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Pepper Ass
by  Jazzzz

Italy was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was completely naked, except for the full body sheer black chiffon
apron she wore. Her nipples were pressed flat against the light weight material. The bow was tied neatly behind her,
resting just above the crack of her pretty brown ass. The clear acrylic cinderella slippers she had on clicked back
and forth across the marbled kitchen tile she recently laid down. It was a nice two toned black and white design. As
she stood over the stove checking the mancotti shells she was boiling, she also was thinking about the ass
whipping she just got from her master. Her booty felt like someone had a match to it. It stung like hell. That was a bit
of a distraction while she dipped the mancotti shells in and out of the hot water, careful not to over heat them to the
point where they would fall apart and not be stuffable. The mozzarella and ricotta cheese, along with some fresh
chopped basil and some of her home made spaghetti sauce sat on the table waiting to be placed ever so carefully
inside of the shells.

Branson appeared and stood behind her. He reached his hand under her ass and grabbed her lips. Italy dropped
one of the shells back in the hot water. She tried to pick it back up, but it broke. Dammit, she said to herself.

"It's not quite ready yet master", she called out to Branson as he moved on into the living room.

She moved swiftly to take all of the shells out and place them gently on a baking pan. She hated it when he caught
her off guard. A slow drip crept down her inner thigh. Italy knew she had cum between her lips. She purposely did not
use the bathroom right after their scene. She wanted to hold it there for Masters' enjoyment to do what he wanted
with it later. Sometimes he would play with it. Sometimes he would make her play with. It wasn't unusual for her
Master to request that she smear it all over body either. As she was stuffing the shells she could hear the remote
being switched from channel to channel. Basketball fans were screaming. There was a boxing match going on. The
thud of wrestling whizzed passed her ears. She had programmed all of Branson's favorite channels into her
VCR/DVD cable combo television. Whenever she would find out that he took another interest in another particular
show or channel, she would program it conveniently for his viewing pleasure. She was spreading some extra grated
cheese over the manicotti when she looked up and saw Branson.

"Hey sir, almost done here", she smiled.

He cupped his hands around her oval face and kissed her. She tried to kiss him back, but he pulled back from her.

"Turn around Italy", he said.

"Sir, my hands, the cheese and........

"Turn around," he motioned.

She complied. He quickly whacked her ass a few times. She held onto the end of the table until he finished. She
could smell her sauce.

"Ouch!," she screamed as the last lick was laid across her ass.

She looked around at him and said, "almost ready sir."

She went back to the food and started spreading the sauce over the shredded cheese. The pan was placed in the
oven for the finale. When it was ready she took a tray of the manicotti with a side of green salad to the living room.


He looked up. She sat the tray down in front of him. She stood there for a few minutes anticipating something else
that he might need. A few seconds later she moved back into the kitchen to tidy up a bit. She fixed her own plate and
covered it. Master did not request that she sit down and eat with him this time. That was fine with her. Sometimes it
would be like that when she cooked for him. Besides, she never liked to play on a full stomach. She went back into
the living room to see how he was coming along. Maybe he wanted some seconds, she thought. As she was
handing him a ice cube glass full of ginger ale, she asked,"is everything cool master?"

"Everything is okay," he said.

She smiled and then turned and walked away. When she came back out the third time the tray was sitting on the
floor. She was just about to reach down and pick it up when he grabbed her wrist. He pulled on her tighter and made
her lay face down over his lap.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," she screamed as he spanked her ass some more.

He told her how good the meal was and how well she served him. All the while, he kept beating her ass. She grew
wet again. He stopped and told her to put away the tray. Italy stood up on wobbly legs and complied. When the last
dish had been put away she came back into the living room as she was instructed to do. Branson made her remove
the apron and lay flat on her back in front of him. He was admiring how neat her shave was. She glistened below.
Italy left a lil crop of hair right in the center. Branson yanked on it. She flinched. She knew what was coming next. His
hand landed on the middle part of her mound. He did it again and again, adding more intensity with each hit. It was a
sensual sting that she enjoyed. He watched the sticky milk like cream roll out of her pussy and slide down her lips
as he spanked her into orgasm after orgasm. When he was done, she laid there in a heap trying to catch her breath.

"Put your hand between your legs," he told her.

She reached down and got her hand wet.

"Now spread it on your titties slut," he said.

"Get some more and rub it all over whore."

Italy took as much as she could and rubbed herself vigorously down, her arms, stomach and breast, just like he
instructed her to do.

"Turn over again," he said. She turned flat on her stomach.

"Up on your knees dog." She positioned herself on her hands and knees.

Branson reached for the hair brush that Italy left on the stand next to the couch.

"How come you bring me food where you've been combing your hair Italy?"

"That's nasty Italy," he told her.

"That was yesterday sir and I forgot to put it back in the bedroom master," she said.

"How can we make sure it doesn't happen again baby gurl?"

"Well",...........he didn't let her finish.

The brush landed on her ass.

"Don't move," he ordered.

He beat her till he looked down and saw his own dick protruding through his pants. Italy was sobbing and swaying
from side to side. Branson started rubbing her ass down. She responded by cooing.

"Shhhhh," he said.
"Do one more thing for daddy."
"Put your hand between your legs and play with yourself for master."

Italy did not hesitate to flip her clit back and forth. She spreaded her legs as far apart as she could.

"Yeah baby gurl, that's it. You're so pretty down there. I wish you could see how good you look."

This turned Italy on and her finger flicked back and forth faster.

"Faster bitch, faster bitch," he yelled as he held his dick.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww," she screamed as she squirted profusely. Branson pee'd on
her ass while her body shook. The piss dripped down between her legs mixing with the cum. She collapsed.

The next morning Branson was awoken by an aroma coming from the kitchen. He peered his head through the

"Not quite ready master," Italy said. She smiled and stood looking at Branson. The cinderlla slippers clicked as she
moved across the floor while the bow on her apron bounced back and forth off of her ass.

"Are you going to shower before breakfast master?"

"Yes, but first come her," he said. "Turn around."

"Hmmmm", Italy moaned while the sweet ass whacks blended with the smell of hot buttered biscuits, crisp bacon
and cheesy grits.

"Sound off !," he shouted.

"Daddy 1."
"Daddy 2."
"Daddy 3."
"Daddy 4."

© 2006 Jazzzz A.K.A. Love4Ds

jazzzz is a submissive woman of color and a amateur free lance writer of BDSM erotica and
poetry. Writing fiction and non fiction is a passtime and part time profession for her. She
resides in sunny Southern California and can be reached via email at

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