P for Panties
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P for Panties
by P. O. Poulose

"The degree and kind of one's sexuality reach up into the ultimate pinnacle of one's spirit" - Nietzsche

I vividly remember the sowing of the seed that flowered into my obsession with
panties. It happened one bright golden sunny Spring morning in my back yard. The
bell in the nearby church had just tolled the Angelus, and the shadow of the church
steeple, cast by the rising sun, fell upon me.  My younger sister had recently been
toilet trained and I heard my mother ecstatically croon over her to a visiting aunt
"See how cute she looks in her panties!" No one had ever crooned over me like
that and the incident struck me deeply. I was five and little to know that over the
next twenty five years I would be fascinated with panties, and that it would take
Rose, Kurt, and an unforgettable night with them before I would be rid of my

My obsession was triggered off many years later, when, at the local laundromat, I
opened the door to the dryer and found in it a pair of white panties.  Luminous in
the reflected neon lights of the laundromat, it seemed magically alive, dancing and
beckoning to me from the dim interior of the drier.  It was mouth wateringly perfect
- white, soft, silky, scanty, petite and feminine.  A few days later, I mail ordered my
first pair of panties and from this modest beginning, gradually acquired a near
perfect collection of panties and briefs.

Ten years later, on one snowy winter, depressed by the early darkness, the snow
and the cold, I visited the local Sears to buy some socks.  I walked through the
woman's lingerie section, and entered the men's area. Against the eye-candy of
lingerie in the woman's section, the men's underwear looked like white burlap
sacks.  The bright neon lights and the deathly whiteness of the vests hanging
around me matched the swirling snow outside.  The store was cold - they seemed
to have turned the heating off.  My spirits sank deeper.

I found the socks section, bent down, rummaged through the bin and picked out
half a dozen khaki socks.  I straightened up when suddenly, I saw hanging before
me, against a layout of white vests, the most gorgeous pair of men's briefs, one a
shimmering gold, and the other a metallic ruby red.  Contrasting against the white
background, they seemed to float in the air.  Awestruck, in a trance, I walked to
them and picked them up.

Quickly I buried them under the socks.  They must have turned the heat up with a
vengeance because I was now warm and sweating.    I furtively glanced at the
cashier as she rang it in.  She had shoulder length blond hair and a nice saucy
look in her eye.  I blanched, fearing the worst, but she caught my eye and smiled at
me.  I saw the flash of a jewel on her tongue.

She rang in the socks, and I braced myself as she picked up the ruby red briefs.
"Mmm" said this angel, light rays flashing from her mouth as she spoke.  "Are
these for you? They suit your color!"  I blushed and mumbled, "Yes."  To my
surprise, she looked at me with frank enthusiasm and said, "I hung them out this
morning, I really like them and thought they would brighten up the place on a snowy
day like this.  I bought a pair myself for my boyfriend, but he won't wear them -
claims that they are "sissy"".  I nodded weakly, and mumbled, "I see."  Quickly I
signed the credit card slip.  As I was about to leave, she said, "If you need help
trying them on, give me a call. My name is Rosalina - but my friends call me Rose. I
work here most days."  Speechless, I left.

Spring came by and finally, I summoned up the courage to call Sears and ask for
Rose.  In a surprisingly short time, I was connected to her. "Hi!" I stammered, "I
don't know if you remember me - the guy who bought your briefs? You offered to
help me try them on?"

To my delight she enthusiastically replied that yes, she did indeed remember me.
She asked could she help me. Yes, of course she could. She asked if she could
bring her boyfriend along.

"Sure!" I said, not knowing what else to say. We agreed to meet at my apartment
the evening of the following Saturday.

Time went by on leaden feet, but finally it was Saturday evening and a few minutes
after 8, the doorbell rang.  I opened it to find Rose and her boyfriend at the door.  

"Hi!" she said.  "Meet my boyfriend Kurt."  Kurt was about my age and height, with
shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and a somewhat sad, frozen look on his
face. For some reason he looked familiar. I felt I had known him a long time ago.
We shook hands and nervously I ushered them in.

We sat around the coffee table, drinking soda and making nervous small talk, till
Rose asked suddenly, "So, shall we try it on?" I blushed and started to demure.
"But that's why we came!" said Rose "I rarely get to see what I buy being worn by
an actual customer, and this is a great opportunity for me."  At this, I went into my
bedroom and came out with the two briefs.

"Let's try it!" said Rose.  Kurt looked on impassively as I undressed and put on the
red briefs.  "Doesn't it look good on him!" said Rose to Kurt.  Kurt said nothing.
"Turn around" said Rose to me. I did. "Yes!" said Rose, "It's just as I imagined!".  
She then came close to me and wrapped one arm around me, beckoning to Kurt
with the other.

Kurt came over and Rose wrapped her other arm around him.  I put one arm
around Rose, and since I felt it would be impolite to do otherwise, tentatively put
the other around Kurt who did not seem to mind.  The sight of Rose so happy and
excited seemed to stir him. He leaned to her and kissed her.  She reciprocated,
then turned and kissed me.  We stood there kissing Rose in turns.  The kissing
became more passionate and soon Kurt had a hand under her shirt and was
gently molding her right breast.

