Over The Edge
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, BDSM (fem sub)

Over The Edge
by Aki Seerose

My Husband left me tied and on the floor with strict instructions not to move until He returned.  
We had fucked for hours and I had swallowed what seemed like a gallon of His cum.  My ass
was sore from being pounded so hard.  My pussy still tingled from his fingers rubbing my clit as
His cock stretched my tight ass.  He had not allowed me to cum, but had brought me to the
brink over and over, always stopping just as I would begin to go over the edge.  My face still
stung from the slap He had administered when I begged Him to let me cum.  

  “You will NOT cum, cunt.  This is not for your enjoyment, cunt.  It is for mine,” He whispered
into my ear before the slap that shut my mouth until He opened it for His use once again.

  Later, when He had had His fill of me, He had bound me, placed me on the floor, put the
blindfold over my eyes and then gave me the instructions that would change my life, forever.

  “Do not move, until I return. No matter what.  Do you understand, cunt?” He asked.

  “Yes Master,” I replied meekly.  

  I listened intently as He walked out of the room and to my horror, I could hear Him
descending the stairs without closing our bedroom door.  Oh my god, I thought.  Katie will be
home any time now from school.  Oh dear god, don’t let her come up stairs, I prayed.

  The minutes seemed to stretch on forever.  What seemed like hours must surely have only
been twenty to thirty minutes but eventually I heard the sound of the door downstairs opening
and closing firmly.  With all my might I hoped it was my Master returning to free me before our
daughter came home.

  I strained to listen to sounds from the ground floor but could only make out the barest hint of
voices.  I was not even sure if it was the TV or my Master or Katie speaking as I knelt there,
with my face pressed against the floor and my ass pointing towards the open door.

  After a few minutes I could hear the sounds of someone walking slowly up the stairs.  
Footsteps walked down the hall towards our Master bedroom and then stopped.  I couldn’t
move, I couldn’t see, I could do nothing but lie there exposed, waiting.  Moments later I could
feel breath along the crack of my ass and then the unmistakable feel of warm breath blowing
across my pussy.  The ropes that had spread my lips had kept me moist as each tiny
movement I would make would be amplified by the rough hemp rubbing along my slit.  It both
hurt and felt divine all in the same tortured motion.

  I felt a finger slide between the rope and my skin along my lower back and tug lightly on the
rope, pulling it tighter into my aching pussy.  The finger slid along the rope down until the
knuckle of that finger brushed against my sore anus.  I groaned slightly.  The finger froze for
just a second and then pulling the rope out from my crack the finger straightened itself and the
tip of a finger circled my anus.  A moment later I could feel the cool wet plop of a glob of spit
dropped onto my anus and the finger now wet pushed itself into my ass.  I pushed back against
it.  The finger only made the one trip into me, slowly pushing all the way in then pulling back out
again.    Then the finger tugged at the rope again and pulled it out from between my pussy
lips.  This time two fingers pushed their way into my pussy.  They slid in and out, in and out,
slowly at first but steadily they increased their speed.  I could feel my juices flowing down my
inner thighs now.  There was a sharp tug on the rope as I was pulled up from my kneeling
position until I was still face down on the floor but my ass was high in the air on my knees now,
no longer kneeling.

  I bit my tongue trying to hold back the cry of pain from being hoisted up so painfully.

  Now the fingers returned to my pussy and were joined by the lightest touch of a tongue on
my clit as the fingers pushed in and out of me.  Suddenly there was no stopping the orgasm
that I had been aching for for hours as it erupted and I began to convulse as the tongue flicked
over my swollen clit, the fingers thrust quickly in and out of my pussy.  Just as my pussy began
to quiver and I could feel myself squirting my juices, the tongue was pushed inside my pussy
and lips sucked on my lips and my clit urging my orgasm higher and higher.  The orgasm went
on and on, wave after wave.  At some point a finger was pushed into my ass as the other
fingers continued to drive my orgasm onward.  Tears of joy ran down my face and pooled on
the floor under my face.  My legs hurt from the rope, my hands had almost gone numb from
being tied.  My ass still stung from the earlier misuse but I was in heaven.  Slowly the fingers
and the lips and the tongue began to lighten their touch as I came down from my cloud.

  My chest was still heaving as I tried to catch my breath when the fingers adjusted the ropes
once again placing them back into my ass crack and between my pussy lips.  A small hand
pushed lightly on my ass, guiding me down until I was once again kneeling on my calves.  It was
several minutes later that I realized that I didn’t even hear the sound of the person leaving but
the sensation of that hand on my ass brought a shock to my soul.  I had not known who have
given me so much pleasure. Was it not my Master's hand, nor Master's tongue or mouth that
had brought me my greatest orgasm?

  I was used, given my greatest pleasure and then left without a word being said.  At some
point I fell asleep in this position and awoke later that night to find myself lying in our bed, still
tied but now with loosened bonds and warm covers keeping out the cool night air.  When I
moved, my blindfold was removed and I could see my Master, my Husband, the love of my life
lying beside me with a smile on His face.

Copyright© 2014 Aki Seerose
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