story codes: erotic science fiction

by Cameron Hale

The feeling of suffocation occurred the same time every night,
plundering Nikki's fitful sleep until she awoke breathless and gasping
like an asthmatic. Battling to free herself from the embrace of the
pneumatic mattress and damp, rumpled sheets, she groped for the
quaint bedside lamp that required no voice command. At three a.m.,
even the simple task of articulated two words was more of a challenge
than her fatigued mind could accomplish. Groping the cluttered table
surface in the rosy glow of the bedside light, her fingers sought the
hermetically sealed pouch containing a jaxpatch. She squinted in
frustration at its elusiveness, her hand sweeping aside the clutter of
anonymous junk to the floor.

"Fuck!" she cried, alertness finally sinking in. "Where the hell is it?"

She struggled to her knees, her naked body gleaming with a fine
sheen of sweat. A sweep of flaxen hair veiled her back, its thick silken
strands emphasizing the gaunt beauty of her pale face. Pierced,
pendulous breasts bobbed as she rose, each entwined by an
intricately tattooed Ouroboros colored so intensely that they glowed
with sinister life. Below, an Ouroboros shaped clitoris ring rose
between her bald cunt lips.

Reaching over the table, she paused to mop her face with a crumpled
tissue. The tremor in her hands increased with each agitated breath,
her frown echoing the growing confusion in her mind.

"Where the fuck is it?" she cried, angrily sending all but the lamp
clattering to the floor.

She pressed her hands against the drawer. It opened, revealing a
chaos of discarded jaxpatch pouches, sex toys, lubricants and wispy
fragments of lingerie no more substantial than cobwebs. The faintly
illuminated inner panels revealed only, that somehow, she had
exhausted her supply of jaxpatches.

The whine of an approaching car distracted her. It hovered outside her
window, its strobing colors penetrating the half-closed blinds and
immersing her room in a hallucinogenic lightshow. Though light
sensitive windows were the norm these days, the old-fashioned blinds
struck a chord with customers who liked to watch the slats slowly open.

Fired their anticipation, Nikki thought tartly, recalling a client's claim
that it excited him to see her body slowly revealed.

"Well it's after hours and I'm not open," she snapped at the persistent
vehicle. "Go to one of the all night shows downtown."

Almost in response, the vehicle drew closer, its relentless lights
scything the blinds. They reminded Nikki of groping fingers, the
clammy, rough fingers that used to manipulate her body until she turned
to window dancing.

"Persistent fuck, aren't you," she muttered, feeling a slight buzz from
the jaxpatch comedown.

She would be more than buzzing if she didn't get a fix soon, and if her
supply was completely exhausted, it would be hell trying to locate
Jerondo at this hour. Easier to count the underage wharf rats plying
their trade for a smoke than to find her dealer.

Intrigued, she slipped off the bed, her long, lithe legs moving with the
stance of a panther. Illuminated by the strobing colors, the reflective
surfaces of the mystical drapes and rugs decorating her room eerily
aglow. Despite air constantly filtered from the city grime, remnants of
incense still lingered along with the potent musk of her sex. The earlier
double session had exhausted her, the client's penchant for
penetration with unusual objects almost leaving her with a case of
friction burn.

She glanced at her work chair, a custom designed, well-padded piece
with a high, comfortable back and armrests wide and padded enough
to accommodate her draped legs. The simple blue fabric was resilient
and stain-resistant, a must considering the hours she spent in various
positions. In full view of the window, it was merely a matter of opening
blinds to present a show that commanded a handsome fee. Payment
was completely computerized, input via the client's terminal to her own.
The wallscreen was situated conveniently adjacent to the chair. Only
when the transaction confirmation appeared on screen did the blinds
go up.

The car's engines deepened in pitch. Nikki could imagine the client's
growing excitement. Certainly this one was persistent. Coyly, she
peeked through one of the slats. The low slung, late model Fer de
Lance gleaming like polished ebony reeked of wealth and influence,
though the actual client remained anonymous behind discreetly tinted
windows. Identity was not a factor, but in this case, price was. Pricked
by her growing hunger for a jaxpatch, she opened the blinds enough to
give the visitor a glimpse of her exquisite body.

