Daniel's penis just under the head. Daniel tilted back against the wall. He was getting
near. He took Maria's mane in his fingers, softly sensing the smoothness and hotness of her lengthy mane.
Maria knew her boyfriend and knew he was near so she chose to move more gradually over his dick, playing
with him. Daniel groaned and released a lengthy sigh while Maria slowed down her speed. Daniel was super
near and the smallest touch would make him blow up. Maria took her sweet time on his cock now, milking every
single bit of satisfaction out of her boyfriend's fat penis. She looked up at Daniel, moved her fingers towards
his dick and started jacking him off madly. Daniel was not anticipating this and his cock became painfully fatter
suddenly right before blowing up everywhere. Maria's torso took the majority of the cum although the
remainder ended up on her jaw, breasts, or the ground. Daniel's knees gave up and he slipped down the wall
towards the ground his knees and butt covered up in sweat from the sex.

Maria started giving him kisses and sucking the remainder of the sperm from Daniel's penis while the two of
them laid back on the ground for a little bit. When Maria was finished, they laid back with each other, Daniel
massaging Maria's clitoris softly and Maria running her fingertips against Daniel's inner thigh. When the
post-orgasm wiriness had went away, the two of them put on their clothes and headed towards the doors.
Maria rotated and took Daniel near for a rough final kiss.

"Am I presentable?" Maria asked him for the second time that same day, knowing completely well what she was

"Yes, I did not mess around with any single thing way too much" Daniel giggled while he slapped Maria's butt,
"well not yet."

Sasha Rowans is a keen reader, author and traveler that resides in the southeast by herself for some time
now.  Her favorite type of stories to write about are mainly Sci- Fi & Fantasy Eroticas, but that doesn't mean
that she don't love writing about any other topic. Sasha's stories are not for the faint-hearted so keep in mind
that you have been advised. ;-)
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