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Passion in Mirrors, Shadows and Dreams (Part ii)

by Joshua Perez©

Part 1 - final....

Still being cautious, you hesitate, but slowly open the door and grab the envelope looking
around and again see that no one is around. Locking the door behind you, you proceed into
the kitchen where a freshly brewed pot of coffee awaits. Pouring yourself a cup, you look at
the envelope and read “Good Morning My Love.”

“Hello my love. I see you everyday; I hear your voice and your words just sing to me like a
robin in the morning bathing in the waters. The thought of being next to you fills my soul with
desires, desires that my heart have never felt before. I find myself unable to sleep at night
knowing that you should be lying next to me and when I do sleep, I dream of the day, the
hour, the moment that you are mine.

The love I have felt for you since the moment I first laid eyes on you has burned the blood that
flows thru my beating heart. Do something for me. There is a Café up the road, you drive by it
daily. Go there, in the corner booth on the right as you enter. Leave a reply for me, tell me
what you desire, tell me you meet me again.”

Forever Yours,



Thinking the letter was from Jacob, you place it in your purse, he is not the one on your mind
right now, besides he did not come home last night and you had no time for his half-hearted
romance that he conceives only to try to save face. Is this the life that you are looking forward
to Maria thinks? Slowly now you dress and prepare to head out for the day.

As she is leaving, Jacob is walking up the sidewalk to the door. “Hey sweetie,” he says as
he leans forward for a kiss smelling like alcohol and cigars, however this time you refuse.
“What,” he proclaims? “So I didn’t send you flowers, would you of preferred a note or a call?
You know I work late and of all hours and I have to entertain clients. Better yet, I’m tired and I
do not have time for this, I’ll see you later,” Jacob finishes as he turns to walk in the door. Not
bothered, seeing this is the routine as of late, you simply continue to the car when she
realized, that letter was not from Jacob.

Now heart racing with anticipation, you can not help but think that Passion sent this letter to
you. Now you find yourself walking faster than usual to her car and upon entering, without
pausing, began to search for the letter that was in her purse, but it is not there. Now
searching as if you lost your eyes, you come to realize that the letter is not with you.

“Oh my,” you gasps wondering if Jacob found the letter yet upon entering he is nowhere to
be found as hear the shower in use. Now looking around, you find the letter sitting on the
counter in the kitchen, next to the coffee pot. Grabbing the letter, you now hurry out the door
nearly out of the sound of hearing Jacob ask “Honey is that you?”

Entering your car, backing out of the driveway finding yourself driving towards the café
wondering if you are being fair and honest with Jacob, yes, he has provided for you and early
on everything was great, but… Before you could think any further you find yourself pulling into
the café parking lot.

Not wanting to think anymore, exiting the car, proceeding into the café only to see her booth
is taken by another party. The hostess offers to sit her elsewhere however instead you wait
for the booth to open.

Now looking thru the room trying to find anyone that can fit the bill of the man you saw in the
mirror, of Passion, feeling your palms sweating, heart racing and knees trembling. You see
an elderly couple, talking back and forth, or be it the poor old man’s wife is talking with him
sitting with the same tired look of woman would you shut up please.

A woman and her child eating breakfast, her son playing with his hot wheel cars while his
mom sits whipping away the lone tear falling down her face in hopes that no one notices.
The pain in her eyes says it all.

A man sitting near the corner booth consumed in his newspaper with another sitting at the
cafes bar flirting with the waitress behind the counter. A normal setting in another plain day
come to found in this town she has lived in now for all of her life.

Reflecting upon it all, you find yourself smiling at the new found excitement, just as the
hostess arrives to tell you that your table is ready. Following the hostess to the corner booth
seemed like it took forever. Heart pounding faster with every step in anticipation as to what
you may find, what may lie ahead.

As you sit, you request a cup of coffee while reaching in you purse looking for a small piece
of paper and begin to writes:


I want to know you. I want to know the man whose soul burns for me. I want to know the man
who made me want him without knowing him, without ever seeing him. Why can I not find
you? Why do you mask yourself? Why me?


Now holding the note in your hands looking around as your coffee arrives wondering, where
does you leave this note? Will someone not find it thinking to your self? He has to be here,
but where. Maybe outside as you turn and glance out the window when soon there after a
familiar voice is heard.

Hello my love, the man says. Please do not turn around, not yet. You ask the man his name,
yet get no reply. I have waited for this moment for sometime now, watching you, planning this
every step. Please allow me to indulge in this time, this moment.

“I wasn’t sure if this would ever come to pass and in all honesty have been waiting for
sometime for just the right moment. I think of you often, so often I find myself losing sleep. I
dream of your presence, your body next to mine, merely looking you in your eyes.”

A pause now as built up anticipation causes you to turn around and see not a man, but a
cell phone sitting behind you on the ledge. Now picking up the phone, hearing what appears
to be a smile accompanied with an “hmmmm.”