Slowly, the car edged closer. She glanced at the building's perimeter
lasers. If the vehicle drew any closer, a warning would alert the driver to
retreat to a safe distance. The car edged to the fringe of the lasers and
stopped, its lateral engines maintaining a perfect hover beyond the
window. Banks of running lights glared at her with a predatory gleam.
Nikki could almost feel the heat of invisible eyes devouring her body.
She felt a thrill of excitement, felt the moistening of her cunt lips.
Perhaps one more session-she could always sleep later, and with
enough credits, buy enough jaxpatches to keep her stocked for months.

She opened the blinds but did not raise them. Mystery was critical to
prompt the client into maximum purchasing time. Reaching for the
open chest concealed at the base of the window, she sprayed a veil of
fragrant oil onto her hands and slowly massaged it onto her body using
sinuous, circular strokes. She kept her head lowered to allow her hair
to partially conceal her face, but made a point to spread her legs so
her clit ring could be seen from her now prominently engorged button of
flesh. Moving her hips ever so slightly, she turned in a circle, allowing
the client to glimpse the tight pear shaped cheeks of her ass. Bending
forward, she spread them, then tickled her anus with the edge of a
tapered scarlet fingernail.

A confirmation bleeped softly from the wallscreen. She smiled as the
transaction quickly completed. Maybe running out of jaxpatches was a
good thing if it attracted a client this eager. Eager and well-heeled, she
realized by the astonishing sum credited into her account. She blinked
at the five-digit figure flashing on the screen.

"Music," she said softly. Immediately, a subdued primal drumbeat
echoed throughout the room.

Sauntering toward the blinds, she slowly raised them and stared at the
car filling the airspace beyond her window. She tossed back her damp
mane of hair and smiled seductively at her invisible audience, her body
writhing with serpentine grace. Slowly, she continued her dance around
the chair, bending and flexing with contortionist ease, her body an
instrument that she played with salacious expertise.

A resounding slap across her ass preceded a twirl and flawlessly
executed handstand, her legs spreading horizontally into the splits. Her
whipping hair embraced her in a cornsilk veil. Completely revealing her
permanently depilated cunt, the clit ring rose like a monument before
she leapt with gazelle-like grace onto her feet. She bent over, grabbed
her ankles, and snaked the fingers of one hand up her crack. Gazing
over her shoulder, she smiled coyly and deftly mounted the chair.

Outside the window, the car had crept closer until it barely skimmed
the laser sensors. Its headlights leered brilliantly into the room, bathing
Nikki's body in a feral glow. She could almost smell the tension of the
faceless observer. For the first time in longer than she could
remember, a thrill of genuine excitement filled her. The arousal she felt
was not feigned, the wetness oozing between her legs there without
the help of her deft fingers.

Draping her thighs over the armrests, she leaned forward and clutched
the back of the chair until her breasts firmly pressed against the
cushion. The maneuver spread her ass for optimal viewing, and no
doubt, she could feel eyes literally fucking her. As if in response to her
thoughts, a spotlight from the car focused on her cunt. Slowly, she
rubbed her clit ring against the seat.

With one hand, she reached into a basket attached to the back of the
chair and withdrew a huge black dildo. Pliant and realistic to the finest
detail, it ejaculated a clear lubricant that dripped suggestively down to
a realistic pair of balls. She pressed the shaft discreetly to initiate the
vibrator. The sensation was electric as she teased her swollen lips.
Unable to suppress a gasp, she writhed against the dildo. A prickling
heat infused her flesh, her pounding heartbeat matching the rising
cadence of her breath. She inhaled the ripe aroma of her sex and
found it more an aphrodisiac than the pheromonal candles she
customarily used. With the other hand, she teased her painfully erect
nipples and traced the Ouroboros outlining each breast.

Yes--she thought, her body now throbbing with arousal. This was
different, so different from the others she could barely comprehend
how she could endure the empty, automatic responses and rehearsed
moves that dominated her nightly sessions. She arched her body and
raised her ass as high as she could. I want him to see me, I want him in
me, I want him to be bigger than this dildo and shove it so hard inside

The window vibrated behind her, halting her before she slipped the
dildo inside her dripping cunt. Impatiently, she turned to find the car
aglow with a bank of strobing red lights. The pattern indicated almost a
negative response, and in the space of a moment, she realized that he
wanted her to do something else. Withdrawing the dildo, she turned
and repositioned herself over the chair, ensuring that her legs draped
the arms. She lowered her hips to the edge of the seat to afford her
audience a prime view of her exposed cunt. There was no preamble
necessary now, no need to continue the dance.

