story code: MF, Mind Control

Passion in Mirrors, Shadows and Dreams (Part i)

by: Joshua P.  Perez©

Friday 12:06 am:

Just another lonely night of cheap romance movies and dime store novels, ice cream, a few tears and
empty sheets, Maria thinks to herself. How will I ever fill this void in my life? Looking around, she
remembers a piece of paper given to here from Jessica at work. Jessica knowing of her loneliness
suggested she call the number for a bit of excitement, “Besides, everyone needs some passion” she

Maria remembers looking it over early, but at the time, did not see the value in wasting more money on
cheap entertainment, but now bored and alone, she reaches over and reads:

  Passion in Mirrors, shadows and dreams

  When love seems lost, call on me to read

  A story of conviction, a longing, a rush

Yet you may find, a moment in lust.

  With nothing better to do, she reaches for her phone and dials…

  “Hello Maria”, the man on the other phone says with a deep voice, spoken softly. “How did you know my
name,” Maria asks? “Jessica said you would be calling and each client receives a private number to call.”
“What would you like to hear tonight,” the man asks. “Your name,” Maria requests? Laughing softly the
man tells her his name is “Daniel.”

  “Can you use your imagination Maria?” Daniel asks with a smile. “Yes,” Maria states with a puzzled
voice. “Good, I want you to turn off all of your lights, but open the blinds or curtains and let the moonlight
shine in, then I want you to put on something comfortable, something soft.” Maria pauses looking around
her apartment then sets the phone down and begins to turn off the lights. Walking over, she glances out
her window, seeing a full moon.

  Walking to her bedroom she finds herself looking thru her closet, wondering what she is doing. Thinking
to her self, “Am I really this desperate and alone?” “Oh well”, she proclaims, trying not to be loud and
reaches in her closet grabbing her pink Chemise pajamas, changing into them and returning to the

  Daniel again says “Hello Maria.” Now I want you to go find three small candles and place them in a
triangle in front of you and light them,” Daniel asks. “Now Maria, please tell me what you look like?”

  Not expecting the question, Maria pauses and thinks to herself what she should do? Maria then begins
to describe her self as being 5’ 6” tall, she has long brown hair that curls at the bottom, with bangs
hanging down partially covering her hazel / green eyes and she wears a C cup bra.


Daniel now asks that she “Lie down, relax and listen, at times I will ask you a question that will require
your reply. Do not worry about your answer, for it does not matter, what I am about to tell you will guide you
along the way. What lies ahead, would then be up to you,” and with that his words began.

Tonight you are going to a restaurant downtown. You have now been engaged for 2 years with your fiancé
Jacob, a love that had seems to be fizzling away. You both work so much, with him being an attorney and
you as an advertising executive, you both now fail to find quality time to see one other. Your lives seem like
going thru the motions, more so than the love you once shared. The only reason this night is special is
tonight you are turning 36 years old. Looking back on it all, you wonder where time has gone.

As you enter the restaurant, thoughts carry you back on your first date. You remember starring over at the
man at your side not sure of anything, you had met thru friends and seemed to click over the phone.
Having recently broken up with prior boy friend, you were not quite sure what you were looking for, yet
alone ready for. You remember thinking to yourself how handsome he was and that he appeared to have
good manners.

As you sat at your table he pulled out your chair for you, arose when you stood up and returned to your
table, again waiting to seat you. As the night unfolded you each shared stories of the norm, however
things seemed to click back then. After dinner he took you out dancing, followed by a walk along the
beach. The night later ended with a hug and a kiss on the hand, quite gentleman he was back then.

Now getting him to open the door with your hands full seemed to be a burden as the two you fell into the
motions of being a couple, like so many have before. Love became a full time job and with no end insight,
you were resigned to life the live you have come to follow thinking there was nothing else out there,
besides, you both had good jobs and one day will start a family, you just wished there was some

Again sitting in the same table as each year before you noticed the restaurant did not seem to be its
normal self. Now there seemed to be less light with the most coming from the half burned candles
flickering at table. The staff appeared to be more dressed, however something wasn’t right. Has the
placed you shared your first date with changed, or was it you?

As usual as of late, dinner seemed to progress with the normal chat about work and clients, cases and
travel plans. Any talk of marriage and family seemed to be a weight dragging Jacob down, he was much to
busy for family right now he proclaimed, which of course was followed by the silence that followed all
conversations about family.

What happened to the love, the passion that filled their lives? So seeking a bit of adventure, you kick off
your high heel and begin rubbing Jacob’s leg, slowly rising along his thigh. Looking at Jacob he appears
to be bothered and rises from the table telling you he will be back. As you watch him walk outside, you see
that he has begun to make a phone call, ignoring again your advances.

Is he cheating on me you ponder? Looking around you notice a man that appears to be starring at you
from across the room. At first you think you recognize him, but are not sure at first. He smiles, of which you
smile half heartedly. With a nod of his head, he appears to motion you to the back of the restaurant
towards a hallway that leads to the restrooms, and with that he rises from his table and proceeds towards
the hallway.

Looking and seeing Jacob nowhere in sight and really not caring, you stand up from your table and
proceed to the hallway where the man has just disappeared. As you began walking closer, you fail to see
where I want and knowing there was but two doors to choose from you enter the men’s restroom, careful
not to attract attention to your self and to your surprise, you find no one at all.

As you turn to walk out the door you hear the door began to open and now you tuck yourself away in a stall
not wanting to be embarrassed. As you hear the door close you hear a click followed by the lights now
being turned off, the only light coming now from the dim lamp in the alley behind the restaurant.

With your heart now racing, you slowly began to creep out of the stall towards the door that you now find to
be locked. Looking for the light switch, you hear a voice from behind saying, “Now you do not belong in
here,” as he now presses against your back with his body and keeping you from turning around as their
hands grasps your shoulders.