I knelt down between them, and gently removed Rose's shoes, stockings, and then
her skirt. I felt something against my ear, and turned to find that it was Kurt's cock,
making a tent out of his pants. I tentatively tried to pull down his pants but he
pushed me away.  I turned to Rose, and removed her panties.  While she and Kurt
kissed above me, I nuzzled at Rose's cunt.

A few minutes later I rose and in response to the question in both their eyes, led
them to my bedroom.  I watched as Rose guided Kurt's throbbing cock into her
waiting, anointed cunt.  I moved up on the bed and placed my cock on Rose's lips.  
She smiled and started to suck on it, making muffled "mmph mmph" noises as
Kurt pumped her with his cock.  Kurt looked woodenly at me, thrusting away like a
machine.  I leant forward and tried to kiss his left nipple, but he would not let me.   
After about five minutes of hard pumping, Kurt groaned and came. Exhausted he
fell on his side.

Rose wasn't done though.  She went on all fours and looked at me invitingly.  I knelt
behind her.  Her ass hole, surrounded by crinkles of gold skin radiating outwards
looked like a beautiful golden sunburst.  Looking further down, I saw that she had
been aptly named.  The pink inner lips of her cunt were longer than its outer lips
and had pushed past them.  Like the petals of an open rose, they lay dewy and
muskily fragrant before me. Reverentially I bowed down, stuck my tongue out and
delicately but firmly rimmed her anus.  She tasted sweet, with an almond like bitter
after taste.

I then put my cock into her and slowly started thrusting.  I gently circled her ass hole
with my thumb, and as I felt it relax, gently pushed it into her butt.  Pressing down
with my thumb I could fell my cock sliding in and out of her.  She came within
minutes.  I followed soon after.

Rose then reached down and cupped her cunt with her right hand.  She
straightened up, her hands still between her crotch.  Suddenly she took her hands
away and held them out cupped between us.  It was filled with liquid - her, Kurt's
and my juices.  The moment suddenly seemed sacred - Rose was the priestess;
the cup of come the offering.  Rose raised her hands to her mouth and drank
some.  She then offered it to Kurt.  He looked at it closely but, with a strange look
of guilt, turned away.  She then offered it to me and reverentially, I drank what was

"I need to pee!" said Rose, and got up.  I noticed that Kurt's cock was erect again.  
A look of disappointment flashed across his face.  Rose turned to me with an
impish smile and asked, "Can you take care of him? He gets turned on when he
hears me pee!"  Kurt blushed.  Rose didn't close the bathroom door, and in the
suddenly loud silence, we heard the tinkle of her pee. Kurt's cock bobbed against
his stomach. A tear of pre-come oozed from its eye.

Looking back, I realize that the unseen though clearly heard golden column of pee
descending from Rose was the pole - the axis - around which all the events of that
night pivoted.  The sound of that shaft hitting the water was like a musical,
wordless annunciation that birthed the remaining events of the night--sacred
events that changed Rose, Kurt and me forever.

Kurt looked at me and said, "You looked beautiful in those briefs!"  A strange
feeling came over me, as if a weight I never knew I carried had been lifted from my
shoulders.  Kurt lay back on the bed, his cock sticking out.  I bent down and gently
took his hooded rood into my mouth.  He suddenly bucked upwards.  I choked and
had to move back to recover.

Kurt reached down and gently stroked my head.  I sucked his cock for a few
minutes, and then moved up to his nipples. I kissed them gently, then harder,
flicking them with my tongue.  Kurt groaned, but lay back unresisting.  His eyes
were shut. I reached up and kissed his cheek.  He turned his face to me, lips
slightly parted.  I kissed him tentatively on his mouth. He reached up, cupped my
face with his hands and started kissing me passionately.  His tongue made its way
into my mouth, and gently I sucked on it.

I looked up and saw that Rose was back in the room. She raised a finger to her
lips, gesturing me to silence.  I went back to working on Kurt.  His ass-hole was a
delicate pink and looked surprisingly tender and vulnerable.  Gently I outlined its
rim with the pointed tip of my tongue.  Kurt gasped.  A few more circles around
with my tongue tip, and then slowly and deliberately I started lapping at it with the
flat of my tongue, feeling the circular opening with each lick.  I felt him relax.  I wet
my thumb with spit and moved it in small circles against his ass hole.  He started
to moan softly.

I felt someone move next to me and saw that Rose had found the vaseline in my
bathroom cabinet.  Her eyes were tender as she stood next to me.  I smiled
approvingly, as she squeezed some vaseline onto my thumb.  Gently, I lubricated
Kurt's asshole and slowly pushed my thumb in.  Kurt gasped.  I moved my thumb in
and out - slowly at first and then faster.  I swiveled my hip towards Rose.  She
squeezed a line of vaseline onto my cock.  Well greased, I placed my cock against
Kurt's ass-hole and, with Rose watching closely with fascination, gently pushed in.  
Rose began passionately kissing Kurt saying  "You are so hot sweetie." over and
over as I started thrusting in and out - slowly at first and, as he relaxed, faster.  
Kurt's eyes were closed; his face was a mask of pleasure.  I smiled at Rose who
flashed a radiant smile back.