With a single, furious thrust, she impaled herself on the dildo and
bucked hard against it. The sensation was explosive, the desire to
come so fierce she had to force herself to hold off. Her body trembled,
her juices dribbling around the dildo and pooling onto the seat. She
threw her head back and stifled the cry rising in her throat. Writhing on
the chair, she inserted a finger into her anus and felt the pressure of the
dildo filling her cunt.

It was more than she could bear. Despite her efforts, she came with a
garbled scream, her spasming body rocking so violently that the chair
almost toppled. The dildo dropped to the floor. Gasping, panting, she
could only collapse in a stupor, her mind reeling from the intensity of
what she had just experienced.

Beyond, a bank of cobalt blue lights pulsed from the car. A tone from
the wallscreen indicated another transaction. Distractedly, Nikki turned
to look, her eyes widening with astonishment at the additional sum
transferred into her account. She stared at the figure, her longing for
jaxpatches long forgotten. Gazing at the car, she realized she had
discovered a far better addiction, one that presented no barriers.

"Who are you?" she murmured.

Seized by a longing to touch, to make contact with her audience, she
considered going to the window and opening it. She hesitated,
knowing it would violate city safety ordnances. The car backed away
as if wanting her to avoid the temptation. She rose from the chair.
Sweeping back her dampened hair, she approached the window and
pressed her hands against the steamed up glass.

"Music off," she barked, annoyed by the intrusive cadence of the
background music. "Who are you?" she asked again, her eyes
following the rakish lines of the car. "Let me see you. You've seen me."

The car watched her with a predatory air. She tried to glean meaning in
the display of flashing lights, her attention oblivious to the glittering
steel canyon that rose into the backlit sky of a city that knew no true
sleep. The blur of passing traffic could not distract her, nor the fleeting
motion from other windows. For the moment, nothing else existed but
herself and her enigmatic audience.

A tone from the wallscreen distracted her. She turned, her mind unable
to immediately digest the words pulsing on the screen.

"The city has hidden you well. But we knew we would find you
someday. You have haunted our dreams and visions, driving us like
wolves scenting its prey. Now, now we will taste you."
Stunned, Nikki moved toward the hypnotic words. Her fingers touched
the liquid screen and merged with the text.

"Answer," she said, but the sender did not respond.

The transmission was incoming only, her access blocked by a security
protocol. She turned toward the window. The car had moved in order to
view her standing by the screen. Another tone drew her attention to the

"Siren's Rock. Dawn."

Nikki felt a chill invade her body. She stared numbly as a vague
memory from days long before the city surfaced in her mind. Suddenly,
a decade vanished along with the walls around her and she regarded a
granite sky embracing a leaden ocean on the eve of a violent storm.
Seagulls caterwauled above the frothy waves, the beach an untread
path between tortuously strewn boulders and the chiseled, guano
streaked cliffs above. Scrub and mud-formed bird nests clung
precariously to nooks and crevices. The briny tang of seaweed kissed
the wintry air, the wind an eerie dirge in her ears. Tiny fleet-footed birds
scampered across the waterline to peck at the remnants of crabs
amidst a collage of sand dollars and tiny shells. Straying close to the
surging water, her footsteps left indentations that were quickly filled by
the next surge.

It had been cold, unseasonably so, and with a brisker pace she had
followed the beach to its abrupt end behind a hidden cove. Craggy
cliffs towered above, the weathered rock jutting into the water. Clumps
of seaweed lay like fallen bodies on the sand while tidepools glistened
between massive boulders etched smooth by the pounding surf.

She had been peering at the barnacles clinging to the exposed rock of
a shallow pool when she noticed reflected movement in the water. The
two of them had appeared behind her so suddenly she had no time to
react, only to stare at twins so breathtakingly perfect they might have
been cloned. Naked despite the cold, they must have watched her
approach, their hard-ons huge purple-headed clubs despite the chill.

The chiseled beauty of their bodies transfixed her, their faces living
visions of ancient monuments and statues. Waves of ebony hair
cascaded past their shoulders. Gray eyes that blended with the sea
and sky watched her with a peculiar hunger. There was no fear, only
fascination and a yearning deep within her that she could not deny.
She remembered the strength of their hands as they reached for her
and pulled her to the sand--

Nikki gasped and jerked away from the screen. Reeling from the
intensity of the long-forgotten incident, she backed toward the window
and stumbled into the chair. She felt the floor lurch beneath her feet
when she turned to see that the car had gone.

