Our Other Side
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

Our Other Side
by Alyx Rayn

One thing I loved about him was that he was spontaneous. I loved the fact that he was a
straight freak between the sheets.  The moment I made love to him for the first time was
when I finally allowed myself to be sexually uninhibited. He knew the right things to say.  He
knew how to say them to the point I would linger on his every word.  He was more than a
man.  I never had to question his love and dedication for me because we have a connection
that many never get the chance to have. Mentally and physically.  I know when it came to me
that I am his weakness.  I was the one woman that gave him everything he wanted and then
some.  At any moment all I have to do was say the word and he would oblige.  He made it
easy to be myself around him and he brought things out inside me once hidden.  He calls me
his secret treasure.  He was more than easy on the eyes and that didn’t help my fixation on
him because every time I laid eyes on him I wanted him.

   There was a time I called him from work and asked him to meet me at the bar for role play
night. That is when we would meet at a restaurant at the bar and act like we never met.  He
would sit on one side of the bar while I parlayed on the other.  We would talk with our eyes
across the bar while men walked up to me asking to buy me a drink and I would decline.  
After flirting across the bar one of us would approach the other as if we never met.  We
would even create alias names and ask each other questions, alter egos in full effect then
we would get up and leave together leaving folks wondering and as soon as we got either to
the car or home we would fuck like we never fucked before.  There are times you have to
leave love making behind and get real live and freaky.

   Once at the movie theater we managed to miss half the movie.  In the beginning we were
watching the awful movies holding hands being as normal as the only other four couples in
the theater and the next I was on my knees between his legs trying to get to the center of his
tootsie pop.  I don’t event think we thought about getting caught because the moment was
just right.  Thru the movie I couldn’t stop letting my hand slide down the front of his sweats
which gave me a great feel of his wand and from there my hands wandered inside and when
my hand felt the warm flesh of his dick I had to have him.  It was like a sick addiction where
you don’t care who or what.  He wasn’t shocked because he knows me.  He was happy and
probably wondering what took me so long so as usual I took him down right where he sat.  
He knew how to compose himself but please believe he enjoyed every second and when we
got home he finished me off very nicely.  It’s even to the point we questioned if we should
seek counseling.  We were addicted to sex and not with other people but with each other.  
We have sex several times a day and have since the day we met.  We lose sleep having so
much sex. We don’t care where were are or who is around.  We are constantly flirting,
kissing or touching.

  We even had sex in the woods.  We were sitting home talking about having sex and he
suggested sex in the woods so we took a long smooth ride to a really nice park and sat and
talked waiting for it to get dark and once it did we made our way thru the woods following
trails and we found the perfect spot a an huge tree stomp and we went at it right there.  We
had no shame in what we were doing.  Not thinking a person walking their dog would walk
by.  We got totally naked like Adam and Eve searching for that apple.  It was very intense but
not as intense as the time we screwed in my office while the entire staff sat outside my office

Every so often he would come have lunch with me and having my own office had it perks and
one of those perks were closing my door and only a knock opens it unless I did.  So this one
day after talking dirty to him on the phone I had no idea he was on his way to bring me
lunch.  I thought he was still at work so when he walked in my office with no knock it caught
me off guard but made me literally quiver from the inside out.  He had my favorite food in his
hands and flowers in the other.  He had a lot of charm and romance along with total sex
appeal.  This man was so fine women envied me.  From his almond eyes, cocoa brown skin
to his soft full lips I was captivated by him.  Of course we ate but I was his dessert and before
we could wipe the food from our lips he had me bent over my desk with my skirt above my
waist. Every time he penetrated me felt like thunder.  Every stroke felt like he struck gold.  I
had to maintain my composure so my co-workers wouldn’t hear me and with his fingers in my
mouth pacifying my moans I am sure they couldn’t hear if not too much.  His strokes were
powerful and I knew he was giving me the extra loving because we were in my office.  He
loved the fact that he could fuck me any time and any place.  He gripped my ass and found
all my hiding places inside and made me come out from hiding.  Man this man knows how to
love me just right.

We were always trying to out do each other.  I always thought I was freakier than him then he
would do something to prove me right and vice versa.  I think he and I together are perfect
lovers and we enjoy doing things to keep the spice in our relationship.  Whether we were at
a party with friends or at work, we would always find a way to pull the freak out of us if only
for a moment or the night. Even if that means pulling over on the side of the road so I can
bless him between his legs or me climbing in the driver’s seat placing myself on his lap and
taking him for a different ride; a test drive inside me. I had to come up with the ultimate date
night.  We pretty much did it all sexually but I wanted to show him that I was in fact the
freakiest of us two even though at times he did prove me wrong and I didn’t mind one bit. His
sex was addictive, fulfilling and appetizing.  My mind wandered for days trying to figure out
how to make the next date night he and I shared more memorable than any other.  So this
one night I could not wait to have my date night.  I made sure my hair and nails were on point
and I had the perfect outfit on standby.  I knew he loved to see me in stiletto heels and sleek
dresses so I made sure I got a nice tight fitted sweater dress and a pair of knee high stiletto
boots.  It was cold out now so regardless I had to be warm enough to warm him up.

