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Story Codes: M/F, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Written by Lexi Jordan

“Would you like to come home with me tonight?”

Leo and Ava had been talking online for six months and had been going out three times a week for the last two
months and he’d loved every moment of it. He was working on his Master’s in Chemical Engineering and she
was an exec at a Pharm Company so while she worked on the business side of things, whenever he started in
blathering about science she was able to follow him and the questions she asked showed she was listening
and engaged when most women would have been napping.

She was an amazing woman, beautiful, intelligent and they were compatible in so many ways. So why did he
break out into a cold sweat when she invited him home? He was afraid of disappointing her.
He took her hand, trying to hide his nervousness. “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

They left the restaurant and she drove them back to her place. She’d insisted on picking him up tonight. She
had probably decided to bring him home before she suggested the date. He’d been to her place before. They’
d watched movies together. She showed him her toys. His toes curled as she showed off her favorite flogger,
slapping her hand with it so he could hear the sound it made.

But this was different. He could see it in her eyes that she meant he was coming over for more than another
scifi marathon.

After they arrived at her place, his eyes followed her and she shimmed down the hall towards her bedroom.
Everything about her exuded sex, the confidence with which she carried herself, the care she put into her

Leo stood in front of her bed going back and forth between holding his hands together and letting them fall to
his sides.

She sat down at her vanity and then pulled the pins out her auburn hair letting it fall on her shoulders. As she
took out her pearl earrings she asked. “What’s your safe word?”

“Brooklyn.” Leo hoped it was a good one. Stop led to red, which led to apple, which made him think of New
York and finally Brooklyn. It was a word that rolled off the tongue and would be easy to remember no matter
how much he over thought things.

“Say it again.” She stood in front of him and stared him down. Even though he had two inches on her, part of
him wanted to cower at the sheer forcefulness of her aura.


She stepped away. “Good. Now get undressed.”

He removed his clothes leaving them in a pile on the floor by her bed.
Ava let her eyes roam over his naked flesh and then her hands did the same. She hadn’t touched him
anywhere intimate and yet he was already hard. He hoped his body pleased her. He wasn’t a body builder or
anything, but he ran, so he was toned.

She turned around. “Unzip me.”

Leo unzipped her dress and watched eagerly, waiting for her to get naked.

“Run me a bubble bath.”
He pouted, but went figuring he’d get to see her in the bath.

She had a large tub that went into the floor and could probably seat four people if she wanted. He ran a warm
bath and added bubbles, careful not to make it too hot.

She entered the bathroom in a cream robe. “Turn around.”

He faced the wall, listening as the robe hit the floor. He was so excited. As much as the idea of being
dominated by a female thrilled him, it wasn’t until he was standing there, with his cock jutting at a bathroom wall,
with a beautiful, naked woman in arms reach did he truly have his answer. This was the life for him. He loved
every minute so far.

“Wash my back.”

He knelt at the edge of the bath. “Yes, Mistress.” Taking the sponge, he ran it over his back and then her
shoulders, squeezing out the water trying to dissipate the bubbles at her breasts, but she simply replaced them
with more before he could see anything.

Leo bathed her, ignoring his bobbing erection that was practically begging for her touch. She could have
probably gotten him off with a single good tug.

After she finished bathing she said, “Hold up the robe, but don’t look.”

She got back into the robe and left the room. “Sit on the bed and wait for me.”

He bounced on the bed trying to imagine what she had in store for him next. His mouth fell open when she
stepped back into the bedroom.

She was wearing long black gloves, a leather corset and knee high boots.
She sat next to him on the bed. “Lay across my lap.”

He scrambled to do as he was told. She ran her gloved hand over his bare ass. “Have you ever been

“No, Mistress. Well, I’ve spanked myself. But other than that. No.”

She slapped his ass. “How does that feel?”

He moaned in pleasure. “Good,” he said breathless.

Ava hit the fleshy part of his butt, switching back and forth with each hit. Leo’s hard cock, now dripping precum
rubbed against her bare thigh.

She slipped a finger between his cheeks and found his puckered hole. “Someday, I’m going to fuck you here.

What do you think of that?”

He groaned rolling his hips against her hand, trying to push her finger inside him.

“You’re a thirsty one, aren’t you?”

He nodded. “I want you so bad, you have no idea.”
“Lay down on the bed.”
Leo did as he was told and she stood up pulling her panties down, leaving on her boots. She climbed on the
bed and sat on his face. He eagerly licked her.

“Good boy. Eat that pussy.”

She tugged his cock and it was all he could do to maintain his concentration.
He sucked and licked her pussy, as she stroked him, but every time he was on the verge of coming she’d pull
back denying him his orgasm.

He on the other hand sucked her pussy until she was coming on his face, her juices running down his throat.
Panting, she rolled off him, letting his cock go.

He looked at her wide eyed. She wasn’t going to finish him off, he was so close. He reached for his cock.
She slapped his hand away. “What are you doing?”

“I need to cum.”

“Did I give you permission to cum?”

He looked down ashamed. “No, Mistress.”
She got out of bed and came back with a pair of cuffs. She looped them around his her headboard and cuffed
his arms over his head.

She pulled the blankets over them and curled up against him.

The blankets rubbed against his throbbing hard cock just enough to drive him insane.

“Comfy?” she asked.

Leo wasn’t allowed to lie, it was one of the rules. “No, Mistress.”

Ava patted his chest. “Good.”

He watched as she fell asleep against him. He tried not to writhe too much and wake her, but he was in agony
he wanted to cum so bad.

But as he watched her sleep so peacefully, he knew there was nothing he wouldn’t endure to make her happy.

Lexi is a romance and erotica writer with a love for all things taboo and sexy power dynamics. You can find her
and her stories at