"No!" she cried, splaying herself against the glass. "Don't go. Don't go!
Don't leave me again!"

She slid to the floor and stared dully at the suite that contained her
entire world. Visible, yet invisible, isolated by an existence that
centered solely around the window, she suddenly felt the aching
hollowness of her life. Her gaze drifted to the discarded black dildo.
Inanimate, the like other objects she used to penetrate her body night
after endless night, she felt a sudden urge to smash the window and
the dubious tools of her trade outside to the distant street below. She
glanced at the clock pulsing on the wall above the bedside table. It
would be dawn soon. If she left now, there would be just enough time--

Yet how long had it been since she had left the sanctuary of her suite?
Jerondo saw to her immediate needs while the anonymous virtual
world of the globalnet attended to all other matters. Human contact was
a condition best left to those who still chose to deal with people in the
flesh, or those who might have families who did not become casualties
of the endemic addictions that followed the dubious creation of the

Orphaned as a child after both parents overdosed, she could barely
remember their faces, let alone lay claim to any attachments or
memories from her brief and troubled years with them. Only the streets
welcomed her after their deaths, and the covetous eyes of those willing
to pay for her body following her into adulthood.

Who am I? she wondered briefly. I have a name, but there's nothing
behind it--

Ushering the dregs of her willpower, she forced herself to rise.
Somewhere, on the tower roofport, her car waited, and maybe,
possibly, a future.

                                                          * * *

Though dawn in the city identified itself merely by a brightening of the
sky, the undeveloped miles fronting the coastline basked under a
faerie glow that stained the mauve sky with ribbons of peach, salmon
and gold. Waning stars winked a poignant farewell to the velvety night.
Staring raptly from the tinted window of her car, Nikki could scarcely
believe that such beauty still existed.

Ignoring the lethargy that signaled a jaxpatch withdrawal, she tried to
focus on the destination illuminated on the car's navigational panel.
Banking across slumbering hills and valleys, the vessel purred softly
and efficiently, the maintenance included in her exorbitant lease
ensuring functionality almost three years of disuse. She had
downloaded the latest system upgrades before takeoff, her eyes
averted from the vertiginous height of the roofport crowning a
residential tower reaching over two thousand feet into the sky. The
sensation of movement quickly transformed into smooth acceleration.
Soon, the chaotic city vanished into a distant afterglow.

A discreet tone notified her of a change of course. Her breath caught
with a rising sense of excitement. Ahead, the indigo swathe of the
ocean awaited her. The car dropped on its landing approach, and the
soaring cliffs that existed so long only in her memory now rose with
solid reality. She endured the descent onto the beach with impatience,
a soft plop the only indication that the car had landed. The engines
whined to silence, ushering the opening hatch.

She stood and gasped at the onslaught of sharp, briny air. Greedily
inhaling the cold, fresh air, the bracing effect banished the lingering
symptoms of her jaxpatch comedown. With a smile, she climbed onto
the pliant sand a few feet from the waterline and listened to the gentle
welcome of the whispering surf. Slowly, she walked toward the cove
accompanied by the raucous squawking of seabirds circling and
diving for food. Above, the sky had lightened to gold veined lavender
that illuminated her way past the shadowy cliffs.

A familiar bend appeared. She followed it, her heart hammering in
anticipation when she recognized a familiar array of boulders in the
cove beyond. Somehow the sensation was like one of coming home,
of returning to a place where she knew she belonged. She walked
among the boulders, her hands trailing along their water-smoothed
flanks. Tidepools gleamed faintly, luring her. She paused to peer
inside one and felt hands pulling her.

Now there was no need to replay the memory. She turned toward them
and leaned into the embrace of their nakedness. Barely changed in ten
years, she reveled in the feel of the tautly muscled bodies pressing her
into the sand. Thick tresses of dark hair brushed her body as they
silently stripped her. She gasped at the sharp chill of cold sand on her
bare flesh, but it was quickly banished by their eager heat.

Together, the twins entwined her, hands and lips exploring, probing,
tasting. Wordlessly, Nikki responded and opened herself to them. They
rolled, imprinting the sand in a brushstroke pattern and splashed into
the shocking cold of a tidepool. Slickened bodies moved around Nikki
like eels. One eager tongue played with her clit ring and sought entry
into her cunt to lap the salty water from her swollen lips while another
teased her anus. The dance continued in perfect synchronization.