I reached under Kurt's balls and with the flat of my thumb pressed his G spot - the
bulging root of the penis accessible from between ass-hole and balls.  Suddenly,
with a great groan, he came.  I followed.

Afterwards, we sat around the table in silence. "That was hot" said Rose.  She
was flushed and looked distracted.  She asked if I had any other briefs like the
one's she had sold me and soon, I found myself telling them about my collection.  
Rose wanted to see it, but Kurt looked bored.  Hesitantly, I spread my collection on
the kitchen table.

Rose went through them one by one, asking me why I liked each one.  She
particularly liked a white cotton panty, with a rose motif on the waistband.  "Can I
wear this?" she asked me.  I didn't mind and agreed.  I suddenly realized, that at all
times, even at the height of our fucking, Rose had never been completely naked.  
She had always been wearing or holding onto a piece of clothing - a bra or

Rose suddenly looked up still flushed and distracted.  "I need you both now!" she
said, her eyes glinting.  She made Kurt lie down on his back, then straddled him,
facing me at the foot of the bed.    For a minute or so, Rose jill-hammered Kurt, her
slit slithering up and down his rigid, rock-hard tool, engulphing then releasing it
from her furnace maw.  She then lubricated his cock with the Vaseline, and with
her eyes focused steadily on me, slowly and deliberately slid down Kurt's cock,
taking it up her ass.  I stood at the foot of the bed, gently stroking my stiff cock and
watching the scene before me.  Rose closed her eyes.  Her mouth was an "O" of
pleasure.  Squatting as she was on Kurt's cock, her cunt lips lazily pouted open,
looking like a third eye, red, swollen, mysterious, a portal to infinite wisdom,
winking sleepily at me with each thrust she made.  She then laid back and started
kissing Kurt with open lips, forcefully penetrating his mouth with her tongue.

I knelt between Kurt's marvelous, pillar like thighs, cupped his full, heavy balls with
my left hand, and gently parted Rose's pussy lips with my right.  Slowly I inserted
my cock into her.  She started to moan.  Her cunt was wet and slippery.  The
partition between it and her ass seemed thin as gold leaf and I could feel Kurt's
cock as if it were directly pressed against mine.

Rose seemed transformed. She threw off the bra she had been wearing and now,
for the first time that evening was completely naked. "Can you feel him?" she
asked Kurt. "Can you feel him deep up inside of my cunt?"  Kurt nodded weakly.  
We began to move faster. Rose looked me in the eye.  Her teeth were bared in a
grimace; her eyes were narrowed slits.  "I am a warrior!" she gasped  "A warrior
priestess! Look at me! I am a warrior! A sacred vessel! A priestess!"  She started
to make loud groaning noises.  Her nipples engorged and swollen, poked out like
spikes.  Kurt's eyes were shut, his face a mask of pleasure.  United in Rose, we
made a sacred and holy trinity.

Kurt's face was covered with sweat.  I found the panties that Rose had been
wearing lying next to me, and used them to wipe his face.  Rose was making loud,
low pitched and animal like moans. I tried to kiss her, but she was lost in a world of
pleasure and did not want to.  Suddenly she opened her eyes.  

"Stop! Stop!" she shouted.  "I need to pee again!"

But I was too far gone in my pleasure and kept thrusting.  Suddenly there was a
squirting noise and I felt a stinging sensation in my groin, as if it had been shot by
a grease gun.  A warm liquid spurted against me, around my balls and down the
sides of my legs.  Rose was coming, squirting out streams of fluid.  In her wet,
warm, welcoming secret, sacred, temple cunt, I had a wrenching orgasm.

I withdrew and watched a mix of my come and Rose's juices flow out of her cunt
and onto Kurt's balls. "I thirst!" gasped Kurt.  The panties were now drenched. I
picked them up and offered them to Kurt to moisten his lips.  He refused.  I
stiffened my thumb like a lance and jabbed the flat of it hard against his G spot.

He came with a deep groan moaning, "It is finished!"

I woke up to the sound of eggs frying in the kitchen. Rays of morning sunshine
flooded into the apartment.  Kurt was at the stove, all showered and dressed.  
When he saw me, his face lit up. He flashed me a golden, liquid smile, came over,
and warmly kissed me on my lips.

"Care for some breakfast?" he asked.

I gathered my collection of panties from the kitchen table and threw them into the
trash.  Kurt looked at me quizzically, but seemed to understand.  Rose joined us.  
She was completely naked, but seemed comfortable.  Kurt and I toasted her with
orange juice.  Outside I heard a robin chirping and the sound of cars as people
made their way to church to receive the sacraments.  We had already received

© 2013 P. O. Poulose