Paying The Tab
Story Codes: MF, Group, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Paying The Tab
by  Michael Daniels

My name is Michael. I am married to Jennifer (Jen). She is 5"10", slender, long red hair,
green eyes, 36DD, and the longest legs you have ever seen. We have lived a conventional
lifestyle, only sharing fantasies during our lovemaking. I have always felt Jen was sexually
repressed, but never pushed her to try new things for fear that I would lose or hurt her.
Hell, she is all I have ever needed anyway!

Jen and I had been away for a short vacation, and were driving home. It was very late at
night, we were both exhausted, and Jen suggested we stop for the night to get some sleep.
I readily agreed, and we soon found a small motel on the outskirts of a small town out in the
middle of nowhere. After we checked in, we took a very needed shower, and curled-up in
bed. It didn't take long to realize neither of us could sleep, so I suggested we go
somewhere for a nightcap. We got dressed, and drove into town, finding a small bar that
was still open.

When we walked in, I noticed a couple of guys shooting pool, about a half dozen guys at
the bar, a waitress, and a very large bartender. I also noticed all eyes were on Jen, but I am
used to that. Jen and I found a couple of seats at the bar, and ordered our drinks. Soon we
were making friends with the guys, they bought us some drinks, we bought a couple of
rounds for them. They were very friendly, and of course my wife had no problem finding
conversation with some very horny guys.

We had been there for awhile, when I noticed the waitress putting the "closed" sign in the
window, and locking the door. The bartender gave last call, and Jen and I finished our last
drink. I reached for my money, to pay the tab, and realized I didn't have my wallet. I
whispered to Jen that I had left my money in the motel, and asked if she had any. She
shook her head no, and I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. I looked at the bartender and
saw he was glaring at me. I guess he caught on to what was going on. He told the guy
sitting next to me that the cops were going to have something to do tonight, and I really
began to get a sick feeling. I looked at my wife and saw tears in her eyes. All I could think of
was how to get us out of this mess. The bartender told me I owed $50. I knew it was a
rip-off, couldn't be that much.

The guy next to me said he might be able to help. He took a ten out and laid it on the bar.
He then told me that I could have the ten in return for Jen's blouse. I thought he was
kidding, but when I looked at his face, I saw he was dead serious. The bartender just
looked at me, no help there. I looked at Jen, she had heard him. She asked me if I could
forgive her if she did this. I told her that I loved her, no matter what, and there really
wouldn't be anything to forgive. Hearing that, she stood, and with shaking hands
unbuttoned her blouse. She took it off, and laid it on the bar. She picked-up the ten, and
handed it to me. She had a defiant look on her face as she reached for her blouse to put it
back on. The bartender said we were still short, and another guy at the bar threw some
ones down and told her it was for her bra. Jen looked at me, mouthed the words "I love
you", and reached around to unsnap the bra. She shrugged the bra off, and stood there
with everyone staring at her beautiful tits.

By this time, everyone in the bar had gathered around to watch what was going on. Even
the waitress was standing behind the bar watching the show. Someone threw some cash
down, said the jeans must go. I watched as Jen unsnapped and unzipped the jeans, slid
them down, and stood there in just her bikini panties. The waitress stepped forward, and
put a ten in front of her. She told Jen to lose the panties. I watched as Jen took a deep
breath and slid her panties to the floor. She was now standing totally naked in front of a
room of strangers.

I was glad it was over, and began to get the money together to pay the tab. I was hoping
the pile of money would cover the tab, and felt embarrassed that I had found what had
happened a huge turn-on. Although, I would never tell Jen that. I suddenly heard Jen
moaning. I looked up and could not believe what I saw. Jen was standing beside me, still
naked. There were two guys, each sucking one of her tits, and the guy who had been
sitting beside her had his fingers in her pussy, playing with her clit. I started to say
something, but then I looked at her face. She had her eyes closed, licking her lips. I love my
wife very much, so I decided to let her enjoy herself and just go with it.

Several of the guys picked Jen up and carried her to the pool table. They laid her down,
and spread her legs wide. I saw one of them get up on the table with her, and take out his
hard cock. He stroked it a few times, and it disappeared into Jen's mouth. I then saw
another slip into my wife's pussy, and I watched as her hips started to move with him,
obviously enjoying what was inside of her. It wasn't long before I saw Jen's body to start
convulsing. I knew she was having an orgasm, this one huge. The guy in her pussy pulled
out, and I saw him cum all over her belly. The guy in her mouth was in the process of
shooting all over her face. I saw two more guys replace the first two, Jen more than ready
for the new ones.

I looked over at the waitress. She was naked, in the middle of sucking some guy. I realized
she was getting the guys hard so they could be the next guy to take on my wife. This went
on for awhile. I saw my wife take on all the guys, some more than once. I did see the
waitress get fucked, several times, but had sucked all. By this time the guys had one by
one left. It was now just Jen, the waitress, and myself . I watched as the waitress climbed on
the pool table with Jen. She whispered something to her, and my wife smiled. They got into
a "69" position, and began to eat the cum out of each others pussy. I watched in
amazement as my repressed wife had one very satisfying evening. She told me afterward
that she had not realized what she had been missing, and if it was OK, could we do more.
How could I ever refuse her anything.   

© 2009 Michael Daniels