Abruptly, the twins rose and positioned Nikki on her knees. Without
preamble, one spread her ass and shoved his cock deep inside her
while the other knelt before her. She cried out at the hugeness
stretching her and bucked to meet his urgent thrusts. Clutching the
slimy depths of the tidepool, she bent to take the waiting cock of the
brother into her mouth. Sucking the engorged head, she tasted the sea
and the first trickling of his come.

Water splashed from their movements, cooling the heat inflaming
Nikki's body. Ignoring the roughness of the surrounding rock, the
threesome rocked in unison until a series of garbled cries rose above
the booming surf. They separated and fell together into the water
where Nikki welcomed the respite.

But even as she caught her breath, the twins lifted her from the tidepool
and spread her across the top of a nearby boulder. Exposed to the
elements, she laid her head back, her hair clinging wetly to the surface
of the rock. Closing her eyes, she felt her legs lifted and spread, but
what penetrated her now was not the heat of turgid flesh but the cold,
smooth surface of large, slender stones. She bucked as the twins
simultaneously inserted them into her cunt and anus, stretching and
filling her with each thrust.

The coldness quickly transformed to heat. She writhed on the boulder,
her hips rising to take the stones deeper within her. The hardness was
a welcome reintroduction to feelings that had long atrophied, the rising
tension simmering in her loins a connection to herself as a woman
rather than a performer.

Now one of the twins lowered his mouth to her breasts and mouth,
stifling her cries as she came with dribbles of saltwater. She drank
eagerly, riding on a crest of sensation that she had not tasted in a
decade. Yet each time she came was a precursor to another type of
penetration, the twins positioning her body to receive the slippery,
bulbous pods of seaweed, a smoothed knob of driftwood or the
rounded contours of a shell.

The twins allowed her no respite, as though each experience was
atonement for the lost years. Words were merely a pointless intrusion,
their actions conveying the need that bonded them. They pulled her off
the rock and massaged her body with sand. Lovingly, they bathed her
in the tidepool before stretching her on the waterline beneath the
ripening brilliance of the sun crowning a pristine blue sky.

Straddling one twin, Nikki lowered herself onto his cock and filled his
mouth with her breasts. She felt a rush of saltwater against her anus as
the other knelt behind her and filled her with his cock. Her body swayed
to the rhythmic thrusting of the double penetration, and only with a
fleeting glance did she notice the approaching wash of the incoming

Sated at last, they lay in a tangle of limbs and salt-encrusted hair. The
sun was higher now, nearing the noon apex. Alone in the secluded
cove, only the seabirds bore witness to Nikki's transformation. She
opened her eyes and blinked against the golden glow of the sun. The
chill of a brisk breeze pimpled her flesh and hardened her nipples.
Rising on one elbow, she regarded the twins. In repose, their dark,
sensuous features harkened to bawdy creatures of ancient myth.
Gently, she traced the outline of their lips. Only now did words finally
seem appropriate.

"Will you tell me who you are?" she asked.

They opened their eyes and smiled in unison. One toyed with the
matted strands of her hair while the other caressed her cheek.

The first twin released her hair and sat up. The breeze ruffled his sable
locks. "We were orphans of the addiction like you, Nikki. But we
wouldn't let the city take us. Our bodies were ours, not to be sold to the
highest bidder. We've lived by the sea since the days when you first
walked this beach. We watched you. We wanted you. When we took
you, we hoped you would stay with us, but you ran like a frightened
animal. We didn't have the resources to find you, but in time, we did."

Nikki merely stared. That anyone would have sought her out when the
cities teemed with countless displaced souls like her was beyond her
comprehension. Yet, here they were--

The second twin let his hand trail down her back, eliciting a delightfully
shivery sensation. She leaned against the contact.

"Question is," he said with a soft smile, "will you run again?"

She studied them both and realized it didn't matter that she had yet to
learn their names or know the slightest detail about them. They had
arrived at this moment in time, bound together by circumstance, and
that was all that really mattered. She shook her head and smiled.

"No," she said, reaching to embrace them. "Everything I've ever
wanted is here with me now."

© 2013 Cameron Hale

Cameron Hale has always been a fan of things that go bump in the
night, or bump and grind, for that matter. A prolific writer of many
genres and formats, she is particularly fond of science fiction erotica
where imagination has no boundaries.  When she is not writing, she
pursues other interests ranging from landscaping to wine.

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