With that the man leads you over to the sink in front of the mirror you can see a smile appear on his face
however you can not clearly make it out. Slowly you feel his hands began to release your shoulder and
grasp the zipper of your gown. At first you reach back to stop him, but then you find yourself grasping the
back of his neck running your fingers thru his hair.

Slowly now he begins to unzip your gown letting the dress fall to the floor now exposing your half naked
body, you feel the chills and your heart now is beating faster. Trembling now the man whispers in your ear,
“Relax my love, no harm shall come over you,” and with that he begins to kiss on your neck. You feel his
hands began to caress your body, your exposed breasts, and your hardened nipples.

You seem to gasp when his hands now reach down and begin to slide under the laced band that  is on
your panties as you feel his fingers begin to caress your clit, sliding his fingers down you feel a little
penetration. Now thinking to yourself is the racing of your heart the fear of the unknown or the anticipation
of what may lay ahead. His hands continue to caress your body as he is now slowly, gently fingering you,
teasing your body as the moistness is now beginning to soaking your panties, the man begins to kiss you
on your shoulder, your neck, nibbling on your earlobes.

Chatter at the door as it appears someone is trying to enter the restroom. No, your body cries as the man
now stops, reaching down to pick up your dress, handing you a piece of paper, whispering “Goodnight my
love,” and with that proceeds to exit the restroom, turning the light on and with that as fast as it began, the
moment seemed over.

You can hear the man speak to someone outside explaining he must of accidentally locked the door when
he entered, obviously allowing you time to dress yourself, collect your thoughts as again you find your self
stowed away in the a stall. You hear the person who wanted in look around briefly and exit the restroom.
After waiting a few moments, grasping the piece of paper in one hand you exit and proceed back to your
table looking at the direction where you first saw the man, but to no avail, he had all ready departed.

When you return, Jacob asks where you had been. You tell him you were in the restroom powdering your
nose and he didn’t seem to care earlier when he whisked away to make a call. Yet in the back of your
mind all you could think of was the moment of freedom you just experienced, longing for more, wishing
the night would end so you could discover what was handed to you.

With that, the two of you finish your dinner and proceeded home for what appears to be just the same old
sex the man you are with now lacking the excitement, the rush, the passion behind tonight’s events. Yet
still the entire time you seem to think about the man in the mirror you had just met earlier, the note that is
hidden, waiting to be red.

Later that evening as you sleep, a dream unfolds, and you find yourself engulfed in passion with a man
with no face, your mind teases your body and you wake to a cold sweat, alone, and upon reaching down,
wet. A smile comes over your face as you glance to the night stand and see the time read 8:43 am, you
had overslept.

Rushing now to get ready you throw on some clothes and head out the door only to realize that you forgot
the piece of paper, but where is it? All day now while at work you find yourself daydreaming about the night
before, what passions lay ahead the sensations that have to be felt. You find yourself having a hard time
sitting still, reaching down, rubbing your clit on top of your clothes in hopes of not to be noticed. You are
definitely in the mood, yet no one is around. Well at least no one you want.

After work Jacob calls and with what has become traditional fashion to tell you he will be working late
tonight and will not be home till eleven or twelve and that you shouldn’t wait up. Asking yourself if this is
right, you proceed home pondering if the emotions you have felt all day were that of lust or that of

Upon walking in the door you began to look for the piece of paper that has consumed your thoughts, but to
no avail. Wondering if Jacob had found it, you began to worry and prepare yourself another meal for
another evening spent alone. As you are laying on the coach you happen to notice something under the
sofa, rushing, you knock over the lamp to find the paper you had been searching for all day only to find that
it is blank. Disappointed now you think to yourself, was this all a game, or did you perhaps imagine this?

The following morning you awaken from a restless night. Jacob did not come home, again. The phone
rings, but you let the answering machine get it, you knew who it was. “Honey, if you are there pick up?
Listen, I had to fly to New York for a meeting with a client, I can not talk about it (not to your surprise, he
never talks to you about anything) and I will be back later today,” click.

Another day of being home, but then a knock at your door, surprised; you think maybe this time he sent
flowers yet when you peer thru the peep hole you find no one there at all. Now glancing out the window still
you do not see anyone, however now there appears to be an envelope sitting on your steps.

Still being cautious, you hesitate, but slowly open the door and grab the envelope looking around and
again see that no one is around. Locking the door behind you, you proceed into the kitchen where a
freshly brewed pot of coffee awaits. Pouring yourself a cup, you look at the envelope and read “Good
Morning My Love.”

Realizing that you had dreamt or imagined that night, you open the envelope in anticipation, not caring if it
is anything other then the mystery that has plagued your mind all day the day before and inside you find a

  “Hello my love. I see you everyday; I hear your voice and your words just sing to me like a robin in the
morning bathing in the waters. The thought of being next to you fills my soul with desires, desires that my
heart have never felt before. I find myself unable to sleep at night knowing that you should be lying next to
me and when I do sleep, I dream of the day, the hour, the moment that you are mine.

The love I have felt for you since the moment I first laid eyes on you has burned the blood that flows thru
my beating heart. Do something for me. There is a Café up the road, you drive by it daily. Go there, in the
corner booth on the right as you enter. Leave a reply for me, tell me what you desire, tell me you meet me

  Forever Yours,


To be continued…

© 2006 Joshua P. Perez

Joshua is  from Ferndale, MI, a suburb of Detroit . He has  been writing since the first grade on and off.
The bulk of his writings began in church one day writing poetry and songs. For the most part, he is a poet
and just recently began writing stories.
Passion in Mirrors, Shadows and Dreams
(Part i)