   The plan was to meet from work at one of our favorite restaurants.  He was already there
when I got there sitting in our favorite spot off to the back of the restaurant where no one
really like to sit but us.  It was nice and secluded and you could help but to enjoy the vibe
with the candles on the table and the bottle of chilled champagne on ice.  When I walked in
our eyes instantly met. We had this attraction for each other that was something only two
people in touch with each other emotions could understand. We knew from the start we were
soul mates.  Once at the table he could not stop telling me how beautiful and sexy I was and I
could see in his eyes that he meant every word.  He knows how to make you feel like the
only woman walking the planet earth. We managed to eat dinner with out ravishing each
other at the table and I could see the anticipation in his eyes.  I knew he wanted to do me
right there.  I decided to play hard to get because I love a good chase.  We carried on with
dinner and a few more cocktails and then decided to leave.

  It was time to make my move so luckily we drove separate cars that I was able to make up
a story to meet him at home so I could change into the other woman.  I quickly jumped in my
car and changed up my outfit, got my props together and hurried behind him to catch him as
he was driving.  When I spotted his car I called his cell phone and told him to meet me at our
special park which was a park at the end of a long road near our house where no one ever
to advantage of but us.  I knew he would be there waiting and anticipating my arrival so I
made my presence known by throwing a fake police siren on my dash board.  He looked
shocked and concerned because and I am sure he wouldn’t’ have thought it was me and
perhaps it was the police catching him at the right place at the wrong time.

   I didn’t pull up to close because I wanted to catch him off guard. So I made sure my high
beams were on when I pulled in.  Damn the man look absolutely edible. I stepped out and the
closer I got to him the brighter his smile became.  I was in a tight police uniform top with a
belt around my waist.  I wore only a pair of black crotchless stockings under that with a pair a
black stiletto pumps on.  I had the handcuffs on my hips, a police hat on my head and a
baton in my hands.  I walked right up to his truck and ordered him out.  The shocked look on
his face let me know that he would have never expected this one and that’s what keeps our
relationship so right.  We know how to go outside the box.

   I told him to put his hand on the hood with a slight push.  I know he likes when I get I get a
little rough when we are sexing so I took advantage of that.  I patted him down focusing
mainly on the front of him.  He was already solid between his legs and I played the dirty cop
feelings his thickness like he was the bad prisoner.  I turned him around and asked him did
he have anything in his pockets that would cause me harm and went he went to speak I
began kissing him.  When I felt him get to deep into the kiss I whipped out my handcuffs and
slapped them on him cuffing his hands behind his back.  Now that he was under my arrest I
slid his pants down to his ankles and wrestled his wand with my mouth.  He could do nothing
but moan.

   There was no grabbing my hair.  No grabbing and smacking my plush ass.  No tossing
and turning me all over the place.  Tonight I had total control.  He was damn near trembling
standing there on lock down trying to serve me himself.  I still maintained power by stopping
and him begging me to continue and me grabbing him by his shirt telling him to shut up.  “I
am Officer Fuck Him Down-Shut It Up’’.  I pulled him to the driver side of his truck and
opened the door.  I leaned over his seat exposing my crotchless stockings making him aware
of his easy access inside me.  Even handcuffed he was about his business because he slid
up behind me, his hands o lock down behind his back and rocked me right there.  I bounced
back on him so hard I thought we would break the truck door.  He couldn’t handle it.  He
couldn’t touch me.

   This was the first time he ever fucked me with out touching me.  His stroke was still mean
as ever but I know I am taking his sexual power and I love it.  I then sat on the edge of his
seat and ordered him to lick me good and he did on command.  He gently suckled my clit
hands still lodged behind him.  The man had pure skills. There were no limitations with him.  I
couldn’t waste my props so I eased the baton inside my throbbing pussy giving him a quick
show.  He couldn’t take it and begged me to remove the cuffs and I refused.  I had more than
a girl could ask for.  Immense control over her man mentally and physically.  I decided to cuff
him in the front but before I took them off I warned him that if he made one move or touched
me that he was going to jail and to not make me beat him.

   Once I cuffed him I told him to get on the ground and when he did I slid my tight pussy
down on his dick and bounced off of him slowly.  He was stuck and under my spell. His body
was shaking.  He kept trying to touch me but I would move his hands away but when I laid my
body on top of his it was on.  I grinded on top of him harder than I ever have.  It was so
powerful I damn near dug my nails into his chest.  When I knew he was about to cum I slowed
my stroke to a passionate flow and let him release inside me.  I didn’t even give him time to
recover before I jumped up, took the cuffs of him and jumped in my car and left.

   By the time he got home I was in my pajamas, laid in our bed watching TV.  He came in
and gave me the sexiest look and came over to my side of the bed leaning over giving me a
long kiss and before he headed into the bathroom. He looked back at me and said “You got
me, you won”.

Copyright© 2010 Alyx Rayn

Born in Washington, DC Alisha Ridley-Frost who goes by the pen name Alyx Rayn
began writing as a young teenager writing boldly about life and love.  She found it
easy to note her rough teenage life however as she got older and began
understanding her own real life experiences, finding it easy to speak of love and
erotica using poetry as her platform.

Alyx Rayn does not stop there as she also indulges in short erotica stories.  She
believes your mind's eye can be more erotic and arousing than anything and
shares short stories filled with passion, fantasy and intrigue. This vivid author gives
you a full look into what she tends to call urban erotic writing and real life poetry in
hopes of tantalizing your imagination and desires and that will remain her focus.

Alyx Rayn is married with a step daughter currently residing is the DC Metropolitan
area. Along with writing she also works full time and also working along side her
husband on an entertainment company.

Please visit Alyx online  @ www.alyxrayn.blog.com