One Sunday Afternoon
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One Sunday Afternoon
by Haas

         Only seconds after hearing knocks on the door, the red wooden door swung back, and the black screen
swung forward. When the fog cleared there she stood, nude. She was no taller than 5"4', her mocha melanin
was glowing, her long black hair hung free. Her belly ring dangled as the wind blew from outside. Her feet
were painted cherry red. Within seconds they were tightly wrapped around my waist and back, while her arms
caressed the back of my head. My teeth were sunk into her breast, tightly clenched around her areola while
my tongue licked away at her erect nipples. i began to bite harder with every step further into the house. She
felt weightless as i carried her all the way to the room

       i was surprised we made it really, i never took my sight off of her breast. I couldn't think of anything but
her rotund ass in the palm of my hands, her lips on my fingertips, my left middle finger clawing for her clitoris. I
can tell she was waiting for me, she smelled fresh out of the shower. Victoria's Secret love spell body wash,
just cherished that kind i love. Once i knew we made it into the room, i threw her on to the bed. She braced
for me to climb on top . . . but instead i sat back on the loveseat she had facing the bed .

      "i want you to play with yourself." the grin she flashed, biting her bottom lip in ecstasy, sent electricity
through my torso. It was hard not climbing on top of her immediately, but a gentleman must stay disciplined. I
sat my arms back on the red suede.  The aggression in which she rubbed her vagina made me grind my
teeth. I could hear how gushy she was inside as she began to penetrate herself with her middle and ring
finger, and her other hand groping her own breasts.

      i'm sure after the first minute she forgot i was there, and i let her go for five. Her angelic moans and
whimpers were poetry.  She said it all without uttering a word. I slowly stood so i wouldn't startle her or break
her blissful concentration on her own gratification. I removed my black shirt and replaced her fingers with the
blade of my tongue, slicing at her clit from left to right, then up to down, then all around. I sucked all of her
holy juices from her third peak, slurping my medicine, my yin as the taoist say, just like god herself would want
me to.

      The harder i sucked her clit, the harder she pulled my hair, and the tighter she gripped her legs around
my shoulder after. . . shit i'm not really sure how long, who can keep time down there?. . . off came my pants,
then I buried my now throbbing member into her now dripping vulva. Her nails dug into my back  as she
received every stroke with power.

      I was out to break her pelvis. i can't lie. It impressed when she had enough hip power to turn us while her
legs were above my shoulders. You don't usually see those type of maneuvers from a woman.  Next thing you
know, she was riding me like wildest mechanical bull in all the rowdiest bar in all of Texas. She was getting the
best of me, which meant drastic measures would have to be taken to reassert my dominance.

      i let her have her fun, so i picked her up by her bulbous bottom and slammed her into the nearest wall
before re-entering her. Her eyes rolled back on impact. She was a fiend for the harmonious mixture of
pleasure and pain. I stoked her against the wall  until my arms got tired, and when they did i laid her down on
her stomach. Her ass was hiked up and her face laid down to the mattress before i could drop to my knees.  
She knew exactly how i like it. I slid right in and grabbed a fistful of hair. I remember pulling her by it far
enough to lick her on her neck and cheek while i was balls deep and it made me feel like Rick James, or at
least the Dave Chapelle parody. After more tossing and turning i let her finish me off by sucking the life out of
me . . . and she swallowed the gravy. She laid on my chest afterward. After about ten minutes . . . "go make
me a grilled cheese mama . . . and pass me that weed and magazine."

Haas is an 19 year old, Los Angeles bound kid, working and out of school, trying to live as unconventional as possible; if that
would be appropriate.
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