“Exit the café Maria, get in your car and began driving east down Holton St., I’ll tell you more
in a moment,” Passion says. Paying for your coffee, you leave the café and begin driving,
listening as Passion tells you a poem:

I lust for your beauty

I am in awe of your glow

I dream of pleasures

Pleasures that only I know

I glance into your eyes

As I am passing by your side

I am lost in my travels

With these feelings I hide

Forbidden Passions I am longing

Your body next to mine

Holding you beside candles

Making love for all night

Reaching into pleasures

Your body has yet to touch

Caressing your skin softly

Loving you so much

Watching the sun rise

Yet still I do not wish this to end

As I pull you ever closer

For my love has yet to begin

The past hours were just trailers

Your body has yet to fully see

Forbidden Passions I will give you

As I hold you next to me.

Upon completing Passion asks that she turn right onto Madison Ave as she will see a bar
named Donavan’s. Enter and sit at the bar and order yourself a drink. You order a
Cosmopolitan and as the bartender prepare the drink, listening on the cell phone and hear a
voice say, “Hello Maria.”

Now turning, looking around you notice someone staring at you from in back of the room.
Still unable to see his face, now taking your drink in hand you begin to stand up as Passion
asks, “Please sit back down, not yet my love. I want to watch you sitting there; I want to watch
you for a moment.” Smiling now as you sit back down, taking a small drink now asking
Passion, “What is your name?” Softly he replies, “Devin.”

“Maria, I want you to flirt with me from where you are sitting, tease me a little, as I have
teased you.” Slowly lifting your leg, you glance around the room and see no one but Devin is
watching you. You begin to position yourself to a more comfortable, privately revealing spot in
your barstool as you begin to take your hands and slowly move them across your body.

From your lips you take your finger and slowly move down across your breasts, down your
stomach, reaching your waist. Looking up you can now see Devin bite his lower lip as he
appears to fidget in his chair.

Before you can get any further Devin places the phone to his ear and asks you, “Slowly get
up from your chair, down the hallway is a stairway that leads upstairs where you find a
hallways with 3 doors. The last door at the end of the hallway there will be an unlocked door,
enter the room and I will be right there.”

Without hesitation you slowly stand up and proceed to walk to the back hallway, slowly,
erotically glancing back over shoulder to see Devin smile as his head turns to watch you.
The hallway is host, the stairway seemed longer. “What are you doing,” you think yourself?

Now entering the room, you notices candles burning providing the only light. In front of you a
bed made with what appears to be black sheets, possibly satin, setting your drink down on
the dresser you turn and see what appears to be pictures on the wall.

Upon glancing further you see the pictures to be of you. Now, trembling, wondering what you
have gotten yourself into you began to turn around when you hear the door close and Devin
now looking at you wearing a mask covering part of his face exposing only his mouth and

Glancing at the wall Devin says, “Please do not be frightened. I only recently took these
photos and I wanted you to see them. I will not hurt the woman I love, I will not hurt my heart’s

You ask Devin, “What do you want?” Devin smiles, looks you in your eyes, removing his
mask as he moves in closer, takes his left hand as he runs his fingers through your hair
along your ear down the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him kissing your lips softly,
passionately, pausing he now turns you around where your back is now pressed against his
chest, again looking in the mirror he pulls back your hair on your left side, softly kisses your
neck and ear and whisper “I want you my Queen. I want your heart, I want your love and I
want you to be mine.”

Again Devin begins to kiss your neck as you find your hands now reaching up and running
your fingers through his hair, pulling his head closer into you. With his fingers on his ring
hand, he begins slowly going down your right arm, down your side and to your waist where
he pulls your body now closer into you, his left hand making their way to the buttons on your
blouse slowly undoing each one.

You find yourself engulfed in the moment, heart racing, and goose bumps down your back.
You try to speak but Devin whispers, “Shhh, no words, no questions, no fears, no time.
Tonight is yours as I begin to make you mine.”

Bloused now unbuttoned, Devin reaches down, pulling your shirt up and off exposing your
breasts wearing a black bra, laced with your nipples now hardened from the moment. Now
his hands come back and unfasten the hooks on your bra as he begins kissing your left
making his way to the strap, guiding it to fall to the side of your arm with his teeth, then slowly
kissing your shoulders again across the back of your neck, across your right shoulder again
with his teeth slowly removing your strap.

You drop your arms allowing your bra to fall to the floor as your breasts are now exposed.
Devin reaches around with his right hand and begins caressing and massaging your right
beast, gently taking his finger in a circular motion around your nipple. Now turning you
around Devin removes his shirt as your two lips then meet in a deep kiss, your arms pulling
each other closer, your hands and fingers caressing you back.

Devin picks you up as your wrap your legs around him, as he carries you over to the bed, as
you begin kissing him, running your fingers thru his hair letting off a soft moan to show your

He leans you back as you lay down he looks you in the eyes and for a moment does nothing

To be continued….

© 2006 Joshua Perez

Joshua is  from Ferndale, MI, a suburb of Detroit . He has  been writing since the first grade
on and off. The bulk of his writings began in church one day writing poetry and songs. For the
most part, he is a poet and just recently began writing stories.

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